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					                                       COBBLESTONE NEW                                       S
              March 2010                     Webst er Baptist Church
                                                     “Receiving Anew”
                          I don’t know about you, but I like getting new things. There is an ex-
                          citement, challenge and joy all in one, because you are bringing the
                          new item home. In these moments you come to realize for the first
time, it is yours to touch, feel and investigate as you plan its use. It does not matter if the item
is large or small. I am like a kid in the candy store when I bring the purchase home. Now, I
have to admit something new for me often means it’s used, and this is by choice. However, I
am just as excited receiving or shopping for something that has already been broken in or test
driven because it means the item has already been blessed by someone else. We recently pur-                IN THIS ISSUE:
chased a big thing in a new used car, and you would have thought I got it brand new. I am still
excited even though it has been three months since the purchase!                                       From the Pastor          1
The old car is gone and the new one is different in color, style and make: it’s new to me. And I       Birthday/Anniversary     2
could not help but reflect on this experience having read the words of Paul in Second Corin-           Finance Report           2
thians, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;” the old no longer is present and the new       Prayer Requests          2
has come. Paul was telling those who sought the Living Water that when they accept the sacri-          Thank You                2
ficial love of Christ they could not hold onto the old ways they used to act or the places they        News & Events            3
used to go. Rather, those who truly loved the Lord were indeed new in their walk, talk and care        Moderator                4
of one another and themselves. In Jesus, the newness meant a love for the brother or sister who        Mission                  5
was different than you. The newness meant sitting down with the stranger or the outcast in the
name of Jesus. This was indeed radical change when power, authority and avoiding those who
were different were the central themes in the Corinthian community.                                    Cobblestone News
Yet Paul was telling all those within the sound of his voice that the acceptance of Jesus was a
                                                                                                       A monthly publication of:
claim to a newness that demands one let go of the things that separate one from another. Christ
came so that each and every one might be connected as God intended. This was refreshing and            Webster Baptist Church
renewing for the listeners, and at the same time challenging. Yes, the old had passed away in          59 South Avenue
the life and death of Jesus. And Paul knew this personally. So I was reminded as I read this           Webster, NY 14580
text how I am not the same person I used to be, and I do not go to the places I used to go, and        (585) 265-9480
more importantly I desire each and everyone I come in contact know the God of forgiveness              WWW.WBCUS.ORG
and love. So what about you, as you reflect on the presence of God in your life? Has there
                                                                                                       Pastor : Rev. Michael Ware
been a change? As you each go through this month will you be open to embrace a new focus in
your life? Each and every day, as we live and breathe, we have an opportunity to be anew in
Christ.                                                                                                Editor: Nancy Hannah
My old car at one time was new to me but over time there needed to be a change. You and I    
are no different as God calls us to change and meet the needs of this world. And yes, these            …………………………………………………………………

means doing and being new. Now I don’t know what joy, peace or trial you are going through             Articles should be submit-
as you read this newsletter, but God offers newness in all those places. In fact you may feel          ted via e-mail to the editor
there is nothing new in your life, but I am here to tell you that Jesus came so you might have         or dropped off at the
freshness in the very places which appear old or tired. Jesus came so that you might be                church office.
changed by the Spirit of the Most High. Jesus came that you might experience the refreshing,
renewing, and revealing Spirit of the Lord. So I hope during this Lenten season you will seek          Deadline for Entries:
the newness Christ has for you. Indeed Jesus says, I love you and offer my life for you! Amen.         15th-20th of each month.
                                          Pastor Michael
         Webster Baptist Church
         Monthly Report / January 2010

                                                                     Birthdays                       March. 2010
 INCOME                 CURRENT                  YEAR TO DATE        Spencer Abbott                          2
 Fundraisers                  0.00                     5,726.06      Jerilyn Merritt                         7
 Miscellaneous               36.31                     1,446.75      Gail Stone                              7
 Pledged                  8,232.00                    75,231.20      Fran Haldoupis                         10
 Rents & Fees               740.00                     3,950.00      Ben Sobtzick                           10
 Unpledged                  539.25                     7,198.02      Peter Vandenberg                       10
 TOTAL INCOME            $9,547.56                   $93,552.03      Granville Chambers                     11
                                                                     Amanda McDowell                        15
 EXPENSE                                                             Sylvia Chambers                        16
 Arts & Media                  0.00                         55.25    Andrew Alt                             17
 Building & Prop.          4,289.46                     13,061.24    Mark Fenton                            19
 Council of Nine           6,313.85                     41,949.45    George Utz                             22
 Care & Outreach               0.00                          0.00    Jessica Klick                          25
 Finance                     102.00                        536.82    Doris Ogden                            27
 Mission Unit                760.50                       6,223.5    Jestine Ware                           27
 Teaching Church              82.79                        453.44    Jimmie Abraham                         28
 Worship & Fellow.         2,345.56                     11,944.24    Anniversaries                   March. 2010
 TOTAL EXPENSE           $13,894.16                    $74,223.94    Nick and Fran Haldoupis                 1
                                                                     Tom and Sylvia Farnand                 14
 NET                     ($4,346.60)                   $19,328.09    Walter and Bonnie Davids               26

                                                                                      Thank You
 Jeanne Allen                               Connie Bold             Dear WBC,
 Jay & Marion Cook                          Helen Doster            Thanks so much for the gift of flowers and candy,
 Harold Elliott                             Bev Freida              delivered by Barb and Charlie Bills.
 Robert Gilmore                             Brad Hebner             I enjoyed the flowers and Pete took care of the
 Marge Hilfiker                             Charlotte Locus         candy.
 Peter Vandenberg                                                   Blessings, Marian and Pete Vandenberg
                                                                                      Palm Sunday

                                                                    On March 28, the choir will present the cantata,
                                                                    “God So Loved the World” (A Celebration of the
                                                                    Savior’s Sacrifice by Lloyd Larson. The Easter
              Please inform the office of anyone who                story is poignantly told with selected Scripture
                  needs to be on our prayer list.
                                                                    passages and anthems.


We are scrap booking once a month-all day. If this is something you are interested in, have been doing for already
or want more information, please contact Penny Robinson, Jeri Merritt or Laurie Boessmann. We meet on a Satur-
day, bring a bagged lunch and a treat to pass and just enjoy all the fun and laughs for the day. Our next date
will be announced in the Church Bulletin. Hope to see you!!                                                     2
                                             NEWS & EVENTS
                        DATES TO REMEMBER                                Do You Have a Student Graduating from High
Mar.       3rd           8:00 a.m.         Golden Oldies                                 School or College?
                         7:15 p.m.         Choir Rehearsal             It’s not too early to let the teaching unit know if you
Mar.       4th           6:30 p.m.         Bible Study                 have a student graduating this year. We would like
Mar.       7th           Soup/Dessert Contest after service            to honor all of our graduates on June 20th. Please
Mar.       9th           6:00 p.m.         Council Meeting             contact Shirley Heald or call the office so your stu-
                         7:00 p.m.         Diaconate Meeting           dent can be recognized. Thanks!
Mar.     10th            8:00 a.m.         Golden Oldies               ***************************************
                         7:15 p.m.         Choir Rehearsal                   Soup/Dessert Contest-Sunday March 7th
Mar.     11th            6:30 p.m.         Bible Study                 Make your favorite soup and/or dessert and join us
Mar.     13th            9:00 a.m.         Men’s Breakfast             after worship service on Sunday, March 7th. We will
Mar.    15-19            Church Secretary on Vacation                  be taste testing all the soups and goodies, then voting
Mar.     17th            8:00 a.m.         Golden Oldies               for our favorite. Beverages and tableware will be
                         7:15 p.m.         Choir Rehearsal             provided. If you have any questions, call Penny Rob-
Mar.     18th            6:30 p.m.         Bible Study                 inson at 315-462-2506.
Mar.     24th            8:00 a.m.         Golden Oldies                                      Missing
                         7:15 p.m.         Choir Rehearsal             A pyrex 9 inch pie plate, corral shade from the roast
Mar.     25th            6:30 p.m.         Bible Study                 beef dinner.
Mar.     28th            3:30 p.m.         Cameron                     A pyrex 9 inch fluted clear pie plate also missing
Mar.      31st           8:00 a.m.         Golden Oldies               from the roast beef dinner.
                         7:15 p.m.         Choir Rehearsal             Please call the office at 265-9480 if you know of
Please check the enclosed church calendar for additional details.      their whereabouts.

                                                        WBC’s Chili Contest
Sheryl Forstbauer was our Chili contest winner. Congratulations Sheryl. Below is the winning recipe.
White Bean Chili
1 lb. Poultry Italian sausage (½ mild, ½ hot)
½ cup chopped onion
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 (14.5 oz.) can diced tomatoes, undrained
1 (14.5 oz.) can chicken broth
1 (11 oz.) can tomatillos, drained and coarsely chopped (you can also use fresh tomatillos, as Tops in Irondequoit
is the only place I’ve found canned ones)
1 (4.5 oz.) can chopped green chiles, undrained
½ tsp. Oregano
½ tsp. Coriander seed, crushed
½ tsp. Ground Cumin
2, 16 oz. Cans Cannellini beans
1 package frozen spinach, chopped
3 tbs. Lime juice
¼ tsp. Pepper
Cheddar cheese and or sour cream to garnish. Cook sausage, remove from pan and set aside. Add onions and garlic to pan,
sauté until tender. Stir in tomatoes and next 6 ingredients. Bring to boil and reduce heat, simmer 20 minutes. Add sausage,
beans and spinach. Cook 5 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Stir in lime juice and pepper. Top with cheese/sour cream.
                                             World Day of Prayer
Where: Holy Trinity Church, 1460 Ridge Rd. Webster, NY
When: Friday, March 5, 2010
Time: 12 noon-ecumenical prayer service followed by a light luncheon.
Please bring canned good donations for Webster Food Pantry. Any monetary donations will support the people of
Cameroon. Come sing and pray, joining hands and hearts: Let everything that has breath praise God.
For more information please call Colleen Schantz at 265-2124.                                            3
                                    Open Door Mission Needs
                     Household Supply Needs                       Clothing Program Needs
                     Bleach                                       Coats (Sizes XL, XXL, XXXL & Larger)
                     Dish soap                                    Boots (All sizes)
                     Plastic forks                                Hats and gloves (Adult sizes)
                     55 Gal. trash bags                           Medical Supply Needs
                     Bathroom tissue                              Cough syrup
                     Paper towel                                  Antacid tablets
                     Copy paper                                   Ibuprofen tablets
                     4" Styrofoam bowls
                     6" Styrofoam dessert plates
                     Food Service Needs                                s
                                                                  Men' Shelter Program Needs
                     Butter                                       Twin sheets
                     Ground beef                                  Twin blankets
                     Canned chili                                 Bath towels
                     Juices (1/2 gallon size)
Donations gladly accepted 24/7 at our Caring Center located at 156 North Plymouth Avenue. Thank You!

                                                 Guest Preacher
Sunday, March 7th the service will be co-lead by Rev. Jimmy Reader, Director of Alumni/ae and Church Relations
Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and our Pastor, Rev. Michael Ware. Rev. Reader will bring the message.
He and Rev. Ware will share in bringing forth communion this day. So come and be blessed.

                                               From the Moderator

•   Please submit any articles for the church bulletin by Wednesday of each week.
•   We will continue to welcome any contributions to the bell tower fund even though the pledge period has ended.
•   There are no plans to hold a Lasagna dinner.
•   Thanks to Matt Lawrence of Arts and Media for his work on the church web site.
•   The Congregational Meeting for Election of Officers is March 21 after the service.

                                            BELL TOWER UPDATE

The weather has kept us from getting up in the tower to physically accomplish anything but things are getting done.
Granville Chambers and I are in the process of developing an accurate summary of what is needed and who is best
suited to do the work. We continue to identify areas that will benefit from using the talents of people in the congre-
gation. Where the expertise is not available or involves safety risks, we will write specifications for bidding those
items. By establishing our own guidelines, we can ensure that we are getting comparable competitive pricing. Gran-
ville has also developed a system for us to record what has been done to provide an on-going written record for the
church to use for any future work and maintenance schedules.
Many thanks to Dick Marchner and his crew for getting the siding done on the lower part of the bell deck. It looks
great, matches the old clapboards perfectly, and provides added incentive to continue our restoration.
As always, I welcome anyone to contact me if they wish do work in certain areas that they may be interested in.
Tom Pellett

                                                                             Pledged to date

                                                                                               4                4
The annual America for Christ offering is underway. This year' theme--"With Willing Hands: Connect. Care.
Celebrate"--is a powerful reminder that Jesus'   public ministry was all about connecting and caring for people in
need. Through the work of National Ministries, which is supported by the America for Christ Offering, we can
participate with our Lord in connecting, caring, and celebrating the power of the Gospel:
• as people come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ;
• as children in poverty are reached through the Penny Project;
• as youth, children, and adults grow in discipleship;
• as communities are changed through Christian centers;
• as we increase church vitality through the Church in Mission trainings; and
• as we help to support and relocate refugees into churches and communities.
The America for Christ Offering 2010 strengthens our churches by providing support to our pastoral counselors
and chaplains, designing leadership workshops and conferences, promoting excellent discipleship resources
through Judson Press, and providing opportunities for churches, individuals, and youth groups to participate in
home mission through Volunteer Ministries.
Please give generously to the America for Christ Offering 2010. Together we can make a difference.
Last month we included a request for winter boots which were delivered by Marilyn and George Utz to Mary'        s
Place. The following e-mail was recently received:
"Many Thanks for Winter Boots!"
" A few weeks ago you received a request to participate in a January Winter Boot Drive, collecting
 boots for Mary' Place to distribute in the refugee community. I' thrilled to be able to announce that Mary'
                                                                       m                                         s
Place received between 75 - 100 pairs of boots as a result! Thanks to everyone who contributed. Most of those
boots have already been distributed--many toes are warmer thanks to your generosity. If you' still collecting
boots--great! They are still needed.
       s                                                                                              s
Mary' Place celebrated it first birthday the week of January 24, 2010. Thanks to all who make Mary' Place pos-
Sandy Hasenauer
We also received a letter from Cameron Ministries thanking us for our contributions to the Christmas programs
at Cameron. (Again, we thank the Utzes for taking the time to deliver our gifts to them.) "Each of the 40 children
in our on-site program received a new outfit, a toy and a book. Their families got vacation helper packages to
help provide meals during school break when school lunches are not available and food stamps run out. In addi-
tion, they experienced the joy of giving, by participating in a shopping day where they were able to choose two
small gifts to give to special adults in their lives: a teacher, parent or a grandmother. Some of our families in
greatest need were adopted by church groups and more than 100 individuals received specially chosen gifts to put
under their tree on Christmas morning. The 135 children in our Quad-A program at School #30 received a holi-
day bag with a book, a toothbrush, snacks, hat and mittens."
Cindy Harper
Executive Director
Cameron’s Ministries and Mary’s Place Donations
Please leave only “season appropriate” clothing for donation to these organizations. The have very limited space
to store articles not in season. Thank you for your generous support in both the past and future.
                                       WCC Food Cupboard
The Food Cupboard is in the process of relocating. They are suspending donations at this time until further no-
tice. Please watch for future information regarding their Easter distribution donation set for March 27.
Webster Baptist Church
59 South Avenue
Webster, NY 14580


 Rev. Michael Ware, Pastor
 Nancy Hannah, Office Administrator
 Sylvia Chambers, Music Director
 Ronald Schumske, Organist

Webster Baptist Church is an active, open caring, community of faith seeking to learn and live God’s word.

                                              EASTER FLOWERS
     Members and friends of Webster Baptist Church are invited to place a lily or hyacinth in the Sanctuary
     for Easter. The price will be $6.00. If you wish to keep the flower, you may pick it up after the Easter
     Sunday service or you may wish the plant to be given to shut-ins in the area. Please complete the form
     below and drop it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office. All orders must be received by
     Sunday, March 28, 2010. If you have any questions please call Sylvia Farnand, 671-6816.

     Type:    Lily_____             Hyacinth_____
     Number of plants: _____Amount enclosed:__________
     Name of Person in Whose Memory/Honor the Flower is Given:


     Given By:_______________________________________________

     Will you take the plant following the Easter Service or donate it to a shut-in?
     Take Home____                 Donate _____

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