Consignment Agreement between Xico by alicejenny


									Consignment Agreement                                between

Xico                             AND      Name: ____________________________________________

44 S. San Marcos Pl.                      Name to be printed on check: __________________________

Chandler, AZ 85225                        Mailing Address: ____________________________________


                                          Phone Number: _____________________________________

                                          Email Address:______________________________________

                                          EIN or Social Security #: _____________________________

1. GENERAL: The artist will set a price for each piece of his/her artwork. This price will represent
approximately sixty percent (60%) of the sale proceeds of each item and shall be paid to
____________________ (artist). The remainder of the sale proceeds shall be retained by Xico.

2. LIABILITY: Xico shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all consigned Artworks while they are in
its procession. Xico shall be strictly liable to the Artist for their loss or damage (except for damage
resulting from flaws inherent in the Artworks), to the full amount the Artist would have received from
Xico Inc. if the Artworks had been sold.

2. b. Artists agree to provide plastic sleeves for all flat prints in order to safeguard the artwork.

3. PROMOTION: Xico assumes responsibility for all promotion of items on consignment. We also
encourage artists to promote their own art.

4. a. Artist agrees to consign items to Xico for at least one month. After this period is over the
consignment agreement may be terminated at any time by either party.

4 b. Termination of the agreement will be delivered by Xico via email or phone. ARTISTS WILL BE
RESPONSIBLE FOR PICKING UP all consigned items within 45 days following termination of the
agreement. If items are not picked up within 45 days, all items shall become property of Xico.

5. Xico is not responsible for any transportation, shipping, handling, insurance or associated costs on
consigned items.

6. REDUCTIONS: Prices are to be determined by artist at the time of consignment and listed in
attached inventory sheet. Prices may be reduced as agreed upon by Xico and the artist.

7. CONSIGNMENT CHECKS: Checks are issued monthly at the beginning of each month for sales made
in the prior month.

8. RECORD KEEPING: It is the responsibility of the seller to maintain all records of consignments.

9. All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place in Arizona.

_______________________________                           _______________________________

Artist                                                    Donna Valdes
                                                          Executive Director, Xico

                       Xico 44 S. San Marcos Pl. Chandler, AZ 85225-7872
                             480.833.5875 phone 480.890.2327 fax
Date:______________________   Date:___________________________
Item   Qty   Artist Price   Retail Price

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