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2010_03_ minutes exec


									WARSAW COMMUNITY PUBLIC LIBRARY                                              LIBRARY DIRECTOR
310 East Main Street                                                               Ann M. Zydek
Warsaw, IN 46580                                                                    April 7, 2010

                               April 12, 2010 - 4:00 P.M.
                                DIRECTORS OFFICE
B. IC 36-12-3-5 The purchase or lease of real property by the governing body up to the
   time a contract or option to purchase or lease is executed by the parties.


                          BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING
                               MEETING ROOM A/B



C. MINUTES OF LAST MEETINGS                                                         BOARD ACTION

D. TREASURER’S REPORT                                                               BOARD ACTION
   1. March 2010 Financial Report
   2. Claims for April 2010
   3. Investments
   4. Budget Transfers
   5. Other

   1. Departmental Reports & Statistics for March 2010
   2. Departmental 2011 Goals
   3. Staff/Trustee Update
   4. Building and Equipment Report
   5. Other


   1. Other                                                                              BOARD

   1. Agreement to Purchase Real Estate Addendum 1                                 BOARD ACTION
   2. Policy(s)                                                                    BOARD ACTION
   3. Other

I. ADJOURNMENT                                                                      BOARD ACTION
                          BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                      EXECUTIVE SESSION MINUTES
                               March 8, 2007


       Tony Etienne, Board President, called the Session to order at 4:00 p.m. on
Monday, March 8, 2010. Members present: Joel Curry, John Yingling, Paulette Sauders,
and Sandy Carmichael, Mark Morrison joined the meeting in session. Member absent
with prior notice: Ruth Jones. Also present: Ann M. Zydek, Director. Guest: Mike
Armey, Rothberg, Logan and Warsco L.L.P.


      To discuss the purchase or lease of real property by the governing body up to the
time a contract or option to purchase or lease is executed by the parties.
 IC 36-12-3-5


     Tony Etienne adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:                             Attested:

Ann M. Zydek                                        John Yingling
Director                                            Secretary
                                   March 8, 2010
       Board President, Tony Etienne, called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 4:20
p.m., on Monday, March 8, 2010. Members present: Joel Curry, Paulette Sauders, John
Yingling, Mark Morrison, and Sandy Carmichael. Member absent with prior notice: Ruth Jones.
Also present: Ann Zydek, Director; Joni Brookins, Assistant Director; Renee Sweeny, Business
Manager; Kathy Stutzman, Community Relations Assistant; Susan Stafford, Administrative
       The minutes of the February 8, 2010 Executive Session, Board meeting and the Board
Goals Retreat were reviewed. Joel Curry moved
               THAT the minutes of the Executive Session, Board meeting and Goals
                    Retreat be approved.
               SECOND: Mark Morrison                        MOTION: Carried
        Renee Sweeny reviewed the financial statement, claims, and investments. Mark Morrison
               THAT the board accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.
               SECOND: John Yingling                        MOTION: Carried

       Tony said, “I noticed that a certain number of fines were waived what does this mean?.”
Joni explained to him the circumstances where a fine may be waived, family emergency, they
were in an accident, in the hospital or maybe a fine was charged by mistake.
        Joni said, “While researching debt collection we discovered on Fair Debt
that any accounts earlier than January 1, 2005 and back we cannot generally collect on. Our
only problem is that we haven't quite figured out a way to pull out that specific information from
our system.”

       Ann shared that Erin Reifsnider has been promoted to a Librarian 5. She is our Young
Adult Coordinator.

        Ann said, “We are involved in trying to make sure we are set for the retro commissioning.
We wanted to get a feel for the property we wish to purchase. The Architect updated plans for
security. It looks like our current unit will not stand the max it can hold is16 cameras for
security. Hopefully by the next board meeting we will have a sense on 2 units,what kind they
will be and how many cameras they will allow us to have and where's the best place for them.
We are looking at meeting rooms and other places where people gather.”
        Ann presented the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy for approval. Sandy
Carmichael suggested contacting Peggy Shively of Child Protective Services to look over the
policy since she deals with child protection and she knows the law. After some discussion Joel
Curry moved
              THAT the board adopt the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy with
                   the changes we discussed.
              SECOND: Sandy Carmichael                     MOTION: Carried
       Ann presented the changes made to several policies. Employe Conduct, Weapons Policy,
Conflicts of Interest, Materials/Equipment Loan, Library Conduct and the Cell Phone Policy Joel
Curry moved
              THAT the board accept these policy changes.
              SECOND: Ruth Jones                   MOTION: Carried

       Ann shared a couple of ads created for the library with the new theme “Rediscover your
       With no further business, at 5:10 p.m. Sandy Carmichael moved
              THAT the meeting be adjourned.
              SECOND: Paulette Sauders             MOTION: Carried

Respectfully Submitted:                            Attested:

Susan Stafford                                     John Yingling
Administrative Assistant                           Secretary
               Warsaw Community Public Library
                     March 31, 2010
Balance in Checking Accounts 2-28-10                     2,338.06
   Fines & Fees                                            8,033.95
   Copy Machines                                             689.45
   FAX                                                       251.00
   County Option Tax                                      57,391.08
   Matured Investments and Interest                    1,782,554.40
   Group Insurance Dependent Prem.                           547.00
   Other income                                              107.10
   Transfer from savings                                  34,702.36
   PLAC Fund                                                 150.00
   Gift Fund                                                  75.36
TOTAL                                                1,886,839.76
   Library Operating (per attached)     218,895.05
   Less: Payroll Deduction                5,478.78      213,416.27
   Library Improvement Reserve Fund                       2,732.80
   Library Capital Projects Fund                          3,591.80
   Gift Fund                                                749.57
   State Technology Grant Fund                              907.50
   Dependent Insurance Prem. Fund                           547.00
   Medical Insurance                                        352.00
   Public Employee Retirement Fund                        6,402.84
   United Way                                                30.00
   Franklin Templeton Fund                                  295.00
   PERF Vol Deductions                                      826.60
   AFLAC                                                    539.08
   Health Savings Account                                 1,743.00
   Investment in CD - TAF                               659,000.00
   Investment in CD - LIRF                              255,000.00
   Investment in CD - BIRF                              191,000.00
   Investment in CD - LCP                               234,000.00
   Investment in CD - Rainy Day                         313,000.00
TOTAL                                                1,884,133.46
Balance in Checking Accounts 3-31-10                     2,706.30
   Regular Checking Account                               1,906.30
   Payroll Checking Account                                 800.00
   Pass Book Savings Account - Total all Funds           22,871.86
   Investment in CD - TAF                               659,000.00
   Investment in CD - LIRF                              255,000.00
   Investment in CD - BIRF                              191,000.00
   Investment in CD - LCP                               234,000.00
   Investment in CD - Rainy Day                         313,000.00
   Petty Cash & Change Drawers                              240.00
Total all Money 3-31-10                               1,677,818.16
   Library Operating Fund                               646,969.62
   Library Improvement Reserve Fund                     255,286.68
   Bond & Interest Redemption Fund                      191,945.07
   Library Capital Projects Fund                        234,898.96
   Gift Fund                                             25,690.27
   PLAC Fund                                                450.00
   State Technology Grant Fund                            8,167.50
   Community Calendar Fund                                    0.30
   Rainy Day Fund                                       313,513.90
   Payroll Deductions                                       895.86
Total all Funds 3-31-10                               1,677,818.16
As Compared to Balance 3-31-09
   Library Operating Fund                               745,039.16
   Library Improvement Reserve Fund                     238,154.78
   Bond & Interest Redemption Fund                      211,731.25
   Library Capital Projects Fund                        286,601.41
   Gift Fund                                             25,633.82
   PLAC Fund                                                540.00
   State Technology Grant Fund                            6,729.94
   Community Calendar Fund                                    0.30
   Rainy Day Fund                                        77,397.56
   Payroll Deductions                                       836.98
Total all Funds 3-31-09                               1,592,665.20
                                MONTHLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT
                                For the Month Ended March, 2010

                                              Expended     Expended      Unexpended
                                 Total         During       Year to        Budget
                               Budgeted      Current Mo.     Date          Balance
   Salary of Librarian          83,200.00  6,933.34          20,800.02    62,399.98
   Salary of Assistants      1,068,902.00 83,657.13         255,002.31   813,899.69
   Wages of Janitors            80,910.00  6,254.66          19,357.72    61,552.28
   Employee Benefits           384,300.00 39,805.49          75,991.95   308,308.05
   Other Personal Services           0.00      0.00               0.00         0.00
     Total                 1,617,312.00 136,650.62         371,152.00 1,246,160.00

    Office Supplies              23,700.00        115.90        620.11      23,079.89
    Operating Supplies            9,600.00        595.96      1,551.59       8,048.41
    Repair & Maint. Supplies      7,900.00         72.53        955.85       6,944.15
    Other Supplies               51,700.00      1,286.20      2,741.26      48,958.74
      Total                     92,900.00      2,070.59      5,868.81      87,031.19

   Professional Services     59,400.00         8,031.06      21,668.32      37,731.68
   Communication & Transp.   81,100.00         6,130.99      10,078.09      71,021.91
   Printing & Advertising    20,400.00           148.36         224.86      20,175.14
   Insurance                 33,700.00           735.00      20,816.00      12,884.00
   Utility Services          82,000.00         4,940.92      15,112.17      66,887.83
   Repairs & Maintenance     75,000.00         2,315.63      10,874.31      64,125.69
   Rentals                    2,505.00           106.22         312.24       2,192.76
   Debt Service                   5.00             0.00           0.00           5.00
   Dues & Lease               5,010.00             0.00         990.00       4,020.00
   Transfer to LIRF          30,000.00             0.00           0.00      30,000.00
   Other Miscellaneous       26,100.00         1,191.93       2,074.14      24,025.86
      Total                415,220.00        23,600.11      82,150.13     333,069.87

4. Capital Outlays
   Land, Building, & Impr.          15.00       0.00              0.00        15.00
   Furniture & Equipment       111,500.00     503.95          1,679.14   109,820.86
   Books                       293,800.00  13,918.46         27,199.24   266,600.76
   Periodicals & Newspapers     95,400.00   1,342.10         28,582.53    66,817.47
   Nonprinted Materials        128,853.00   2,202.83          8,764.50   120,088.50
     Total                    629,568.00 17,967.34          66,225.41   563,342.59
     SUB-TOTAL              2,755,000.00 180,288.66        525,396.35 2,229,603.65

2009 Budget Encumbered
2. Supplies                13,396.00     494.96              11,944.22     1,451.78
3. Other Services           9,853.00   5,216.00               9,362.85       490.15
4. Capital Outlays        103,893.00  32,895.43              71,090.73    32,802.27
      SUB-TOTAL          127,142.00 38,606.39               92,397.80    34,744.20
GRAND TOTALS           2,882,142.00 218,895.05             617,794.15 2,264,347.85
April 7, 2010                                                                           Ann M. Zydek

                                  March 2010 Director's Report

March 1-6: Board President, Tony Etienne, library attorney, Mike Armey, and I met at 4:00 p.m.
on Monday to continue new property negotiations. During the week Administration staff compiled
the WCPL Board packets. The following policies were created or reviewed in preparation for the
March Board meeting: Employee “Professional Conduct”, Weapons, Conflicts of Interest, Cell
Phone Usage, Materials/Equipment Loan, Patron Behavior, and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.
Kathy Stutzman, Public Relations Manager enclosed the results of the WCPL Program Survey and
the 2009 Annual Report handout. On Thursday afternoon I made a homebound delivery.

March 7-13: The March Library Board meeting was held Monday immediately following the
Executive Board Meeting at 4:00 p.m. By Wednesday I had completed, signed, and emailed
Selective’s Abuse and Molestation insurance application/survey along with a copy of WCPL’s
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy as approved at the Board meeting. Below is the one-on-one
interactions “behind closed doors” revision to the policy as discussed at the March Board meeting:

       “Employees and volunteers will spend most of their time with young people in groups
       (e.g., family units, student classes, library programs, summer reading program
       activities.) When youth-attended library-sanctioned group activities and programs are
       held at the library or at approved off-site locations “behind closed doors” (e.g., door(s)
       shut and no windows), the library strongly encourages at all times the buddy system
       --at least two adult library employees/volunteers present when youth are present. But
       group situations, where the space is open or the enclosed space (e.g., meeting room,
       study room) has doors open or a closed door with a clear viewable window then at
       least one adult employee/volunteer must be present.

       Occasionally one-to-one interaction may be required in an enclosed space (e.g., meeting
       room, restroom, elevator, staff office.) Prior to any one-to-one interaction “behind closed
       doors”, a library employee/volunteer will ensure another adult employee/volunteer is present.”

I attended the Chamber’s Business Outreach noon meeting on Thursday.

March 14-20: Daylight Saving Time began this week! In addition to adjusting personally,
employees double-checked that all the library’s automated systems had switched too (e.g., lights).
At 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the property sellers, Terry and Doug; attorney Mike Armey; Board
President Tony Etienne and I were to meet. The meeting was cancelled due to Mike being unable to
attend. On Thursday F.L. Dennis Logan (Denny) of Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP called to share
that Mike had unexpectedly become ill. He offered his assistance with the negotiations during
Mike’s recovery. Renee Sweeny and I, in light of new information learned, worked on revising the
Patron Conduct Policy again. Also on Thursday I attended the Libraries Serving Communities
(LSC) Literary Council meeting at 11:00 p.m. in Ligonier, IN.

Michelle Puckett, Chief Deputy Auditor, Kosciusko County, sent an email Friday, March 19, 2010,
regarding 2009 pay 1010 circuit breaker information for the library. The amounts were obtained
during the property tax calculation and were certified to the DLGF budget division March 18, 2010.
The library will not receive based on the 2010 certified budget orders an overall total of $42,476.02
($29,919.77 for Library Operating, $8,654.45 for Library Debt Service, and $3,911.81 for Library
Capital Projects.) On Friday, I made a midday homebound delivery and worked the “Home &
Garden Show” library booth from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. I started a second year of being a Junior
Achievement (JA) volunteer at Mrs. Grill’s first grade at Lincoln Elementary School. I plan to
again use library materials to supplement the five Friday pre-set JA activities on community.

March 21-31: I met with Rick Ellsworth, Patricia Schroader and Productive Business Interiors
(PBI) account representative Debra Tone and designer Kathy Peppler on Monday afternoon to
discuss modifying Patricia’s small workspace so she is able to more effectively handle her varied
work tasks. Board President Tony Etienne and I met with Denny Logan of Rothberg Logan &
Warsco LLP at 4:00 p.m. to review the project. Deciding to proceed, we then met with the sellers
on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Later that evening I took part in the Warsaw Education Foundation 2010
Quiz Bowl in the Tiger Den as part of the WCPL Library team. A special thanks goes to E.F.
Rhoades & Sons for sponsoring the team. Actual budget shortfall numbers of various state agencies
as a result of the property tax caps are becoming known. The Times-Union reported on Tuesday
that property tax caps would mean a projected shortfall of $307,479 for Warsaw Schools in 2010.

Early Thursday morning workers from Milestone began installation of another door in the hallway
next to the Jo Ellen Hogan Activity Room. Until now small groups of patrons or staff using the
Literacy Room to study or work had to enter the Jo Ellen Hogan Activity Room first in order to get
to the Literacy Room door. When programs and events were taking place in the activity room the
study room was unavailable. I attended the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at Lake
City Bank on Thursday afternoon where I learned about the Kosciusko Business Leadership
Network that has been formed to promote best practices to enhance employment opportunities for
candidates who happen to have disabilities.

I received an email from Jacob Speer at the Indiana State Library on Friday, March 26, 2010,
regarding newly passed legislation. On March 25, 2010, Governor Daniels signed House Bill 1086
which incorporated library legislation supported by the Indiana Library Federation and Indiana
State Library. Upon the Governor's signature, three portions of the bill have gone into effect:

         1). A Library district seeking an increase in its operating budget above the growth quotient
and whose assessed valuation is not entirely contained within a city or town shall submit its
proposed budget and property tax levy to the county fiscal body rather than to the city or town fiscal
body, if more than fifty percent (50%) of the parcels of real property within the jurisdiction of the
public library are located outside the city or town. There is no longer a requirement to go to the
entity that historically established the library district under the circumstances above, which had
been the law for the past two years.
         2). A library district that was established by a city or town and has more than 50% of the
parcels of real property outside of the city or town shall seek approval for bonds and leases from the
county fiscal body. Otherwise the library district will seek approval for leases and bonds from the
city or town. However; a bond or lease for which a preliminary decision was made or has been
approved by the city or town or county fiscal body before December 31, 2010 is exempted.
         3). A library trustee for a Class I library must sit out four years (one full term) after serving
four full terms (16 years). If a trustee was appointed to serve out a partial term and served less than
half of that term (less than two years), the partial term will not be counted against the maximum 16
years. The exemption option for library districts with a population of less than 3,000 remains

The remaining provisions covering library cards to non-resident educators and library staff,
procedure for the dissolution of a library district, electronic fund transfers and payments, and the
elimination of the requirement that collections by a third party must be more than $10 go into effect
on July 1, 2010.

The WCPL Board of Trustees must decide whether or not to adopt a resolution regarding the two
new groups of people able to get a free library card starting July 1, 2010. (See italics below.) In
Section 49: Sec. 3. (a) A library board may issue local library cards to: (1) residents of the library
district; and (2) Indiana residents who are not residents of the library district; (3) library employees
of the library district; or (4) employees of a school corporation or nonpublic school located in the
library district who apply for the cards. A library board may issue a local library card under
subsection (a)(3) or (a)(4): (1) to an individual who is not a resident of the library district; and (2)
without charging a fee for the card; if the board adopts a resolution that is approved by an
affirmative vote of a majority of the members appointed to the library board. Like many other
Indiana libraries, for numerous years the WCPL Board has issued library employees library cards.

A new SECTION 165 (IC 36-12-7-9) is added effective July 1, 2010: Sec. 9. (a) Dissolution of a
library district is initiated when the legislative body of each municipality, township, or county that
is a part of the district and library board of the district adopt identical resolutions proposing to
dissolve the district by an affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members of each legislative
body and library board…(c) A dissolution does not take effect until: (1) all legal and fiscal
obligations of the library district have been satisfied; (2) the assets of the district have been
distributed; and (3) a notice is filed with the agencies listed in subsection (b), indicating that the
actions described in subdivisions (1) and (2) have been completed and the dissolution is final.

Two new sections have been added SECTION 162 (IC 36-12-3-16.5) and SECTION 164 (IC 36-12-
7-3) on "electronic funds transfer" which means any transfer of funds, other than a transaction
originated by check, draft, or similar paper instrument, that is initiated through an electronic
terminal, telephone, or computer or magnetic tape for the purpose of ordering, instructing, or
authorizing a financial institution to debit or credit an account. A library board may adopt a
resolution to authorize an electronic funds transfer method of payment of claims. If a library board
adopts a resolution under this subsection, the public library may pay money from its funds by
electronic funds transfer. A public library that pays a claim by electronic funds transfer shall
comply with all other requirements for the payment of claims by the public library.

A new SECTION 167. IC 36-12-7-11 reads that (a) A library board or a person designated in
writing by the library board may: (1) collect money or library property; or (2) compromise the
amount of money; that is owed to the library. A library board: (1) shall determine the costs of
collecting money or library property under this section; and (2) may add the costs of collection,
including reasonable attorney's fees, to money or library property that is owed and collected under
this section.

 I made a homebound delivery Monday evening. On March 30, 2010, Tony and I accepted a
revised addendum to be forwarded to the property seller’s attorney.

Staff Update by Renee Sweeny:
Receiving their five year and 25 year pin respectively were Vickie Condinho, Circulation Clerk
(March 28th) and Renee Sweeny, Business Manager, (March 25th). Congrats! ☺
Our congrats also go out to Dale and Barb Hudson, Circulation LTA, on the arrival of a great
grandson! Maddox Grayson Hubler was born Thursday, March 11th and he came in at 8 lbs 8 oz and
19.5”. I’m sure if you stop by Grandma Barb will share pictures!
                             March 2010
                  Rick Ellsworth, Facilities Manager

Projects 2010

        Negotiations for the acquisition of the Windy’s property continue.
        Recommissioning continues.          MSKTD requested and obtained the
historical record of the utilities for the past twelve months for analysis. Later in
the month, Jerry Thompson, electrical engineer for MSKTD, arrived on site to
survey our electrical power requirements and systems. Also, Fluid Dynamics
conducted a test and balance evaluation during early March as part of our
        The evaluation of our fire suppression system on site was completed in
February. We are waiting for the results of the water test before VFP Fire
Systems will make their report.
        Patricia Schroader, Ann Zydek, and I have worked in conjunction to obtain
new carpeting for Children’s Services and resolve issues with Patricia’s office
workspace. Creamer Carpet is providing the proposal for the recovering of the
northeast portion of CS as I have conducted a search for the carpet of choice.
PBI, Inc. arrived on the 22nd to discuss new furnishings for Patricia’s office and
will present a proposal.
        Milestone Construction started construction of a new entryway into the
literacy room on the lower level on March 25th. The job is nearly complete at the
time of this writing. The appearance is so natural that we hardly will recall what
the space looked like before new construction. Installation of new windows by
Milestone Construction will begin early in April.
        We continue to await the delivery of a head pressure device for the wall air
conditioning unit for the server room from Alpha-Omega Heating & Cooling.

Building Equipment

         Four new oak chairs were placed in the public area of Adults Services
         After much aggravation, Leamon Electric was able to find a way for
Control Panel One to operate the lights on the lower level. The circuit board for
that particular panel was replaced earlier this year. We remain in touch with
Cooper Industries regarding the circuit board. In the mean time, the light
schedules are operational.
         Havel, our new service provider for HVAC maintenance, was on site to
start our system for the cooling season. Cooling coils in all air handlers were
filled, chiller compressors were tested and serviced, and a faulty heating valve in
the network manager’s office was replaced to Harper’s relief.
         Dickerhof Electric performed their semi-annual inspection of our generator
for the east sump pumps. No special maintenance services were necessary.
       Craft Laboratories conducted its tests of our closed-loop water system for
heating and cooling. Typical maintenance was performed with no special

Other Maintenance Activity

        We started spring house cleaning early. Maintenance staff moved
Steelcase shelving and furniture parts taking inventory as we moved. Inventory
was re-stored in the north mechanical room while a substantial amount of
freestanding shelving was moved to the upper level west mechanical room. The
safe room adjacent to the business manager’s office was refurnished with a new
records shelving unit; furnishing Renee’s office was completed.
        Maintenance team members stripped and refinished terrazzo in the north
lobby and cleaned the floor in the audio-visual collections area.
        We have begun a broad-spectrum disinfection of portions of library. In
light of the fact that all staff in the catalog department missed several days of
work time during March, we treated that area with a phenolic, hospital-grade
        We put a new self-propelled lawn mower in service.

Health and Safety

      To keep current with requirements for certifying staff in CPR/AED
response, five library staff attended training at the Orthopedic Center at Grace
College. Murry Kantenwein and I participated in this training.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Ellsworth
Asst. Director/PR
Monthly Report
March 2010

Assistant Director                                                               (Joni Brookins)
   • Three web-based workshops on the new version of the Summer Reading software
   • ILF District 1 conference planning committee in Michigan City
   • Workshop on content management systems (CMS) and web site marketing offered by a
      local company, Redwood IT
   • Harper & I met with Vision It Now, the company that is going to update our web site look
      and move our old content to a new CMS called ModX ; this project is slated to be
      completed by the end of July 2010
   • CPR/AED class at Grace Orthopedic Capital Center

   • I continued work on the magazine project. I completed approximately 8 titles. Work
       slows when I have to wait for issues to be returned that are checked out.
   • I also spent time during the last half of the month helping the cataloging department with
       copy cataloging. I will continue to help out as time permits until the backlog is eliminated.

Miscellaneous Statistics:
   • 3M Self-check: 5,522 items (11% of total monthly checkouts) were checked out on 1,320
   • TLC: 18 support tickets were created and 15 tickets were closed

Public Relations                                                                (Kathy Stutzman)
   • Two KLA morning sessions
   • Chamber After Hours event for networking
   • Webinar on Branding.
   • Webinar on Using Images and Videos to Tell a Story.

  • Press Releases/PSA’s-Teen programs, Good Housekeeping essay on how library has helped
     you, self-checkout system, Karen Land-Iditarod speaker, and National Library Week.
     Supervised and coordinated ones for Iwo Jima speaker, Kid Writers, “Not Your
     Grandmother’s Book Club (for teens), and Teen Tech week.
  • Columns- Big Read, Women in Library History, April events, Family Secrets (Indiana room
     and genealogy resources)
  • Web site-uploaded columns throughout month, uploaded Big read events.
  • Masterworks ad sent out, library bumper stickers completed, banners for SRP and Library
     Card Signup completed and ready for display, and NLW banner dates updated. Work
     orders for outdoor temporary sign, paper ads, and Chamber fliers for SRP.
  • Worked on powerpoint for 2010 theme, Rediscover Your Library, for speaking
  • Set up and manned a booth at the Home and Garden. Good feedback.
  • Spoke on the Oldies radio station twice about library services and programs.
  • Researching Snapshot Day at the Library during NLW
  • Set up speaking engagements for the year-added a new organization, KAFE
  • Arranged for NLW message on business’s outdoor message boards

   • Completed 2010 Annual Report and put out into library.
   • Met with Eric about 2011 Annual Report Design. Retro to match 2010 ad design style.
   • Did report on program survey results and passed out.
   • Began work on Shining Star idea for library workers and created lobby banner (patrons,
      etc. will write on stars and place on banner, results on website.)
   • Completed preparations for Quiz Bowl-put on site.
Technical Services / Cataloging & Circulation
Monthly Report
March 2010

Cataloging                                                      (Missy Kelley)
Another month came and went. Seems like the days and weeks are flying by. The
department remained super busy. So busy that we had to have some assistance
with processing items. A big thank you goes out to Circulation and Children's
Services for helping us in our time of need. The month of March brought in an
approximate total of 2349 items added to the collection. I do not foresee us
slowing down anytime soon. Hopefully we will not run out of space. Fingers

I was able to work on and complete our department goals for 2011. It seems like
it's a long time away but it will be here before you know it! On the 23 rd I
participated in the Community Quiz Bowl. I am sad to say that we did not fair as
well this year as we did last year. But still it was great fun! I always enjoy
participating each year. On the 30th our web site committee got together and
hashed out our upcoming website project. Hopefully very few problems will arise.

Sujata is temporarily working 30 hours in order to help our department to catch
up with the backlog. A big thank you goes out to her! Hopefully the next few
months we will be able to get a handle on the overflow.

Circulation                                                        (Laurie Voss)
It's been a relatively slow month in Circulation. We've had busy moments, but for
the most part it hasn't been overly busy. That works out best sometimes, as I
have had time to send a few staff down to Cataloging to help them label and
cover new books. I hope this is helpful for Cataloging to assist in catching them

It has also served well for Circulation, in that the re-casing dvds and videos has
been caught up as well as cleaning dvds and cds. It's amazing how quickly these
jobs pile up.

We are starting to see a little more use of the self-check unit. I think placing it at
the check-out area has helped in promoting it. We are still getting mixed results
on the self-serve holds, but as with anything, we all get used to changes.

We look forward to April as Spring Break begins, and the weather starts warming
up. There hasn't been near enough sunny days lately, and after the long winter,
we need a positive change.
                                   Activity Summary by Date Range
                                           Date Range Specified Below
                                   Date Range: Mar 1 2010 through Mar 31 2010

                                    Location:      Warsaw Public Lib
Circulation Transactions                                    Hold Transactions
Items Checked In    45,286                                  Holds Added       1,039
Items Checked Out 44,508                                    Holds Fulfilled     689
Items Renewed        5,700                                  Holds Canceled      184

Fine/Payment Transactions                                   Notices Sent
Fines Paid     $5,976.92                                    1st                 2,708
Fines Waived $1,627.97                                      Total Notices Sent 2,708

Borrower Maintenance
Added                       204
Deleted                      19
Updated                    3,667
Borrower Maintenance 3,890

Titles Added                                                Titles Deleted
Cataloging         1,354                                    Cataloging           1,789
Circulation          112                                    Circulation               93
Total Titles Added 1,466                                    Total Titles Deleted 1,882

Items Added                                                 Items Deleted
Cataloging          849                                     Cataloging           2,761
Circulation         112                                     Circulation               102
Serials             414                                     Total Items Deleted 2,863
Total Items Added 1,375

Apr 1, 2010                                           -1-                                   8:43:29 AM
                               Warsaw Community Public Library
                                         March 2010
                       Circulation Transactions by Holding Code Groups

                            Checkouts    Renewals    Items added    YTD C/O's    YTD Renewals

ADULT AUDIOBOOKS               826          188           22              826        188
ADULT CDS                     2,371         141            5             2,371       141
ADULT DVD FICTION             8,818         32            19             8,818       32
ADULT DVD NONFICTION           702            4            3              702          4
ADULT FICTION                 7,445        1,131          303            7,445      1,131
ADULT NONFICTION              4,075         810           77             4,075       810
ADULT PERIODICALS              620           22           226             620        22
ADULT SOFTWARE                 153           11            2              153         11
ADULT VHS                      739            2                           739          2
ADULT VIDEO GAMES              906            2            4              906          2
ILL                            209            1           111             209          1
YOUTH AUDIOBOOKS               238           37            4              238         37
YOUTH CDS                      193           21            3              193         21
YOUTH DVD FICTION             4,008         14             9             4,008       14
YOUTH DVD NONFICTION           181                                        181
YOUTH FICTON                  8,211         634           66             8,211       634
YOUTH NONFICTION              2,936         326           14             2,936       326
YOUTH PERIODICALS              117          18            28              117        18
YOUTH REALIA                    32           2                             32         2
YOUTH SKILL KITS                 6           1                              6         1
YOUTH SOFTWARE                 220          12             6              220        12
YOUTH VHS                     1,089          4                           1,089        4
YOUTH VIDEO GAMES              178                         2              178
                                Warsaw Community Public Library
                                           March 2010
                                 Hourly Circulation Transactions

Description        Check Ins        Check Outs   Holds Placed      Renewals    In House Use
------------       ----- --------     --------       ----           --------        ----
12:00AM                                                               21
01:00AM                                                               20
02:00AM                                                1               1
03:00AM                                                                5
05:00AM                                                1               9
06:00AM                                                2              79
07:00AM                 47              1              6              78
08:00AM                931             13             21             278
09:00AM                4529           1333            51             438
10:00AM                5477           3230            85             505
11:00AM                4284           5019            102            427
12:00PM                4568           4507             96            545
01:00PM                4736           4619             93            392
02:00PM                4704           4665             83            273
03:00PM                4952           5253             87            577
04:00PM                4532           6358            120            642
05:00PM                3367           5438             82            427
06:00PM                1762           1865             41            222
07:00PM                1396           2187             44            204
08:00PM                  1             20              33            187
09:00PM                                                44            120
10:00PM                                                17            143
11:00PM                                                30            107
             Total   45286            44508          1039           5700            0
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
24HR                13     0.01%         $253.27
AAF                 92     0.04%       $1,891.65
AAN                 72     0.03%         $726.30
ACS                440     0.20%      $13,224.38
ACSG                83     0.04%       $1,655.85
ACSR                13     0.01%         $454.95
ADB                 20     0.01%         $434.53
ADF              2,010     0.90%      $40,734.62
AF              12,450     5.57%     $241,904.32
AFG                855     0.38%       $9,836.78
AFGC                 1     0.00%          $12.95
AFI              2,724     1.22%      $33,366.79
AFLB                21     0.01%         $336.34
AFLF               306     0.14%       $5,013.10
AFLI                 7     0.00%         $125.73
AFLM                19     0.01%         $268.29
AFLN               525     0.23%       $9,826.98
AFLR                24     0.01%         $356.37
AFLS                12     0.01%         $168.76
AFLW                 1     0.00%          $17.95
AFM              4,121     1.84%      $85,824.86
AFP              2,943     1.32%      $20,533.23
AFPI               301     0.13%       $1,588.54
AFPM             1,125     0.50%       $7,869.16
AFPR             4,906     2.19%      $31,359.83
AFPS             1,880     0.84%      $12,031.54
AFPW               844     0.38%       $4,059.65
AFR              1,539     0.69%      $26,745.49
AFS              2,361     1.06%      $46,879.77
AFW                713     0.32%      $10,580.01
AG               1,598     0.71%      $42,358.43
AGB                 55     0.02%         $917.82
AGM                 10     0.00%         $210.50
AGMC             1,003     0.45%       $3,021.00
ALCB                14     0.01%         $224.12
ALCF               175     0.08%       $1,119.32
ALCM                19     0.01%          $80.25
ALCN               425     0.19%       $4,874.06
ALCR                 6     0.00%          $22.79
ALCS                 4     0.00%          $22.35
ALCW                 5     0.00%          $15.95
ALPB               100     0.04%       $2,538.60
ALPF             1,449     0.65%      $36,080.67
ALPI               914     0.41%      $20,288.10
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
ALPM               537     0.24%      $13,571.66
ALPN               317     0.14%       $7,602.54
ALPR               778     0.35%      $19,708.55
ALPS                31     0.01%         $814.00
ALPW               309     0.14%       $6,848.70
AMB                 21     0.01%       $1,165.21
AMCD             8,718     3.90%     $132,677.12
AMTB                67     0.03%       $4,039.66
AMTF             1,354     0.61%      $85,480.66
AMTI               306     0.14%      $22,179.04
AMTL                11     0.00%         $186.45
AMTM               447     0.20%      $24,409.50
AMTN               700     0.31%      $30,861.03
AMTR               140     0.06%       $9,092.41
AMTS               112     0.05%       $6,363.24
AMTW                26     0.01%         $998.14
AMTY               354     0.16%      $19,345.91
AN              52,548    23.50%   $1,080,306.45
ANAD               267     0.12%       $9,368.95
ANAS               195     0.09%       $4,119.30
ANB              2,508     1.12%      $52,170.11
ANC                 12     0.01%       $1,142.57
ANCL                24     0.01%         $776.69
ANCS                93     0.04%       $2,328.81
ANM                  2     0.00%         $101.94
ANTS                 5     0.00%         $302.65
ANTT                67     0.03%       $1,652.32
AON                 70     0.03%       $2,698.53
APFC             3,106     1.39%       $9,466.00
APH                323     0.14%       $1,492.43
APM                  3     0.00%           $8.85
APN                  7     0.00%           $7.00
APP              8,025     3.59%      $32,939.64
AR               2,553     1.14%     $245,319.96
ARRA                74     0.03%       $4,512.06
AVB                 27     0.01%         $589.05
AVF                577     0.26%      $22,969.94
AVN                  4     0.00%         $230.92
AYB                259     0.12%       $5,736.08
AYDF             3,381     1.51%      $69,017.27
AYDN             1,278     0.57%      $32,390.34
AYF              2,037     0.91%      $27,132.59
AYFM               152     0.07%       $1,831.38
AYFP               933     0.42%       $4,638.91
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
AYFS               485     0.22%       $7,562.59
AYFW                 2     0.00%          $36.90
AYLP                 1     0.00%          $22.95
AYN              2,276     1.02%      $51,168.36
AYVF             1,166     0.52%      $29,842.22
AYVN               480     0.21%      $13,906.14
BIND                29     0.01%         $566.14
DCIC                16     0.01%         $230.34
DCS                 54     0.02%         $602.03
DFFL                22     0.01%         $432.10
DIN                 32     0.01%         $589.52
DIS                  4     0.00%         $135.33
DN                 189     0.08%       $4,474.79
DNFL                 5     0.00%          $94.88
ERR                 17     0.01%         $263.40
FGFL                 3     0.00%          $27.34
ILL                 64     0.03%       $6,400.00
JAB                  1     0.00%          $16.00
JABN                16     0.01%         $117.21
JAFC               236     0.11%       $2,670.78
JAFH                21     0.01%         $331.57
JAFN               289     0.13%       $2,778.13
JANC                78     0.03%         $972.71
JANH                11     0.00%         $190.80
JANN                14     0.01%         $200.10
JBFP             1,204     0.54%      $10,132.63
JBN                 16     0.01%         $116.68
JCNA                 1     0.00%          $18.95
JCS                647     0.29%      $15,423.23
JDB                 11     0.00%         $310.89
JDF              2,950     1.32%      $50,252.47
JDFL                22     0.01%         $371.77
JDN                337     0.15%       $6,580.52
JERC               725     0.32%      $12,250.59
JERM               170     0.08%         $911.00
JF               7,910     3.54%      $87,017.13
JFBB               115     0.05%         $812.15
JFE              6,956     3.11%      $81,296.26
JFFP               351     0.16%       $4,878.14
JFG                505     0.23%       $7,737.29
JFI                974     0.44%       $5,611.57
JFJE                64     0.03%         $851.48
JFLB                24     0.01%         $402.58
JFLF                79     0.04%         $969.86
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
JFLN               574     0.26%       $8,964.88
JFM              2,362     1.06%      $22,459.52
JFP             10,792     4.83%     $143,519.76
JFS              2,570     1.15%      $28,692.68
JLPN                88     0.04%       $1,575.80
JLPS                 2     0.00%          $41.88
JM                 504     0.23%      $11,435.85
JN              18,617     8.33%     $298,616.79
JNB              2,370     1.06%      $39,883.40
JNE                650     0.29%       $8,727.55
JNEA                21     0.01%         $525.00
JNG                 24     0.01%         $484.40
JNYS               178     0.08%       $3,898.97
JON                 12     0.01%         $299.40
JPA                  1     0.00%          $16.99
JPSK                23     0.01%       $1,832.02
JR                 738     0.33%      $38,608.12
JSC                 22     0.01%         $223.86
JSCD               725     0.32%      $10,076.12
JSFL                10     0.00%         $116.55
JSK                 68     0.03%       $4,495.48
JSTB                 7     0.00%         $243.90
JSTC                 9     0.00%         $208.55
JSTE                47     0.02%         $780.83
JSTF               456     0.20%      $14,738.12
JSTH               448     0.20%       $7,951.85
JSTM                61     0.03%       $1,748.65
JSTN               100     0.04%       $1,964.72
JSTP               115     0.05%       $1,941.74
JSTS               192     0.09%       $8,961.28
JTA                  2     0.00%          $43.85
JTB                 18     0.01%         $414.00
JTE                 67     0.03%       $1,729.65
JTFN                36     0.02%       $1,199.62
JTP                 54     0.02%       $1,506.03
JVB                  7     0.00%         $235.86
JVF              1,798     0.80%      $24,339.56
JVFL                 5     0.00%          $94.91
JVGC                 5     0.00%         $123.96
JVGN                12     0.01%         $299.88
JVN                401     0.18%       $6,847.22
JVP3                 4     0.00%         $189.96
JVPS                19     0.01%         $513.76
JVWB                 2     0.00%          $52.98
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
JVWI                31     0.01%       $1,169.69
JVX3                 5     0.00%         $169.95
LPR                  1     0.00%          $34.99
MTFL                 7     0.00%         $354.85
MTFN                 3     0.00%          $43.90
MTLN                 1     0.00%          $19.95
NEAU               186     0.08%       $4,650.00
NEBK             6,282     2.81%     $153,930.76
NF                 265     0.12%       $6,146.17
NFG                 18     0.01%         $317.13
NFI                 88     0.04%       $1,293.01
NFJ                139     0.06%       $2,191.75
NFJE                67     0.03%       $1,018.96
NFJG                17     0.01%         $308.20
NFJM                16     0.01%         $250.80
NFJP               226     0.10%       $3,678.97
NFJS                91     0.04%       $1,412.02
NFL                  9     0.00%         $241.96
NFM                128     0.06%       $3,002.84
NFRO                35     0.02%         $663.44
NFSF                77     0.03%       $1,582.30
NFSL                 6     0.00%         $151.94
NFSY                 9     0.00%         $153.79
NFW                  2     0.00%          $29.95
NFYA               133     0.06%       $2,077.80
NJPB                63     0.03%         $495.65
NJSL                 3     0.00%          $62.98
NPA                 66     0.03%         $507.34
NPAI                33     0.01%         $179.13
NPAM                50     0.02%         $372.46
NPAR               362     0.16%       $2,443.57
NPAS               100     0.04%         $796.92
NPAW                40     0.02%         $248.60
NPP                238     0.11%         $995.99
NSYL                 1     0.00%          $18.99
NTBK                 5     0.00%       $1,700.00
NYAL                 4     0.00%          $71.96
ON               1,845     0.83%      $45,807.59
RCAT                71     0.03%       $2,017.90
RCIC                 1     0.00%          $45.00
RIS                 33     0.01%         $713.07
RVID                 5     0.00%         $216.20
SNAG               138     0.06%       $2,496.46
STOR                88     0.04%       $6,320.87
         Warsaw Community Public Library
                   March 2010
            Collection Counts Values
Collection     Items     Percent      Value
VGGC                35     0.02%         $995.60
VGND                26     0.01%         $705.96
VGP3                85     0.04%       $4,043.37
VGPS               183     0.08%       $5,102.50
VGWI               144     0.06%       $5,606.80
VGX3                71     0.03%       $3,186.29
VGXB                47     0.02%       $1,301.34
VNFL                 1     0.00%          $10.00
WD                 257     0.11%       $3,528.20
XXX                  2     0.00%          $50.00
YLPF                10     0.00%         $223.27
                                           Children’s Services Monthly Report
                                                       March 2010

Programs, Projects & meetings:
         Programs: On March 9, I went to Harrison Elementary School's parent's meeting to deliver a
presentation on general library services and what's available in the Children's Department. I presented
programs at Washington and Eisenhower Elementary schools for the YMCA's morning Kid's Club.
         Summer Reading Program: Joni and I sat in on the Webinars for the Basic and Advanced
Configuration and Management of the Evanced Summer Reader Program. There were few changes,
mostly having to do with easier set-up, as well as adding social networking capability to patron book
logging. The overview flier is complete and has been sent to the elementary schools and posted in
library. Erin is almost done setting up presenters and programs for the teens.
         Rug replacement: Rick found a carpet square online that we'd like to use to replace the beat up
rug in the area around the mural. Ann and I also liked it , so Rick has been investigateing purchasing it
for this repair. He and I met with the representative from Miliken Carpets who will be sending us
samples of the carpet.
         US Census: Meeting Room AB stayed busy this month with people for the US Census using it
for test taking, training and applications. Evidentaly we did a good job because they sent us a nice
letter thankings the entire staff for all their work.

Kids Picks: This new program was started March 1. For this program works is kids pick up a the
short book review form and fill in the title, author and a brief line about telling what was their favorite
part of the book. Then they rate the book from 1 to 5 stars on our “Wonderful to Weird” scale. The
wording on this scale will change monthly. For March, the 5 star book would be “as much fun as playing
with 5 puppies” and a 1 star book would be “ as much fun as playing with a sock.” The forms are
posted on our Kids' Picks bulletin board so everyone can see what books the kids have liked or hated.
There is a monthly drawing for a “Weirdly Wonderful” prize using a stub detached from the form. This
way no kids names are posted on the board. This month we had 24 entries.

Book Buddies: Session theme: Math. The book read was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
For the parents session, we created a sorting game out of egg cartons.

“1,000 Book Club” Program: A total of 3 levels were recorded as completed this month, with no
children completing the 1000 level and no new registrations.

Collection Development: In the Children’s Materials budget, 29% of the book line has been
encumbered or spent, 27% for the sound recording and 28% for the video lines. Overall, 28% of the
Children's collection budget having been spent/encumbered.

Reference: From March 9 to March15, we keep count of all reference questions, along with the game
computer sign-ins. For that week we answered 556 reference questions.

Game Computers: This month, 265 children signed in to use game computers.
-Replacement mice were sent and all computers were up and running March 10th. So far, no new

Book Lists: Twelve book lists were created this month: Civil Rights Movement Fic & Nonfic, Easter,
New Baby Sibling, Boat Picturebooks, Revolutionary Ward Fic & Nonfic, Sign Language, Spring
Crafts, Star Wars, Circus Picturebooks, Poetry books.

Displays: The “bug” bookcase held poetry books and craft books and Easter books the last week of
the month
  -The bulletin board's theme is “Blow Away by St. Patrick's Day and Spring Books.”
  -The display case housed Duane collection of farm tractors and farm books
Patricia Schroader, Children’s Librarian
Margaret Fritzel, Programming
Erin Reifsnider, YA Librarian
Programs by Margaret Fritzel
   •    Community Outreach: Home & Garden Show and Kids' Market
   •    Teaching Opportunities for our Children's Librarian:
             Library Services to parents of students at Harrison Elementary
             Healthy Families
   •    Our community helping us: Grace College students in the Children's Literature Class teaching
        some of our weekly pre-school story hours
   •    Presenting story hours &/or programs out in the community: Good Shepherd, Head Start,
        Kiddie Kollege, Little Steps, Presby Pre-school Snuggle Under the Stars, Teens 'n Tots, Warsaw
        Christian 4th grade Pioneer Day, Wee Care & the YMCA before-school program
   •    Presenting story hours in the library: Presby Pre-school, Sacred Heart, the weekly 2's, 3's and
        4&5's classes, the monthly afternoon program plus Baby & Me which meets two times a month
   •    Total # of story hours: 45
   •    Book Buddies featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar with lots of creative activities to do
   •    PBS 39 in Ft. Wayne picked up where the Reading Rainbow left off, launching the PBS Kids
        Go! Writers Contest. Students, kindergarten through third grade, were invited to submit their
        own original picture books, both writing and illustrating the stories. A workshop “Tips for
        Writing Your Story” was offered to participants and taught by Jan Long, Writer's Club member,
        and me. The children and parents asked questions and made good comments.
Volunteers                           3 Junior                          12 Hours
                                     6 Senior High                     13 ¾ Hours
                                     2 Adults                          4 Hours
Story Line                           71 Calls
Tours                                11                                Prebsy Pre-school - 8
                                                                       Sacred Heart Pre-school - 2
                                                                       Boy Scouts - 1
Meeting Room Use                     22 Times

           Program Information – March 2010

 Date                Program Title                Daily   Out of Children Teens Teens Adults Senior # of Staff Library   Attendance Targeted
                                                Programs Building         12-14 15-17        Citizens           Staff                  Age
03/01/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 3 & 4's                       14                     4             1       MF           19        C
03/01/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 3 & 4's      2                11                     5             1       MF           17        C
03/02/10   Story Hour – 2's                                         16                    11     3       1       SH           31        C
03/02/10   StoryHr/Tour–Sacred Heart PreSch                         12                     6             1       MF           19        C
03/02/10   StoryHr/Tour–Sacred Heart PreSch                         13                     8             1       MF           22        C
03/02/10   Boy Scout Troop Tour                    4                 6                     8             1       PS          15         C
03/03/10   Story Hour – Teens 'n Tots                       1       33                     7             1       SH          41         C
03/03/10   Story Hour – 3's                        2                19                    15     1       1       MF           36        C
03/04/10   Story Hour – 4 & 5's                    1                16                     7             1       PS          24         C
03/08/10   Story Hour – Presby Snuggle Night       1        1       90                   103             1       MF          194        C
03/09/10   Story Hour – 2's                                         10                     7     3       1       SH          21         C
03/09/10   Lib. Services – Harrison Parents                 1                              8             1       PS           9         A
03/09/10   Story Hour – Presby Snuggle Night       3        1       90                   103             1       MF          194        C
03/10/10   Story Hour – 3's                                         20                    21             1       PS          42         C
03/10/10   Story Hour – Good Shepherd              2        1       17                     4     1       1       MF           23        C
03/11/10   Story Hour – Kiddie Kollege                      1       36                     4     3       1       SH          44         C
03/11/10   Story Hour – Kiddie Kollege                      1       13                     2             1       MF           16        C
03/11/10   Story Hour – 4 & 5's                    3                12                     6             1       PS          19         C
03/12/10   YMCA Program – Lincoln Elem.                     1        5                     1             1       MF            7        C
03/12/10   Afternoon Story Hour 3-5's              2                13                     8     1       1       DH          23         C
03/15/10   Story Hr – Wee Care Pre-Sch 4&5's                1       13                     1     1       1       SH          16         C
03/15/10   Story Hr – Wee Care Pre-Sch 4&5's                1       14                     1     1       1       SH          17         C
03/15/10   Wilder Prog. - Warsaw Chr. 4th gr                1       28                     7             1       MF          36         C
03/15/10   PBS Kids Go – Writing Workshop          4                 2                     3     1       1       MF            7        C
03/16/10   Story Hour – 2's                                         14                     7     3       1       SH          25         C
03/16/10   Story Hr – Wee Care Pre-Sch 3's                  1        8                     2             1       SH          11         C
03/16/10   Story Hr – Wee Care Pre-Sch 3's         3        1        9                     2             1       SH          12         C
03/17/10   Story Hour – 3's                        1                19                    10     2       1       SH          32         C
03/18/10   Healthy Families                                          2                     6             1       PS           9        C/A
03/18/10   Story Hour – 4 & 5's                                     13                     7             1       PS          21         C
03/18/10   StoryHr-Wee Care 4 & 5's DayCare                 1       23                    2              1       SH          26         C
03/18/10   Story Hr - Wee Care 3's Day Care                 1       12                    2              1       SH          15         C

                                                                     Page 1

                      Program Title                  Daily   Out of Children Teens Teens Adults Senior # of Staff Library      Attendance Targeted
                                                   Programs Building         12-14 15-17        Citizens           Staff                    Age
03/18/10   Story Hr – Wee Care 3's Pre-Sch            5        1         6                   1              1       SH               8       C
03/19/10   YMCA Program – Madison                              1         7                   1              1       MF               9       C
03/19/10   Book Buddies                                                 20                  12              4    MF DH SH PS        36      C/A
03/19/10   Home and Garden Show                       3        1        25                  15      60      1        KS            101       G
03/20/10   Kids' Market                               1        1        19                  26       4      1        SH            50        G
03/22/10   Story Hour – Baby & Me (18-24 mo)                             4                   4              1        SH             9        C
03/22/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 4 & 5's                           17                   3              1       MF              21       C
03/22/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 4 & 5's         3                 15                   4              1       MF              20       C
03/23/10   Story Hour – 2's                                             11                   7      2       1        SH            21        C
03/23/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 4 & 5's                           15                   5              1       MF              21       C
03/23/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 4 & 5's         3                 11                   2              1       MF              14       C
03/24/10   Story Hour – 3's                                             19                  16              1       MF             36        C
03/24/10   Story Hour – Head Start                             1        17                   5              1        SH            23        C
03/24/10   Story Hour – Head Start                             1        16                   5              1        SH            22        C
03/24/10   Story Hour – Head Start                             1        17                   3              1       MF             21        C
03/24/10   Story Hour – Head Start                    5        1        18                   4              1       MF             23        C
03/25/10   Story Hour – 4 & 5's                                         10                   6              1        PS            17        C
03/25/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 3's                               14                   4              1       MF             19        C
03/25/10   Story Hour & Tour – Presby 4's             3                 17                   4              1        SH            22        C
03/26/10   YMCA Program – Washington                  1        1         9                   1              1        PS            11        C
03/29/10   Story Hour – Baby & Me (18-24 mo)          1                  3                   4              1        SH             8        C
03/30/10   Story Hour – 2's                                              9                   5      2       1        SH            17        C
03/30/10   Story Hour – Little Steps Daycare          2        1        17                   2              1       MF             20        C
03/31/10   Story Hour – 3's                                             19                  14              1       MF             34        C
03/31/10   Kids' Pick                                  2                24                                          Staff          24        C
                                          Totals      55       25      962       0    0     541     88      59                    1650

                                     Programs       MF 24    DH 2    SH 22   PS 10 KS 1
                               Adult Programs       MF 3
                                         Staff        1

                                                                        Page 2
                                               Children’s Services Monthly Report
                                                           March 2010

                                             March 2010 Young Adult Statistics
                                                  Erin Reifsnider-YA Coordinator

    Date              Program Theme/Title         Children Teens 12-14 Teens 15-17 Adults Citizens
                                                                                    Senior     Staff   Total   Unique Ent. Info. Inst.

   03/06/10    Drop in Zone                          3            7         10        2          1       23       5     X
   03/20/10    Drop in Zone                          3            9         11        3          1       27       6     X
   03/11/10    Easy Multimedia Production                         1         1                    1        3       1     X     X    X
   03/09/10    3D Computer Animation                                        2                    1        3             X     X    X
               Book Displays (Teen Tech)                                                                  1             XX    X

   03/23/10    Girl's Book Club                                   1         3                    1        5       4     X     X

                                    Totals           6            18        27        5    0     5       62      16

January 2010 Collection Fund                     Percent Spent

               YA Fiction                            18.00%                                                             X

               YA Non-fiction                        26.00%                                                                   X    X

               YA Audio Books                        14.00%                                                             X

January 2010        Teen Blog                      Visits     Page Views

                                                     88          136                                                    X     X    X

          This month we had Teen Tech Week. Although attendance was low, the reaction from
 those who did attend was exciting. A real enthusiasm for the animation and videos we were
 learning how to produce was evident in the students who attended. I believe this to be a start
 of something interesting here at the library, the beginning of a teen computer club! Hopefully,
 this idea will progress into something more substantial and drive our library even deeper into
 the technological age. We had a Teen Tech Week Book Display with predominantly non-fiction
 titles, also I created a bulletin board with stories of successful teen Internet entrepreneurs.
          I had the opportunity to go the the Lakeland Christian Academy, Lakeview Middle
 School, Edgewood Middle School, and Warsaw Community High School to hand out
 information to the school librarians to promote our April Teen Book Review Drawing. This put
 me in a good position to promote our library as well as get my name into the schools, hopefully
 bridging a gap between our two establishments. I dream of working more closely with the
 schools. Barbara Beck, the Media Specialist for WCHS, was happy to give me a tour of her
 facility and invited me to come give “mini commercials” to her students at the beginning of the
 school day. She was interested in my involvement in getting reference material which will be
 helpful to the schools, but which they lack funds to afford. I am excited about this growing
          Our Teen Girl Bookclub was also an exciting beginning. We had 4 girls, all of whom
 stayed after to look at books with me in the YA Alcove. They were ready for suggestions; eager
 to discover new exciting books.

 Patricia Schroader, Children’s Librarian
 Margaret Fritzel, Programming
 Erin Reifsnider, YA Librarian
                                           Children’s Services Monthly Report
                                                       March 2010

       Some YA Fiction was weeded, giving more room for new books coming in. Also, a new
location code was created : DYA - Young Adult Archive which is kept in my office. R Martin
Woodworks is being contacted concerning the new shelving in the YA Alcove. Further
measures will be taken in the coming month to further the progress of getting new shelving, as
well as completing the vision I have for a new and improved YA Alcove.

Patricia Schroader, Children’s Librarian
Margaret Fritzel, Programming
Erin Reifsnider, YA Librarian
                            Information Services Monthly Report
                                        March 2010
Projects, Meetings, Misc:
-I proctored 3 exams and Sheila proctored 1 exam.
-We made 39 homebound deliveries.
-We recorded 33 uses of the Seminar Room.

Website: Nothing new and exciting on the website. I have been going through and deleting old pages and

Programs: 20 adults programs were offered in March, with 211 patrons participating.
-I taught one MS Word class and one MS Powerpoint class. Anna taught a Facebook class and Sheila taught
two Beginning Internet classes. We always have an assistant when teaching any computer classes. Valeria
usually assists me, and I assist Anna and Sheila during their classes. We offered our first Saturday computer
classes this month, on Word and Facebook. It worked out pretty well. Anna taught (and I assisted) Facebook
in the morning, and I taught (and Anna assisted) Word in the afternoon. Schedules permitting, I hope to offer a
Saturday class every other month.

Reference: We kept reference statistics library-wide for a typical week in March. Susie answered 54
questions, Circulation answered 106 questions, Youth Reference answered 556, and Adult Reference
answered 1,515 for a total of 2,231.
-We are now able to track the number of items checked out at each desk (2,700 at Reference). Unfortunately,
TLC can’t tell us how many people we checked out.

Collection Development: As of the end of March, we have spent or encumbered 27% of the book line, 25%
of the sound recording line, and 17% of the video line. Overall, 25% of the adult materials budget has been
spent or encumbered.
-The public display case showcased farm equipment toy collectibles.
-The bulletin board promoted the Off the Shelf Reading Club and supported the Warsaw Tigers at the State
-The Indiana display case offered Abraham Lincoln memorabilia.
-We had so many new paperbacks come up this month that we used the stair display to showcase some of the
new titles.
-The March Bookriver (the book jackets scrolling across the PACs) featured comic strip collections such as
Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes.
-We completed 10 booklists this month.

Interlibrary Loan: Janet received 106 requests for items and 111 items were received, 306 were loaned and
1181 transactions were completed. We received 648 requests from other libraries to borrow our materials and,
as of the end of March; we had 1451 different libraries registered as borrowers.

Submitted by:
Dana L. Owen, Head of Information Services
                                                          Comparative Statistics
                                                              March 2010

                                                         2000              2008           2009              2010                  YTD
Total Number of Borrowers                           16,956             17,676         18,550               20,436
Resident                                            15,694             15,624         16,198               18,016
Agency                                                 133                 76             68                   76
Non-resident part-year                                 109                 83             88                   83
Non-resident full-year                                 298                201            194                  191
Non-resident WCS student                               595                400            526                  455
PLAC                                                   127                174            171                  164
InterLibrary Loan                                       NA              1,118          1,305                1,451

Books                                               24,935             26,504         27,645               27,780           75,626
Netbook Computers / Realia                             256                109             81                   34               86
Periodicals                                          1,184                796          1,048                  833            2,366
Sound Recordings                                     3,222              4,484          4,188                4,358           11,484
Videotapes                                           9,429             15,079         17,585               15,638           44,708
PC Software / Video Games                              354              1,085          1,096                1,490            4,035
Skill Kits                                               0                 24             21                    7               16
Total Circulation                                   39,380             48,081         51,664               50,140          138,321

# Requested by WCPL patrons                                49               101            126                106                  339
# Received                                                 45                95            116                111                  282
# Requested by other libraries                              0               434            835                648                1,962
# Loaned to other libraries                                 0               245            399                306                  950
# Unfilled requests                                        10                13             18                 10                   42
Total # Transactions                                      104               888          1,494              1,181                3,575
                      Total Circulation                                                       Number of Registered Borrowers


    50,000                                                                           19,500
    30,000                                                                           13,500

          0                                                                           5,500
               2000     2008         2009         2010                                        2000          2008         2009        2010

                                                                Total Circulation 2006-2010


  50000                                                                                                                                     2010

              JAN     FEB      MAR          APR           MAY        JUN      JUL       AUG          SEP           OCT     NOV       DEC
                             Monthly Statistics
                               March 2010

                                      ADULT CIRC       YOUTH CIRC

     BOOKS - FICTION                    9,090         9,500
     BOOKS - NONFICTION                 5,502         3,654
     E-BOOKS                               34             0
     PERIODICALS                          683           150
     VHS                                  741         1,093
     DVDS - FICTION                     8,882         4,035
     DVDS - NONFICTION                    706           181
     COMPACT DISCS                      2,637           225
     TALKING BOOKS                      1,096           292
     E-AUDIOBOOKS                          82            26
     VIDEO GAMES                          908           178
     SOFTWARE                             169           235
     SKILL KITS                             0             7
     REALIA                                 0            34
     ________________________ ______________ ______________
     TOTAL                             30,530        19,610

                                                                    BOOKS - FICTION
Adult Circulation                            Youth Circulation
                    BOOKS -
                    NONFICTION                                      PERIODICALS
                    BOOKS - FICTION
                                                                    BOOKS -
                    COMPACT DISCS                                   NONFICTION
                                                                    COMPACT DISCS
                    TALKING BOOKS
                                                                    TALKING BOOKS
                                             Warsaw Community Public Library
              310 East Main Street, Warsaw, IN 46580         Ph. 574-267-6011, Fax. 574-269-7739,

Sunday        Monday               Tuesday               Wednesday              Thursday            Friday              Saturday
         1                   2                      3                      4                  5                  6

         6:30-7:30 PM        10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM                        10:30-2:30 PM
         Chinese-Mandarin    2’s Story Hour ®       3’s Story Hour ®       4’s & 5’s Story                       Drop In Zone
         Language Class ®    6:30-7:30 PM                                  Hour ®
                              Heart Disease in                             2:00-3:00 PM
                             Women ®                                       Off The Shelf
                                                                           Reading Group
                                                                           (“Life of Pi”) ®
7        8                   9                      10                     11                 12                 13

         4:00-6:00 PM        10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM     1:30–2:15 PM       1:00-3:00 PM
         Library Board       2’s Story Hour ®       3’s Story Hour ®       4’s & 5’s Story    Pre-School story   Survivor of Iwo Jima ®
Teen     Meeting             1:00-2:00 PM           4:00-5:30 PM           Hour ®             Hour ®
Tech     6:30-7:30 PM        Genealogy Club ®       2D & 3D Animation      4:00-5:30 PM
Week     Chinese-Mandarin    4:00-5:30 PM           Basics Part 2          2D & 3D
         Language Class ®    2D & 3D Animation                             Multimedia
                             Basics Part 1                                 Production!
                             6:00-7:45 PM
                             Stamping with
                             Donna ®
                             6:00-7:30 PM
                             Powerpoint Basics ®
14       15                  16                     17                     18                 19                 20

         9:30-10:00 AM       10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM     10:00-11:00 PM     10:30-2:30 PM
         Baby & Me Story     2’s Story Hour ®       3’s Story Hour ®       4’s & 5’s Story    Book Buddies ®     Drop In Zone
         Hour ®              6:00-7:30 PM                                  Hour ®                                3:00-4:30 PM
         10:30 AM-2:30 PM    Hooked on Crochet                                                                   Teen Advisory Board
         Drop In Zone
         6:30-7:30 PM
         Language Class ®
         6:30-7:45 PM
         Writer’s Club
21       22                  23                     24                     25                 26                 27
         9:30-10:00 AM       10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM         10:00-10:45 AM
         Baby & Me Story     2’s Story Hour ®       3’s Story Hour ®       4’s & 5’s Story                       10:00-11:30 AM
         Hour ®                                                            Hour ®                                Facebook Basics ®
         6:30-7:30 PM                                                                                            1:00-2:30 PM
         Chinese-Mandarin                                                                                        Microsoft Word Basics
         Language Class ®                                                                                        ®

28       29                  30                     31

         9:30-10:00 AM       6:00-7:30 PM           10:00-11:30 AM
         Baby & Me Story     Beginning Internet ®   Beginning Internet ®
         Hour ®              1:00-2:00 PM
         6:30-7:30 PM        Beginning
         Chinese-Mandarin    Genealogy ®
         Language Class ®
Information Technology Services
Monthly Report
March 2010
Network Services
The network has been performing very well this month. Several updates were performed, and some changes were made to
accommodate website development by Vision it Now.
-System updates were performed by Evanced software, bringing the summer reading program software up to the latest version
-Diskeeper updates were performed for the entire network, bringing everyone up to the latest version.
-The Modx sandbox was updated for remote access.
-An FTP server was added for remote file administration for Vision it Now.
-Several staff accounts required attention, requiring several hours of maintenance each.
-TLC Serials software was added for staff, and an OSA fix was applied to multiple stations.
-XenServer software licensing was renewed.

Computer Help
March saw many more help desk issues, from basic software installs, potential virus issues, and network permission issues.
Formal and informal training on various software was given to staff, including TLC Circulation, Cataloging, several Adobe
products, OpenOffice Writer, Calc, MS Word, Excel, and basic computing.
A solution was discovered for the paper folding issues plaguing circulation's morning notices. It has been tested and deployed.

Software ordered in March
Free Software adopted in March
         1. None

Major projects that are starting to become my focus include:
    1.Additional Server Migrations (WCPLDC2, WCPLDC3, WCPL-WEB starting in April)
    2.Backup Restructuring. (in progress, coordinating with TLC in April)
    3.Software Training, Modx (in progress will continue through to September, will not be reported again until completed)
    4.Gmail migration investigation (suspended)
    5.Full building Software Audit (done)
    6.Security Badge system for staff (taken by Admin, done)
    7.Installing newly received equipment
         a.New Xen server deployment (in progress, should be finished in April)
         b.Infrastructure installs, including switches and new wiring. (in progress, should be finished in April)
         c.Printer (deadline in April)

Vendor visits were at an all-time low in March, making the month fairly peaceful.
All staff had minor health issues in March.
The fixes performed by maintenance to bring the high office temperatures under control have been much appreciated.

         Help Desk Calls:
                         Patron           61
                         Staff            234
                         Total                                295
        New/Old Computer Setup                                3
        Computer Repair                                       22
        Patron Computer Abuse Investigations                  0
        Public Wireless Access Usage for Month                655
        Internet Computer Usage for Month                     3,661
        WCPL Website Total Hits for Month                     Visits, 10,905 (new visits 7,430)

                                                               Submitted by Harper Apted, Information Technology Services
                                           Warsaw Community Public Library
                                         Overall Web Traffic
   The graph below shows the average bandwidth utilization for the available 10000.0kb/sec of
capacity. Incoming traffic is green, and outgoing traffic is blue. All times are in the site's local time.
                     Bits in:                                              Bits out:
                Avg: 2540.0kb/sec                                      Avg: 307.9kb/sec
                Peak: 9984.3kb/sec                                   Peak: 8439.9kb/sec
           95th Percentile: 8213.1kb/sec                        95th Percentile: 920.5kb/sec
                Bandwidth use by Warsaw Community Public Library for 03/01/2010 to 03/31/2010
                                         from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
                                    on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, and Sat.

                                           Yearly Internet Computer Usage Chart (Patron Usage)

                 Yearly Internet Computer Usage Chart (Per Patron)


                40003505                              3661

                3000                                                                                                                                                     2008
                2000                                                                                                                                                     2007

                       Ja                 Fe               M          Ap          M     Ju        Ju          Au              Se         O      N       D
                            nu               b              ar           r         ay        ne        ly        g                 pt      ct     ov        ec
                                                 ru              ch          il                                      us              e m o be       em         em
                                 ar                   ar                                                                  t
                                      y                    y                                                                            be    r        be         be
                                                                                                                                           r              r          r


                                                                                                            Submitted by Harper Apted, Information Technology Services
                                    2011 GOALS
                              FOR FACILITY OPERATIONS
                                 AND MAINTENANCE

       This statement outlines 2011 general goals with a target audience, resources
toward their achievement, strategic activities, output and resulting outcomes.
       We see that our facility is aging physically, and we must continually approach its
requirements with a proactive attitude seeking to anticipate and respond objectively to
those requirements and, at the same time, coordinate our efforts to gauge the future
needs in light of financial constraints.

GOAL #1: Facilitate the policies and direction of the Governance Team (Director
       and the Board), reporting activities and results to the Governance Team,
       departmental and inter-departmental staff.

       Target Audience: Library Board, Director, Department Heads, and
                               Maintenance Team, and general staff
       Inputs: Target audiences, personal and professional resources
       Strategic Activities: Provide periodic reports to target audiences noting
                               current activity with regard to physical operations
                               and maintenance throughout the year.
                1. Provide an annual written goals statement.
                2. Report monthly updates to the Director and Board with an annual
                3. Provide written reports and recommendations of other internal
                    activities critical to administration.
       Outputs: Documentation to track activities
       Outcomes: Sustained communicative dialogue for accountability and a history of
       activity for future planning.

GOAL #2: Maintain the physical structure and its equipment proactively as
         required to provide consistent, available services to library users.

      Target Audience: Community stakeholders, taxpayers, staff and patrons
      Inputs: Service providers and contractors, maintenance staff, Facility Task Force
      Strategic Activities: Comprehensively plan and expedite preventive
                            maintenance and emergency services.
              1. Obtain annual, contractual agreements or service agreements,
                  maintain active business relationships with service providers to
                  provide maintenance on elevators, air quality systems, surveillance
                  systems, fire protection systems, flooring maintenance, and sump
                  pumps and electrical services.
              2. Oversee testing of building equipment as required by the State of
              3. Conduct periodic, scheduled inspections and/or maintenance to
                  environmental systems, lighting systems, fire prevention systems,
                  furnishings, roof, flooring, parking lot, portable and permanent building
                  equipment, and maintenance equipment.
              4. Expedite emergency repairs to any equipment or interrupted services
                  resulting from the loss of utilities or other facilities that are available to
                  the building and all stakeholders.
Page Two

              5. Review and recommend competitive services and prices from service
                 providers to the Director for selection.
              6. Maintain an online record of protocols for scheduled maintenance and
                 administrate program software-related functions.(See Goal #4)

       Outputs: Efficient and economically prudent services for consistent building
       Outcomes: Seamless contractual services from service providers; systematic
       maintenance resulting in fewer interruptions to service; greater longevity for
       building equipment; nearly continuous availability of all services.

GOAL #3: Renovate our facility to remain contemporary with current standards
         and increasing library services.

       Target Audience: Community Stakeholders, taxpayers, staff and patrons
       Inputs: Architects, building contractors, administrative management and
               maintenance staff
       Strategic activities: Implement renovations to improve the appearance,
               serviceability and aesthetic appeal of the property.
               1. Coordinate departmental efforts inter-departmentally to accomplish
                  short-term and long-term objectives for service to all stakeholders.
               2. Reseal the parking lot.
               3. Add a lower railing between floors to accommodate children.
               4. Contract the painting of soffit under the gutters.
               5. Recondition and repair the landscape, replacing shrubbery and trees
                  as needed.
               6. Add humidification for the entire facility system-wide.
               7. Repaint selected areas on the interior and exterior of the building as
               8. Based upon outcomes in 2010, replace upper level carpet.
               9. Upgrade surveillance equipment and services.

       Outputs/Outcomes: Modernized accommodations for handling diverse
              patronage, more esthetic appeal, greater efficiencies resulting in
              increased ability to handle increasing traffic by stakeholders, increased
              protection of library collections, patrons, and service life of the facility.

GOAL #4: Retain and improve the physical structure and exterior property
         through preventive and general maintenance.

       Service Response Target Audience: Taxpayers, Staff, and Patrons
       Inputs: Administration, Facility Task Force, maintenance team, suppliers and
               Strategic Activities: Conduct a comprehensive approach to maintain
               equipment, housekeeping maintenance, and grounds keeping.
               1. Service or replace all equipment requiring a portable power supply.
               2. Maintain contractual lawn care and maintenance to lawn and
                   landscaping through staff maintenance
               3. Recondition all grounds equipment seasonally.
Page Three

              4. Repair and repaint curbs annually.
              5. Clean the exterior and interior windows on a quarterly basis.
              6. Inspect and recondition painted surfaces inside and outside the facility
                 as needed (hand rails, window trim, benches, etc.).
       Outputs/Outcomes: Increased value in property and aesthetic appearance;
                     monetary savings from good maintenance practices.

GOAL #5: Promote safety in the Library facility.

       Service Response Target Audience: Community Stakeholders,
                                               Staff, and Patrons
       Inputs: Facility Task Force, maintenance team, and general staff
       Strategic Activities: Propose and implement procedures, methods and
                             equipment to increase safety as it pertains to the Library.
               1. Conduct meetings of the Facility Task Force to review procedures and
                  address issues pertinent to safety and security quarterly.
               2. Offer instruction as needed for safety during in-service staff training
                  included in the disaster recovery plan, Code Adam, first aid, tornado
                  alerts, and fire response.
               3. Review and apply any recently implemented federal and state OSHA
                  guidelines that pertain to the Library.
               4. Conduct fire safety and tornado drills according to the local codes.
               5. Personally obtain CPR/AED training annually.

GOAL #6: Administrate the operations and maintenance of the Library with
         systematic approaches for management of maintenance functions.

       Service Response Target Audience: Staff, and Patrons
       Inputs: Administrative management
       Strategic Activities: Maintain and develop an experienced, fully staffed
                             Maintenance Team. Hire competent personnel to
                             complete the staff as needed.
               1. Meet at least weekly with each member of the Team to review
                  assignments and discuss library requirements.
               2. Conduct periodic job audits for each team member and inspections to
                  promote efficiency, skills, and work quality.
               3. Provide opportunities for computer competency to increase
                  communication flow among staff as needed.
               4. Provide personal skills training courses as continuing education.
               5. Schedule work time with each of the team members.

       Outputs/Outcomes: Better equipped staff, increased service, good working
                         relationships, increased skill development.
                       Warsaw Community Public Library
                              Assistant Director
                                 2011 Goals

Life-Long Learning Service Priority
      Goal: Life-Long Learning
           Objective: Make library staff aware of available continuing education
           opportunities within our region and state.
                    • Seek out opportunities for library staff to participate in
                       continuing education and earn Library Education Units (for
                       required positions)

     Goal: General Information
          Objective: Improve internal library communications
                   • Work with Information Technology and other departments
                      to implement a help desk tool for reporting and tracking
                      computer & network issues (outcome: 90% of reported
                      issues resolved)

           Objective: Work to improve quality of library's database of
           bibliographic records.
                    • Work with Cataloging deparment to finish cleanup projects
                       left from our move to TLC in September 2009.

Entertainment Service Priority
     Goal: Current Titles
          Objective: Work to decrease the amount of time it takes for new
          materials to reach shelves.
                   • Explore outsourcing options for cataloging newly ordered
                   • Explore workflow changes for cataloging department.
Public Relations Goals for 2011

Purpose: To increase community awareness of Warsaw Community Public Library and
its services, using marketing and promotional skills to build this awareness, shift
community opinion, and motivate action.

   •   Fundraising: Continue to explore the use of a fundraising envelope to go with
       Annual Reports as well as in strategic locations in the library. Investigate
       alternative funding ideas. Explore online giving with new ILS system and web
       site. Explore development of fundraising web page. Explore the use of social
       media fundraising. Continue to explore annual fundraising idea.
   •   Partnerships: Continue to develop new partnerships while expanding on
       existing ones for coordinated projects (KABs bus route to SRP events). Attend
       business and community for networking purposes. Promote WCPL participation
       in new community campaigns/projects/events (Day of Caring). Elevate the
       library’s presence at tradeshows to a “can’t miss” booth experience. Develop a
       plan to increase awareness and use of meeting rooms by civic or business
       associations or local agencies.
   •   Marketing/Promotions: Working with graphic designer and Director, develop a
       branding manual. Develop an annual promotional/marketing theme for the
       library. Research possible designs for a new logo. Increase newspaper ads in
       the community. Research development and use of a networking
       marketing/public relations database among Indiana libraries. Develop a
       targeted outreach for business men (brochure of resources) to bring the business
       community to the library either on site or off-site. Research the development of
       communication vehicles for Spanish-speaking community members (FAQ
       question on site. Research the use of 15/30-second spots for Spanish-language
       radio. Seek out new and creative advertising venues (billboard on new property
       and outdoor banners, etc.) Research the idea of hosting a media night annually,
       beginning for local media staff members. Event will include a library tour and the
       opportunity for library staff to share new and exciting services and programs.
       Continue working closely with Adult, Teen, and Children programmers in
       building a dynamic marketing team to develop and implement media/marketing
       strategies. Provide training to marketing team in house or through
       workshops/webinars to enhance knowledge of the marketing/public
       relations/communications field. Continue use of master promotions calendar.
       Research the use of a Mystery Shopper to determine level of service to patrons.
       Continue use of Chamber of Commerce newsletter inserts. Continue exploring the
       acquisition of an outdoor led message sign for existing outdoor brick sign.
       Continue to expand on speaking engagements. Continue participation in
       community events (Safety Fest, DePuy Health Fair, Get On Board). Purchase and
       distribute promotional items at events to advertise the library logo and services.
       Continue distribution of the Library Newsletter in area businesses, in-house, on
       the Library’s web site, and using pdf format through patron email for easier
       dissemination to all users. Continue to use an Adult Programming survey during
    Library Lover’s Month. Explore using a passport Open House tour. Strengthen
    the use of email taglines, effectiveness of Facebook, Flickr, and Scrapblogs for
    promoting library services and events. Review welcome booklet (cover design,
    information current and accurate). Work with graphic designer for new cover.
    Continue to post resource reviews to Bookshelf Buzz blog. In-house: Expand
    on established in-house events. Develop an Amnesty food drive (food for fines?)
    during National Library Week or at Thanksgiving? Continue to gather and
    expand the use of compelling testimonials.
•   Education: Research college classes for marketing/ public
    relations/communications for my job description. Attend the 2010 ILF State and
    ILF Spring District 1 conferences. Research meetings of pr/marketing library staff
    at conferences. Attend cost-effective conferences, workshops, classes, and
    webinars. Network with other marketers and fundraisers. Explore the possibility
    of holding an area-wide fundraising workshop for neighboring libraries. Attend
    UnConfrerence in Ft. Wayne, if offered. Continue the use of listservs to acquire
    ideas. Encourage employee attendance at ILF, ALA and PlA conferences. Stay
    up to date on new social media tools for marketing (Facebook).
•   Advocacy: Provide information on relative legislative issues and encourage staff
    and patrons to make contact with their legislators. Enhance relationships with
    legislators by attending politically-related meetings. Keep track of legislation.
    Utilize web site and newsletter to develop awareness. Encourage staff and board
    members to call/meet local state legislator(s) on library issues. Attend 2010 ILF
    Legislative Day, if possible.
                              Cataloging 2011 Goals

 GOAL: Improve patron access to the library collection

    OBJECTIVE: Make collection more accessible to patrons for checkout (Jul 11)

              ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Investigate barcode placement to allow more types of materials to
                   be used with self-checkout. (Jan 11)
                  Investigate ways to preserve materials so they will spend less time
                   on the repair shelves. (Jun 11)
                  Investigate outsourcing for cataloging records on some materials.
                   (Mar 11)
                    Choose a vendor to do a test run on receiving Bib records.
                    Choose a collection for vendor to send Bib records.
                    Gather statistics to see if it is beneficial for us to implement

    OBJECTIVE: Improve Patron access by grouping/locating current topics in one
     area. (Apr 11)

              ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Discuss with Reference staff what areas are most popular. (Jan
                  Investigate ways to bring these items into one location or kit. (Jan
                  Check with other libraries to see if they do this with certain
                   collections. (Mar 11)
                  Group current topics in one area (Apr 11)

 GOAL: Review, recommend and implement a Book sale procedure. (May 11)

    OBJECTIVE: Review book sale pricing and evaluate. (Jan 11)

              ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Gather data from other sources about pricing. (Feb 11)
                  Redo pricing scale. (Mar 11)
                  Implement new pricing. (Apr 11)
    OBJECTIVE: Get volunteers involved in assisting with book sale (May 11)

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Talk to volunteer coordinator about implementing a more efficient
                   way to man book sale. (Feb 11)
                  Give incentives so that more volunteers will offer time. (Apr 11)
                  Seek outside sources to assist with book sale (i.e. nonprofit
                   groups) (Apr 11)

    OBJECTIVE: Look into having monthly book sale (Dec 11)

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Investigate what months are better to have sales in. (Jan 11)
                  Investigate whether this will assist us with overflow problems. (Apr
                  Seek outside sources to assist with Book sale.(Jun 11)
                  Implement new dates. (Dec 11)

 GOAL: Review, recommend, and implement library policies and procedures. (Dec

    OBJECTIVE: Review and update procedure manual for cataloging section. (Aug

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Review procedure manual. (Feb 11)
                  Make any necessary changes to procedure manual. (Mar 11)
                  Make Cataloging procedure manual available on the network.
                   (Apr. 11)
                  Review job descriptions and make any necessary changes. (Apr

 GOAL: Promote staff efficiency through training and communication. (Dec 11)

    OBJECTIVE: Send Cataloging Staff to necessary training classes or have them
     take online courses (Dec 11

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                  Check calendar for upcoming classes. (Jan 11)
                  Implement quarterly cross training for various cataloging jobs.
                   (Dec. 11)
                  Have all cataloging staff attend at least 2 training sessions per
                   calendar year. (Dec. 11)
                 Check Web for upcoming online classes. (Jan 11)

    OBJECTIVE: Develop new procedure for missing, lost or canceled items that
     need to be withdrawn from library database. (Sept 11)

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                 Get assistance from TLC in how to delete these items quickly and
                  efficiently as possible(May 11)
                 Assign job duty to cataloging staff. (May 11)
                 Write up new procedure. (Aug 11)
                 Ensure this becomes a weekly or monthly job. (Aug 11)

 GOAL: Promote Library programs and such through various Technologies.

    OBJECTIVE: Investigate ways to use technologies to promote library.(Dec 11)

             ♦ ACTIVITIES:

                 Investigate ways to make Facebook and Myspace. More
                  beneficial to the library (Mar 11)
                 Get more acquainted with Flickr. (Feb 11)
                 Set up a schedule for staff to contribute to blog. (Jan 11)
                 Investigate ways to get more staff and public interested in blog.
                  (Feb 11)
                 Check into new technologies and investigate how they can benefit
                  the library (Dec 11)
                        Circulation Goals 2011

General Information Outcome:
Goal 1: Explore the use of email as an avenue for sending patron card
renewal information.

      Objectives: Alleviate the cost of postage and speed the delivery
time of notices.

   •   Design a notice that can be quickly emailed prior to a patron’s
       card expiring.
   •   Continue to encourage email notifications by offering extended

General Information Outcome:
Goal 2: Phase out the use of Internet Visitor passes by issuing
permanent internet cards.

     Objectives: Ending the steps involved in issuing internet
passes. Most users are return patrons.

   •   Encourage patrons to get a permanent Internet card.
   •   Explain the advantage of having a permanent card (they can
       proceed directly to the computers instead of standing in line for
       a pass.
   •   This will end the extra paperwork involved in tracking users that
       get passes repeated times.

General Information Outcome:
Goal 3: Send circulation staff to at least one seminar yearly.

     Objectives: Continue circulation education by sending staff to
seminars or online classes.

   •   Explore various classes that are available for staff.
   •   Arrange schedules so that staff can attend either outside
       seminars or online classes (at least on yearly.)
                          Children's Services Department Goals 2011
GOAL: Satisfy patrons curiosity by promoting education and lifelong learning
A) Build connections with area schools
       1) Investigate attending teachers in-service meeting in August to promote library services
       2) Increase promotion of programming and children's department's services and collection
               a) Create a “Children's Services” booklet for teachers
               b) Increase distribution of program fliers to all area public and private elementary,
                 middle and high schools
               d) Investigate promotion opportunities on elementary, middle school and high school
                  morning announcements
B)Build connections with area homeschoolers
       1) Develop a “Contact Persons List” for area homeschool organization
       2) Contact persons on list to promote library programs and services
       3) Develop collection development policy for homeschooler and/or ERC collection
C) Organize non-fiction collection
       1) Move reference collection to separate bookcase
       2) Increase weeding for condition and content throughout the collection
       3) Install Dewey pictogram signs for non-fiction collection

GOAL: Create young readers with continued emergent literacy programs and services
A) Intensify emergent literacy programming
       1) Develop a replacement program for Book Buddies
       2) Increase number of afternoon and evening story hours
B) Continue to develop and organize Easy Reader collection

GOAL: Supply patrons with comfortable public and virtual spaces
A) Develop a decorative theme for children's area
B) Continue to develop a comfortable and inviting Children's Area
      1)Purchase a more child friendly table for children's game computers
      2)Purchase seating and storage furniture for play area
C) Develop a comfortable and inviting Teen Alcove
      1)Purchase new chairs and table
      2)Purchase and install taller wall bookcases

GOAL: Stimulate imaginations through increasing reading, viewing and listening for pleasure
A) Continue to build connections with young adult patrons
       1) Intensify promotion of YA programs through flier placement, word-of-mouth, and school
       2) Offer technologically relevant program whenever possible
B) Increase collection based programming for elementary students

GOAL: Explore our community by partnering with community resources and services
A) Continue to partner with Kosciusko Literacy Services, the YMCA and area preschools to provide
programming services
B) Investigate partnering with Baker Youth Club and other child-based community organizations
Submitted by
Patricia Schroader
Children's Librarian
           2011 Information Services Goals

    I)    Increase variety of hands-on craft classes
        A Buy sewing machine(s) to allow for quilting, etc. classes
    II)   Re-examine Senior Circuit
        A Pull it completely into Information Services
        B Consider new employee involvement
        C Consider new schedule
    III) Create intermediate in-house computer classes
        A MS Word
        B MS Excel
        C MS Publisher
        D MS Powerpoint
        E Internet
    IV) Create subject database classes
        A Consumer Information
        B School Reports/Continuing Education
        C Business
    V)    Increase variety of program publicity
        A Mail flyers to business and organizations
        B Promote Evanced program notification

    I)   Investigate four weekly ILL drops
    II)  Move ILL requested titles pickup to the Reference Desk
    III) Replace ILL printer
    IV) Re-examine ILL labels
    V)   Investigate online ILL request forms

    I)    Offer public computer classes to staff
    II)   Ensure all reference staff meeting required LEUs
        A Each staff member has received 30 LEUs by the end of 2011.
    I)    Increase eContent
        A eVideo
        B eAudio
        C eBooks
    II)   Investigate additional fiction genre collections
        A Bestsellers / popular fiction
        B Supernatural / Paranormal
    III) Continue to clean up genre series
                                                     COMPUTER SERVICES
                                                       Goals for 2011

Department Mission: To upgrade, maintain, and improve technology related services available to staff and patrons at the
Warsaw Community Public Library.
Audience: Staff, Patrons, Taxpayers, Governance Team
Notes: Completion of objectives is dependent on time and budget availability.

         2011 OBJECTIVE: Take over maintenance and infrastructure design work of WCPL websites (intranet/extranet)
         and support sites.
                   ** Implement easily maintained, interconnected structure useable by patrons, staff, and any other content
         providers as needed..
                             i). Identify current systems and technologies used (blogger, digg, evanced, etc.) and create
                             integrated portals to facilitate ease of use for contributors to go back and forth between sites.
                             June, 2011
                             ii). Facilitate creation of consistency across all technologies used through templates, custom
                             design work, and other technologies. November, 2011
                             iii). Centralize access permissions and controls of sites, restricting access for security an
                             and protection of consistency, while allowing for creative work to still be performed. November,
         2011 OBJECTIVE: Overhaul Network backbone.
                   ** Work through the whole system from top to bottom and improve it as possible.
                             i). Research: Intrusion detection systems, security software and appliances, fiber for networks,
                             CAT 6 technologies, and wireless infrastructure methodologies. March, 2011
                             ii). Identify Changes needed to facilitate future expansion. Research and identify any need for
                             additional centralized switch points for building. April, 2011
                             iii). Explore possibility of replacing wired infrastructure, either through updating wire, or replacing
                             with wireless services. April, 2011
                             iv). Create a time-line for deployment of new system components within budget time frame. April
                             v). Deploy new systems or upgrades as possible. May through December, 2011
         2011 OBJECTIVE: Deploy updated/new staff software systems (email, software, communications).
                   ** Replace existing collaboration techniques and tools with up-to-date equivalents and processes
                             i). Deploy Gmail Corporate Edition for staff, or other equally as capable (and cheap) system.
                             March, 2011
                             ii). Provide training for staff on new features and options available. March. 2011
                             iii). Evaluate results, and provide additional training for staff as needed. May, 2011
         2011 OBJECTIVE: Investigate, test, and deploy new operating systems, application software, and hardware as
         suitable for staff and patrons as available.
                   **Test and deploy operating systems for compatibility
                             i). Investigate public internet solutions, and possible changes in paradigm for delivering said
                             systems. April, 2011
                             ii). Investigate and/or test three or more Linux flavors for existing software compatibility within the
                             library. May 20, 2011
                             iii). Identify possible hand-held Pcs/tools useable by staff, including Kindel and iTouch type
                             technologies, based on possible uses, and existing uses by other libraries June, 2011
                             iv). Develop and deploy technologies small scale for testing, as identified in previous steps.
                             September 20, 2011
                             v). Evaluate technologies for refinement and practicality, deploy library wide as needed.
                             November, 2011
                            LIBRARY CONDUCT
PATRON BEHAVIOR POLICY                                                          Issue Date: 4/14/98
The Board of Trustees of the Warsaw Community Public Library reserves the right to eject from
the Library and to refuse further admission to those individuals who may violate the rights of the
staff or Library users, or who create disorder in the Library in any of the following situations:
       1. Any situation in which the actions of a person present an imminent danger to the life
          or safety of others in the Library.
       2. Any situation in which a person is in the possession, transferring, purchasing or
          selling any illegal or non-prescribed drug, including alcohol during library hours or
          on library property.
       3. Any situation in which a person is observed in an attempt to steal Library property or
          property of another Library user, or to destroy or deface Library property.
       4. Any situation in which a person willfully and purposefully disturbs the staff or other
          Library users or whose behavior is in any way disruptive to the legitimate use of
          Library facilities by others. Any situation in which a person’s behavior is
          inappropriate to the use of the Library building and property for the purpose for
          which it is legally constituted. Any loitering, disorderly conduct or other conduct on
          property which creates loud or unusual noise or a nuisance; which unreasonably
          obstructs the usual use of entrances, foyers, lobbies, corridors, offices, elevators,
          stairways, or parking lots; which otherwise impedes or disrupts the performance of
          official duties by library employees; or which prevents the public from obtaining the
          services provided at the library in a timely manner, is prohibited. (Re: 41 CFR Ch.
       5. Dogs and other animals, except seeing eye dogs, other guide dogs, and animals used
          to guide or assist the disabled, shall not be allowed in the library for other than
          official purposes i.e. programs. (Re: 41 CFR Ch. 101-20.311)
       6. Soliciting alms, commercial or political soliciting, and vending of all kinds,
          displaying or distributing commercial advertising, or collecting private debts on
          Library property is prohibited. (Re: 41 CFR Ch. 101-20.309)

           Inappropriate/harmful behavior may include but is not limited to:
           a. Leaving children under age nine unattended
           b. Disruptive behavior, horseplay or potentially causing damage to library property
              and/or people
           c. Giving unwanted attention to another (i.e. staring, following, etc.)
           d. Public intoxication and/or lewdness
           e. Assault/Fighting
           f. Soliciting/Surveying/Trespassing
           g. Using obscene language
           h. Smoking within 30’ of exterior doors/ramps
           i. Entering with no shoes, pants and/or shirt
Those persons who violate these rules may be asked to leave the Library, or, when appropriate,
may be subject to arrest.

Automobiles may not be parked on library property when the driver is not using the library.
Automobiles parked illegally may be towed at owner’s expense.
Repeated violators and/or those who refuse to leave will be subject to arrest and prosecution
under 35-43-2-2 or the Indiana Code entitled “Criminal Trespass”.

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