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2006 Annual Report - Mid-America Council


									Heroes are around us every day … some do great things, such as saving another person's life, while others quietly
do small acts of kindness that go unnoticed, but may be just as important in someone's life.

We are proud of all of our heroes in the Mid-America Council - the Scouts who come together on a cool Saturday
morning to collect food for the needy, the single parent who donates time as a Scout leader, the boy who stands
up for what is right when his friends are making poor choices … the members of Omaha's Troop 100 who res-
cued a toddler from drowning, an Omaha-born youth who went on to become both an Eagle Scout and
President of the United States, and two Okoboji Scouts who saved a fellow Scout from hypothermia.

       The Mid-America Council is also proud to announce the following highlights from 2006:

- 3,330 Scouts collected 350,378 food items during the annual "Scouting       - The Council's Order of the
  for Food" drive                                                               Arrow Lodge, Kit-Ke-Hak-O-
- 330 young men earned the rank of "Eagle Scout," the largest group in          Kut #97 was one of 37 lodges in the
  the Council's history                                                         Central Region named a "Quality Lodge," and was
- Matthew Sean Twehous, an Eagle Scout from Malvern, IA, was one of             one of 14 lodges in the U.S. honored for its web site
  only 12 Eagle Scouts in the U.S. to receive a national Eagle Scout          - The third consecutive "National President's Award for Marketing
  Scholarship; 2,444 Eagle Scouts applied                                       Excellence" was awarded to the Council
- The Mid-America Council was named to the national "Chief Scout              - Ranked first in the Central Region for percentage of top leaders trained
  Executive's Winner circle" as of June 30, based upon membership               (87.7%), the Council far surpassed the national average of less than 50
  growth, and was recognized as a "Quality Council" for 2006 for                percent
  growth in membership, volunteers and funding                                - Venture Crew 2003 members visited Omaha's "Sister City" of Naas,
- The following districts were named "Quality District" by the national         Ireland, and met the mayor
  Scout offices: Diamond Dick, Goldenrod, Lewis & Clark, Wagon                - The Council reported $1.5 million from its annual "Friends of
  Wheel, Soaring Eagle, Trailblazer, Thundercloud, Nischa Nimat,                Scouting" campaign; achieved its goal for the 37th consecutive year
  Ohwahnasee, Twin Lakes, War Eagle, Venturing and Learning for Life          - Units developed an "Ideal Year of Scouting" plan to strengthen their
- Cub Scouts advanced more than 9,684 rank advancements last year;              program: 486
  Boy Scouts earned 16,245 merit badges                                       - Our 13 districts reported 775 registered district Scouters, ranking the
- Nearly $3 million in popcorn was sold by Council Scouts, making it            Council number one in the Boy Scouts of America
  the fourth largest popcorn seller in the Boy Scouts of America              - Our 13 districts noted 486 Commissioners, a ratio of 2.4 units per
- Cub Scouts attended camp - 4,829; Boy Scouts enjoyed a week-long              commissioner, to place the Council in the top five percent for all
  camp experience at Camp Cedars in 2006 - 2,037                                councils in the U.S.
The Mid-America Council continues to provide quality programs to teach important values and ethical-decision making skills to young people, to
strengthen their families, resulting in better communities for all of us to be proud of!
            Fr. John Schlegel                                     Dan Hunt                                        Lloyd E. Roit stein
              Council Chairman                              Council Commissioner                                      Scout Executive

                                         MID-AMERICA COUNCIL              1          2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                              H ER OES AMONGST US
                                                                                                   A Distinguished Eagle
 On Saturday, August 19, Boy Scouts Christian Nanson, 11, and Webelos                                                     Scout, the 38th pr eside
                                                                                                  the United States was                             nt of
 Scout John Fitzgerald, 9, were on a camping trip with Troop 100, char-                                                    Gerald R. Ford, who wa
                                                                                                  in Omaha, Nebraska in                              s born
 tered by St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Omaha, near the Platte River,                                                    1913, and passed away
                                                                                                  Ford's reputation for                           in 2006.
 approximately 20 miles west of Omaha. The boys, along with their                                                         integrity and openness
                                                                                                  made him popular durin                          had
 Scout leaders and other members of their troop rescued a toddler float-                                                  g his 25 years in Cong
                                                                                                  and when he to ok the pr                        ress,
 ing in the river. The girl had wandered away from her family, when the                                                    esidential oath in 1974
 Scouts saw her. Nanson and Fitzgerald helped rescue the girl from the
 water, and the other Scouts were instrumental in getting additional help,
 contacting emergency services and stayed calm throughout the ordeal.

                                                                                    A permanent plaque
                                                                                    listing the names of
                                                                                    more than 150 Boy
                                                                                 Scouts from Troops 4,
                                                                                   17 and 42 since 1917
                                                                                          was unveiled at
                                                                                         Dundee Bank in
                                                                                  Omaha, in recognition
                                                                                  of leadership and the
                                                                                       Scouts' service to
                                                                                  their community, said
                                                                                            Dundee Bank
                                                                                 Chairman and founder
                                                                                           William Brush.
Back row, left to right: Matthew Fitzgerald, Scoutmaster and
Dahn Clemens Middle row, left to right: Steven Romero, Christian
Nanson, Will Watson, Joe Fitzgerald Front row, left to right:
Jared Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Anthony Nanson

                                            MID-AMERICA COUNCIL              2         2006 ANNUAL REPORT
Eagle Scout Steven Hicks, of Troop 299, chartered by the Latter Day
Saints in Bellevue, NE, is the 2006 Gardner Foundation Scholarship
recipient. He worked at Camp Cedars for two seasons. Located in
Wakefield, NE, the Gardner Foundation's Scholarship is designed to rec-
ognize youth for their leadership skills and commitment to Scouting by
spending their summers as camp staff.

The Robert Mueller Memorial scholarship is a permanent scholarship
established in Robert Mueller's name by family and friends. The schol-
arship is available to registered Scouts who believe in the Scouting pro-
gram and have proven they have the skills and tools to make ethical                 T HOUSANDS  OF NEEDY IN OUR COMMUNITIES
decisions to assist them to achieve their full potential over their lifetime.       WERE HELPED BY THE 350,000+ ITEMS OF
                                                                                       FOOD COLLECTED DURING THE ANNUAL
                                                                                           S COUTING FOR F OOD D RIVE
James Daniel Wyant, son of Susan and Bernie Wyant of Norfolk,
earned his Eagle in 2004 and bronze, silver and gold palms in 2004-
2005. Wyant will attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney this
August to pursue a degree in psychology.

Benjamin A. Burklund, son of
Pamela and Bradley Burklund of
Omaha, earned his Eagle in 2005
and earned six palms in 2005-2006.
Burkland will attend the University
of Nebraska at Kearney this fall to
pursue a degree in business marketing.

                                             MID-AMERICA COUNCIL                3     2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                                            P R OGRAMS
The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to
build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.
Tiger Cubs is a year-round family- and home-centered program that                Exploring is a co-ed program for young adults ages 14-21
    encourages the ethical decision-making skills for firstgrade (or 7-          designed to help them investigate potential career paths.
        year-old) boys. These boys participate in the program with their         Explorers meet with professionals in their fields of interest for an
        adult partners. The program emphasizes shared leadership,                inside look at everyday realities. Participants in 2006: 4,010
      learning about the community and family understanding.
     Participants in 2006: 2,107                                                 Learning for Life is a school-based program teaching life skills to chil-
                                                                                 dren in grades K-12 through practical, age appropriate lessons such as
Cub Scouts is a year-round family- and home-centered program that                conflict resolution, coping with risks, resume preparation and personal
develops ethical decision-making skills for boys in the second through           finances. Lessons complement core academic classes to prepare students
fifth grade (or who are 8, 9 and 10 years old). Activities emphasize char-       for success beyond school. Participants in 2006: 7,229
acter development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.
Participants in 2006: 6,020                                                      Scoutreach reaches out to disadvantaged young people in our Council
                                                                                 using non-traditional methods specially tailored to engage them. Often
Webelos Scouts is a year-round family- and home-cen-                             focused on urban areas, Scoutreach endeavors to ensure that the lessons
tered program that develops ethical decision-making skills                       and values of Scouting are accessible to all, regardless of culture or
for fourth- and fifth-grade (or 10-year-old) boys. Webelos Scouts                socioeconomic status. Participants in 2006: 1,905
participate in more advanced activities that begin to prepare them to
become Boy Scouts. Participants in 2006: 5,153
                                                                                 Juvenile Diversion is a co-ed pre-trial program for youth ages 10-17
                                                                                 who allegedly have committed a misdemeanor law violation. The six-
Boy Scouting is a year-round program for boys 11 through 17 designed             month program provides an alternative to juvenile court, and successfully
to achieve the aims of Scouting through a vigorous outdoor program and           diverts 85 percent of participants from offending again.
peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster. (Boys            The Impact Diversion program is similar, but provides a co-ed, pre-trial
also may become Boy Scouts if they have earned the Cub Scouting                  program for youth ages 13-17 who have allegedly committed a misde-
Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old or have completed
                                                                                 meanor or felony.
the fifth grade). Participants in 2006: 6,069
                                                                                 Teen Court is another co-ed diversion program geared toward first-time
                                                                                 offenders ages 13-17. Young people also volunteer to serve as attorneys,
Venturing is a year-round program for young men and women who are                judges and bailiffs and determine sentencing for their peers.
14 (and have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age to pro-         Total Participants in 2006: 385
vide positive experiences through exciting and meaningful youth-run
activities that help them pursue their special interests, grow by teaching
others, and develop leadership skills. Participants in 2006: 2,567

                                           MID-AMERICA COUNCIL               4         2006 ANNUAL REPORT
Eagle Class of 2005. Photo by Lens Art
                    FO UR PE
  APP ROXIM                      CHIEV
                        N ALLY A
                     E  AGLE
                               SCOUT .
              N K OF
       THE RA

        6,      THE M I D -A M
 IN 200                         330

                               SCOUTS .
                NEW E

                                         MID-AMERICA COUNCIL   5   2006 ANNUAL REPORT
The annual popcorn sale in October resulted in nearly $3 million in sales, making
the Mid-America Council the fourth largest popcorn seller in the U.S.
Scouts who sold popcorn on the " litz Day," on the first day of the month-long
sale, were treated to special activities around the Council.

                                       MID-AMERICA COUNCIL          6       2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                             M USEUM G ROUNDBREAKING
                                                                             Long-time Scout supporter and Board of Trustee member Anne
                                                                             Batchelder was joined by Council Chairman Father John Schlegel
                                                                             and Scout Executive Lloyd E. Roitstein in a symbolic "groundbreak-
                                                                             ing ceremony to celebrate the construction of the new Batchelder
                                                                             Family Scout Scout Museum and Education Center, located in the
                                                                             Durham Scout Center in Omaha. Prior to this ceremony, two new
                                                                                                                                S           "
                                                                             street signs were unveiled near the Omaha office - " couting Way
                                                                             and " aden-Powell Bridge."

VENTURE CREW             TO I R E L A N D                                a
                                                 in early August from
Members of Ventur      e Cr ew 2003 returned                       the
                                         Scouts who had tour ed
trip to Ir   eland. They visited Irish         ll other sites. Pictur ed
Mid-America Coun     cil two years ago, as we                  eahead
                                     west of Dingle near Sl
ar e memb   ers of the Cr ew, just
                                 in and whale watching.
Lo op, a spot known for dolph          idson, Karmen Harvey,
From left,     back row - Clara Dav                     . From left,
                              Sinsheimer, Ben Wagner
 Ha rvey, (adult) Zachery               Witty, Ryan Hanson, An
                                                                  dr ea
 front row    - Austin Wyatt, Jason                     rvey.
                               y, (adult) Kristine Ha
 Ha rr ell, (adult) Jay Witt

                                             MID-AMERICA COUNCIL             7      2006 ANNUAL REPORT
More than 420 guests attended the 36th annual "Citizen of the Year"          This award recognizes outstanding services by an adult individual for
luncheon on June 27, raising $58,000. The luncheon recognizes two            demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of
community leaders for their contributions to Scouting and our communi-       Scouting opportunities for youth from rural or low-income urban back-
ty: John P. Nelson and Werner Enterprises.                                   grounds, in fulfillment of Dr. Young's dream of justice and equality for
John P. Nelson - Council board member since 1975; Council endow-
ment Committee member; Friends of Scouting support; John and his             Gina Ponce, South Omaha Scoutreach Committee Chair; assists with
wife Anne are Heritage Patrons; his company SilverStone Group pro-           Scout's Uniform Bank; coordinated first annual Scoutreach banquet;
vides support and resources.                                                 assists with camping; currently director of Outreach Services for
                                                                             Bellevue University.
Werner Enterprises / C.L. Werner - Provides transportation for Scout
gear to national Jamboree; donate use of semis forScouting for Food;         SILVER BEAVER & RUSSELL C. HILL AWARDS
host annual "Shootout" as Scoutreach fundraiser.                             The Silver Beaver award is a national award presented by local Boy
                                                                             Scout councils. Established in 1931, this award is the highest honor the
CHAIRMAN                        SPONSORS                                     Mid-America Council can present to a volunteer. Recipients are Boy
Radd Way, The Weitz Company Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska             Scout volunteers with a minimum of 10 years of service and are nomi-
                            Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield                nated for their noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth.
                            Barnhart Press                                   This year, 15 out of nearly 10,000 volunteers from the Mid-America
                                                                             Council were honored with this prestigious award.

                                                                             The Russell C. Hill is the highest recognition for individuals who make
                                                                             an outstanding contribution to character education at the local, state or
                                                                             national levels. Russell Chilton Hill was a prominent businessman in
                                                                             San Antonio, Texas, who spent much of his time and fortune promoting
                                                                             character education in schools. This award is presented to volunteers
                                                                             who have added to the quality of life for families through the Learning
                                                                             For Life Programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America.
                                                                             SILVER BEAVER RECIPIENTS
                                                                             Beverly Aspleaf          Scott Erikson             Rebecca Feagan
                                                                             Jody Fraser              Robert Graham             Gayle Jessen
                                                                             Brian Monaghan           George McMullin II        Ann Petersen
                                                                             Anthony Pruss III        Ken Ringer                Dave Tasich
                                                                             Judy Wanned              Jay Witty                 Randy Yates
                                                                             RUSSELL C. HILL RECIPIENT
“                                    .
Citizen of the Year” recipients John P Nelson and C.L. Werner                Patty Galligan

                                         MID-AMERICA COUNCIL             8          2006 ANNUAL REPORT
M i d - A m e r i c a C o u n c i l , B o y S c o u t s o f A m e r i c a , St a t i s t i c s a s o f D e c e m b e r 3 1 , 2 0 0 6

INCOME                   23%                     26%     PROGRAM                                      MEMBERSHIP
                                                         Order of the Arrow Members           1,660   Total Youth Registered      33,155
1% Other                                                 Scout Advancements            3,693/60.9%    Total Youth Available      156,577
3% Special Events                                        Cub Advancement               9,684/72.9%    Total % Served              21.5%
5% Investment Income                                     Trained Leaders                 757/82.5%    Total Units                    919
5% Scout Shop                                                                                     6                            1,581,094
                      9%                                 Camps                                        Population Base
9% United Way                                            Quality Units                   668/67.1%    Scoutreach Youth             1,905
23% Popcorn Sale                                         Boys Life Magazine                 13,001    Rechartered Units              824
26% Activities & Camp 5%                         28%     Eagle Scouts                           330
28% Friends of Scouting  5%                                                            4,829/49.8%
                                   3% 1%
                                                         Cub Scout Camping                            MANPOWER
                                                         Camp Cedars Scout Camp               2,037                                  35
                                                                                                      Professional Staff
                                                         Total Youth Camping                  8,485                                  82
                                           9%                                                         Total Staff
                              8%                         Woodbadge Participants                  30                                 424
EXPENSES                                                                                              Board of Trustees
                         1%                              Scouting for Food Items           350,378                                  486
1% National Fees                                                                                      Commissioners
                                                         Year-Round Camp Usage              23,999                                  775
8% Management                                                                                         District Scouters
                                                         Long Term Camp                       3,656                               8,276
                                                                                                      Unit Scouters
9% Fundraising Expense
                                                                                                      Total Volunteers            8,929
82% Program Service
                                                         Total Communities Served              484
                                                         Total Counties                         58
                                                82%      Districts
                                                         Square Miles                       40,200

Chairman                            Rev. John Schlegel                 Secretary/Legal Counsel         Robert L. Freeman
Chairman Elect/FOS Chair            Dan Neary                          Treasurer                       Mark J. Weisman
Vice-Chairman                       John D. Daniels                    Assistant Treasurer             James R. Greisch
Council Commissioner                Dan Hunt                           Program Chairman                Patrick J. Boler
District Operations Chairman        Steve Bartlett                     Finance Chairman                Jeff Schmid
Scout Executive/President           Lloyd E. Roitstein                 Administration Chairman         Steve Seline

                                        MID-AMERICA COUNCIL        9        2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                        S UPPOR TING THE P R OGRAM
                                                                             "SHOOT OUT"
Approximately $80,000 was raised and more than 150 golfers teed-off          Approximately $32,000 was raised in support of the fifth annual "Shoot
in support of the 36th Annual Golf Classic, on August 28, held at The        Out" held on September 15, at Werner Valley Shooting Fields, near
Champions Club in Omaha.                                                     Valley, NE. "Team Werner One" was the winning team at the event, a
                                                                             fundraiser for "Scoutreach."

                                                                             Five-man teams participated in a variety of shooting events, including
                                                                             sporting clays, indoor pistol range, five-stand, plus big-game hunting
                                                                             simulators and air boat rides on the Platte River.

                                                                             CHAIRMAN                              SPONSOR
                                                                             Scott Robertson                       Werner Enterprises, Inc.

The winning foursome of Doug Parrott, Jim Lauerman, Nate
Dodge and Chris Murphy was sponsored by Bailey Lauerman.
Bill Beavers, Ameritas Investment Corp.
Tim Harrison, Harrison Financial Services

Ameritas Investment Corp.         JP Morgan
A.G. Edwards                      Kutak Rock LLP                             The winning team and event hosts were, left to right, Scott
Bear Stearns                      Merrill Lynch & Co.                        Robertson, C.L. Werner, David Butz, Larry Olson and Steve
Citigroup                         Morgan Stanley                             Wickersham.
Edward Jones                      “Gift-in-Kind” Sponsor - OPPD
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
                                         MID-AMERICA COUNCIL            10          2006 ANNUAL REPORT
E NDOWMENT NDS                                        TO D A T E       - $18,317,45
          FU                       F
John K. Boyer, Fraser, Stryker, Meusey, Olson, Boyer & Bloch, P.C.

Donors to the Heritage Society are the cornerstones of the Mid-America Council's Endowment Fund. These
donors represent today's community leaders, and dedicated committed volunteers that have made a minimum
commitment of $100,000 through a variety of mechanisms, such as outright gifts, bequests, gifts of insurance
policies, trust and annuities to the Council's endowment fund.
        BUDGET       TO   INSURE           THAT   A   QUALITY    SCOUTING        PROGRAM       WILL

         BE   AVAILABLE         TO     A    MAXIMUM      NUMBER      OF    YOUNG    PEOPLE      IN

                   LIGHT      OF   CHANGING           ECONOMIC       CONDITIONS."

                                       2006 H ERITAGE S OCIETY I NDUCTEES :
                                       Judge Lyle Strom
                                       John Hoich
                                       John P. & Anne Nelson

The Council receives financial support from various United Ways. Area United Way offices collaborate with community organizations, partner
with businesses, team with service delivery organizations and join forces with dedicated leaders and volunteers. Together, the Boy Scouts and the
United Way help solve community needs that affect families and children, assuring a community-wide services infrastructure.

2006 P ARTICIPATING A GENT                        IN THE FOLLWING U NITED                W AY D RIVES :
Cherokee County Fund Drive                          Storm Lake Community Chest
Columbus Area United Way Inc                        United Way of Greater Fort Dodge
Fremont United Way                                  United Way of Siouxland
Good Neighbors-Spirit Lake                          United Way of Spencer
Le Mars United Way                                  United Way of The Midlands
Norfolk Area United Way Inc                         Wahoo Community Chest
Combined Federal Campaigns                          Wayne Community Chest Inc

                                             MID-AMERICA COUNCIL          11      2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                  ……the mission of this campaign is to increase the number of families and youth participating in the Scouting program to offer
                    new, innovative ways to attract and retain youth in the Scouting program, such as a creating and strengthening existing camp
                     facilities; and to provide positive learning experiences and life skills to youth in our community.

                       The Council began the silent phase of fund raising in 2006, and to-date has received gifts and pledges of more than $3.1
                     million. A special thank you to the following supporters for providing lead gifts to this endeavor. Plans are to begin the
                   construction of the Castle in 2007.
W. David Scott, Magnum Resources
Peter Kiewit Foundation              Dixon Family Foundation                 Lozier Foundation                 Robert H. Storz Foundation
W. David Scott Foundation            First National Bank                     Valmont Industries
Amy L. Scott Foundation              Hawkins Foundation                      Bill Dana
Bank of the West                     Lincoln Financial                       Kiewit Construction Company

The James E. West Fellowship Award is presented to a donor who gives a one-time gift of $1,000 or more in cash or marketable
securities to theCouncil's endowment fund. The gift must be in addition to - and not replace nor diminish - the donor's annual
Friends of Scouting support.Organizations or individuals may contribute this award in honor of another person; a new Eagle
Scout, a retirement, a Silver Beaver recipient, or in memory of a special individual. Dr. James E. West was a lawyer and an
advocate of children's rights, who become the first professional Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America
(BSA), serving from 1911-1943. Upon his retirement from the BSA, West was given the title of Chief Scout.

2006 M EMBERS :
Thomas DeWitte                                   Craig Gissler                                     In Honor of Nick Poese
Thad Donney                                      Frank Ibero                                       Scott Seibert
In Honor of Jason Erb                            In Memory of B.E. "Gene" Jepsen                   In Memory of Earl Shaw
Randy Fleming                                    In Memory of Jim Kirby                            In Memory of Robert Fisher Stohlman
Edward W. & Nancy E. Fitzgerald                  Trudy Kirchmeier                                  In Honor of Ray Stavneak
Mark Frank                                       Rose Kronick                                      In Honor of Peter Waltz
Edwin P. Gambs                                   Sheryl Oakman                                     In Honor of Steven Wilke

                                                        T OTAL W EST M EMBERS               IN         A
                                                                                                 M ID -A MERICA C OUNCIL - 371
                                         MID-AMERICA COUNCIL            12         2006 ANNUAL REPORT
Each year, “Friends of Scouting,” (FOS) the annual giving campaign, raises more than 25 percent of the
Council’s annual operating budget. Through the combined efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the funds are
obtained through individual and corporate gifts, to fund our character-building, values-based program.

     2006 F RIENDS             OF   S C O U T I N G A N N U A L G I V I N G C A M P A I G N R A I S E D $ 1,526,444
CHAIRMAN                                           DISTRICTS DIVISION CHAIRMAN                   METRO DIVISION CHAIRMEN
Lloyd Meyer, Leo A. Daly                           Dan Kinney, Iowa Western College              Mike Simmonds, Simmonds Restaurant Management
                                                                                                 W. Gary Gates, Omaha Public Power District
GIFTS-IN-KIND CHAIRMAN                             MAJOR GIFTS CHAIRMAN -                        Harlan Falk, Great Western Bank
Marty Carmody, Nebraska Medical Center             Dan Neary, Mutual of Omaha

Diamond Dick, R.J. Gall                            Thundercloud, Brad Price                                Wagon Wheel, Rick Sanders
Goldenrod, Dave Ward                               Twin Lakes, Kraig Barber                                Trailblazer, Dave Johnson
Petah La Shauro, Eldon Engel                       War Eagle, Larry Book                                   Learning for Life, Kevin Monie
Nischa Nimat, Jim Ruppert                          Soaring Eagle, Bryan Morhardt
Ohwahnasee, Art Neu                                Lewis & Clark, Tim Varney

$25,000 AND UP
Charles and Norma Wilson

$15,000 TO $24,999
ConAgra Foods Foundation Inc        Nebraska Medical Center                  University Medical Associates
Estate of Marilyn Nimrod            Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation        William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation

$10,000 TO $14,999
Joseph H. Moglia                    Becker Residual Trust                    Mutual of Omaha
W. Patrick Clarke                   Deloitte                                 Nationwide Omaha Classic
Advance Brands                      Fraser Stryker Meusey Olson              Peter Kiewit Sons Inc
BPI                                 Leo A Daly Company                       Simmonds Restaurant Management Inc
Barnhart Press                      Lozier Foundation                        Union Pacific Foundation

                                          MID-AMERICA COUNCIL           13           2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                            D ONORS BY L EVEL
$5,000 TO $9,999
Alegent Health                       Debra Durham                                 Lewis E May Trust                            TierOne Bank
Arthur & Betty Jo Vogel Foundation   Election Systems & Software                  Margre and Charles Durham Foundation III     Valmont Industries Inc
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska   Gold Key Homes Inc                           Omaha World Herald                           Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska
Carl G. Mammel                       HDR, INC                                     Physicians Mutual Insurance Co. Foundation   Wiebe Foundation
Cox Business Services                Jet Linx Aviation                            Pinnacle Bank                                Woodmen of the World
Criss Memorial Foundation            John Gottschalk                              Security National Bank

$2,500 TO $4,999
Bill Beavers                         Kenneth E Stinson                            Hy Vee Food Store #2                         R Joe Dennis Foundation
William C Dana                       Jack Down Virtue                             Jerry's Trailers & Campers                   Redfield & Company
David L Hefflinger                   L Wemhoff                                    Johnstone Supply                             Silverstone Group
Charles F Heider                     Bank of the West                             MarketSphere Consulting                      The Miller Foundation Inc
John F Kotouc                        Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin               MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company          The Pepsi Bottling Group
J Barry Loughridge                   Cargill Meats                                North Sioux City Council                     Tyson Fresh Meats
Eugene M Ohr                         Catherine Vincent Deardorf Foundation        North Star Financial                         US Bank
Lloyd E Roitstein                    First Data Corporation                       Oakview Construction Co                      Werner Enterprise
William D Sapp                       Garden of Dreams                             Omaha Law League Foundation                  Wise-Mack Inc
Roy A Smith                          Halman Construction Inc                      Omaha Public Power District

$1,000 TO $2,499
Donna Baker                          Jonathan E Fuller                            Stephen J McCollister                        Daniel Seier
Marvin A Bartling                    W. Gary Gates                                Nicholas George McPeck                       David L Sokol
Mogens C Bay                         Villiers R Gerd                              Dennis Melstad                               Richard Spry
Drew J Blossom                       Charles P Gillespie                          Roger J Miller                               Judge Lyle E Strom
John K Boyer                         John Gleeson                                 Randell Mueller                              Erica Velasquez
Larry Book                           Jerome P Gordman                             Lance W Munger                               Joel Mark Warner
Kirk Edward Brumbaugh                Kenneth Graeber                              Daniel P Neary                               Verne Herbert Welch
Richard C Bulkeley                   George F Haddix                              William L Otis                               Dennis Wellendorf
Dr Louis W Burgher                   William Galen Hanley                         Jeffrey A Passer                             Douglas A Wheelock
Richard Bryan Chochon                William L Hardisty                           Larry V Pearson                              Nancy R Wyatt
William L Coffey                     Wood Hull                                    H Rand Petersen                              AAA Nebraska
David Edward Coziahr                 Timothy M Kerrigan                           LC (Jack) Petersen                           Aalfs Manufacturing Inc
Father Elden F Curtiss               Dr John D Kiernan                            Richard W Peterson                           Aker Kvaerner Songer Inc
Harold J Daub                        Edd J Leach                                  Tom Prohaska                                 Alegent Health Council Bluffs
Michael T Defreece                   John E Lehning                               Robert A Reed                                Ameristar Casino Hotel
Dr J Mark DeMay                      Bruce Lewis                                  Lloyd E Roitstein                            Aquila Inc
Bill Dinsmoor                        Willis Lucht                                 Steven L Roitstein                           Arrow Trucking
Donald F Dolejs                      Edward L Maier                               Michael O Romero                             Ash Grove Cement Company
Michael L Faust                      Owen M Mamura                                Ann Bernadette Russell                       Azco Inc
Tom Fellman                          John Y McCollister                           Charles V Sederstrom                         Bunge North America

                                           MID-AMERICA COUNCIL               14           2006 ANNUAL REPORT
$1,000 TO $2,499
Burger King                            First Westroads Bank                    Lindsay Manufacturing        Patchwerkes
Canfield's Sporting Goods              Flying A Cattle Co                      Lovgren Advertising Inc.     Paxton & Vierling Steel
Cardinal Medical Supplies              Fraser Stryker Meusey Olson             Mackenzie Partners Inc       Plumrose
Cargill Inc                            Fremont Tribune                         Maxim Crane Works            Qwest
Cassling Diagnastic                    Getzschman Heating and S/M Inc          Midwest Dermatology Clinic   Redstone Communications
CB Richard Ellis                       Growmark Inc                            Miller Electric Co           REU
Central States Health/Life             Hearthstone Homes                       Modern Woodman Community     Scott Enterprises Inc.
Chandler Family Foundation             Hy Vee Foods                            Nebraska Pork Partners       Sid Dillon Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Inc.
Coventry Health Care of Nebraska       IBP INC                                 Nebraska State Bank          Sullivan Real Estate Group L.L.C.
Cox Communications                     Ideal Images                            Northwest Federal Bank       Sunrise Inc.
Dan Wye Inc                            Izaak Walton League                     Omaha Bar Association        The Lund Company
Doug Riley Enterprises                 Jensen Press                            Omaha Printing Co            Tyson Fresh Meats
Dwyer Smith Pohren Grimm & Lazer       Kirkham Michael & Associates Inc        Order of the Arrow           United Foundation
EGM Services                           Klinger Companies Inc                   Oriental Trading Company     Wal-Mart #5141
Erickson & Sederstrom P C              KPMG                                    Overhead Door Co. of Omaha   Window King
Father Flanagans Girls and Boys Home   Kutak Rock LLP                          Pack - 0033                  World Insurance Co
First National Bank                    Liberty Labs                            Packaging Corp of America

$500 TO $999
Kerri Kay Allender                     Elias J Eliopoulos                      Scott Stephen Hove           Larry Dean Melichar
Barry E Backhaus                       George Elster                           Daniel E Hunt                Aileen K Meyer
Jeffrey E Barnhart                     Steve Erwin                             Lonnie J Janecek             Herold M Meyer
Steve Bartlett                         Ken Figgins                             Malinda Jepsen               Duncan J Murphy
Kelly A Bierman                        Brian J Finley                          Gail & Rob Johnson           Robert S Murphy
Harold W Black                         Glenn A Fosdick                         Robert E Julian              Charles T Nelson
Douglas G Bradley                      Stephen R Frary                         Brian Richard Kay            Sheryl A Oakman
Richard Brinkman                       Robert L Freeman                        James C Kearney              John O’Connor
Stephen Bruckner                       Theo W Freye                            Paul R Kenney                Leslie Jean Omoto
Thomas A Carey                         David Gale                              Bill & Leona Kernen          Marie Otis
Marilyn Christiansen                   Ronald B Gartlan                        James N King                 Homer Palmer
Dennis Circo                           Michael J Gawley                        Richard Kirkland             Marty Palmer
Daniel J Claussen                      Josie E Gilbert                         Adam M Koslosky              Richard William Parod
James Crilly                           Bennett Alan Ginsberg                   George Kubat                 Jim & Lois Peery
Daniel G Crouchley                     Craig Lee Gissler                       Robert W Kuhr                John A Phelps
Irving R Dana                          Robert C Graham                         Leslie J Lawless             Thomas D Peschio
James T Daugherty                      Pamela Griffin                          Charles J Marr               Douglas Edward Rennels
Thomas C Derrick                       Phillip Allen Gunderson                 Douglas Wayne Martin         Jeffrey L Renner
Mark & Juli Doll                       James R Gustafson                       Jay Matzke                   J Peter Ricketts
Dawn Driggott                          James Hanscom                           Paul A Mauer                 Judge William Jay Riley
Ann Edmunds                            Farrell Hansen                          Donna M Mayfield             Mark Roberts
David H Edwards                        Fred H Hawkins                          John S McCollister           James M Rocklin
Chuck Nelson Eldred                    John (Sean) Hession                     Legrande N McGregor          Dr. James W Rossiter

                                             MID-AMERICA COUNCIL          15           2006 ANNUAL REPORT
$500 TO $999
Cheryl Rudeen                        Daniel E Young                          Edwards-Archer Auto Plaza             Omaha Bedding
Thomas James Sasman                  Jeff D Young                            First Federal Savings Bank of Iowa    Omaha Steaks
Gene H Schellpeper                   Mhammed Zahra                           Fremont National Bank                 Outback Steakhouse
Thomas Schierbrock                   Dr William C Ziebell                    Frontier Communications               Overton Law Office
Stephen G Schlosser                  Advance Services, Inc                   Gaylord W. Mussman Insurance Agency   Paxton-Mitchell Foundation
Jeffrey S Schmid                     American National Bank                  Glenwood State Bank                   PDM Inc/ Baker's
Merle Simonsen                       Andveas & Minnie Jensen Estate          Graham Tire Company                   Pinewood Derby LLC
David A Sinsheimer                   Bank Iowa                               Great Western Bank                    Ranger Steel
Dr F Miles Skultety                  Becton Dickinson and Company            H G M Associates Inc                  Red Giant Oil Co
H Daniel Smith                       Benefit Group Inc                       Harris Group                          Regent Product Marketing
Michael Sortino                      Better Business Equipment Co            Hawkins Construction Co.              Rosary Medical Clinic
Michael F Tews                       Boone Bros Roofing                      HCI Holdings                          Schlotfeldt Engineering Inc
John F Theisen                       Borsheims Jewelry                       Heartland Oncology                    Security National Bank
Mark Theisen                         Brumbaugh & Quandahl P.C.               Holland Bashom Architects             Shelby County State Bank
Lawrence B Thomas                    BWA Claims Service                      Ike & Roz Friedman Foundation         State Farm Insurance - Dan Busse
James M Tracy                        Cargo Express - Cargo Company           Iowa Lakes Electirc Co-Op             The Day Companies Inc
Dr. John Samuel Treves               Carneco                                 Jaycees                               Tritsch Electric
Paul Martin Vandyne                  CBS Home Real Estate Co                 Lou Walsh Motor Company               US Bank Norfolk
John Carl VanHorn                    Christensen Lumber                      Lyman-Richey Corporation              Valley Products Corp
Daniel L Wells                       Cimpl Family Foundation                 McMullen Ford                         VFW Auxiliary #1644
Tommy L Whalen                       Columbus Physical Therapy               Merrill Lynch                         Wallace R. Weitz & Company
Charley Dale Whittenburg             D & D Welding and Repair                Midwest Express                       Westside Community Center
Richard O Wikert                     Dial Land Development                   Mouw Chiropractic and Spinal Center   Wiesman Development

                                                                                     G IFTS - IN -K IND D ONORS
Advance Brands                       Ford Storage and Moving Company         Nebraska Pork Partners                Sara Lee Bakery Group
Barnhart Press                       Fraser Stryker Meusey Olson             Office Max                            Seodexho
Bellevue Tire & Auto Service Inc     Growmark Inc                            Omaha Printing Co                     Simmonds Restaurant Management Inc
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska   Healy & Healy                           Omaha Public Power District           Solution One
Burkley Envelope Co                  Hy Vee Foods                            Omaha Steaks                          Tyson Fresh Meats
Cardinal Medical Supplies            IBP INC                                 Oriental Trading Company              Walker Tire Inc
Cargill Meats                        Jensen Press                            Outback Steakhouse                    Werner Enterprise
Carneco                              Johnstone Supply                        Papa Johns                            Westside Community Center
City Glass Company                   Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse        Pegler Sysco                          Wimmer's Meat Products, Inc
Corporate Express Document & Print   Macaroni Grill                          Pinnacle Sports Productions, LLC      Window King
Management                           Menards                                 Plumrose                              Wise-Mack Inc
Entemans Bakery Outlet               Midwest Express                         Quality Fence Company                 Woodmen of the World
First Data Corporation               Nastase Roofing                         Redfield & Company
First National Bank                  Nebraska Medical Center                 Regal Awards Inc

                                           MID-AMERICA COUNCIL          16           2006 ANNUAL REPORT
        Council's Trainer Development course, February 11,                                                      ns Art
                                                                                           ceremony. Photo by Le
        at the Durham Scout Center                                    Scouts at a Flag Cay

Lewis & Clark reenactor at the 2006 Rendezvous held                                                   Cub Scout at Nischa Nimat
September 15-17 at the Thomas Ashford Scout Ranch                                                     Blue & Gold Banquet

                                           MID-AMERICA COUNCIL   17   2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                    Troop 308’s Adopt a Highway project

        CREDITS :

DESIGN :             B DESIG
                         E N S A RT ,
                            W ATERLOO , N
    PUBLICATION                MID-AMERICA COUNCIL        18   2006 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                      y du
                                                            ty                             SCOUT LAW
                                            To  do m         ut                            A Scout is,
                                    be st,           he  Sco
        O  ATH              o   my            b ey t           ep                          Trustworthy
    UT                ill d             to o              o ke
SCO       no r, I
                               ry an
    m y ho          yc  ount           at  all t        ke a
 On              m                 le               wa                                      Helpful
           and                peop             lly a
  to God            other            ,m  enta                                               Friendly
           o  help            trong
    Law; T         ica  lly s                                                              Courteous
         elf           ight
     mys            ra                                                                       Kind
           al ly st
       mor                                                                                Obedient

   12401 WEST MAPLE ROAD                         12401 WEST MAPLE ROAD                                 V
                                                                                             1102 TRI-VIEW AVENUE
      OMAHA, NE 68164                                OMAHA, NE 68164                          SIOUX CITY, IA 51103
 PHONE: (402) 431-9BSA (9272)
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                                                                                               FAX: (712) 255-9587
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                                                FREE: 1-877-5BSAMAC (527-2622)

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