Service Delivery Agreement by WillyWoodcock


									            Version 6

 Conwy Local Service Board

  Local Delivery Agreement

          2009 – 2010

“Working Better Together”


1   Introduction                             3

2   The LSB objectives                       3

3   The Action Plan                          5

4   Development of the Local Service Board   11

5   Membership                               12

6   Roles and Responsibilities               12

7   Monitoring & Feedback Arrangements       13

1      Introduction

1.1 Conwy Local Service Board (LSB) has been formed as a result of the
    Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) response to The Beecham’s review
    of service delivery in Wales.        The WAG response - ‘Making the
    Connections: Delivering Beyond Boundaries’, included a commitment ‘to
    engage with all parts of the public service to establish Local Service
    Boards in order to provide a joint approach to local service Improvement.

1.2 The main aim of Local Service Boards is to work collaboratively across
    organisational boundaries and to strengthen local public service leadership
    to tackle fundamental and unmet challenges from a citizen perspective.

1.3 There are 22 Local Service Boards across Wales, one for each county.
    Each LSB must make an agreement about the key priorities they are
    planning to tackle within the financial year. The detail of the objectives to
    be met and method of monitoring them is to be set out in a Local Delivery
    Agreement ( LDA).

2 Local Delivery Agreement Objectives

The LSB has developed 3 objectives for 2009/10 which are:

    2.1 Co-ordinated Capital Investment Planning

          a) To have an agreed and co-ordinated approach, by the partner
             organisations making up the LSB, to the investment of capital
             and in some cases revenue spend across the county.
          b) To ensure our resources are focused on the needs of our
             citizens and provide additional benefits for them rather than
             solely benefiting organisations.
          c) To simplify the application process and to have a forward work
             programme of potential projects in place - this will be highlighted
             at a ‘meet the customer’ event to enable local companies to be
             able to compete on a more equal footing.
          d) To strengthen the local economy including employment
          e) To increase the skill base within Conwy
          f) To agree how redundant assets can be used to benefit the
          g) To increase opportunities for shared accommodation
          h) To establish a project approach to the implementation of the
             Local Delivery Agreement to be in place by April 2009.

2.2   Joint Approach to Workforce Development

      i) Develop skills for social care, tourism, construction;
      j) Transfer/flexibility of skills of workforce across sectors;
      k) Reduce sickness rates to give greater efficiency;
      l) Develop young people for the future conwy workforce;
      m) Develop an occupational health strategy;
      n) Develop a joint approach to 14-19 pathways

2.3   Scenario Planning

      a) Develop a demographic profile of Conwy
      b) Analyse the current trends
      c) Make a prediction based on trends on the likely future needs for
      d) Make partnership plans to mitigate or plan for anticipated needs

                                                                            Version 6

           3.0     The Action Plan

N   LSB Priority       Key Actions                  Resource Project   LSB       Milestones                     Target   Outcome                Citizen Benefit
o                                                            Lead      Sponsor                                  Date

1   Co-ordinated       1 To Identify what capital            Deiniol   Graham    A Local Delivery Agreement      June    Exploration of joint   Support and
    Capital              and revenue                         Evans     Worthingt in place                                premises and           greater stability
    Investment           programmes will be                            on                                                integrated service     to local
    Planning             undertaken by each                  Pennaf              An agreement in place                   provision              businesses
                         partner organisation                          Pennaf    between partners re use of
                         over the next 3 years                                   redundant assets                                               Increased
                         and the intended level                                                                          % spend of             opportunity to
                         of investment.                                           Collation of all partners’             contracts on local     train and employ
                                                                                  capital investment plans in            businesses             local people
                                                                                  one document                           % contractor
                                                                                                                         employing local
                                                                                                                         % efficiency gain
                                                                                                                         through joint

                       2 Identify which                                           Production of contractor       June
                         contractors are ‘out                                     document
                         there’ who would want
                         to be included and                                       Assessment of training
                         what training/support                                    packages made available
                         needs they have.
3 Agreement to have           A simplified pre-qualifying   Sept    An improved and
  one standard set of         questionnaire in place                simplified system in
  basic information for                                             place for local
  pre-qualifying                                                    businesses.
  questionnaire with
  additional information
  customised to specific

4 Produce agreed model                                      Sept
  guidelines for contracts                                         Model guidelines for
  to make them ‘user                                               contracts that include
  friendly’, which are                                             social clauses in
  used consistently                                                place
  including banding for
  contracts e.g.
             £100,000
             £100k      to
             £1million to
             £5million to
             £10million

5 Ensure local                                          Sept
  sustainability by
  agreeing what social
  clauses will be
  incorporated into
  contracts e.g. local
  labour force, training/
  schemes based on
  investment, promoting
  Welsh language and

6 Develop training /        Training package established Oct
  support package

7 Hold a ‘meet the          A meet the customer event   Oct    No of attendees
  customer, event to        held                               Take up of training
  publicise the                                                opportunities
  opportunities that will
  be arising over the
  next 3 years and what
  support and training is
  available to enable
  SMEs to bid for

8 Develop a project         Project Management System in Oct
  management approach       place
  to ensure the delivery
  of the identified
  objectives is specific,
  achievable, realistic,
  targeted, outcome
  focused and

N   LSB Priority     Outcomes                     Resour Project      LSB     Milestones                   Target   Outcome Measures Citizen Benefit
o                                                 ce     Lead         Sponsor                              Date

2   Joint Approach   1   Development of a                Llandrilll           Memorandum of                Feb                            Increased
    to Workforce         memorandum of                   o                    Understanding in place                Integrated and        awareness of job
    Development          understanding                                                                              engaged workforce     and skill
                         between llandrillo and                                                                     development           development
                         other agencies                                                                                                   opportunities in
                                                                                                                    Improved access to    conwy
                                                                                                                    training measured by
                                                                                                                    nos of members of
                                                                                                                    staff attending
                                                                                                                    sponsored training
                                                                                                                    and gaining
                                                                                                                    qualifications- 1st year
                                                                                                                    measure establish
                                                                                                                    baseline information.
                     2    Develop a                                           Identifying current                   Nos of apprentices Better
                          programme for                                       apprenticeship schemes                qualifying               understanding of
                          modern                                                                                    Establishment of         variety of jobs
                          apprenticeships                                     Providing a co-ordinated              baseline data            available
                                                                              scheme                                Target increase in
                                                                                                                    numbers by 10%
                     3    Develop a joint                                     Development of website for    March   No of hits               Variety of skill
                          website for jobs                                    apprenticeships with links to         No of enquiries made support and
                          board and                                           authority websites                    through website          career
                          professional online                                 Establishment of online forum         Feedback on              progression
                          forum.                                                                                    usefulness of website

                     4    Develop across                                      Identifying and training              No of staff mentored Development of
                          organisational                                      potential mentors                     Measured through     transferable
                          mentoring                                           Launching scheme to staff             staff satisfaction   skills

                   5    Develop cross                                                                           No of secondments
                        organisation                                                                            Feedback on skill
                        secondments for job                                                                     gains
                        and skill enrichment
                   6    Develop joint work                                Identifying current work              No of attendees         Focus on local
                        experience                                        experience schemes                                            employment
                        programmes for                                                                                                  opportunities
                        young people, adult                               Providing a co-ordinated
                        returners and people                              scheme
                        with disabilities
                   7    Use the network to                                                             On going Evaluation on        Aligned
                        share best practice                                                                    usefulness of network approach to
                                                                                                               No of topics covered support Conwy
                   8    Raise awareness re                                Development of programme for June    Nos attending         Providing
                        public sector careers                             day                                  Nos exhibiting        support to
                        and opportunities                                 Confirming venue and                 No of placements      address the
                        available in Conwy                                exhibitors                                                 economic
                        through job fairs.                                Marketing of event                                         recession

                                                                                                                                        Addressing the
                                                                                                                                        NEETS agenda
N   LSB Priority   Key Actions                  Resour Project   LSB     Milestone                              Outcome                 Citizen Benefit
o                                               ce     Lead      Sponsor

3                  Development of                                Grant    Commissioning of statistical   July   Development of          Services
                   intelligence for future                       Duncan   analysis                              integrated service      adjusting to
                   trend analysis and                                                                           resdesign in order to   meet / mitigate
                   scenario planning                                      To produce a comprehensive            address future          future citizen
                                                                          demographic profile of Conwy          demands                 needs

                                  Version 6

4.0   Development of the Local Service Board

4.1   Conwy Local Service Board was established in July 2007. A draft
      constitution was developed which outlined LSB members’ commitment
      to embrace the following values:

         Respect and value each others contributions
         Generally reach a consensus through focused discussion
         Learn from each other and from experience
         Develop openness and trust
         Be outcome driven
         Be accountable for their decisions and actions

4.2   There are invariably important issues where insufficient progress is
      being made due to complexity or for financial, organisational or political
      reasons. Conwy Local Service Board members agreed that their
      purpose is to strengthen collaborative leadership at the local level, take
      responsibility for a manageable number of challenging projects and
      ensure the local partnership system is delivering effectively. The
      members also agreed to ensure coherence with the work of the Wales
      Spatial Plan (WSP) groups, and the Local Government Regional
      Partnership Boards.

4.3   Conwy LSB will play a role in helping organisations and partnerships to
      remove blockages and make progress where possible. The LSB will
      not diminish or duplicate the role of existing organisations nor will it
      undermine or replicate existing activity. In particular, it will not
      challenge the democratic accountability of elected councillors rather it
      will enable local public service leaders to tackle fundamental and
      unmet challenges from a citizen, not a sector, perspective.

4.4   In order to identify what local challenges could be addressed through
      collaboration, a development day was held in February 2008. On this
      day the LSB members explored organisational responsibilities,
      challenges and risks for serving the local community and agreed areas
      where enhanced partnership working could assist with such

4.5   Through the development day, five key priorities were identified. These
      priorities form the basis of the Local Delivery Agreement and are
      outlined in this document.
5.0   LSB Membership

5.1   The LSB will only be able to deliver on its objectives if its membership
      is a manageable number of key individuals with the ability to influence
      the implementation of the delivery agreement.

5.2   Therefore the Board membership consists of:

         CCBC Leader
         CCBC Chief Executive
         Conwy LHB Chief Executive
         Conwy LHB Chair
         Chief Superintendent, Central Division, North Wales Police
         Welsh Assembly Government official
         Executive level representative from the voluntary sector
         Snowdonia National Park Chief Executive or Chair
         Executive level representative of each NHS Trust
         Executive level representative for Higher and Further Education
         Executive level representative from Registered Social Landlord
         Executive level representative from the Environment Agency

5.3   This membership reflects the key priorities for 2009/2010. The
      membership will need to be reviewed in line with the renewal of key
      priorities for future Local Delivery Agreements.

5.4   The Board will have the ability to co-opt additional members or invite
      officers to sit in attendance when necessary.

6.0   Roles and Responsibilities of all LSB Members

6.1   Each individual member brings a unique contribution and perspective –
      but there is a common expectation on all members to contribute as a
      member of the public service leadership team in order to.

         seek citizen insight from a wide range of sources
         focus on benefits for citizens and communities
         identify risks and opportunities from a whole area perspective,
          transcending organisational interests
         seek out and share innovation
         contribute expertise and knowledge, and learn from others
         contribute to the development of the Board into a high performing
          partnership delivering benefits for citizens
         communicate effectively with own organisation and/or sector and
          mobilise its contribution to the Board’s work and projects;
         help the Board identify mutual gain projects (the Local Delivery
          Agreement) to improve partnership delivery for citizens

             share information and pool expertise and resources to get things
             ensure that each organisation or sector commits to and delivers its
              agreed contribution to the LDA priorities
             be accountable to each other and their organisations for their
              contribution to performance.

7.0       Monitoring and Feedback Arrangements

Conwy LSB will ensure that the Local Delivery Agreement is monitored and
that the work completed is fed back to interested parties. In addition to the
identification of performance measures ( as outlined above), Conwy LSB will
also undertake the following:

7.1       Project Management highlight reports

All projects will follow a project management framework This will ensure that
project initiation documents are completed and that regular highlight reports
are presented to the LSB.

7.2       Citizen engagement

Conwy LSB has invested in the development of improved citizen engagement.
It is envisaged that the general public and appropriate parties with areas of
interest will be engaged in the LSB work programme during the year. The
method of engagement will vary according to the need.

7.3       Scrutiny Function

Conwy LSB acknowledges the important role of scrutiny and the need to have
a system in place. The Board is in the process of exploring a method of
scrutinising the partnership and is aware of the forthcoming change in
legislation. The exploration of scrutiny models will reflect the new legislative

7.4       Annual Report

The Local Service Board will produce an annual report which will be made
available to:

         Each of the member organisations
         The strategic thematic partnerships
         Any other interested party.

The report will detail the progress made to achieve the objectives outlined in
the Local Delivery Agreement. It will be published on the Community Strategy


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