5 Easy Steps To Success With The Empower Network by blythe2011


How to succeed with the Empower Network in 5 easy steps.

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5 Easy Steps To Success With The Empower
Before the Empower Network launched on October
31st 2011, many internet marketers had never made a
dime online. Their success is a testimony to the
enormous power of The Empower Network: it exploded
out of the gate like a cannon and became the coveted
money train for many. It still is…

There are 5 steps every marketer must follow in order to
be successful with the Empower Network. Failure to
follow this plain will result in a lack luster performance
and possible failure in terms of income. Please do not become one of these people. The two “Davids”
– David Wood and David Sharpe – the founders of the Empower Network, have over-delivered when it
comes to laying out a tangible action plan for it’s members to follow in order to be successful not only in
Empower Network, but also in marketing other businesses, products and services.

Following are the simple and easy 5 Step Plan for success in the Empower Network:

1. Daily Swipe: You don’t have to know how to write great copy in order to promote your Empower
Network blog. All you have to do is “CPS”, which means copy, paste and send. Make a daily habit of
copying, pasting and sending ready made messages to your list and people you know with your link at
the end of the message, which leads people back to your Empower blog.

2. Blog Daily: This takes some effort for most marketers because they probably only posted on their
wordpress blogs once weekly. This is a crucial step not to be overlooked. If you tend to struggle with
what to write, and are intimidated at the thought of writing, you’ll want to begin using pre-written articles
known as PLR, which stands for Private Label Rights. Websites like www.MLMPLRStore.com have
created several products that many EN members use, which has made a tremendous difference for
those that are uncomfortable with writing, so be sure to check it out.

3. Team Emailer: Take advantage of the team emailer in your back office to email your team, and
place your link back to your Empower blog. This will encourage more comments on your blog, and
because comments made are visible on Facebook profiles, this will serve as additional social proof for

4. Up-selling: Learn the art of up-selling by listening to the “audio of the week” in your back office. This
is a powerful resource to take advantage of to sharpen your skills.

5. Listen daily: Tap into killer strategies of the Inner Circle. This is where the big girls and boys play.
You have to know the game in order to win!

This daily pattern of 5 action steps are crucial to your success, so if you don’t implement these steps,
you have no right to say it doesn’t work. It works, will you? This is only a small piece of a nugget of
marketing training that you will get with the Empower Network.

David Wood also teaches you how promotion cycles work within marketing. This is huge in terms of
you being attractive to your audience or turning them off. The success of your business depends on this
one strategy, and most marketers get this WRONG!

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