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									                                          Atlantic Center for Research 2011 Annual Report

Atlantic Center
 for              Research
                 At the Forefront of Medicine

 Morristown Medical Center   ●   Overlook Medical Center   ●   Newton Medical Center   ●   Goryeb Children’s Hospital
    About Research at
Atlantic Health System

   1,208 licensed beds

831,826 outpatient visits

   72,359 admissions

190,747 emergency visits

           6,735 births

      2,744 physicians

  256 medical residents

   Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Medical Center,
  Newton Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Hospital
                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


The Atlantic Center for Research provides a framework for the integration

of medical research within four independent academic medical centers.

Collectively, Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Medical Center,

Newton Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Hospital are at the fore-

front of medicine, setting standards for clinical innovation and quality

health care in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area.

Renowned for its breadth of innovative cardiac services, including bypass surgery, angioplasty, and implantable pace-
makers, Morristown Medical Center performs more heart surgeries than any New Jersey or New York City hospital.
Overlook Medical Center, the regional leader in comprehensive stroke care and neuroscience services, was the first
hospital in the Northeast to utilize the revolutionary CyberKnife robotic, image-guided technology. Newton Medical
Center offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient programs and services in a state-of-the-art environment. Our nationally
recognized medical doctors, experienced nurses and skilled staff provide outstanding, compassionate health care. This
exceptional care provides the foundation for clinical research at Atlantic Health System.

In all our specialties, such as pediatrics, orthopedics, cancer care, rehabilitation medicine, women’s health, cardiovascular
care and neuroscience, Atlantic Health System physicians are innovative leaders in their fields, defining and utilizing the
most effective diagnosis and treatment options for each patient.

Atlantic Health System is the primary academic and clinical affiliate in New Jersey of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and
The Mount Sinai Hospital. This partnership ensures rigorous external oversight of our teaching programs and gives Atlantic
Health System’s professionals access to research studies and expertise. The institutions promote a supportive environ-
ment for the nurturing of young scientists and for collaborative research and educational programs. Atlantic Health System
is committed to supporting its doctors and investigators in their search for new treatments and innovative technologies.

                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


Carol G. Simon Cancer Center is a key research arm of                   participating in MD Anderson Cancer Center’s high impact
Atlantic Health System, committed to translating significant            studies of ovarian cancer detection and treatment. These
research results directly into effective new treatment options          studies could provide clinicians with the information neces-
for cancer patients. Participating in a clinical study gives            sary to create a screening test for ovarian cancer on par with
eligible patients early access to promising new treatments              mammography or PSA (prostate specific antigen). Additionally,
and is often considered the highest standard of care.                   our gynecologic oncologists serve as principal investigators
                                                                        for a wide array of studies including intraperitoneal chemo-
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center has successfully attracted                 therapy, anti-angiogenic therapy, molecular targeted treat-
many of the nation’s top doctors and researchers, and has               ment and cancer vaccines.
established a unique collaboration with The Cancer Institute
of New Jersey (CINJ). This alliance and other clinical part-            The philosophy of the Women’s Cancer Center team is to
nerships with industry and cooperative groups addresses                 provide patients with the most advanced opportunities for
clinical research in a way that allows the Cancer Center to             the screening, detection, treatment and cure of gyneco-
provide its community with the latest pharmaceutical agents             logic malignancies including vulvar, vaginal, cervical,
and treatments available. Carol G. Simon Cancer Center                  endometrial, uterine, and ovarian cancers. We offer genetic
handles a portfolio of studies for all types of cancer, and             screening and counseling, cytologic and colposcopic
participates in National Cancer Institute Cooperative Group             detection of cervical cancer, and sonographic detection of
studies, American College of Surgeons Oncology Group                    ovarian cancer. Our state-of-the-art gynecologic cancer
(ACOSOG), Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG),                    robotic surgery program, which is the largest in the state of
National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project                     New Jersey, allows us to treat most cervical and uterine
(NSABP), Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG),                       cancers with less blood loss and quicker recovery time.
Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG), and Children’s
Cancer Study Group (through a partnership with Goryeb
                                                                        The Atlantic Melanoma Center at Morristown Medical Center
Children’s Hospital), as well as pharmaceutical studies
                                                                        and Overlook Medical Center is an internationally recognized
and special institutional studies designed by our clinical
                                                                        clinical and research center of excellence providing hope
investigators or those at CINJ.
                                                                        to patients dealing with diagnoses of melanoma, including
                                                                        those in the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. The Atlantic
Recent Oncology Research Projects
                                                                        Melanoma Center participates in Phase 1 (new drug) through
Carol G. Simon Cancer Center patients have access to a
                                                                        Phase 3 (comparative treatment) clinical trials, and several
multidisciplinary team, combining the expertise of board-
                                                                        of the drugs we provided to patients in the experimental
certified surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncolo-
                                                                        setting are now the latest standard of care for melanoma.
gists and pathologists, as well as oncology-trained nurses,
                                                                        Currently, we are one of only seven sites across the country
social workers, dieticians and technologists, who join
                                                                        to participate in a gene therapy trial, in which genetically-
together to provide comprehensive care from diagnosis
                                                                        engineered material is injected into a tumor to “teach” it how
through treatment to survivorship. A patient’s eligibility for
                                                                        to fight the cancer. In addition to the wide array of clinical
clinical research is constantly assessed throughout his or
                                                                        trials that are available to patients, melanoma surgery is
her course of treatment, and includes access to quality
                                                                        offered at both Morristown Medical Center and Overlook
of life and survivorship studies.
                                                                        Medical Center by Dr. Eric Whitman, an internationally rec-
Women’s Cancer                                                          ognized researcher and melanoma specialist who is also
The Women’s Cancer Center at Morristown Medical Center                  the director of The Atlantic Melanoma Center.
and Overlook Medical Center is currently one of six U.S. sites

                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

                                     Cardiovascular Health
Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute at Morristown Medical                   cardiology, our doctors train the next generation of cardiac
Center and Overlook Medical Center is at the forefront of               experts, underscoring our reputation as a highly respected
research, working to develop new lifesaving diagnostic,                 center for cardiovascular research.
medical, surgical and interventional treatments. Our goals
                                                                        Recent Cardiovascular Research Projects
are to prevent and treat all types of heart disorders and
                                                                        • CoreValve U.S. Pivotal Trial, which provides a minimally
illnesses, and to share our advanced knowledge with
                                                                          invasive, percutaneous (non-surgical) treatment for
current and future cardiac care professionals.
                                                                          patients with severe aortic stenosis
                                                                        • Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Research Teams
Our Cardiology, Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac
                                                                          (CPORT) clinical trial with Johns Hopkins University,
Surgery departments participate in numerous clinical trials
                                                                          studying angioplasty procedures for heart attack victims
each year. These national and international studies enhance
                                                                        • Studies that follow the progress of patients who have
our physicians’ familiarity with promising advancements in
                                                                          received drug-eluting stents for coronary artery disease
electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and
                                                                        • Implanting internal cardiac defibrillators (ICD) and cardiac
clinical cardiology. The result: improved outcomes for
                                                                          resynchronization therapy (CRT) for abnormal heart
our patients.
                                                                          rhythms and/or heart failure
                                                                        • Investigating the benefit of statin therapy in preventing
Selection for participation in clinical trials, earned through
                                                                          heart attack and stroke
a rigorous acceptance process, gives us an edge when
                                                                        • Evaluation of a new, alternative antithrombotic regimen
adopting new cardiac technologies or therapies. Through
                                                                          that may prevent blood-clotting problems associated with
clinical trial participation, our cardiac teams gain extensive
                                                                          atrial fibrillation and/or immobility
experience with new, highly effective remedies prior to
                                                                        • New procedures for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
their full introduction into the marketplace, offering our
                                                                        • Prevention of neurocognitive impairment in cardiac
patients more treatment options.
                                                                          surgery patients
                                                                        • New therapies for treating and/or monitoring heart failure
Our research teams include cardiologists, cardiac surgeons,
                                                                        • Non-surgical (percutaneous) mitral valve repair
electrophysiologists, nurses and other specialists who
                                                                        • Examination of the benefits of radiation treatment on
have extensive experience in clinical research. Together,
                                                                          cardiac stent restenosis
this team focuses solely on patients in our clinical trials to
                                                                        • Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of a remote,
track their progress while collecting important scientific
                                                                          catheter robotic system for electrophysiology mapping
                                                                        • Investigating bioreabsorbable vascular scaffold stent
Our physicians regularly present their clinical findings and
                                                                          technology for the treatment of coronary artery lesions
treatment techniques at well-regarded regional, national
                                                                        • Evaluation of the efficacy of a new drug regimen for
and international cardiac conferences. In sharing clinical
                                                                          patients with severe familial hypercholesterolemia
research results with national and international leaders in

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


Atlantic Neuroscience Institute is engaged in extensive,                 The Brain Tumor Center of New Jersey, part of Atlantic
ongoing research to offer our patients the most advanced                 Neuroscience Institute and Carol G. Simon Cancer Center
diagnostic and therapeutic services available. The Stroke                at Overlook Medical Center, provides state-of-the art medi-
Center at Overlook Medical Center was New Jersey’s                       cal care for patients with a variety of benign and malignant
first designated Comprehensive Stroke Center. Atlantic                   brain tumors, as well as with neurological complications
Neuroscience Institute’s Stroke Centers are recipients of                due to cancer. At the Brain Tumor Center of New Jersey,
the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines®                experts are using research to refine state-of-the-art treat-
Stroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award. They                     ments for eligible patients with malignant brain tumors,
anchor a regional network of more than a dozen Primary                   including newly-diagnosed glioblastoma, malignant astro-
Stroke Center hospitals in Northwestern New Jersey. The                  cytoma and mixed tumors.
network enables our renowned neurophysicians, in collab-
oration with colleagues at other institutions, to use state-of-          Atlantic Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders
the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies ensuring that              Program at Overlook Medical Center helps patients man-
stroke patients receive the most advanced care possible.                 age neurological movement disorders—brain conditions
In 2011, our Stroke Center physicians actively participated              that affect the body’s speed, fluidity, quality and ease of
in trials of new intra-arterial mechanical clot removal devices          mobility. Once properly diagnosed, most movement dis-
that use removable stents to open blocked arteries. This                 orders have effective treatments, ranging from medications
led to the development of new therapies for people who                   to neurosurgery. Our research in this area is being con-
have suffered stroke.                                                    ducted by internationally-recognized movement disorders
                                                                         experts with extensive experience in the study of move-
Other physicians at Atlantic Neuroscience Institute are                  ment disorders. In addition to active clinical trials for
investigating medical protocols for stroke, movement                     Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome, and restless
disorders and Lyme disease, and the use of coils and                     legs syndrome, studies include the use of Tai Chi in
novel materials to treat aneurysms that cannot be                        Parkinson’s disease, Structured Patient Education in
addressed with traditional surgical                                                                 Parkinson’s disease, Yoga for
approaches. Additionally, during                                                                    Parkinson’s disease, and Narrative
2011 Atlantic Neuroscience                                                                          Insights for Patients with Neuro-
Institute initiated an exploratory                                                                  degenerative Disorders.
study of gene expression in
childhood autism.

                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

                                                Who We Are

Vision                                      Goals                                            Str ategy
To be the regional leader in community-     • Foster an environment of innovation            • Support key service lines and
based research, conducting the              • Provide investigators with needed               departments to help them reach
highest quality clinical research in col-    resources                                        their strategic research and busi-
laboration with our patient, physician,     • Protect research participants                   ness goals
academic and community partners.            • Ensure compliance with relevant                • Maximize physician participation
                                             regulations                                      and collaboration in Atlantic Health
                                            • Provide a sound business structure              System research programs
                                             for research                                    • Develop cooperative research
                                                                                              efforts with key strategic partners
                                                                                             • Maximize financial performance
                                                                                              through operations redesign, cost
                                                                                              control, resource allocation and
                                                                                              improved revenue cycle
                                                                                             • Advance the quality, professionalism
                                                                                              and compliance of our research

                                               Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

  Annual Report Letter from the Atlantic Health System
                                                Chief Research Officer

The research conducted through the Atlantic Center for                 Atlantic Health System’s research efforts are strengthened
Research plays a critical role in enhancing delivery of the            by our academic affiliation with Mount Sinai School of
most advanced health care for our patients in New Jersey               Medicine, with whom we are collaborating to explore new
and the New York metropolitan area. In their quest to pro-             frontiers in genomics, health care outcomes, and nursing
vide the most effective diagnosis and treatment options,               research that will benefit patients. Currently, more than 155
our nationally recognized physician and nurse researchers,             Atlantic Health System physicians hold academic teaching
along with our skilled research staff, conduct pioneering              faculty appointments with Mount Sinai. Atlantic Health
research in over 400 research studies relating to pediatrics,          System researchers have been recognized for excellence
orthopedics, cancer care, rehabilitation medicine, women’s             in regional and national venues and have published more
health, cardiovascular care and neuroscience. This inno-               than 220 articles in peer-reviewed publications in this
vative spirit has enabled our medical centers to realize               year alone.
exceptional achievements.
                                                                       The Atlantic Center for Research is proud of the many
Morristown Medical Center, one of the top cardiac surgery              milestones achieved this year, including:
programs in the U.S. and a Magnet Hospital for Excellence              • Expansion of key research programs in autism, movement
in Nursing Service, boasts a comprehensive research                      disorders, ovarian cancer, melanoma and heart disease
program to advance the science of cardiac drugs and                    • Collaborations with 120 academic, industry and govern-
device therapy, as well as myriad nursing research proj-                 ment partners, and a dozen Master Clinical Trial
ects. These endeavors contribute to the quality care that                Agreements with industry partners
is the hallmark of the prestigious Magnet designation.                 • A threefold increase in research revenue since 2006
Overlook Medical Center, the regional leader in compre-                • Streamlining of all research compliance, operations and
hensive stroke care and neuroscience services, conducts                  finance policies in accordance with federal regulations
research in areas such as autism, Parkinson’s, brain
tumors and Lyme disease.                                               As we reflect on the past year and look to the future, we
                                                                       do so with hope. We know that each day our research is
Our Carol G. Simon Cancer Center has presented research                improving the care we can provide to our patients, their
findings at medical conferences around the globe, and                  families and our communities. We invite you to read and
its researchers partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center                 see for yourself how the Atlantic Center for Research is
and other premiere institutions to develop the next gen-               redefining patient care and how research is contributing to
eration of therapies. Our neonatology research program                 Atlantic Health System’s goal to achieve recognition as a
has received two multimillion-dollar R01 independent                   world-class health care enterprise.
investigator awards from the NIH for its groundbreaking
research studies.                                                      Sincerely,

                                                                       Donald E. Casey, Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, FAHA
                                                                       Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Quality
                                                                       Chief Research Officer & Chief Academic Officer

               Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Donald E. Casey, Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, FAHA
Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Quality
Chief Research Officer & Chief Academic Officer

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

                                     Key Accomplishments

Obtaining Operational Excellence                                         The Research Advisory Steering Committee was formed to
Over the past few years, a major internal initiative focused             address strategic issues including:
on optimizing operational and financial performance                      • Operations/revenue
through operations redesign, cost control, resource allo-                • Patient and trial recruitment
cation and improved revenue cycle. The result of this com-               • Resource allocation and prioritization
prehensive endeavor has been a 78 percent increase in                    • External collaborations and partnerships
overall research revenue to Atlantic Health System over                  • Coordination of philanthropic efforts
a two-year period. Turnaround time for contracts and                     • Enhanced marketing and visibility
IRB submissions, which are done in a parallel process,
is approximately 45 days.                                                Federal Grant Funding
                                                                         Over the past year, the Department of Research Admin-
A major focus on regulatory compliance resulted in the                   istration allocated resources and defined procedures
development and implementation of 50 NIH policies, a                     to facilitate the process of federal grant application and
major initiative to streamline research billing and the devel-           pre-award and post-award management.
opment of over 50 operational standard operating proce-
dures to ensure good clinical practice status.                           In the past six months, two NIH R01 Grants were awarded
                                                                         to Atlantic Health System:
A Research Scorecard was developed containing quarterly
                                                                         Funding Agency:
metrics that measure all aspects of Atlantic Health System
research activities. Key focus areas include:                            National Institutes of Neurological Disease and Stroke

• Institutional Review Board (IRB) metrics: number of active             “The Role of ECE-2 in Regulating A-beta Levels in
 research protocols, new protocols and turnaround times                  Alzheimer’s Disease”
 for IRB approval                                                        Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Eckman
• Grants and contracts metrics: number of executed
                                                                         Amount of Award: $1.6M
 clinical trial agreements and award total
                                                                         Partner Institutions: Mayo Clinic and Rutgers University
• Research financials metrics: number of patients enrolled
 in funded trials, face value of newly executed trials,                  Funding Agency:
 cash received, and clinical trials revenue to cost center
                                                                         National Institutes of Aging
                                                                         “The Neurogenic Potential of Cholinergic Activation in
• Investigational Drug Services (IDS) includes: number
                                                                         Alzheimer’s Disease”
 of investigational drug services trials by service line
• Academic activity metrics: number of collaborative                     Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Eckman
 initiatives with Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM),                 Amount of Award: $1.8M
 number of Atlantic Health System peer-reviewed publica-
 tions and research presentations

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Research Collaborations
Continued growth has occurred in the number of research
collaborations with major universities and research institu-
tions. Recent collaborations have included:
• Harvard University
• University of Rochester
• Yale University
• New York University
• Duke University
• University of Pittsburgh
• Boston University
• Rutgers University
• MD Anderson Cancer Center
• Mayo Clinic
• Johns Hopkins University

Growth in research collaborations with industry partners
is manifested by the development of 13 master clinical trial
agreements, which are in place to increase efficiency in
study startup, streamline processes and leverage research
human resources.

Community Research Education Day
In 2010 Atlantic Health System hosted its first annual
Community Research Education Day, to build greater
awareness of the clinical research process, the important
role that volunteers in clinical trials play in advancing medi-
cal science and the compelling clinical research that is
taking place at Morristown Medical Center and Overlook
Medical Center.

At the inaugural event, presentations were made by
Dr. Roger Kurlan and Dr. Brian Slomovitz, renowned
physicians in the clinical research arena. A current ovarian
cancer patient, now in remission, also detailed her expe-
rience as a clinical trial participant. At the 2011 event,
research physicians Dr. John Halperin, Dr. Neil Kramer
and Dr. Stephen Winters presented, and a patient who
participated in a cardiovascular study shared his story.

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

                                Key Accomplishments                                           Continued

Research Day                                                             • Human Subject Protection (including ethics), presented
Each year for the past 15 years, Atlantic Health System                   by Roger Kurlan, MD, Chair, IRB; and Director,
Research Day has highlighted the abundance of compelling                  Movement Disorders Program, Atlantic Neuroscience
studies conducted at our hospitals. Research is central to                Institute
the mission of Atlantic Health System and represents a sig-              • Biostatistics, presented by Rami Bustami, PhD, MBA,
nificant effort of the faculty, residents and staff. Research             Biostatistics Manager, Atlantic Center for Research
Day is designed to illuminate our research efforts to foster             • Development of Posters, Abstracts and Oral Presentations,
scientific creativity and exploration. Atlantic Health System             presented by Jacquie Darcey, MD, FACP, Associate
researchers share the highlights and findings of their work               Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency, Morristown
and studies at the annual event. The Research Day chaired                 Medical Center
by Dr. Jacqueline Darcey, Dr. Eric Lazar and Dr. Joanna                  • Project Management, presented by Eric Lazar, MD, MS,
Louie featured 124 submissions, with 10 selected for oral                 FACS, FAAP, Department of Surgery, Surgery for Infants
presentations and 80 poster presentations. As a result of                 & Children, Morristown Medical Center and Overlook
research showcased at this event, Atlantic Health System                  Medical Center
investigators produced over 170 articles, books and pre-                 • Critical Analysis of the Literature, presented by Drs. Ben
sentations during the academic year.                                      Lee and Rami Bustami

                                                                         Biostatistical Education and Training:
Research Education and Training
                                                                         Ongoing lectures, journal clubs and training sessions
Clinical Coordinator Training Program:                                   on statistics and methodology are provided by Dr. Rami
This comprehensive research administration training series               Bustami in our Biostatistics Department. These presen-
is conducted by the Department of Research Administration                tations are given to residents, attendings, nurses and
at monthly clinical research coordinators’ meetings. The                 pharmacists who are interested in conducting research.
goal of these sessions is to provide research coordinators               Topics include:
with training, important procedural information and updates,             • Research design
and to develop personal working relationships for better                 • Hypothesis testing
communication. The creation of over 50 new standard                      • Choosing appropriate statistical methods
operating procedures in 2011 will form the basis for train-              • Choosing appropriate diagnostic test evaluation tools
ing and standardization of research practice systemwide.                  (e.g., sensitivity, specificity)
                                                                         • Data entry and set-up for analysis
Research Training Program:
                                                                         • Performing simple statistical analysis using Excel, SPSS,
This annual program is aimed at providing Atlantic Health
                                                                          Minitab or other statistical software
System professionals with the necessary education and
tools to help them conduct research. A total of 10 educa-                Summer Student Intern Program:
tional sessions are presented by Atlantic Health System                  This program, started in 2010, is aimed at providing college
experts. Educational sessions featured as part of the                    students who are planning to pursue a career in the medi-
2010/2011 program included:                                              cal or scientific field with an opportunity to learn about all
• Research Methodology, presented by Ben H. Lee, MD,                     aspects of clinical research. The students are exposed
 MPH, MSCR, FAAP, Director of Clinical Research and                      to operational research activities, such as Investigational
 Informatics, MidAtlantic Neonatology Associates                         Review Board (IRB), and assigned to work with an Atlantic

                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Health System principal investigator to assist with research-           • Grants and Contracts: provides comprehensive contract
related projects. At the end of the internship, students                 negotiation, along with pre-award and post-award man-
are asked to present the results of their work. In 2011, six             agement of all industry, government and private research
students participated in the program.                                    grants and contracts. This office oversees sponsored
                                                                         program applications and assists researchers in all
The Department of Research Administration                                aspects of the award process.
The goal of the Department of Research Administration
is to support and strengthen clinical research throughout
Atlantic Health System. The Department provides a sound
business structure for the conduct of research, while taking
a customer service approach in serving the research com-
munity. Services provided include:
• Biostatistical Support: plays a crucial role in the research
 process, from design of the research plan through analy-
 sis and publication of study results. Efficient and knowl-
 edgeable biostatistics support is crucial to the proper
 design and interpretation of research in the biomedical
 sciences. Biostatistical support is provided for over 225
 research projects annually including investigator-initiated
 projects and grant proposals.
• Investigational Drug Service: provides services to all
 Atlantic Health System investigators who conduct phar-
 maceutical industry and government research trials,
 ensuring the safe administration and handling of experi-
 mental agents.
• Institutional Review Board (IRB): oversees human subject
 protection in accordance with all government regulations.
 The IRB process is initiated in parallel with contract
 review, to decrease overall turnaround time and facilitate
 study startup. In 2009 a Research Portal was developed
 and implemented, enabling researchers to submit mate-
 rials electronically. This process trims days from the
 turnaround time and replaces paper files. Review and
 approval of a new study requiring full board review is
 typically granted within 45 days.

           Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


Team “R”
                           Patient Experiences in Research
Linda Brinkman                                                       Due to the aggressive nature of her disease, Linda

                                                                     decided to participate in a clinical study investigating
                                                                     the use of a drug that inhibits the formation of new blood
                                                                     vessels. The drug has already been approved by the Food
    t all started while she was reupholstering the furniture         and Drug Administration for the treatment of colorectal,
in her dining room. As Linda Brinkman stapled fabric                 lung, brain and kidney cancer, but is still being investi-
onto the chairs, she felt an obscure pain that wouldn’t              gated for use in ovarian cancer.
go away. She would later undergo various imaging, colo-
noscopy, and even endoscopy procedures in search of                  “Knowing that I was diagnosed at Stage IIIC, with the
what was causing the pain. Ultimately, a simple blood                next level Stage IV and after that death, I knew that I had
test showed elevated levels of CA-125, a biomarker that              something serious and needed the best shot at fighting
may be elevated in some patients with specific types                 this disease,” recalls Linda. “That is why I was open to my
of cancers.                                                          physician’s recommendation to enroll in a clinical study.”

Following surgery in May 2010, Linda was diagnosed                   While her investigational drug may be the best that
with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer, which is second only                 Western medicine has to offer, Linda also believes in
to the most advanced stage of disease. It meant that                 the value of Eastern medicine, and that the combination
the cancer was in one or both ovaries and had spread                 of the two will give her the ultimate result she desires. In
beyond the pelvis to the lining of the abdomen or to                 addition to music therapy, she takes ginseng, an herbal
lymph nodes.                                                         medicine used extensively for centuries in Asian cultures,
                                                                     as a general tonic to promote longevity.
While friends and family encouraged her to seek treat-
ment at a prominent cancer center, Linda felt strongly               Linda will be finished with her experimental therapy in the
that she needed the personal touch that Atlantic Health              fall. In the meantime, she has made shirts for Team R, her
System had to offer, along with comparable expertise.                network of supportive friends and family, with the letter
                                                                     “R” standing for remission.
“For me, there is a direct correlation between the quality
and successes of cancer treatment and having confidence
in the doctor/patient relationship, which I find invaluable,”
said Linda. “There is no comfort in simply being a statistic
at a larger institution, and at Atlantic Health System—
you’re not a statistic.”

                                                    Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

 Quality of LIFE
“Over the last five or six years
oncology research has undergone a great transformation—
to focus not only on treatment effectiveness and extending
the life of a patient, but also on the quality of life.”

Brian Slomovitz, M.D.                                                       time for more important activities with friends and family

                                                                            outside of the hospital setting.”

                                                                            After medical school, Dr. Slomovitz first became interested
     or patients with advanced stage disease, such as                       in clinical research during his residency at Cornell Univer-
cancer, the major objective with most treatment options is                  sity. His interest in clinical research grew during his time
to simply prolong life. For Dr. Brian Slomovitz, the quality                at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
of life is an equally important consideration.                              when he was approached by a pharmaceutical company
                                                                            to conduct a study with an investigational, oral agent for
“Over the last five or six years, oncology research has                     the treatment of endometrial cancer. Dr. Slomovitz saw an
undergone a great transformation—to focus not only on                       opportunity to combine it with an oral hormonal therapy
treatment effectiveness and extending the life of a patient,                that had demonstrated limited success in treating the
but also on the quality of life,” said Dr. Slomovitz. “For                  disease when originally used as a single agent.
example, investigating the role of oral drug alternatives
that could spare patients from sitting for hours in the infu-               His pioneering research led to the first publication linking
sion therapist suite. This lets patients utilize their precious             a common genetic mutation in endometrial carcinoma

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

with activation of a signaling pathway that is vital to the              Dr. Slomovitz is passionate about his sub-specialty
growth and survival of tumor cells and leads to hormonal                 and what Atlantic Health System has to offer patients.
resistance. Human clinical studies have since demon-                     “Researching the underlying cause of certain cancers
strated the synergy between the two oral agents. Encour-                 and being able to apply that knowledge to positively
aging clinical results in recurrent endometrial cancer were              impact patients is something that is especially rewarding
presented at a major medical conference in 2011 and led                  to me. It reconfirms over and over again that I really enjoy
to further development of this combination therapy.                      and love what I’m doing. Atlantic Health System offers a
                                                                         great group of people to work with and I’m proud to be
“I really wanted to find a sub-specialty of the medical                  able to offer patients in the community setting the same
field for myself and believe that I chose wisely,” recalls               access to excellent care, including the latest clinical trials,
Dr. Slomovitz. His research focus allows him to pursue                   as they would receive at a major cancer center. You don’t
his interests in the pathology, anatomy and biochemistry                 need to go through the Lincoln Tunnel in order to access
underlying cancer, along with taking care of acutely ill                 cutting-edge research and the best cancer care.”
patients. By treating and following patients over a long
period of time, he has been able to encompass all of those
areas and incorporate them into his everyday practice.

BODy and
                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Roger Kurlan, M.D.                           another potential intervention for               part of taking care of patients with

                                             Parkinson’s disease.”                            these neurodegenerative diseases is
                                                                                              to provide hope and some opportu-
                                             Parkinson’s disease is a neurological            nity to potentially control their future
               ovement disorders are         disorder that results from the break-            by having the chance to be involved
neurological conditions that may             down of key nerve cells in the brain             in the testing of new medications that
cause excessive or involuntary move-         that create dopamine, a chemical                 might provide some advances over
ments or slowed or loss of voluntary         that sends signals to control move-              the limited treatment options that we
movements. Some of the most com-             ment. Dr. Kurlan chose to use yoga               have now.”
mon movement disorders include               and Tai Chi because they rely heavily
restless leg syndrome, Tourette syn-         on balance in movement, a common                 Dr. Kurlan completed his residency
drome and Parkinson’s disease. In            problem for patients with Parkinson’s            in neurology and fellowship training
addition to exploring new pharma-            disease.                                         in movement disorders and clinical
ceutical interventions for the treat-                                                         neuropharmacology at the University
ment of these disorders, Dr. Roger           He is also currently studying an oral            of Rochester Medical Center. He has
Kurlan is taking a more holistic             agent for Parkinson’s disease that is            led or participated in a large number
approach that might complement               designed to increase the release of              of clinical and translational research
the limited benefits of standard             various neurotrophic factors in the              studies in movement disorders and
medications.                                 brain. These chemicals naturally                 received funding from the Michael
                                             exist to strengthen the growth and               J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s
“Most of these diseases don’t have           persistence of brain cells and seem              Research. Beyond Parkinson’s dis-
fantastic treatments, so we have             to be particularly important for the             ease, he is also exploring a new
been looking at alternative or inte-         growth of the brain. The hope is that            treatment for Tourette syndrome, a
grated interventions and recently            restimulating and releasing these                neurological disease characterized
completed a clinical study of Tai Chi,       growth factors may slow the progres-             by verbal and motor tics that begin in
the Chinese martial art that is primar-      sion of Parkinson’s disease or perhaps           childhood and persist over time. His
ily practiced for its health benefits,       reverse the damages that occur.                  present clinical trial involves an oral
in patients with Parkinson’s disease,”                                                        agent that blocks certain dopamine
said Dr. Kurlan. “We found some              When asked for his motivation to                 receptors to relieve the symptoms of
benefits in terms of improving mobil-        focus on treating movement disorders,            the disease in adult patients.
ity, reducing falls and lessening            Dr. Kurlan said, “There is no cure
depression. Based in part on these           for these debilitating diseases and
encouraging results, we are devel-           patients can live with their effects for
oping a study that looks at yoga as          quite some time. As a result, a critical

“Most of these diseases don’t have fantastic treatments, so we have been looking at alternative or integrated interventions
and recently completed     a clinical study of Tai Chi,                                                    the Chinese martial art
that is primarily practiced for its health benefits, in patients with Parkinson’s disease.”

Game Changer

“Since 1995, Atlantic Health System has performed the most heart surgeries in the state of New Jersey. Within seven
years of starting heart surgery,   we became the state leader                                        and have a very
active cardiac research department that has been doing many interesting studies.”

                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

John Brown, M.D.                                             “Patients naturally want to avoid having

                                                             their chest split open or going on a
                                                             machine that temporarily takes over both
                                                             heart and lung functions during surgery,”
           ortic stenosis, an abnormal                       added Dr. Brown. “If there is a safe and
narrowing of the aortic valve in the heart,                  effective alternative, patients are going to
is the most frequent heart valve disease                     jump at it.”
in Western countries. It is a very serious,
life-threatening condition that may lead to                  Dr. Brown joined Atlantic Health System
heart failure and increased risk of sudden                   from New York Hospital Cornell Medical
cardiac death. The frequency of the dis-                     Center, where he earned his medical
ease increases with age, making it a major                   degree. He has had extensive training in
geriatric problem.                                           thoracic oncology at Memorial Sloan-
                                                             Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Brown has
While surgical replacement of the aortic                     a particular interest in minimally invasive
valve can be an effective treatment option,                  valve procedures, which could address
approximately one-third of patients are                      a large unmet medical need for many
deemed too high a risk for open-heart                        patients who are considered at high risk
surgery. Fortunately, a U.S. pivotal clinical                for open-heart surgery.
trial began in late 2010 to explore a mini-
mally invasive, non-surgical treatment                       Beyond his work with aortic stenosis,
option for patients requiring aortic valve                   Dr. Brown has also participated in a clinical
replacement who are considered at high                       trial exploring the use of a catheter-based
risk for surgery.                                            device that is delivered to the heart through
                                                             a blood vessel in the leg to treat a common
“It’s a very interesting trial and a potential               heart valve disorder known as mitral regur-
game changer for how patients with aortic                    gitation. This condition occurs when the
stenosis are treated,” said Dr. John Brown,                  heart’s mitral valve doesn’t close tightly,
a cardiac surgeon at Atlantic Health                         allowing blood to flow backward in the
System, which is the only clinical site in                   heart. Left untreated, severe mitral valve
New Jersey and one of 40 U.S. clinical                       regurgitation can cause heart failure or
sites participating in the trial. “As the baby               serious heart rhythm problems, such as
boomers go through the decades, the inci-                    arrhythmias.
dence of aortic stenosis will only increase.”
                                                             Dr. Brown is proud of Atlantic Health
In contrast to open surgery, patients                        System’s leadership position in cardiac
undergoing minimally invasive procedures                     research. “Since 1995, Atlantic Health
lose less blood, have less postoperative                     System has performed the most heart sur-
pain, fewer and smaller scars, and a faster                  geries in the state of New Jersey. Within
recovery time. This may result in shorter                    seven years of starting heart surgery, we
hospital stays, with some patients return-                   became the state leader and have a very
ing home within two to three days.                           active cardiac research department that
                                                             has been doing many interesting studies.”

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Stephen Winters, M.D.

I   nspired by a near-death experience he had after an automobile accident during
college, Stephen Winters realized he had a second calling in life, which was to study
medicine. After his formal training in cardiology, Dr. Winters studied alongside world-
renowned cardiologist Dr. Valentin Fuster of The Mount Sinai Hospital. During that period,
Dr. Winters spearheaded a new program in electrophysiology, the study of the electrical
properties of biological cells and tissues, which was just in its infancy.

“It was an exceptional opportunity to immerse myself in a field that most cardiologists
wanted to run away from because it was the most challenging,” recalls Dr. Winters. “But I
found it to be an interesting and exciting field. Unlike other areas of cardiology, this field
requires an enormous amount of deductive reasoning. It isn’t just applying visual percep-
tion or auscultatory, meaning hearing findings, to diagnose and treat problems. It involves
some very exceptional deductive reasoning by analyzing graphic electrical data.”

Around the time he started this program, two major evolutionary developments were also
occurring in the field. One was the advent of a potentially life-saving device, called the
automatic defibrillator, which was being applied in research applications but had not yet
been approved for commercial use. The other was the field of cardiac ablation, a proce-
dure to cure cardiac arrhythmias, which occur when there is abnormal electrical activity in

                                                                                              A Second
the heart, causing it to beat too fast or too slow and in a regular or irregular pattern.

Once the student, Dr. Winters is now clearly a leader. He and his partners have
authored or co-authored more than 200 publications and participated in over
60 clinical trials focusing on cardiac rhythm management, including trials of
newer anti-arrhythmic drugs to treat atrial fibrillation and related arrhythmias, new indica-
tions and applications for implantable automatic defibrillators, and the next generation of
automatic defibrillators and pacemakers.

These clinical trials include two cutting-edge studies: the first major, multi-center con-
trolled clinical trial ever conducted to determine the value of implanting an automatic
defibrillator in high-risk patients who have had a myocardial infarction and might be at risk
for cardiac arrest; and a major clinical trial of intravenous amiodarone to help keep the
heart beating normally in people with life-threatening rhythm disorders of the ventricles
(the lower chambers of the heart).

“Our efforts to expand into more basic areas of cardiac rhythm management research
will be of great benefit to Atlantic Health System patients now and in the future,” added
Dr. Winters. “Being in an environment where the levels of administration are fewer than in
an academic university center expedites the approval and subsequent performance of
these studies. The end result is that we are able to provide patients with the most up-to-
date, futuristic treatments available.”

                                             Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


“It was an   exceptional opportunity                                                      to immerse myself in a field that most
cardiologists wanted to run away from because it was the most challenging.”

                                               Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

Chris Eckman, Ph.D.                                                    Collectively, there are approximately 40 different lysosomal

                                                                       storage disorders, each with different enzymes that are
                                                                       missing in the lysosome. Classified as rare diseases, lyso-
                                                                       somal storage disorders were the subject of the 2010 film
           former chair of the Department of Neurosciences             Extraordinary Measures, which was based on a true story
at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Chris Eckman was listed as one of the              about parents who form a biotechnology company to
top 100 Alzheimer’s disease investigators in the world in              develop a drug to save the lives of their two children who
the March 2009 issue of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.                have Pompe disease.
Taking into consideration that approximately 25,000 pub-
lishing scientists worldwide have authored one or more                 Only a few lysosomal storage disorders have enzyme
papers on Alzheimer’s disease, being one of the most                   replacement therapies approved by the Food and Drug
cited in the field is even more impressive.                            Administration. Dr. Eckman is currently working on an
                                                                       experimental treatment for Krabbe disease, also known as
Dr. Eckman focuses on translational research, which he                 globoid cell leukodystrophy. It is the third-most prevalent
defines as “working on problems that, if they are solved,              lysosomal storage disorder, and infants with early-onset
result in a direct impact on the patient as opposed to sci-            cases usually die before age two. The disease affects the
ence for the sake of simply gaining knowledge.” Harkening              myelin sheath of the nervous system, causing nerves in the
back to his college major in child development, he recently            brain and other body areas to not work properly. Atlantic
joined Atlantic Health System after searching for an institu-          Health System is the only hospital in New Jersey trying to
tion that would provide an opportunity to also expand his              find novel treatments for children with Krabbe disease.
research into pediatric diseases.
                                                                       “My inspiration to focus on Krabbe disease started with
“Most of my early career at Mayo Clinic was spent working              the Hunter’s Hope Foundation, which was started by
on Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Eckman. “But about five              Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill, after
years ago, I decided to start working in pediatric diseases            their infant son, Hunter, was diagnosed with the disease,”
—in particular lysosomal storage disorders. These are                  recalls Dr. Eckman. “It was a very compelling story and a
usually lethal disorders where we are trying to replace a              problem where I thought we might be able to contribute.”
particular enzyme that is deficient. While the problems may
be different in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease,           Straight enzyme replacement therapy requires a large
the methodology is quite similar and our research applies              amount of protein, even to treat a small number of patients,
across these diseases.”                                                which adds to the cost and amount of time required to
                                                                       perform clinical studies. Rather than simply replacing the
                                                                       deficient enzyme in Krabbe disease, Dr. Eckman is devel-
                                                                       oping small-molecule compounds to increase the small
                                                                       amount of enzyme that’s normally made in these patients.

“My   inspir ation                     to focus on Krabbe disease started with the Hunter’s Hope Foundation, which
was started by Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill, after their infant son, Hunter, was diagnosed with
the disease.”

                                                 Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

                                             Recent Partners

Recent Academic, Corporate &                Debiopharm, SA                                    NIH/National Institute of Neurological
Government Partners                         Delcath Systems, Inc.                               Disorder and Stroke

                                            DiagnoCure Oncology Laboratories                  NIH/NHLBI
AB Science                                  Diamyd Therapeutics AB                            North Shore University Health System
Abbott Laboratories                                                                            Research Institute
                                            Duke University
Abbott Vascular, Inc.                                                                         Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.
                                            Edwards Lifesciences, LLC
Abiomed                                                                                       Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
                                            Eisai, Inc.
Abraxis BioScience, LLC                                                                       Novo Nordisk, Inc.
                                            Emory University
Advanced Biohealing, Inc.                                                                     Oncotherapeutics
                                            Endocyte, Inc
Advanced Technologies                                                                         Paracor Medical, Inc.
                                            Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AGA Medical Corporation                                                                       Pfizer, Inc.
                                            Epigenomics, Inc
Allergan Sales, LLC                                                                           Precision Therapeutics, Inc.
                                            Genentech, Inc.
Allos Therapeutics, Inc.                                                                      PrECOG, LLC
American Medical Systems                                                                      Prima Biomed, Ltd
                                            Gerber Products Company
Aranz Medical Limited                                                                         Psyadon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
                                            Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Astellas Pharma Global Development                                                            RTOG
AstraZeneca, LP                                                                               Sanofi-Aventis U.S., Inc.
                                            Healthpoint, Ltd.
Atlus                                                                                         Schering-Plough Research Institute
                                            Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.
Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals                                                              Spiration, Inc.
                                            ImClone Systems Corporation
Bioheart, Inc.                                                                                St. Jude Medical Company
                                            ImmunoCellular Therapeutics
Biovex, Inc.                                                                                  Synta Pharma
                                            Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim                                                                          Tap Pharmaceuticals Products, Inc.
                                            Intact Medical
Boston Scientific Corporation                                                                 Tercica, Inc.
                                            Integra LifeSciences Corporation
Boston University                                                                             TEVA Neuroscience, Inc.
                                            Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc
BRANY                                                                                         Texas A&M Research Foundation
                                            JAEB Center for Health Research, Inc.
The Brigham and Women’s Hospital                                                              Thoratec Corporation
Bristol Meyers Squibb                                                                         TrialNet
                                            Johns Hopkins University
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey                                                            Tyco Healthcare Group LP
                                            Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical
  Oncology Group                              Research & Development LLC                      UCB Biosciences, Inc.
Canyon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine             University of Miami
Cardiokine Biopharma, LLC                   Lilly USA, LLC                                    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cardiokinetix, Inc.                         Maine Medical Center                              University of Pittsburgh
Catheter Robotics Inc.                      Medline Industries incorporated                   University of Rochester
Celgene Cellular Therapeutics               Medtronic Vascular, Inc.                          University of Virginia
Center for Disease Control and Prevention   Merck & Co., Inc.                                 Vertex Pharmaceutical, Inc
Cnoga Medical Ltd                           Micro Therapeutics, Inc.                          Vical Incorporated
Colopost                                    Morphotek, Inc.                                   Weill Cornell Medical College
Combimatrix Molecular Diagnostics           Mpex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        Widemed, Ltd.
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center       National Childhood Cancer Foundation/             W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
CR Bard, Inc.                                CureSearch                                       Yale University
Crux Biomedical                             New York University
Cyberknife Society                          NIH/National Institute of Aging

                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


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                                               Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


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                                                Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report

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                                              Atlantic Center for Research Annual Report


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