Planning a Shoot by ert554898


									Production Planning
                What next?
 As a group you need to be organised
  throughout the production so you must meet
  regularly and take notes of what was said!
 Break down the planning of the production into
 The stages of production planning are…
           The next month.
1   Write up your pitch in the form of a
2   Organise- your cast, locations,
    equipment etc.
3   Storyboard- this maybe done by one or
    two delegated group members.

The last two can be done simultaneously.
       What do you need to ensure
            before shooting?
   Cast – are they ready, do they know when to
   Locations – do you have permission if needed,
    have you done a ‘reccy’ to ensure suitability
   Equipment – battery charged, tapes, need a
   Props and costume
   Transportation – how are you going to get to
    your locations
   Budget – are you going to pay for cast’s travel
    expenses, cups of tea?
       Organisation of group
 Will everyone in the group be at the
 How are you going to organise your time?
  After school, during media lessons,
  weekends( will you need to book time off
 What roles will you have at the shoot?
  Director, producer, camera operator.
                     Shot list
   Before going out to shoot you have to produce a
    shot list.
   Very simply list the shots you will need to get on
    your day/session of shooting.
   The list doesn’t have to be in any specific order.
   It must include the day, time, location and cast
    involved plus a brief description of the shots.
   Remember you do not have to shoot your video
    in the order you’ve storyboarded it.

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