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Lions District 35-I


									                                      Lions District 35-I
                                      Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                  October 2007

                                      Lions of Florida District 35-I, District Governor Robert “Bob” Woomer

                                      Governor Bob’s Comments
                               October, hard to believe          down a little from last
                               that three months have            year. We were all their
                               gone by in this lionistic year.   for the same purpose
                               Everybody needs to jump           and that is to learn
LIONS                          start their batteries and get     more about lionism and
                               to work on the projects and       how to motivate our-
                               goals they have established       selves and fellow Lions.
                               for themselves and their          If only more Lions from
INTERNATIONAL                  Clubs. The first                         our District partici-
                               piece of infor-                          pated in this Fo-
                               mation to                                rum, most of our
 Founded: 1917                share with you                           problems regard-
                               is that OCTO-                            ing how to find our
 Motto: We Serve              BER is new                               future leaders
                               member                                   would disappear and       my visitation schedule else-
                               month. Re-                               membership would          where in this newsletter.
 Members: 1.3 million
                               member one of                            improve. The next         Two dates or rather two
                               my goals is that each Cabi-       forum is scheduled for           events on the calendar this
 Clubs: 45,000 clubs in       net member sponsor a new          Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  200 countries and geo-       member. How is everybody          Canada on September 14th
                               doing with that goal? The         -16th,2008. Join us for an-      Florida Lions Camp
  graphic areas
                               second goal I have is that        other exciting time both         Haunted Trail, October
                               all clubs reach either 20         educational and for fellow-      26th&27th See article for
 International Headquar-                                                                         details!
                               members minimum or in-            ship!
   ters: Oak Brook, IL , USA   crease membership by                                               District 35I Second Cabinet
                                                                 September, I started Club
                               10%. Go for it!                   visitations with eagerness       Meeting, October 27th in
 District 35-I                Well it happened again. As I      and I am enjoying them,          Lake Placid See article for
                               told you last month, we           meeting new Lions and go-        details!
 District Governor: Lion      were going to attend the          ing to Clubs for the first       Until next month remember
  Robert “Bob” Woomer          USA/CANADA Lions Leader-          time. Remember I told you I      "Lionism is Contagious. Be
                               ship Forum in Grand Rap-          was a long time Lion ( I         a Carrier"
                               ids, Michigan. It didn't dis-     celebrate 32 years mem-
 Vice District Governor:
                               appoint me at all. Well just      bership this month) but a
  Lion John Manning            a little, maybe. Only 2500        rookie in District 35I. I will
                               or so were in attendance,         continue into October. See
 Page 2                                                                                           Lions District 35-I

Comments: Lion Val
Hello Lions, this month has flown       said “Challenge to Change” he              out more by attending the Cabi-
by, can’t believe fall is here al-      wasn’t kidding.                            net meeting in Lake Placid!
ready. This is birthday month for       Sometimes we hate the thought              Back to Grand Rapids, we had a
our family, everyone turns an-          of changing and it is hard to go           blast. Met one lion from our club
other year older starting with our      through it BUT as we have gone             in Hilton, NY that we hadn’t seen
son Rob on September 30th and           through life we have all learned           in 20 years, and spent hours
ending with Bob on November 1st.        that the one thing you can count           catching up. Friday afternoon I
I sure do miss all those cakes we       on is CHANGE. Over the next few            was standing in the middle of the
used to enjoy, not to mention the       years you will see big changes in          hall in the Arena and this man is
parties.                                Lionism in the way the district is         standing in front of me staring
We spent five days in Grand Rap-        structured down to the way we              into my eyes and he said “Val do
ids learning more about Lionism.        run our clubs. You will hear about         you know who I am?” I glanced
I thought I knew it all but I found     it from all your leaders from the          at his badge and couldn’t believe
out I could barely keep up with         next three presidents of the Inter-        my eyes. The guy, PDG from
all the new information regarding       national to your district/club lead-       north Georgia I hadn’t seen since
the challenges we have before           ers. So prepare for it and open            we moved in 2002, he had lost a
us. . When president Mehendra           up your mind. All the changes will         lot of weight and it changed his
said “Challenge to Change” he           be for the survival of Lionism in          appearance. Yum, he looks bet-
wasn’t kidding.                         the USA.                                   ter than ever.. I could go on, on
 Hello Lions, this month has             President Mehendra says “this is          telling you about old friends I saw
flown by, can’t believe fall is here    an IPOD world” and I guess he is           and new people I met, but I won’t.
already. This is birthday month         right.                                     Now I am making new friends in
for our family, everyone turns an-      You must have access to the                south Florida while we travel
other year older starting with our      internet to help you through               around the district visiting clubs.
son Rob on September 30th and           these changes. If you don’t have           Everyone has been delightful and
ending with Bob on November 1st.        a computer then go to your local           a pleasure to meet.
I sure do miss all those cakes we       Library and you will find one there        You all don’t have to travel far to
used to enjoy, not to mention the       and someone to help you. Just              meet old friends and make some
parties.                                tell them you want to connect to           new ones, just come to Lake
We spent five days in Grand Rap- and when you            Placid on the 27th.
ids learning more about Lionism.        get to the site just browse                Bring your best
I thought I knew it all but I found     through it and read all about the          smile! See you
out I could barely keep up with         changes in your Lions organiza-            there!
all the new information regarding       tion. You may have a neighbor or           Thank you for all you
the challenges we have before           relative that has a computer, ask          do,
us. . When president Mehendra           them for help. You can also find
                                                                                   Lion Val

VDG Lion John Manning

We are still looking for support         to get involved in. We have a great      solemn promise to do all we can to
from the clubs that have not made        opportunity to bring LIGHT where         reverse blindness causing prob-
a commitment to step up and do so        their is currently darkness. If we       lems.
at this time. The ideal situation        were in that situation wouldn't we       let's stand by that promise. Make
would be 100 % club participation        want the help needed to do this?         your presence felt. Do your part
for our District. I would appreciate     As I've said before, "we as Lions        today.
the clubs in this category letting me    have the ability to Impact some-
know what their hesitation or reser-     one's life daily". I don't think there
vations are. We've got 9 months to       is any other organization or individ-    VDG John A. Manning
get off the fence and contribute to      ual that can make that statement.        District Chairman Sightfirst 2
a project all Lions should be willing    When we became Lions we made a
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                        Page 3

Ann Zinser, Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer

It was good to see so many Lions at      your club.                               “Job well done”, Region and Zone
the USA Canada Forum in Grand            Do we want something for free?           Chairs. You have really performed
Rapids Michigan. We had some                                                      well when I asked for your
                                         Well, PDG Gary Nieskes is offering
“first timers” attending and heard       his MERL Teams help to all or any        help!!!! Please keep your clubs
some good remarks about the Fo-                                                   informed about DG Bob’s visita-
                                         clubs that need help in member-
rum. So why not be a “first timer”       ship, extension, retention or leader-    tions so that the meeting can be
to our next years Forum in Saska-                                                 well attended.
                                         ship. GO FOR IT !!!
toon Canada, Sept. 4-8, 2008.                                                     Also the FL Lions Camp will be hav-
                                         Wish to thank all the secretaries
Our Northern Lions will soon be          that have filed their reports on time    ing their annual Haunted Trail on
returning so let us all bear down                                                 Fri. & Sat. Oct 26, 27 from 7 p.m.
                                         and club Treasurers for their timely
and live up to our pledge “we            assistance in mailing the dues. I’m      till midnight. They need volunteers.
serve” and accept the President’s
                                         proud to report that of the 41 clubs     Your Cabinet Sec/Treas.
Challenge.                               only 3 clubs have not submitted
Please remember October is our           their dues. I thank everyone for the
Membership Month. Banner                 support you have given me ..which
patches will be awarded to the top       makes my job as a “rookie” much
3 clubs in each district. I hope it is   simpler.

Fort Myers Beach/Cape Coral Tornadoes

As most of you know, Fort Myers          thankful for.                            If you need my help in any way or
Beach and Cape Coral were hit with       Now, we all are prepared for the         have information you would like to
tornadoes last evening (09/16/07)        hurricane season. Tornadoes are          pass along to me, please contact
as a result of severe weather. Only      unpredictable but always possible        me at (239)634-4221. I will give
businesses on the Beach were hit,        when we have severe weather.             you an update later today or tomor-
but homes were affected in the           When the beach was hit yesterday,        row morning. They are predicting
Cape. I have been in touch with the      there were people still in the pool. I   the same type of weather this after-
electric company, Red Cross and          watched North Fort Myers, Punta          noon, so get ready!
EOC. Red Cross has placed a few          Gorda and Port Charlotte and the
families in area hotels. Since it hit    lightning show was spectacular.
late, more damage will be discov-                                                 Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG
                                         Let's be smart and take shelter.
ered this morning. I will go out later   Below is some helpful information
today to assess the needs. We            about preparation. Please use
should be okay, as I was told most       common sense when any storm
involved have insurance and it is        approaches! Publix Supermarkets
roof/structure damage. Most              along with local television stations
elected to stay in the undamaged         are offering the NOAA radios for
portion of their home to watch for       around $20. When you don't have
looters. Electric has been restored      electric, this is a good radio to
to all but the severe homes. Only        have. Always keep batteries on-
one injury was transported to the        hand.
hospital, so we have a lot to be

Florida and the Bahama Lions Magazine

Just an update. The Florida and the Bahamas Lions Magazine is now
on line!
 visit and click on the left hand
column labled SECTIONS!
Page 4                                                                                             Lions District 35-I

Further info—Tornadoes

From FEMA                                 Tornado Watch                           Safe rooms built below ground level
Some tornadoes are clearly visible,       Tornadoes are possible. Remain alert    provide the greatest protection, but a
while rain or nearby low-hanging          for approaching storms. Watch the       safe room built in a first-floor interior
clouds obscure others. Occasionally,      sky and stay tuned to NOAA Weather      room also can provide the necessary
tornadoes develop so rapidly that         Radio, commercial radio, or televi-     protection. Below-ground safe rooms
little, if any, advance warning is pos-   sion for information.                   must be designed to avoid accumu-
sible.                                    Tornado Warning                         lating water during the heavy rains
Before a tornado hits, the wind may       A tornado has been sighted or indi-     that often accompany severe wind-
die down and the air may become           cated by weather radar. Take shelter    storms.
very still. A cloud of debris can mark    immediately.                                To protect its occupants, a safe
the location of a tornado even if a       Take Protective Measures                room must be built to withstand high
funnel is not visible. Tornadoes gen-                                             winds and flying debris, even if the
erally occur near the trailing edge of    Before a Tornado
                                                                                  rest of the residence is severely dam-
a thunderstorm. It is not uncommon        Be alert to changing weather condi-
                                                                                  aged or destroyed. Consider the fol-
to see clear, sunlit skies behind a       tions.
                                                                                  lowing when building a safe room:
tornado.                                      Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or
The following are facts about torna-      to commercial radio or television
                                                                                      The safe room must be ade-
does:                                                                             quately anchored to resist overturn-
                                          newscasts for the latest information.
                                                                                  ing and uplift.
     They may strike quickly, with          Look for approaching storms.
little or no warning.                                                                 The walls, ceiling, and door of
                                             Look for the following danger       the shelter must withstand wind
   They may appear nearly trans-         signs:                                  pressure and resist penetration by
parent until dust and debris are                                                  windborne objects and falling debris.
picked up or a cloud forms in the            Dark, often greenish sky
funnel.                                                                               The connections between all
                                             Large hail                          parts of the safe room must be
   The average tornado moves
                                              A large, dark, low-lying cloud     strong enough to resist the wind.
Southwest to Northeast, but torna-                                                Sections of either interior or exterior
does have been known to move in           (particularly if rotating)
                                                                                  residence walls that are used as
any direction.                                Loud roar, similar to a freight    walls of the safe room, must be sepa-
   The average forward speed of a        train.                                  rated from the structure of the resi-
tornado is 30 MPH, but may vary           If you see approaching storms or any    dence so that damage to the resi-
from stationary to 70 MPH.                of the danger signs, be prepared to     dence will not cause damage to the
                                          take shelter immediately.               safe room.
    Tornadoes can accompany tropi-
                                          For shelter see page 5                  Additional information about Safe
cal storms and hurricanes as they
                                          Preparing a Safe Room                   Rooms available from FEMA:
move onto land.
                                          Extreme windstorms in many parts of     Taking Shelter from the Storm: Build-
   Waterspouts are tornadoes that        the country pose a serious threat to    ing a Safe Room Inside Your House.
form over water.                          buildings and their occupants. Your     Locate the Safety Place
    Tornadoes are most frequently        residence may be built “to code,” but   On the following home layout dia-
reported east of the Rocky Moun-          that does not mean it can withstand     grams, locate the safest place to
tains during spring and summer            winds from extreme events such as       seek shelter should you not be able
months.                                   tornadoes and major hurricanes. The     to evacuate.
                                          purpose of a safe room or a wind
    Peak tornado season in the           shelter is to provide a space where     After a Tornado
southern states is March through          you and your family can seek refuge     Follow the instructions for recovering
May; in the northern states, it is late   that provides a high level of protec-   from a disaster available from FEMA.
spring through early summer.              tion. You can build a safe room in
Tornadoes are most likely to occur        one of several places in your home.     Yours in Lion Service,
between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., but can           Your basement.                      Lion Norma J. Andrews, PDG
occur at any time.
Know the Terms                                Atop a concrete slab-on-grade      District 35-I Disaster Chair
Familiarize yourself with these terms     foundation or garage floor.
to help identify a tornado hazard:        An interior room on the first floor.
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                        Page 5

Where to Go!

During a Tornado If you are under a tornado WARNING, seek shelter immediately!

           If you are in:                                                  Then:

A structure (e.g. residence, small     Go to a pre-designated shelter area such as a safe room, basement, storm
building, school, nursing home,        cellar, or the lowest building level. If there is no basement, go to the center
hospital, factory, shopping center,    of an interior room on the lowest level (closet, interior hallway) away from
high-rise building)                    corners, windows, doors, and outside walls. Put as many walls as possible
                                       between you and the outside. Get under a sturdy table and use your arms
                                       to protect your head and neck. Do not open windows.

A vehicle, trailer, or mobile home     Get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy, nearby building
                                       or a storm shelter. Mobile homes, even if tied down, offer little protection
                                       from tornadoes.
The outside with no shelter            Lie flat in a nearby ditch or depression and cover your head with your
                                       hands. Be aware of the potential for flooding.
                                       Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You are safer in a low, flat location.
                                       Never try to outrun a tornado in urban or congested areas in a car or truck.
                                       Instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safe shelter.
                                       Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatali-
                                       ties and injuries.

Zone Chairman Michele Mason

                                           we also had a eye screening the       PORT CHARLOTTE #012655
                                           1 st THURSDAY of every month.         The CLUB did some sight services
                                                                                 in this month and also hear-
                                            VENICE #012669 They had              ing services, picked up glasses,
                                            their regular meetings this          and recycled glasses, they had
                                            months and board meeting they        their regular meetings and board
                                            are still working on their GOLF      meetings.
                                            tournament they are short of 40
                                            golfers, this is their biggest       NORTH PORT #012652
                                            fundraiser of the year. They         In SEPTEMBER they had their regu-
                                            had one program they do a            lar meetings and board meeting
                                            great job. They also had an eye      and they are working with the ECO
                                            screening the 1 St. Thursday of      KIDS for a hot dog day for a fund-
ARCADIA # 012617 CLOSED                 this month and every 1 St. Thurs-        raiser.
 LAUREL # 86148 CLOSED                  day of every month.
 ENGLEWOOD # 12627 SEPTEM-               PUNTA GORDA #012656
BER Regular meeting but no pro-         They had 4 sight cases and 1
gram or fundraisers Board meeting       hearing case, no fundraisers,
- making plans and renting the          they have a new eye glasses
CLUB for fundraiser and talking         recycle chairman and a possi-
about NOVEMBER fundraser we are         ble cooperative effort with the
going to have. We have a fund-          PUNTA GORDA Kiwanis to col-
raiser for the CLUB every first MON-    lect used eye glasses. The GOV-
DAY of every month cooking for          ERNOR will induct two new
another CLUB. My husband and I          members when he makes his
have picked up over 300 glasses,        official visit in OCTOBER.
Page 6                                                                                                        Lions District 35-I

Camp Chaos—Florida Lions Camp
It's about that time again for the              20.                                          Bubble juice
Florida Lions Camp Haunted Trail.               Sponsorships: Sponsor a scene                Black lights
The Staff is super excited about the            and we will create a sign with your          White sand
theme of 'Camp Chaos' at this                   name/clubs name to put in front of           Mirrors
years trail. It will be Friday and Sat-         the scene:                                   Candy corn- individually wrapped
urday the 26th and 27th of October              $300.00 - Full scene                         Portable CD players
from 7 p.m. to midnight. Tickets at             $175.00 - Half scene                         Prizes
the gate this year will be $7 per               Support the raffle and buy a                 Zip ties
person and $30 per car. Advance                 chance to win one of the following:          Temporary Tattoo assortment
tickets $5.00 per person are avail-             2 tickets to Busch Gardens, 2 tick-          Ropes
able, as well as a Haunted Trail T-             ets to SeaWorld, 2 tickets to Gator-         Balloons and Ribbons
shirts. Package Deal: T-shirt &                 land, 4 tickets to Boc Tower &               Reflective traffic control flashlights
ticket $15.00 per person or T-Shirt             many more gift cards to local busi-          Little boxes (like jewelry would
only $12.00.                                    nesses                                       come in)
Of course, Haunted Trail needs                                                               Since the Camp is booked, here are
                                                Ticket prices: $5 each, 3 for $10, 7
volunteers! We need help with sell-                                                          some local hotels you may want to
ing advance tickets, setting up for             for $20                                      contact for a room: Green Gables –
the Haunted Trail and volunteers to             If you have anything you would like          Doubles $ 65; Quality Inn (Dundee)
help at the event. Come out and                 to donate to the Haunted Trail here          – Doubles $54
scare on the trail, pass out candy in           is this years Wish List:                     If you would like to help us sell ad-
the Enchanted Forest, or help with              Paint                                        vance tickets, set up, have a work
the food and games at the carnival.             Old clothing                                 party, sponsor a scene or donate to
We will be at Wal-Mart in Lake                  Fake limbs                                   the trail, please contact us!
Wales on September 29th, October                Spiders- different sizes                     Florida Lions Camp Staff
12th & 13th & the Flea Market                   Fog machines                                 E-mail:
Saturday 6th, 13th, and 20th selling            Candy- wrapped                               Phone: (863) 696-1948
advance tickets. You can also ar-               Black tarp                                   Please make checks payable to:
range a work party to help us set               Plastic Pumpkins- different sizes            Florida Lions Camp
up on September 29, October 13 &                Strobe lights

Florida Lions Camp—Norma Jean Andrews, PDG

Being one who has never liked Hallow-           Placid for our Cabinet Meeting in the morning and then back to more fun at the
een and what it represents, I can say it        Camp with another night of fun from 7 p.m. till midnight. Thinking about volunteer-
is funny how life brings us full circle. If     ing, contact Lion Paul Nash at (239) 543-6349 or, as he is
you have never attended the Haunted             in charge of volunteers.
Trail, it is a must in your life. If you like
to have fun and love people, this is your       I am anxiously waiting to see if we remain in the #1 position in contributions state-
best opportunity. Just to see people            wide. We have held this position for many years and as Drive Director for our Dis-
being scared (you already know where            trict, three other Districts made it their mission to put us out of #1 this year. We
everything is), see a child’s face as they      had one real close and I will find out at our October 13th Board meeting. It is at this
take a walk through the Enchanted               meeting, I will be 1st Vice President of the Camp. WOW, I am hoping to fulfill a
Forest to see their favorite fairy tales/       dream of mine next year as Camp President. What a place, what a mission, what
cartoon characters or to the Carnival in        happy campers, what happy parents. My heart is definitely there. If you have not
the gymnasium where they have a                 experienced the Camp in action, you are really missing out in your life of Lionism.
chance to eat the finest junk food and          VDG John Manning will be looking for a volunteer in our District to take over Drive
win prizes. This event begins Friday            Director for next year. Let him know if you are interested.
October 26th with orientation beginning
at 5 p.m. and fun lasting from 7 p.m. till      Never forget the mission of YOUR Camp: “to help insure a better future for ALL” by
midnight. Saturday, October 27th, our           giving “a world of good through camping” providing inclusive recreation program-
day will be filled with a side trip to Lake     ming for campers of varying abilities.
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                         Page 7

Camp Chaos—Volunteer Information

Housing                               hOnly vehicles (including golf-         But we also need to make sure that
hVolunteers must commit to                  carts and bicycles) approved      we do not duplicate or go too far
   both nights to reserve housing           and used for the purpose of       beyond the plan in place. Dark
   on-site at the Camp. That                the event will be allowed on      clothing for the Trail is great. Please
   means being here and ready to            camp, except for in the RV        remember to adjust for the weather
   be assigned no later than 6              area.                             and the job you will be doing. Run-
   p.m. You must remain in your       Assignments                             ning around in the woods can
   assigned position unless re-       It is imperative that we have ALL       make you sweat, while standing at
   lieved by another volunteer.       volunteers at the camp and in           the front gate can get chilly.
                                      place by 6:30 p.m.The coordinators      There will be a mandatory 5:45 pm
hHousing is available on a first                                              meeting each night before the Trail.
   come, first serve basis and is     in each area will need that last ½
                                      hour just prior to the public enter-    This means you should be in cos-
   currently fully booked. You may
                                      ing to make sure everything is          tume and ready for the event prior
   add your name to a waiting list
                                      ready. *Volunteers working in the       to that time. If you cannot attend,
   at the camp office and you will
                                      gate area, parking lot, drivers &       you will need to let the camp know
   be notified as to if more be-
                                      maintenance/security need to be         in advance (and you must be in
   comes available.
                                      in place at 6 p.m.                      place by 6:30). All volunteers must
hAll beds must be filled – you        Please understand that unless you       pre-register with camp at least 2
   cannot book a cabin with 12                                                weeks in advance, so that names
                                      make previous arrangements with
   beds and use it for only 2 peo-                                            and contact info for each person
                                      our coordinators, you will be placed
   ple. Your list of volunteer                                                can be documented and sent to
                                      where you are most needed. SO,
   names must be submitted to                                                 our insurer.
                                      be sure you are communicating
   the Camp so they can be given                                              *Please note that anyone on camp
                                      with Barbara or the appropriate
   to Lion Paul Nash, Chair of vol-                                           that is NOT working the event, will
                                      coordinator on the camp staff if you
   unteers and the chairs of the                                              be charged both for housing (if
                                      have a particular assignment you
   different sights.                                                          available) and admission to the
                                      want. Rob (
hThis year there will be no           will coordinate the Haunted Trail in    event.
   food service on-site. Those hav-   the woods, Asly                         Check out and stay tuned to our
   ing lodges will have cooking       ( the          website for further info and up-
   facilities.Some of the cabins A-   Enchanted Forest, Kristen               dates!
   D and I-J do have microwaves       ( and Sylvia        Thank you for all you support! We
   and fridges.                       ( the Carnival. Barb        look forward to seeing you out
hAll beds have linens and tow-        ( will take          here!
   els. You are responsible on                                                Now you can donate to the Florida Lions
                                      care of all the auxiliary volunteers    Camp through The Giving
   Sunday morning to clean your       working the gate, security, etc.        Express program by American Express.
   cabin/lodge and do all launder-    While we know that this is a very       -Kristen Frontera
   ing of linens/towels used so it    labor intensive event and by ex-        Follow this link to donate:
   is nicer than when you arrived.                                  
                                      panding our hours we will really tire
hBy order of the Fire Marshall        out our volunteers, ALL volunteers
   and our insurance, this event      MUST stay in place until he/she is
   will be a totally NON-SMOKING      released or relieved. We will have
   event.This means that we will      port-a-potties and water available
   not allow smoking even for our     in all areas. This event is depend-
   volunteers for the hours the       ent on the public’s satisfaction and
   public will be in attendance – 6   support. We need to make sure
   p.m. – 1 a.m.The only area         that it is quality throughout the en-
   available for smoking for this     tire event. If you know that you can-
   weekend will be at the pavilion    not do the entire time, please let us
   (out of the public eye) and be-    know that upfront.
   side the office except for the     ‘Monsters’ and ‘story book charac-
   above listed hours.                ters’ that have their own costumes
hThis is also an alcohol free         should alert the coordinators in
   event.                             advance. This really saves on our
                                      resources and we appreciate that.
Page 8                                                                                         Lions District 35-I

Lions Environmental Photo Contest 2008 Multi-lingual Calendars

   Featuring Lions
 Photo Contest en-
tries from 13 multi-
  ple districts that
 include Australia,
Canada, Germany,
Italy, Japan, Puerto
 Republic of South
   Africa, and the
    United States.
    Calendars are
  available for pur-
   chase (US$10
 For more informa-
 tion visit
                                                To order, contact:

Bradenton Lions Club 60th Charter Anniversary Party

                Mark your calen-     All Lions Clubs are invited to join us for this big gala event.
                dar now and plan     Participants have a choice of the following dinner entrees: Chicken, Roast
                to attend the Bra-   Beef or fish.
                denton Lions
                                     Send your reservations no later than Saturday Nov. 8th, including your
                Club’s big 60th
                                     meal choice and checks to:
                Charter Anniver-
                sary party!          Bradenton Lions Club, % Lion Burt Sliker - 5512 Collen Drive - Bradenton,
               DATE: Saturday        FL 34207
November 17, 2007                    Our guest speaker will be Past International Director Lion E. Robert Last-
TIME: 6:00 pm                        inger from Wesley Chapel, Florida.
PLACE Moose Lodge No. 1223           The Club’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that all current club
310 44th Ave. East - Bradenton, FL   members with 10 or more years of Lions service will be awarded Life Mem-
35203                                berships in either the Florida Lions Sight Foundation or the Florida Lions
                                     Conklin Center at this event in appreciation for their contributions to Lion-
COST: $18.00 per person              ism.
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                      Page 9

USA/Camada Lions Leadership Forum

USA Canada Forum News!!!                 enter the final year in raising $150   therefore know you will have a
                                         million to meet the challenge of       great time.
Another great get together of over       eradicating preventable blindness
2500 members of our Lions family         worldwide.Your club has many com-      Lion Gordie Hare
at the Forum held in Grand Rapids,       mittments!!!! Could you please
Michigan. It was all schooling, lot of   "spare a dime" and have a kudo for
good information and learning ses-       DG Bob by making 35-I a 100%
sions. An opportunity to hear some       club supporter of the campaign.
great motivational & entertaining
speakers plus the International          Ever heard of Canada? Suskatoon
Presidents address to meet the           Canada?? Well that is where the
Challenge of Change.                     USA Canada Forum will be next
As a District 35-I update the Bonita     year. So make sure you make your
Springs Club was once again recog-       travel arrangements to Canada and
nized as a World Leader in support-      have an interesting trip plus fun
ing Sightfirst II campaign. As we        and education. I lived in Canada

Extension and Used Eye Glasses = Lion Paul Nash

                                                  surrounding your own
                                                  community? How about          Used Eye Glasses
                                                  local businesses? Any that    Don't forget to make sure your
                                                  we can start a club or        Zone Chair gets your activites re-
                                                  even a branch club? It is     port so they can report to me with
                                                  up to you to sponsor such     your used eye glasses. We have a
                                                  clubs. Think of the new       Cabinet Meeting coming in October
                                                  fellowship you will cre-      in Lake Placid.
                                                  ate. Please let me know if
                                                  you see any potential for     Remember, no bags or
                                                  starting a new club in any
                                                  area of your community.       you will take them back
                                                  Lion Paul Nash - (239)543     home with you. Make
                                                  -6349 or                      sure all eye glasses are
Have you looked around the areas                                                boxed.

District Eye Screening—Immokalee

DISTRICT EYE SCREENING IN IM-            We need all volunteers available.      Your help will be greatly appreci-
MOKALEE                                  There is a job for everyone. Please    ated!
"Wanted: All Knights of the Blind in     contact me if you are willing and
District I"                              able to help with those less fortu-
                                         nate receiving in most cases their
Date: Sunday, November 11th              first pair of glasses. We provide
Place: Immokalee Career & Devel-         cases, readers and sunglasses
opment Center on 5th Street              also.
Time: 7 a.m. till 4 p.m.                 Contact Lion Paul Nash, (239)543-
                                         6349 or
Page 10                                                                                                 Lions District 35-I

Conklin Center for the Multi-Handicapped

White Cane Awareness 5K—Saturday,           mation or to get tickets call the Cen-       packages, and more! Buffet dinner
October 6, 2007- It is a certified 5K       ter. Check out the bike at                   with complimentary beer and wine at
course along the beautiful Halifax DRAWING HELD               the Indigo Lakes Golf Club, Daytona
River on Beach St. in Ormond                AT 5 P.M. ON SUNDAY, MARCH 9,                Beach. Visit our website regularly for
Beach. $20 early registration (until        2008 AT IRON HORSE.                          details. ALL DONATIONS WELCOMED!
9/28/07) $25 after including race           Tickets are now available from the
                                                                                         2008 Bike Week Motorcycle Drawing
day. Registration fee gets our run-         Conklin Center, myself or Lion Norma
                                            Jean Andrews, PDG. Contact your              – Friday, February 29 – March 9,
ners an event t-shirt, goody bag, &
                                            local Harley dealer and hold a ticket        2008. Win a 1961 Harley-Davidson
refreshments. Race registration be-         selling campaign there. Contact              Panhead with motorcycle
gins at 6:30 a.m. behind the Ormond         those having Poker Runs and coordi-          trailer. Ticket Booth at “WORLD FA-
Beach Library. Race starts at Beach         nate selling tickets at these events.        MOUS” IRON HORSE SALOON, U.S. 1,
Street/Granada Boulevard at 8 a.m.          Lions District 35-O Conklin Center
                                                                                         Ormond Beach and new location
sharp! Water stations provided along        Day – Saturday, October 13, 2007
                                                                                         Ticket Booth on corner of Main Street
the route. Call the Center or visit         from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tour the Cen-
                                                                                         & Peninsula. Tickets from 10 a.m. for more infor-       ter, meet students, graduates and
                                                                                         to 10 p.m. everyday! For information
mation. SUPPORTING SPONSORS                 staff. BBQ chicken dinner for $8.00.
                                                                                         or to get tickets call the cen-
NEEDED!!                                    This is your opportunity to come and
                                                                                         ter. Check out the bike at
2008 Start Biketoberfest Motorcycle         see what the center is all about.
Raffle – Saturday, October 13 – 21,         The cruise – Saturday, December 8,
                                                                                         If you are interested in becoming a
2007 at The "World Famous" Iron             2007, sailing from Port Canaveral for
                                                                                         Board member for the Conklin Cen-
Horse Saloon and Sunday, October            7 nights. Ports of call Nassau, Saint
                                                                                         ter, please contact me (239) 595-
18 - 21, 2007 at Main Street. Win a         Thomas and Saint Maarten. $70 will
                                                                                         4968 and I will make sure you get an
1961 Harley-Davidson Panhead with           go to the Conklin Center. Prices begin
motorcycle trailer. Ticket Booth at         at $552.53 per person double occu-
                                                                                         Don’t forget to buy yourself the best
“WORLD FAMOUS” IRON HORSE SA-               pancy. $250 to sign up.
                                                                                         birthday present you can get. Pur-
LOON, U.S. 1, Ormond Beach and              Race Week Charity Auction - Friday,
                                                                                         chase the State of Vision license
new location on the corner of Main          February 8, 2008, 6:00 p.m. Silent &
                                                                                         plate and support visually impaired
Street & Peninsula. Tickets from 10         Live Auction of racing memorabilia,
                                                                                         organizations in your community
a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday! For infor-        gift baskets, gift certificates, travel
                                                                                         along with the Conklin Center.

State of Vision—Gift Certificate

Great News!
The State of Vision specialty license plate can now be purchased in the form of a gift certificate, just in time for the holi-
  It's the perfect way to honor a fellow Lion, present a friend with a meaningful gift, or express appreciation to someone
we admire or appreciate.
  Remember, proceeds from these gift certificates go directly to FAASB and are distributed to member agencies to fund
direct services to blind Floridians.
  It's simple to do, and it feels good, too- just go to your local tag office and purchase a gift certificate in the name of the
recipient. You can then slip the certificate into a birthday, congratulation, Christmas or other card, or present it to a wor-
thy Lion at a club, zone, cabinet, or Council meeting!
  Please circulate this information to everyone you know. And thanks to all of you who have already purchased one or
more plates. I now have them on all three of our family vehicles, and only wish they were available for motorcycles!
  As Helen Keller's "Knights for the Blind" I hope all Florida Lions will proudly display this distinctive "Coat of Arms" on all
of their vehicles, and that you will encourage others to do the same!

Robert Kelly, Executive Director, Florida Lions Conklin Center for the Blind
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                              Page 11

Beverly Chapman Award for Outstanding Employment Placement Program

The Board of Directors of The Able       of positive inspiration both to the         ties. It will take place on Tuesday,
Trust nominated and selected the         business and disability communi-            October 9, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00
Florida Lions Conklin Center for the     ties.                                       a.m. at Tallahassee City Hall, 300
Blind as The Able Trust’s 2007 re-       Executive Director Robert Kelly will        South Adams Street in downtown
cipient of the Beverly Chapman           join them at The Able Trust’s 2007          Tallahassee.
Award for Outstanding Employment         Ability Awards to accept this pres-         Congratulations to the Florida Li-
Placement Program! The selection         tigious award. The event, The Dis-          ons Conklin Center for the Blind on
committee was very impressed with        ability Employment Awareness                being selected as a recipient for
Florida Lions Conklin Center for the     Celebration, is hosted in partner-          The Able Trust’s 2007 Ability
Blind’s commitment to excellence         ship with Florida’s Division of Voca-       Awards!
and were pleased to honor this           tional Rehabilitation and the
organization that serves as a model      Agency for Persons with Disabili-

First Annual Bluegrass Festival @ The Shell Factory

                                       FIRST ANNUAL BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL
                                             AT THE SHELL FACTORY
                                          Saturday, November 17, 2007
                                           Gates open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
                          Festival Passes $10 each—Kids under 12 free, limit 2 per pass
                            Bring your chair, no coolers – Food & Drinks available
          Sponsored by the North Fort Myers Noon Lions Foundation & Fort Myers Hi-Noon Lions Club
                                            Benefit Lions Charities

                        Order an ad for the Annual Blue Grass Festival @ Shell Factory
                                Saturday, November 17, 2007—9am to 10pm
         Sponsored by the Sponsored by the North Fort Myers Noon Lions Foundation & Fort Myers Hi-Noon Lions Club

I agree to purchase the following ad for the                 Ad type                             Cost        Amount Due
Blue Grass Festival                                          Full Page                      $150.00

Deadline for ads: November 1, 2007                           1/2 page                       $100.00
                                                             1/4 page                        $60.00
                                                             Business Card                   $35.00
                                                             Booster                         $10.00
Make Check payable to:                                               NMFN Lions Foundation
Payment made by:                               Check                                   Cash
Authorized signature of patron:
Seller’s Name
Page 12                                                                                                  Lions District 35-I

Lions Eye Institute, Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG, Board Member

Lions Eye Institute Foundation is gear-     Foundation was established to support        Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant
ing up for its inaugural Eye Ball on No-    outreach, education, treatment and           & Research is planning to open the
vember 3, 2007. The Eye Ball, “A Gala       research of sight-related issues. First      John Hopkins worldwide ocular re-
with Vision” is the soon to be one of the   and foremost, our goal is to assure that     search center.
most prestigious black-tie fundraising      any person who needs sight-saving/                     The following towns in our
galas in Tampa, Florida. In its inaugural   sight-restoring surgery will have access     District made tissue donations in Au-
year, the LEIF Eye Ball will bring to-      to that care, regardless of their ability    gust:
gether over 250 ophthalmic specialists      to pay. Equally, for those whose sight
and surgeons, business and commu-           medical miracles cannot restore, we                   Bartow              1
nity leaders, and loyal friends to foster   fund programs that will enhance the                   Bradenton          14
the sight saving and life-enhancing         quality of their lives.                               Cape Coral          1
work of the Lions Eye Institute Founda-     Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant               Clewiston           1
tion. Time is 6:30 p.m. to midnight at      & Research is #1 in the world since                   Fort Myers          4
the LEI ballroom (see address below).       1996                                                  Lake Wales          2
Keller Johnson, grand niece of Helen        Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant               Port Charlotte      4
Keller, will be there along with Mandy      & Research provides for transplant                    Punta Gorda         3
Patinkin a corneal recipient. Entertain-    3,000 corneas each year.                                   Sarasota 7
ment will be provided by Michael An-        Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant               Sebring             2
drew and Swingerhead. With the three        & Research takes care of 61 of 67                     Venice              8
plate dinner, there will be live and si-    counties in the state.                       TOTAL    47 of 139 in our retrieval lab
lent auctions and the “Light of Sight”      Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant      area
award will be presented.                    & Research provides 10% of all cor-          Thank you to the donors and their fami-
For more information please contact:        neas in the United States.                   lies!
Terri Goldstein, CFRE, Foundation Man-      Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant      There is a waiting list of 97,242 for
ager                                        & Research since 1973 has given over         organ donations. Transplants for Janu-
Lions Eye Institute Foundation              25,000 the gift of sight.                    ary thru April 2007 was 14,224. Do-
1410 N. 21st St., Tampa, FL 33605           Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant      nors for January thru April 2007 was
Phone: 813-289-1200 - Fax: 813-242-         & Research is planning a 6,000 square        7,170. For more information or what
7025                                        foot state of the art research center.       you can do to help, go to orgando-
E-mail:               Your Lions Eye Institute for Transplant
People are the focus of the Lions Eye       & Research is planning the single larg-
Institute Foundation. In 2005, the          est ocular research facility in the world.

Disaster Relief, Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG, District Chair

Don’t let your guard down on hurri-         aster but it can be. We battle this          Hong Kong Flu (H3N2).
cane season. We must stay pre-              every year along with pneumonia.              In 1997, the first case of avian
pared until the end of November.            Please make sure you get your                (bird) flu (H5N1) was reported in
Keep in mind that we must stay              shots. It can be a matter of life or         Hong Kong. In 2003, the first case
aware of tornadoes that happen              death. Here are a few facts I                of severe acute respiratory syn-
during thunder storms. We had one           thought I would share:                       drome (SARS) was reported in
hit Fort Myers Beach doing minor             Three global influenza (flu)               China. Worldwide, 8,098 people
business damage and one hit Cape            outbreaks or pandemics occurred              contracted SARS; 774 people died.
Coral affecting the homes of sev-
                                            during the 20th century.                      Although flu viruses re-
eral. I have kept in touch with the
local authorities and there is noth-         The first flu pandemic occurred            main, there has been a notable
ing we can do at this time. They are        in 1918. More than 50 million peo-           decrease in the number of flu
pulling their lives back together           ple died worldwide.                          deaths. This is a result of improved
with their insurance companies.              The second flu pandemic oc-                sanitation, healthcare,
Neighbors and families helping              curred in 1957. Worldwide, be-               and education about the spread of
each other.                                 tween one and two million people             the flu.
                                            died as a result of contracting the           As community leaders, Lions
I have a new subject that I never
                                            Asian Flu (H2N2).                            can educate others about flu pre-
really thought about and it was
brought to life at the Forum. The            In 1968, 700,000 people died               vention techniques.
                                            worldwide after contracting the                              (Continued on page 13)
flu. I never thought of this as a dis-
Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                     Page 13

Disater Relief, continued

Future pandemics                            into one's hands can further          Eat well and exercise daily to
It is predicted that future flu pan-        spread germs.                           stay healthy.
demics may affect more than 30%            Use soap, alcohol-based hand          Use soap, alcohol-based hand
of the population. Unlike a sea-            wipes, or gel sanitizers to wash        wipes, or gel sanitizers to wash
sonal flu virus, humans have a lack         hands.                                  hands. Clean off surfaces that
of natural immunity to a pandemic          Avoid contact with the eyes,            are frequently touched such
flu virus. Several weeks or months          nose, or mouth.                         as telephones and computer
may pass before health offi-                                                        keyboards.
                                           Stay home if infected with the flu
cials identify a particular strain of                                             Use a disposable tissue when
                                            virus. This will minimize the
the flu and develop a vaccine.                                                      sneezing or coughing. If a tissue
                                            spread of germs.
In the meantime, precautions are                                                    isn't available, sneeze into the
                                           Lions can communicate this im-
necessary.                                                                          sleeve of a shirt. Sneezing into
                                            portant information via:
                                                                                    one's hands can further spread
In July 2007, The International As-        a local press conference. Invite a
sociation of Lions Clubs agreed to                                                  germs.
                                            local doctor or healthcare profes-
help the US Department of Health            sional to explain how to reduce       Avoid close contact with others.
and Human Services disseminate                                                      Consider alternatives to daily
                                            the spread of germs.
information about pandemic influ-                                                   routines including working from
                                           a press release submitted to            home and watching worship ser-
enza (flu) preparedness. The Asso-
ciation can work with health agen-          local media                             vices on television.
cies in other countries to provide         a public seminar held in a local      If a family member contracts the
similar life-saving information.            school, library, community cen-         flu, decide who will provide nurs-
                                            ter, house of worship, or busi-         ing care.
Lions ALERT plan for the commu-             ness
nity                                                                              Stockpile two weeks' worth of
                                           a local health fair                     drinking water, non-perishable
Many communities already have              distribution of an informa-             food items, and prescription
pandemic preparedness plans. If             tional flyer in local schools, day      medicines in case you become ill
this is the case in your community,         care centers, senior citizen cen-       or are providing nursing care and
volunteer to help local government          ters, community centers, houses         cannot go to the store.
and healthcare officials prepare            of worship, and local residences      Expect temporary closings of
the public for this healthcare emer-
                                           flyers posted in public places          some businesses, schools, and
gency.                                      including Lions club meeting            forms of public transportation.
In communities without pandemic             places, government buildings,           Also, expect limited supplies on
flu preparedness plans, use the             schools, healthcare clinics, air-       store shelves.
basic Lions ALERT plan format to            ports, train terminals, and bus       Maintain updated health infor-
develop a Lions ALERT pandemic              depots                                  mation including allergies
flu preparedness plan.                     employers of Lions club mem-            and the blood types of all family
Basic guidelines                            bers.                                   members.
 Flu germs transfer through close         In addition, Lions can collect non    Maintain an emergency contact
  personal contact such as shak-            -perishable food items, hygiene         list.
  ing hands, sneezing, and the              items, and non-prescription          Information about pandemic flu is
  sharing of common surfaces                medications (see suggestions in      available on the following Web
  including doorknobs and table             the personal Lions ALERT plan        sites:
  tops. To minimize the spread of           below) for needy persons in the      World Health Organization (http://
  germs during a pandemic, mini-            community.                 
  mize contact with others and             A personal Lions ALERT plan          US Department of Health and Hu-
  follow these basic guidelines.           Good personal hygiene will help      man Services (http://
 Use a disposable tissue                   reduce the spread of flu germs.
  when sneezing or coughing. If a           However, during a flu pandemic,
  tissue isn't available, sneeze into       the following preparations may
  the sleeve of a shirt. Sneezing           be necessary.
Page 14                                                                                      Lions District 35-I

Public Relations, Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG, District Chair

I continue to provide you something     has been very successful and          Number of Club Members: 33
to put in your local newspapers         proves that traditional recruiting
monthly. I have yet to receive any      methods, when well executed, are      Invitation Idea: Membership Drive
articles in the mail letting me know    powerful membership tools.            A well-planned membership invita-
my efforts are being utilized. Below                                          tion effort netted ten new members
                                        Reason Why Selected: This is a
are some public relations examples                                            for the Toko and District Lions Club.
                                        good example of a popular recruit-
from LCI Best Practices, which also                                           A step-by-step timeline was created
                                        ing method that has been effi-
incorporate membership and rec-                                               to identify, contact and follow up
                                        ciently planned and implemented.
ognition. Even those these come                                               with an approved list of prospective
                                        The idea involved Lions from other
from other areas of the world, it                                             members. Before interest letters
shows just how universal we as          clubs.                                were mailed, the club conducted
Lions are.                              IDEA #2                               public relations activities to in-
                                                                              crease awareness of the club
IDEA #1                                 Club Name: Chikhli Lions Club         within the community. Interested
Club Name: St Luc Lions Club            Location: India                       prospects were invited to a special
Location: Quebec, Canada                                                      club meeting to learnabout Lions
                                        Number of Club Members: 78            clubs. Afterwards, the club followed
Number of Club Members: 32                                                    up with informal teas and visits to
                                        Invitation Idea: Honor Community
Invitation Idea: Recruitment Night      Members                               the potential members by the
                                                                              club’s board of directors. A detailed
Members of the St. Luc Lions Club       The Chikhli Lions Club has found      plan, careful execution and diligent
hold Recruiting Nights to interest      that by honoring specific groups of   follow up were keys to the success
prospective members. The key to         community members, they have          of this effort. All ten people that
successfully implementing this tra-     successfully raised awareness of      attended the initial informational
ditional technique is careful plan-     Lions in their area and boosted
                                                                              meeting became club members.
ning and attention to detail. Roch      membership. Over the course of
Cote, PCC, and member of the St.        several months, the club honored      Reason Why Selected: The plan is
Luc Lions Club and VDG Jacqueline       local bankers, doctors, teachers,     very specific, well planned and
Ortuso of the St-Edouard Region         children and women. Twelve new        carefully executed.
Lions Club have created a turnkey       members were inducted as a result     Public Relations is Very Important:
“Information Night Kit” to help         of these efforts.                     Keeping a high profile in the com-
clubs hold a successful Recruiting
                                        Reason Why Selected: Good public      munity is essential for successful
Night. The packet includes an invi-
                                        relations activity for the club and   membership efforts. People want
tation letter for the general public,
                                        the new members represented a         to join organizations with positive
an invitation letter for specific
                                        diverse group of people.              public images. Clubs with strong
guests, public relations materials
                                                                              public relations programs have
for promoting the event to the local    IDEA #3                               found that it reaches over to their
media, a CD-Rom that can be cus-
tomized by the club, an agenda for      Club Name: Toko and District Lions    membership efforts as well.
the event and a copy of the Interna-    Club
tional Program video. The program       Location: New Zealand

Cabinet Meeting Reminder

    District 35-I Cabinet Meeting                                  Continental Breakfast 9am
    Host: Lake Placid Lions Club                                          Lunch $12.00
            October 27, 2007                                        Lasagna and all the fixins’
First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall                       Reservations required by Oct 19
      118 N. Oak Street, Lake Placid                              Call Lion Edith 863-465-4347
                                                          By Mail P.O. Box 836, Lake Placid, FL 33862
    Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                                Page 15

Zone Meetings                      Governor Bob’s Visitation Schedule

ZONE MEETINGS                      Date         Club                           Time      Date         Club                        Time
Region I, Zone 1                   09/18/07     Bartow                         Noon      10/22/07     Punta Gorda              6:00 pm
Chair: Lester Luckenbach           09/18/07     Laurel????                  6:00 pm      10/23/07     Lake Wales               6:45 pm
TBA      Bartow Lions Club
                                   09/19/07     N. Ft. Myers Noon              Noon      10/26-27     Fl Lions Camp         Haunted Trl
         Bartow Civic Center
                                   09/20/07     Fort Myers                  6:30pm       10/27/07     Lake Placid           Cabinet Mtg
Nov 13 Lake Wales Lions Club
6:45 pmPerkins                     09/24/07     North Port                  6:30pm       10/29/07     Sarasota                    Noon
Region I, Zone 2                   09/25/07     Frostproof                  6:00 pm      11/05/07     Bonita Springs           6:45 pm
Chair: Jerry Higginbotham, PDG
                                   09/27/07     Ft Myers Bch                6:00 pm      11/13/07     Moore Haven              5:30 pm
Nov 19 Lorida Lions Club
                                   10/01/07     Bartow Lioness              6:30 pm      11/15/07     Brad/Man River         12:15 pm
6:30 pmLorida Clubhouse
Feb 21 Sebring Breakfast Lions     10/02/07     Sebring                        Noon      11/15/07     Cape Coral               6:00 pm
6:30 pmHomer’s                     10/03/07     Marco Island                6:30 pm      11/18/07     Immokalee                8:00 pm
Apr 22 Lake Placid Lions Club      10/04/07     Clewiston                      Noon      11/20/07     Bradenton                6:00 pm
6:30 pmBeef O’Brady’s
                                   10/04/07     Everglades City             7:00 pm      11/26/07     Arcadia                     Noon
Region I, Zone 3
                                   10/05/07     Ft Myers HiNoon                Noon      11/26/07     Greater Pine Island      7:00 pm
Chair: Ruben Torres
Clewiston                          10/09/07     Englewood                   6:00 pm      12/03/07     Lorida                   6:30 pm

Lehigh Acres                       10/10/07     Sebring Breakfast           7:00 am      12/06/07     Venice                   6:30pm
Moore Haven                        10/15/07     Ellenton Parrish            6:00 pm      01/07/08     Tiger Lake               7:00 pm
                                   10/16/07     Naples                         Noon      01/15/08     Estero/S Ft Myers        6:15 pm
Times and dates to be announced
                                   10/16/07     Lehigh Acres                6:30 pm      01/21/08     Okeechobee               700 pm
Region II, Zone 1
Chair: Phil Courtright             10/17/07     Sanibel/Captiva             6:30 pm      02/12/08     Lake Placid              7:00 pm

Feb 19 Downtown Training Cntr      10/18/07     Wauchula                       Noon      02/18/08     Port Charlotte           6:00 pm
6 pm Southeastern Guide Dogs       10/18/07     Tice                        7:30 pm      02/19/08     Avon Park                7:00 pm
Apr 16 Downtown Training Cntr
                                   10/20/07     Bradenton 60th              6:00 pm      02/26/08     Naples Nites             6:30 pm
         Southeastern Guide Dogs
Region II, Zone 2
Chair: Michele Mason               Cabinet Meetings
Dec 4 Port Charlotte Lions
6 pm Olympia Restaurant            October 27             Lake Placid
Jan 28 North Port Lions            January 26             Venice
6:30pm Englewood Lions Clubhse     April                  Naples Nites Mini-Convention

                                   Multiple District Conferences
District Eye Screenings
                                   Nov 1-4    Port St. Lucie                  Leland Kolkmyer (MD26 Missouri)
                                   Jan 10-13 Tallahassee            Dave Stoufer         (MD9 Iowa)
Nov 11   Sunday   7am to 4pm
                                   Mar 6 –9 Crystal River           Joe Gaffigan         (MD22 Maryland)
Jan 20   Sunday   7am to 4pm
Mar      Sunday   TBA
    Page 16                                                                                               Lions Florida District 35-I

Multiple District Conventions                                                                             Zone Meetings

May 1—4, 2008 Ocala, Florida                                                                              ZONE MEETINGS
                                                                                                          Region III, Zone 1
                                                                                                          Chair: Bob Hilliard
International Conventions                                                                                 Nov 1       Cape Coral Lions Club
                                                                                                          6pm         Gulf Coast Village
2008                June 23—27                       Bangkok, Thailand                                    Feb 5       Estero/So Ft Myers Lions
                                                                                                          6:15pm Estero Community Ctr
2009                July 6—10                        Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                          Apr 3       Ft Myers Bch Lions Club
2010                June 28—July 22 Sydney, Australia                                                     6:00pm ST. Raphael’s Church
2011                July 4—8                         Seattle, Washington                                  Region III, Zone 2
                                                                                                          Chair: Diana Arpad
                                                                                                          Oct 25      Ft Myers Lions Club
USA/Canada Lions Forums                                                                                   6:30 pm Ft. Myers Clubhouse
                                                                                                          Jan 14      Greater Pine Island Lions
                                                                                                          7pm         Fishers of Men Church
2007Sept 6—8                   Grand Rapids, MI
                                                                                                          Apr 19      No Ft Myers Noon Lions
2008      Sept 4—6                        Suskatoon, Canada                                               6:30pm Lake Fairways Cntry Club
2009                Sept 17—19            Memphis, TN                                                     Region III, Zone 3
                                                                                                          Chair: Ed Nelson
2010                Sept 23—25            Milwaukee, WI
                                                                                                          Nov 19 Naples Nites Lions Club
2011                No dates set as yet              Anchorage, Alaska                                    6:30pm Red Lobster
                                                                                                          Feb 6       Marco Island Lions Club
                                                                                                          6:30pm Konrad’s
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Volume 07/08, Number 4                                                                                                 Page 17

                                              International Association
                                                    of Lions Clubs
                                                  300 22nd Street
                                             Oak Brook, IL 60521-8842
              International President: Mahendra Amarasuriya
               First Vice President:         Albert F. Brandel
                 Second Vice President: Eberhard J. Wirfs
           Immediate Past International President: Jimmy M. Ross
              Florida’s Immediate Past International Director:
                             E. Robert Lastinger

  District 35-I Cabinet
 District Governor: Robert “Bob” Woomer                          Vice District Governor: John Manning
 2270A Anchorage Lane                                            20128 Tappan Zee Dr
 Naples, FL. 34104                                               Port Charlotte, Fl 33952
 Home: (239) 304-8579                                            H 941 235-9740
 Mobile: (239) 298-2401                                          C 941 875-7682
 E-mail:                                 email:

                                                                 Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer: Anne Zinser
 Immediate Past District Governor: Diana Pinto
                                                                 28441 Winthrop Circle
 7396 Pebble Beach Road
                                                                 Bonita Springs, FL 34134
 Fort Myers, FL 33967
                                                                 C: (239) 841-0447
 Home: (239) 489-1708
                                                                 F: (239) 992– 8594
 Mobile: (239) 898-1921

                                                                 Magazine (Multiple District): Articles and Pictures
                                                                 Florida Lions and (Bahamas) Magazine
 Council Chair Person, Stacey W. Jones, CC                       Publisher: Margurite Burns
 19140 NW 22nd Place
 Miami Gardens, FL 33056
                                                                 Editor: Karyn Tighe
 H: (305) 624-1116
 F: (305) 624-3373                                               E-Mail:
 C: (305) 733-1065                                               19260 San Carlos Boulevard
 Email:                                           Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
                                                                 W: (239) 765-0400
                                                                 F: (239) 691-2892


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