6. Equivalent Functionality Listing by wuzhenguang


									 The Advantages of Alternatives to
    Microsoft-based Solutions

6. Equivalent Functionality
   Open-Source Software

Has anyone ever used:

      Firefox or Skype?
    ♦ What did you think of it?
    ♦ Was is high quality?
  OPINION: Free and Open-
     Source Software
While I greatly admire the people who have
sacrificed to give us such incredible free
software tools I also understand that as a once
thriving capitalistic society it is important to
fairly compensate those who give us so much.

So take advantage of free software where you
can, donate if you can to support their efforts
and patronize for-profit companies who build
great applications on high availability
platforms. That is a win-win for all of us!
Office Productivity Applications
 MS Word: OOWriter; MS Word (CC)
 MS Excel: OOCalc; MS Excel (CC)
 MS Access: OOBase; MS Access (CC)
 MS Publisher: Scribus; MS Publisher (CC)
 MS Powerpoint: OOImpress; MS Powerpoint (CC)
 MS Project: Project Manager; OpenProj; MS Project (CC)
 MS Visio: DIA; MS Visio (CC)
 MS Internet Explorer: Firefox; Opera; Chrome; MS-IE (CC)
 MS Outlook: Thunderbird, Evolution, MS Outlook (CC)
 Task Coach: Task Coach; Tasque; Thunderbird/Lightning; Sunbird
 MathCAD: OOFormula
 Quickbooks: GNUcash; Quickbooks (CC)
 MS Money/Quicken: KMyMoney; Moneydance; Quicken (CC)
 Dictionary: Dictionary (on-line only); Merriam-Webster (CC)
 Skype: Skype; Ekiga
 TurboTax: Taxact (CC)
        Network Applications
MS Exchange: Zimbra; Open-Xchange; Lotus Notes; Groupwise
MS Sharepoint: Alfresco; Lotus Notes Domino; IBM Websphere
MS SQL Server: MySQL; PostgreSQL; Oracle; IBM DB2; .....
Norton/ McAfee (Antivirus): ClamAV
Firewalls: FireStarter
Chrystal Reports: Jasper Reports
Goldmine/ACT: SugarCRM;CentricCRM;CreamCRM;CentraView
MS HyperV: XEN, Vmware, VirtualBox; Citrix
MS System Center: Zenoss; OpenNebula; Hyperic HQE; …
MS Internet Information Services (IIS): Apache HTTP Server
MS Backup: Acronis; Bacula; Areca Backup; Mondo; BackupPC;
fwbackups; Backup Express ; Amanda Enterprise; Zmanda; Arkeia;
MS Windows Server 2008: SuSE Open Enterprise Server; Red Hat
Enterprise Linux Server

MS Media Player: VLC; Totem; Dragon; MS Media Player (CC)
FLASH/Silverlight: Moonlight; FLASH
MS Media Center: Myth TV; Sage TV
Roxio: K3b (KDE's Burn Baby Burn), Nero Linux 4 ($20), Brasero
Shockwave: Shockwave (CC)
Quicktime: VLC; Quicktime (CC)
iTunes: Banshee; Exaile
    Creative Arts Applications

Corel Draw: Inkscape - Open Source Vector Graphics Editor
Photoshop: GIMP; OODraw; Paint Shop Pro (CC); Photoshop (CC)
Acrobat/ PDF: All Linux apps have built-in; Adobe Acrobat 5 (CC)
Framemaker: Framemaker (CC)
AutoCAD: QCAD (2D); FreeCAD (3D); ARES Commander Edition
(3D/Qt); DraftSight (AutoCAD Clone); Pro/Engineer;
AutoCad 97 (CC)
Animation (3D): Blender; Art of Illusion

.NET: Mono
WinFax: Efax-gtk; HylaFAX; Gfax; Fax2Send
Scanner: Xsane
Language Translation: No good alternatives
Windows Task Manager: GNOME System Manager; GNOME Force
Quit; CodeWeaver's Terminate Windows Application utility (CC)
Windows Notepad (text editors): GEdit; Leafpad
MS Visual Studio: Qt Development Frameworks; GTK+ toolkit;
Android SDK
     Web Development Tools
ASP/ WAMP: LAMP; Websphere/ DB2

DreamWeaver: Quanta Plus; KompoZer; DreamWeaver (CC)
HTML/CSS/PHP/Text Editors for Linux: Quanta Plus; Vim, gVim, and
Cream; Bluefish; Screem; SciTE; CSSed; Emacs; GEdit; Kate;
gphpedit; PHP Eclipse; HTMLkit.

Checking for Broken Web Links: KLinkStatus
Web Image Development/ Editing: GIMP; OODraw; Paint Shop Pro
(CC); Photoshop (CC)

Web Vector Graphics: Inkscape; Xara Xtreme
FTP Programs: Filezilla FTP; Konqueror; gFTP
Essential Firefox Extensions: Firefox Web Developer Toolbar
Creating Image Maps : KImageMapEditor
     Web Development Tools

Content Management Systems: Drupal; WordPress; Joomla!;

Web Application Frameworks: PHP; Python; Perl; Java; Ruby; CFML
(ColdFusion); AJAX; Ruby on Rails (Ruby);Django (Python);
CakePHP; CodeIgniter; Symfony; IBM Websphere; ….

Common Linux-based Web Databases: MySQL; Postgresql; Ingres;
Apache Derby; IBM DB2; Oracle

Web Services Server: Apache HTTP Server; Nginx High-
Performance Web Server; Google Web Server; Oracle iPlanet Web
Server; Sun Java System Web Server; Netscape Enterprise Server
       Cinematographic Core
          Application Set
Blender: is a 3D graphics application that can be used for modeling,
UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water and smoke simulations,
skinning, animating, rendering, particle and other simulations, non-
linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications,
including video games, animated film, or visual effects.

Gimp: is a software raster graphics editor. It is primarily employed as
an image retouching and editing tool.

Python: is a multi-paradigm programming language that permits
several styles: object-oriented programming and structured
programming and is used extensively in open source application
development and for embedded scripting and is the backbone of
most of these cinematographic applications
       Cinematographic Core
          Application Set
OpenEXR: is a high dynamic range imaging image file format. It
allows a dynamic range of over thirty stops of exposure.

Verse: is a networking protocol allowing real-time communication
between computer graphics software. In Blender, for example,
several programmers can build separate characters in the same
virtual environment using their own computers, even if they are using
different software. Each separate character will then instantly appear
on the screens of all other users.

CinePaint: formally 'Film Gimp' it is a program for painting and
retouching bitmap frames of films. It is likely the most successful
open source tool in feature motion picture work today.
       Cinematographic Core
          Application Set

Inkscape: is a vector graphics editor application and a powerful
graphics tool fully compliant with the XML, SVG, and CSS standards.

Twisted: event-driven network programming framework written in
Python and used extensively for collaborative film work

DRQueue: software tool used to manage a render farm. It provides
distributed render queueing on a per-frame basis and management
of these tasks. It is primarily used for animations used as visual
effects in films and advertising
       Cinematographic Core
          Application Set

Avidemux: is a video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and
encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD
compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.
Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful
scripting capabilities.

Subversion: is a software versioning and a revision control system to
maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code,
web pages, and documentation.
          Gaming Applications
1000's of Native Games are available plus 2 proprietary
applications to allow you to run Window's-based GAMES:

CodeWeavers CrossOver Games:
Lets the users play a broad range of games, "particularly games with a
lot of replayability such as MMOs like World of Warcraft and the range
of games from Valve e.g., Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and
so on". The difference with regular CrossOver is that CrossOver Games
will have a shorter release cycle in order to update faster to the latest
work on Wine than with regular CrossOver, which targets stability and
reliability. 21 of the most popular Windows games are now certified.

Cedega (formerly known as WineX) is TransGaming Technologies'
proprietary fork of Wine is designed specifically for running games
written for Microsoft Windows under Linux. As such, its primary focus is
implementing the DirectX API. 40 of the most popular Windows games
are now certified.
              Bottom Line:

Even if you decide that going to Linux is not
going to work for you the one thing you can do to
help yourself is to at least consider utilizing
OpenOffice v3 on Windows for these reasons:

  1. ISO document standard worldwide
  2. Easy read-write access to all MS Office docs
  3. Will suffice for 95% of all MS Office users
  4. Free versus: MS Office MSRP: $499.95/$329.95

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