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					                                Minutes of MHS PTSO Meeting

                                       January 18, 2012

In attendance: Cathy Penney-Hadewycz, Liz Bradley, Debra Dias, Pat Kennedy, Pat Wyer,
Renee Hauserman, Francesca Gooby, Linda Finelli, Anne Meyer, Greg Robertson, John
Connolly, Tricia Armstrong, Sharlys Leszczuk, Sally Lebwohl, Michael Lebwohl, Aujer Ding,
Carla Brundage, Paula Cecere, Anita McAndrew, Debbie Luttinger, Susanne von der Linde,
Suzanne Young, Anne Hargrave, MaryAnn Post, Debra Ng, Kathleen Schuckman, Peter
Schuckman, Michael Hyman, Nancy Hymah, Manijeh Sharif, Karen Deeb, Lora Buzinkai.

The meeting was preceded with a presentation by Greg Robertson, John Connolly and Brett
Levine. The presentation explained the current efforts at exploring the implementation of a new
school schedule to a modified rotating block schedule for the 2012-2013 school year. The
proposal was explained in detail and questions from parents and students were addressed. Mr.
Robertson addressed concerns regarding the communication of the proposal. Additionally, he
stressed that the objective of the schedule change is to add value to our student’s school
experience. An additional information sharing session on this proposed schedule change will be
held for parents and students on Thursday, February 9, at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.
Additionally, a presentation will be made to Board of Education on Tuesday, February 28.

Student Council Advisor Report
    Suzanne Monkemeier, student council advisor, thanked the PTSO for their continued
      support of Student Council activities
    Ms. Monkemeier and Sharlys Leszczuk, student council president, shared with the group
      their plans to hold a Mr. MHS event. It is planned for Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 7pm
      and will be held in the MHS auditorium. The funds raised from the event will be donated
      to the Covenant House in Newark, NJ. The student council is asking the MHS PTSO to
      assist with publicity, ticket sales, securing business sponsors, creating a program for the
      event and selling refreshments at the event.
    Spirit Week is planned for March 19th through March 23rd and will include a Food Drive
      and a Class Clash on Friday, March 23rd at the end of the day.

Co-President’s Report
    Cathy Penney reiterated that the PTSO is allotting each class $250 seed money to be
      used for class activities and noted that no formal requests have been received to date.
      Pat Kennedy suggested using the PTSO reimbursement form to request funds.
    Cathy Penney explained plans to hold a Shop and Dine fundraiser on May 3rd. The
      PTSO will sell bracelets to the community, MHS parents and MHS students. Anyone
      wearing a bracelet will qualify to receive shopping/dining discounts at participating
      merchants. The PTSO is looking for significant student involvement.
    Cathy and Pat K. suggested to class parents and student officers to use the PTSO
      newsletter to highlight class activities and the Brett Levine/guidance blast e-mails to
      publicize fundraisers.

Principal’s Report
    As previously reported, Mr. Robertson presented a proposal to change the current
       school schedule to a modified rotating block schedule for the 2012-2013 school year.
Treasurer’s Report
    Debra Dias reviewed the actual income and expenses for the 2011-2012 school year.
      She noted increases in income from $150 earned from PTSO bake sale and some
      additional membership dues being collected.
    She also noted that the PTSO tax return has been filed and the Student Directory was
      mailed to dues paying members. Each of these activities incurred small expenses.

Students/Class Parents Updates
Class of 2012: There was no report from the class of 2012.
Class of 2013: Anita McAndrew reported that the class is currently planning a 3 on 3 basketball
tournament to be held on 3/22, a 4 on 4 volleyball tournament (no set date yet), and a rummage
sale to be held in March. They are also contemplating a possible adult social.
Class of 2014: Aujer Ding reported that his class is planning a bake sale for midterm week and
are continuing plans for class apparel sales.
Class of 2015: Cathy Penny reported that the class is currently holding concession sales at the
home basketball games and wrestling matches. She also reported that a Breakfast with Santa
was held on December 17th and that all families that attended appeared to have a great time.
Additionally, it proved to be a great team building experience for the freshman students. There
were a large amount of student volunteers that performed set up, fee collection, crafts with
children and clean up.

Assistant Principal’s Report
    Mr. Connolly offered to post any flyers for approved fundraising activities on the
      fundraising tab of the web site.
    He announced that midterms will be held January 23rd through January 26th in class
      period order. The exam and busing schedule is posted on the web site. The regular
      school schedule will resume on Friday, January 27th which is also the last day of the
      second marking period.
    Mr. Connolly stressed that if your child is going to be absent for any day of a scheduled
      exam that you must call your child in sick.

The minutes from the 11/16/2011 meeting were approved.

Co-Vice President’s Report
The co-vice presidents will be assembling a nominating committee to form a slate of officers for
election for the 2012/2013 school year.

Committee Reports
Beautification: Susan Boisner submitted a report noting that bulbs were donated and planted
in the senior courtyard. Pat Kennedy added that the Holiday Windows and tree were put up and
taken down.
Newsletter: The Oct. /Nov. newsletter is available on line. The Dec. /Jan. /Feb. issue is being
Directory: The directory was mailed to dues paying members. Copies are available in the
school office.
Hospitality: Debbie Luttinger reported that nothing is scheduled until February.
Webmaster: Renee Hauserman reported that all updates have been completed.

PTSO Liaison Reports
Board of Education: No report
Harding: Paula Cecere reported that they will be holding the Harding PTO annual fashion show
at the Madison Hotel. Cathy and Pat K. agreed to attend a Harding PTO meeting to explain the
role of the MHS PTSO, the role of class parents and parent volunteer opportunities at MHS.
MEF: The Gala fundraiser was held on 12/3 and raised $45,000. $40,000 of grants has been
given. One of the most notable to MHS was 10 MACs provided for a Journalism class.
MMA: Anne Meyer noted that a Dessert and Jazz fundraiser is being held on January 28th.
Additionally, band students are busy planning fundraising initiatives to offset costs for their
attendance at the Music Festival in Williamsburg. The Arts Matter Concert is planned for May
 PPEC: No report.

Old Business: No old business.
New Business: No new business.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Wyer, Secretary

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