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									SAT® Course Plan at The LUMS Academy

Regular Course Plan : 40 hours, 10 weeks course with 2 days a week

Following is the step wise plan I intend to follow for the SAT regular 40 hour course

               1                  SAT                  Pre-test(Week 1)
                                 •SAT full length Math Pre

               2                  Identification                         required(Week-1)
                                 •Identification of areas where focus is required(Week

               3                  Review                        2-Week 7)
                                 •Review of basic concepts(Week 2

               4                  Practice
                                 •Practice of the most difficult questions faced on
                                  SAT(Week 8)

               5                  General
                                 •General test taking strategies and practice( Week 9)

               6                  Practice
                                 •Practice Post preparation full length tests and Final
                                  Mock (Week 10)

Following is a broad category of the areas that I intend to review during Week 2 to Week 7. I have also
given a detailed course structure below that. Kindly note that I intend to ‘review’ these concepts only so
I won’t be spending much time on them. I will only review them and present techniques to the students
to handle tricky questions.

Incase a student is exceptionally weak in any of these areas and is finding it hard to grasp the concepts
then a ‘Special session’ will be arranged for that student to help him and teach him these topics.
Throughout this review the students will be given practice questions at the end of each class. Questions
will be pertaining to the topic covered in that class.

At the start of each class student will be given a chance to discuss the difficult questions. They will be
encouraged to solve the questions themselves
                      Topics to be covered
                Numbers &             Algebra &           Geometry &           Analysis,
                Operations            Functions          Measurement          Statistics &

    This is the detailed structure of the topics to be covered in each section :

    Numbers & Operations

     Arithmetic word problems (including percent, ratio, and proportion)
     Properties of integers (even, odd, prime numbers, divisibility, etc.)
     Rational numbers
     Sets (union, intersection, elements)
     Counting techniques
     Sequences and series (including exponential growth)
     Elementary number theory

    Algebra & Functions

     Substitution and simplifying algebraic expressions
     Properties of exponents
     Algebraic word problems
     Solutions of linear equations and inequalities
     Systems of equations and inequalities
     Quadratic equations
     Rational and radical equations
     Equations of lines
     Absolute value
     Direct and inverse variation
     Concepts of algebraic functions
     Newly defined symbols based on commonly used operations
    Geometry & Measurement

     Area and perimeter of a polygon
     Area and circumference of a circle
     Volume of a box, cube, and cylinder
     Pythagorean Theorem and special properties of isosceles, equilateral, and right triangles
     Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
     Coordinate geometry
     Geometric visualization
     Slope
     Similarity
     Transformations

    Data Analysis, Statistics & Probability

     Data interpretation (tables and graphs)
     Descriptive statistics (mean, median, and mode)
     Probability

    I intend to use the following books during the course for practice questions and for the pre-test and for
    the Mock Exam :

    10 Real SAT is an official book from College Board with 10 Full length Practice SATs. Although the pattern
    is that of the old SATs, but the questions can be very useful for practice. I can also use these SATs for the
    pre-test which will help me analyze the ability of the students and predict his score before the course
The Princeton Review’s ‘Cracking the SAT’ is a really nice book with some great test taking strategies and
techniques. I intend to use the latest edition of this book specially for the part of our course where we
will be teaching ‘General test taking strategies’

Kaplan’s SAT Premier Program is considered the best by a lot of instructors worldwide. It also contains a
list of ways to crack the difficult questions and would be very useful while teaching the course

Apart from all these books, I also have a copy of the test preparation book by ‘IBA Grads’ We can also
make use of the questions in that book for practice. The book contains some challenging questions. I
personally think that these questions sort of exceed the level of difficulty that you expect in an SAT
Math question but for the brighter lot we can use these questions for practice.

This is the plan that I have formulated initially. If the plan does not suit the students for some reason
then I will make relevant changes in it.

Your suggestions, feedback and comments are always welcome.



Instructor-Test Preparation Dept.

The LUMS Academy.

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