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					                               10TH China Agricultural Trade Fair 2012
                                                     Application Form & Contract
                                                 September 27-30, 2012 Beijing China

1. Exhibitor Information:
 COMPANY NAME (CHINESE): ____________________________________________________________________________________________
 Street address:                                                                                           No.:
 CITY:                                 STATE:                    COUNTRY:                        ZIP/POSTAL CODE:
 PHONE:                                                                FAX: ___________________________________________________
 PRIMARY CONTACT:                                                 SECONDARY CONTACT:
 E-MAIL:                                                                 WEB SITE:

2. Space Rental (please tick the appropriate):

                       ITEMS                                                                      SPACE COST
  □ Option 1: Standard Booth: USD 300 per sqm,              mx         m=     m
                                                                                           Total amount: USD
    Remark: Minimum 12 sqm, Basic fittings, for standard booth include: Exhibit space, Sign panel in Chinese & English, One
               5amp/220v electrical outlet, Two fluorescent lights, One information counter, Walls on three sides,
               Carpeted floor, Two chairs, Daily booth cleaning, One wastepaper basket. Two Official Catalogues

  □ Option 2: Raw Space: USD 270 per sqm,          mx         m=        m
                                                                                       Total amount: USD
    Remark: minimum 36 m . Additional raw exhibit space is available. Price includes exhibitor services.

                                                                                                  Total cost:

3. The exhibitor will exhibit the following products and/or services:

4. Terms of Payment:
Please enclose the receipt of payment of 50% the total space cost as deposit for the exhibition area desired; payment is made by T/T to:
BNF's Name: Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.  BNF's A/C No.: 11230114040005424
BNF's Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing Branch        SWIFT Code: ABOCCNBJ010

Remark: 1. If the payment is made by bank transfer please indicate clearly: China AG Trade Fair 2012 and Company Name.
           2. The balance of space cost must have been paid before July 10, 2012.

We remind the exhibitor that the organizer accepts only Application Forms duly filled in and signed, accompanied by copy of the receipt
for the deposit due and by the required documentation sent in original by and not beyond July 10, 2012. The Exhibitor herewith
recognizes and abides by the legal validity of the General Regulations of China AG Trade Fair 2012. No rights hereunder shall accrue
to the exhibitor until payment for space is made in full and this contract has been accepted in writing. A copy of booth confirmation and
invoice will be forwarded to the exhibitor after booth space is assigned and the contract is signed.

___________________________________                        _____________________________________________________
               Date                                                      Company Stamp & Signature

Please return the original one by mail or fax to: Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Add.: Room No.438, Jin Ou
               Building, An Zhen Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China  Tel: 0086-10-64416542 64414996
                      Fax: 0086-10-64412631     E-mail: Http://

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                                                                                          Beijing Regalland
                                                                                   Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
                                                                                     Room No.438 Jin Ou Building,
                                                                                 Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029 China
                                                                       Tel:0086-10- 64416542,64414996 Fax:0086-10- 64412631
                    Sep. 27-30, 2012
                                                                      Website: E-mail:
     Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center

                                            GENERAL REGULATIONS
                                To be enclosed with the Application Form and Participation Contract

                                                                      The Organizer will only contract with direct exhibitor. If the direct
1. GENERAL INFORMATION                                                exhibitor wishes to share his space with co-exhibitor, the direct
The Exhibition, admission to which is limited to trade only, is       exhibitor must obtain written permission from the Organizer;
called China AG Trade Fair 2012 – 2012 China Agricultural             otherwise, the co-exhibitor must pay USD 500 of the registration
Trade Fair (hereinafter “Exhibition”), and is organized by Beijing    fee to the Organizer.
Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and CCPIT
Specialized Sub-Council of Agriculture (hereinafter “Organizer”)      4.3 Liability of Organizer
                                                                      The Organizer declines any liability arising from events
2, DATES, TIME AND VENUE OF THE EXHIBITION                            attributable to participants at the Exhibition even where they are
The Exhibition will be held from Sept.27-30, 2012 at the Beijing      in accordance with the provisions of the regulations governing
National Agricultural Exhibition Center. Opening times for visitors   the Exhibition itself.
will be continuous from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm each day.
Exhibitors, persons employed by them and working with them,           5 APPLICATION & PAYMENT
may enter the pavilions half an hour before the entry time for        5.1 APPLICATION
Visitors and their departure from the halls must not be later than    Only “Application and Participation Contract” duly filled in and
half an hour after the closing time for Visitors. Admission to the    signed according to our Regulations, accompanied by receipt of
Exhibition is for trade only upon payment.                            payment of the sum due (the 50% of space cost) and the signed
The Organizer reserves the right to alter the above opening           “General Regulations”, will be accepted before July 10, 2012,
times as well as to suspend the entry of Visitors and any trade       and after July 10, 2012requests and applications from the
business for certain periods or for special organizational            exhibitor will be put on the waiting-list.
                                                                      5.2 PAYMENT
3.PERMITTED GOODS AND SERVICES:                                       50% advance payment –deposit- is to be made on submission of
To safeguard the specialist nature of the exhibition only the         the “Application & Participation Contract”. On receipt of the
following categories of goods and services will be admitted:          correctly filled in “Application & Participation Contract”, together
 Agro-products: grains, cash crops, fruits & vegetables, seeds,      with the signed ”General Regulations” and the sum to be paid
edible oil, edible fungus, dried fruits & nuts                        due, the Organizer will issue an original invoice for the whole
 Food & Beverage: conventional foods. instant foods, snacks,         space cost; The balance of the full payment due should be paid
healthy foods, frozen foods, canned foods, baby foods, candy,         before July 10, 2012.
condiment, fruit juices, wines
 Animal Husbandry & Aquatic Products: embryo, breeder, feeds,        6. ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE
meat products, poultry products, dairy products, fishery products,    According the priority of the “Application and Participation
seafood, aquaculture products                                         Contract” that the exhibitor sent to the organizer and the
 Agro-input: agrochemical, fertilizer, seed                          exhibition’s image, the organizer assigns the space to the
 Agro-Technology and Agro-Machinery                                  exhibitors;
  Note: Retail sales at the Show are allowed.                         For technical and organizational reasons, prior to or during the
                                                                      Exhibition the organizer reserves the right to change or to reduce
4 PARTICIPANTS                                                        the allocated space, including its transfer to anther part of the
4.1 PARTICIPATING PERSONS AND GROUPS                                  exhibition center. In such cases the exhibitors shall have no right
Whether directly or through their Representatives, all Producers,     to indemnity or compensation for any reason.
Traders, Associations, Institutions or Consortia operating in the
fields of the goods indicated in Article 3 above may be admitted      7.TRANSFER AND CANCELLATION OF SPACE
to the exhibition, which all are called hereinafter “Exhibitor”.      Transfer, with or without payment, of whole or part of the space
Representatives may take part in the exhibition only in that          is strictly forbidden.
specific function and with their own company name.                    After submission of the“Application & Participation Contract” any
                                                                      exhibitor who is unable to take part in the exhibition or who
4.2 CO-EXHIBITOR                                                      wishes to reduce to stand space allocated to him, must
                                                                      immediately notify the organizer by fax.
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In such cases the organizer shall withhold the deposit, such            models and other employees must remain within the booths
cancellation or partial cancellation being a breach of contract by      occupied by their employers. Any and all advertising distribution
the exhibitor.                                                          must be made from Exhibitor’s booth space. Samples, souvenirs
If cancellation is received by the organizer after July 10, 2012,       and advertising materials may be distributed by Exhibitor only
the whole of the amount paid shall be retained as compensation          within the exhibitor’s booth. Balloons and stickers are prohibited
for damages due to cancellation.                                        in the exhibit area. (Handouts with gummed backing that adhere
After 12 hours of the opening of the exhibition the exhibitor           or cause adhesion are considered stickers.) Equipment must be
cannot appear on the spot and cannot inform the organizer               arranged so that show visitors do not stand in the aisle while
about some reasons, the organizer will not reserve the allocated        examining equipment or watching demonstrations. Strolling
space.                                                                  entertainment or moving advertisements outside of an Exhibitor’s
                                                                        exhibit space is prohibited.
Approximately before July 10, 2012, the organizer will send an          14. PHOTOGRAPHS AND SOUND
Exhibitor Service Manual to the exhibitor. The Exhibitor Service        14.1 PHOTOGRAPHIC RIGHTS
Manual will include information of the exhibition, including:           The booths and the products on display may not be
additional Exhibitor rules and regulations, official contractor order   photographed or filmed or in any way reproduce without the
forms, registration, construction, shipping and drayage, utilities      authorization of the Exhibitors and the Organizer;
and building services, hotel and travel, display rules, move-in,        The organizer reserves the right to reproduce or authorize the
move-out schedules and so on.                                           reproduction of general views or details of space inside and
                                                                        outside the exhibition area.
Each Exhibitor must name at least one person to be his                  14.2 SOUND DEVICES
representative in connection with installation, operation and           The use of devices for mechanical reproduction of sound or
removal of exhibit. Such Representative shall be authorized to          music is permitted, but must be controlled within the allocated
enter into such service contracts as may be necessary, and for          space. Sound of any kind must not be projected outside of the
which the Exhibitor shall be responsible.                               exhibit booth. If the exhibitor wishes to employ some
                                                                        carnival-type attraction, animal or human, or operate such
10. CONTRACTOR SERVICES/EXHIBITOR-APPOINTED                             noise-creating devices as bells, horns or megaphones, firstly the
CONTRACTORS                                                             exhibitor should obtain the permission of the organizer;
In the interest of making available the best-qualified craftsmen in     The organizer reserves the right to stop the above-mentioned
numbers sufficient to handle all of the services necessary for the      activities.
operation of the Exhibition, The organizer has contracted on an
exclusive basis official contractors to provide some certain            15. LISTINGS AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS
services. Service companies other than the official contractors         By exhibiting at the Exhibition, Exhibitor grants to the organizer a
will not be allowed to perform any of these exclusive services.         fully-paid, perpetual non-exclusive license to use, display and
Non-exclusive services may be performed by                              reproduce the name, trade names and product names of
Exhibitor-appointed contractors (EAC) within certain guidelines.        Exhibitor in any directory (print, electronic or other media) listing
A complete listing of exclusive services and EAC guidelines will        the exhibiting companies at the Exhibition and to use such
be provided in Exhibitor Service Manual. The Organizer shall            names in the organizer’s promotional materials. The organizer
require written notification from any Exhibitor using services of a     will not be liable for any errors in any listing or descriptions or for
company other than the official contractor. This notification           omitting any Exhibitor from the show program or other lists or
should include the liaison, the in-charge person of the                 materials. The organizer may also take photographs of
exhibitor-appointed contractor. This information must be                Exhibitor’s booth space, exhibit and personnel during, before or
provided to the Organizer at least 30 days in advance of the first      after the open hours of the Exhibition and use such photographs
day of move-in.                                                         for any the organizer’s promotional purpose.

11.RULES OF CONSTRUCTION                                                16. CANCELLATION OF EXHIBITION
The details on the construction of standard booth and raw space         If the organizer cancels the Exhibition due to circumstances
will be included in the Exhibitor Service Manual                        beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer (such acts of war,
                                                                        earthquake, government emergency, labor strike or unavailability
12.TRANSPORTATION AND FORWARDING                                        of the Exhibit Facility), The organizer shall refund to each
The rules of transportation and forwarding will be included in the      Exhibitor its exhibit space rental payment previously paid, minus
Exhibitor Service Manual                                                a share of costs and expenses incurred, in full satisfaction of all
                                                                        liabilities of the Organizer to the Exhibitor. The organizer
13. RULES OF DISPLAYS                                                   reserves the right to cancel, re-name or relocate the Exhibition or
Distribution of samples and printed matter of any kind, and any         change the date of the Exhibition. If the organizer changes the
promotional material, is restricted to the allocated space. Each        date of the exhibition, the new and concrete date of the
Exhibitor agrees to display only services or goods that the             exhibition will be informed to the exhibitor not more than 30
exhibitor manufactures, represents or distributes. The aisles,          days.
passageways and overhead spaces remain strictly under control
of the organizer and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising        17. SECURITY
material or special exhibits will be permitted in the aisles except     The Organizer will employ guards during the course of the
by written permission of the organizer. Uniformed attendants,           exhibition. The duty of the guards will be to protect the general

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exhibit against fire or other catastrophes. Neither the Organizer,     constitute the exclusive forum for the resolution of any and all
nor the owners or lessors of the exhibit premises will assume          disputes arising out of, connected with or related to this contract
any responsibility for Exhibitors' personal property. It is required   or the breach of any provision of this contract.
that the Exhibitor insures his property against loss and theft.
The Exhibitor is in any case liable, in civil and criminal law, for    20. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS
any damage to persons or things caused by equipment,                   The organizer has its sole control over attendance policies. In
structures or whatever else may be present in the area allocated       addition to its right to close an exhibit and withdraw acceptance
to him, as well as for his own acts and those of his staff,            of the contract, the organizer in its sole judgment may refuse to
representatives and people working for him.                            consider for participation in future Exhibitions an Exhibitor who
State and City Laws must be strictly observed. Decorations must        violates or fails to abide by the contract and any of the
be flameproof. Wiring must comply with fire department’s and           accompanying rules and regulations. Any amendment to this
underwriters rules. Smoking in exhibits is forbidden. Crowding         contract must be in writing and signed by an authorized
will be restricted. Aisles and fire exits can not be blocked by        representative of the organizer. Exhibitor may not assign this
exhibits. No decorations of paper, pine boughs, leafy decorations      contract or any right hereunder nor may sublet or license all or
or tree branches are allowed. Storage of flammable materials in        any portion of its exhibit space. Children under 16 will not be
the Exhibitor's booth or behind the Exhibitor back wall is strictly    allowed in the exhibit hall. (Proof of age maybe required.) This is
forbidden.                                                             for their safety and includes children of Exhibitors.

The Organizer is liable to the exhibitor and persons authorized to     Any and all matters pertaining to the Exhibition and not
act on his behalf for demonstrable damage incurred during the          specifically covered by the terms and conditions of this contract
Exhibition in the exhibition center up to a limit of USD3000 only if   shall be subject to determination by the organizer in its sole
such damage is caused by the negligence of the organizer or his        discretion. The organizer may adopt rules or regulations from
staff. The said limit does not apply in cases of deliberate damage     time to time governing such matters and may amend or revoke
or gross negligence. For damage resulting from failure of              them at any time, upon reasonable notice to Exhibitor. Any such
equipment, operational failures or other incidents having an           rules and regulations (whether or not included in an Exhibitor
adverse effect on the Exhibition, the organizer is liable only in      Service Manual or similar document) are an integral part of this
case of deliberate intent or gross negligence. The organizer is        contract and are incorporated herein by reference. Exhibitor shall
not liable for damage, theft or other loss of exhibits and stand       observe and abide by additional regulations made by the
equipment and consequential damage.                                    organizer as soon as these additional rules or regulations are
Exhibitors are strongly recommended to take out exhibitors'            communicated to Exhibitor. This contract (including the Exhibitor
liability insurance. The organizer is entitled to prohibit the         Service Manual and any additional rules or regulations adopted
exhibition or operation of machinery and/or equipment at his           by the organizer from time to time) states the entire agreement
discretion.                                                            of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

19. GOVERNING LAW                                                      22. CONTRACT ACCEPTANCE
This contract is governed by the state laws of China as applied        This contract shall become binding and effective only when it
to contracts entered into and entirely performed within China.         has been signed by Exhibitor and counter-signed by a duly
Exhibitor agrees that the courts located in the China shall            authorized representative of the organizer.

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