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					Tactical Lesson Plan Assignment
KIN 303-Invasion Games
Dr. Cummiskey

You and a partner will create a 35-40 minute tactical lesson plan for one of the topics listed on page 2. You
must use the departmental lesson template on page 5. Prior to planning your lesson, familiarize yourself with
rubric on page 3 and 4. Also examine the peer teaching rubric (separate assignment) because how well you plan
your lesson obviously impacts the quality of instruction. If you plan a good lesson, it is more likely your peer
teaching will be good as well.

Due Dates
Email the lesson plan as an attachment by the due dates listed on page 2. I will then grade your lesson, insert
blue corrections, and email you the lesson plan by the date following “corrections from instructor.” You must
modify your lesson according to the corrections while also deleting the blue comments. If your corrections are
OK, I will add 2 percentage points, good corrections 5 points, and awesome corrections 10 points. Failure to
delete the blue comments will reduce your grade by 10 percentage points, don’t forget! After your lesson is
graded, a completed rubric will be given to you in class.

Advice from Semesters Past:
   Follow the game-practice-game format
           o After the warm-up, avoid using a drill next. Remember, this approach is supposed to be fun!
   Try and label the informing tasks with a name, this helps you recall quickly what to do.
   Please verify WCU has the equipment you plan on using (equipment picture in thenewPE)
   Remember areas of emphasis from your instructor: high activity time, opportunities to respond, quick
      transitions, and engaging activities
   Be familiar with the difference between a new content development part vs. an extension
   Tactical questions –get participants to recognize the need to work on the desired skill or tactic. Don’t
      tell them what they need to work on or worse, just say what they will doing that day.
   Save 3 v 3 games for lessons 4-5 in soccer.
   Come see me if you have questions or want feedback. You may be teaching an activity or tactic that
      you find challenging; it’s OK to ask.
   It’s OK to be nervous; this is an early teaching experience. To combat this, know your lesson plan down
      cold and practice it like a speech. I also recommend carrying an index card outline of your lesson with
      the exact wording of hard to remember items such as tactical questions and closure questions.

Videos Websites (watch drills and activities being performed)
                                      
                             

Rules, Tactics, and Dimensions
                                     
                                    (glossaries and rules links)

Activity Ideas:
    The New PE (
           o Scroll down to “Websites for General Activity Ideas”
    Educators Desk Reference (
    Fun Attic Great Games List (
    Games Kids Play (
    Lesson Plan Page (
    New Jersey State Curriculum (click chapter8e, 8f) (
       PE Game Ideas (
       PElinks4U (
       PE Central (
       PE Universe (
       PE Zone (
       Play Sports (
       Sports Media Lesson Plan Database (
       We Are PR (
       Weiss Ice (

1st Draft of Lesson Plans: 10/24
Corrections from Instructor: 10/26
Final draft: 10/28

Soccer Topic                     Date       Assigned Teachers –      Date     Assigned Teachers –
                                 Teaching   Sec 01                   Teaching Sec 02
                                 – Sec 01                            – Sec 02
 Dribbling and soling to        10/31      Rob R. & Sean E.;        10/31    Tanner C and Ashley M;
  maintain possession                       David L & Tom D.                  Samantha S & Brandon H.
 Throw in, trapping (both       11/2       Andrea L & Tim T.;       11/2     Anneka T & Chris C;
  feet, both thighs, chest)                 Vitaliy K & Tessa G.              Pat M
 Passing (basic, one time,      11/4       Tim M & Sufi F-A;        11/4     Megan A & Addison M;
  long), both feet for basic                Connor H & JJ R.                  Sean B & Zach G
  and one-time
 Corner kick and headers        11/7       Brittany T & Matt M.;    11/7      Stefani K & Ashley K.;
                                            Bryan B & Brian C.                 Jonathan H & Tom B.
 Offensive plays (switch        11/9       Brittany F & Lauren S.   11/9      Brandon K & Pat R.;
  the attack, cross, hole) and              Ryan B and Bobby K                 Karen W & DeAnna N.
  game play

Ultimate/Team Handball
1st Draft of Lesson Plans: 11/7
Corrections from Instructor: 11/9
Final draft: 11/14

Topic                            Date       Assigned Teachers –      Date     Assigned Teachers –
                                 Teaching   Sec 01                   Teaching Sec 02
                                 – Sec 01                            – Sec 02
 Passing (forehand,             11/14      Jackie G and Tim R.      11/14    Alyssa G & Stephanie V;
  backhand, either hand)
  and catching (one the
  move, claw)
 Offensive strategy             11/16      Erin C & Kristin S       11/16     Brett P & Chad G.
  (horizontal and vertical
  stack), give and go
 Defensive strategy (force,     11/18      Open                     11/18     Matt M.
  wedge, and cup)
 Speedball (see Dr.             11/21      Sam E & Daniel P         11/21     Mike M. & Geoff B
  Cummiskey for rules)
Lesson Plan Grading Rubric Name ___________________________________ Section____________
               Department of Kinesiology Lesson Plan Rubric – Physical Education
***Weight in brackets [ ], NASPE/NCATE standards in parenthesis ( ), unit standards in braces {}

Name:__________________________________________ Date:___________________________
                      Advanced (4)                 Proficient (3)              Basic (2)            Below Basic (0)
Essential      EC statement is correctly      EC statement is          EC is not accurately      Essential content is not
Content (EC) worded and strongly              correctly worded and     written, moderately       aligned with the
[1]            connected to the standard      connects to the          connects to standard,     standard, is unrelated to
(3.1, 3.2)                                    standard, somewhat       misaligned with lesson,   the lesson or is not
                                              generic                  more EC needed            provided
Objectives     Clear and appropriate;         Slightly unclear or not  Relates to wrong          Mismatch between unit
[2]            includes audience, behavior, easily measured, some      standard or misaligned    content and objectives,
(3.1, 3.2)     condition/ context and         improper formatting,     assessment tool,          improperly written and
{1.1, 1.8}     possibly criteria, observable lacks direct connection   unclear/vague action      not fully developed
               & measurable, aligns with      to EC or standards,      word, domains mis-
               EC & standard                  needs qualifiers         aligned, hard to measure
Equipment/ Type & quantity correctly          Type and quantity        Better choices are        Equipment needed in
Resources      identified, developmentally    correctly indicated,     available, potential      the lesson are not listed,
Needed         appropriate, allows for        some refinement needed safety issue, too few or    inappropriate for use at
[1]            differentiation, safe,         or slightly confusing    too much equipment, not that grade level,
(3.4)          equitable & fair for all Ss                             beneficial for every-one, probable safety issue
{1.8}                                                                  poor differentiation
Critical       Complete & accurate, no        CEs need slight          Too few CEs, one          More than two critical
Elements [1] more than 5, selects most        modification, too many, inaccurate CE              elements are inaccurate
(1.1, 2, 3, 5) essential & relevant cues      could choose better ones                           or are incomplete.
Assessment Direct connection and              Slight disconnect with   Assessment has limited    Standard verb and
[2]            aligned w/ standards verb;     standards verb; data     alignment with standard assessment completely
(5.1, 5.2)     excellent measure of E.C.,     collected has limited    verb, not practical to    unrelated, busy work,
{1.7}          developmentally                usefulness, slightly too implement, needs one or no meaningful data
               appropriate, adequate          advanced or too easy for two more observation      collected, inefficient
               observation trials, detailed   students                 trials                    implementation, unfair
               info. about S learning,                                                           to Ss, unrelated to E.C.
               efficient to implement
Setup          Clearly describes the setup/   Mostly clear but not all Omits major information Setup is wrong and not
[1] (3.4)      location of equipment.         questions answered,      such as boundaries,       appropriate for planned
                                              another teacher would    goals, where equipment    activities, not aligned
                                              have question(s)         should be located etc
Warm-Up/       Prepares Ss adequately for     Adequately prepares      Insufficient preparation  No warm-up or instant
Instant        lesson, appropriate intensity, students physically but  for activity, NOT         activity, potentially
Activity       may links with previous        has limited connection   developmentally           injurious,
[2]            lesson, foreshadow present     with learning content    appropriate; does not     developmentally
(3.1)          lesson, may incorporate        (simply jogging)         adequately prepare        inappropriate
{1.3}          health-related fitness                                  students for the lesson
Anticipatory Provides a detailed and          Discussed the purpose    States what will be       No anticipatory set was
Set            developmentally appropriate of the lesson with an       included in the lesson    provided
[2]            explanation of the essential   implied link to the      but no linkage or
(3.1, 3.3)     content/purpose of the entire standards, objectives, or discussion of why
{1.3}          lesson & is directly           essential content
               connected to the standard.
Transition     All tasks clearly describe     Lacking some detail,     Omits major information Poorly planned, not
Tasks          transition from previous       mostly clear, slightly   such as equipment, what clear, excessive time
[1]            activity and organization      more efficient option    students will do when     needed, students more
(3.4)          when transition is complete, not chosen                 transition is complete,   likely to become off
               orderly, minimizes lost                                 distribution of equip-    task, potential safety
               time, includes equipment if                             ment is time consuming    issue
                    Advanced (4)                      Proficient (3)                 Basic (2)             Below Basic (0)
Informing    Detailed explanation of             Most aspects of tasks      Vague explanation of        No informing task was
Tasks        what will be explained to           are clear; link to EC      purpose of the specific     provided
[3]          Ss; info is strongly linked to      and lesson objective       part of the lesson
(3.3, 3.6)   EC and lesson objective;            could be made clearer
{1.4}        skill demo’ indicated
Introductory Thoroughly explains what            Task could be              Vague explanation of        No introductory tasks
Tasks        Ss will be physical-ly              explained in a bit more    what physical task          were provided
[2]          engaged in practicing;              detail; Ss are             students will be engaged
             practice conditions are             meaningfully engaged;      in is provided; no
             explicit; indicates that all Ss     practice conditions of     practice conditions are
             will be meaningfully                task not clear             described
             engaged in the task
Extending    Effectively changes the             Varies the instructional   Tasks minimally change,     Changes diminishes
Tasks [3]    tasks, heightens or keeps           task but disrupts flow     more effective options      learning, uses an
(3.1, 3.3,   student interest in activity,       of lesson, somewhat        should have been used,      extending task when
3.5)         relates to objectives/              time consuming to          not practical to            new content
             essential content                   implement                  implement                   development section is
                                                                                                        needed instead
Accommoda         Describes two meaningful       Provides two               One accommodation or        Accommodations are
-tion Tasks       and effective modifications,   accommodations but         two mostly generic ones,    not listed or will do
[1]               for students with disabilit-   not detailed enough,       will single out Ss,         more harm than good.
(3.3, 3.4, 3.5,   ies, allow Ss to progress at   could be more effective    limited practicality, are
3.6)              own level while addressing     but can be implemented     not aligned with the
{1.5}             same content as others         for Ss with disabilities   lesson, or exclude
Differentia-      Describes two meaningful       Differentiations provide   Differentiations address    Differentiations are not
tion Tasks        ways to make the activity      options but do not         only high or low            listed, will single out or
[1]               more or less challenging for   meaningfully challenge     performers, not both.       embarrass Ss, not
(3.3, 3.4, 3.5,   high/low performers, allows    Ss of varying ability      Some differentiations are   linked to informing task
3.6)              Ss to progress at own level                               not legitimate, fluffy
Closure           Sense of completion,       Reviews the lesson but         Teacher states what was  No meaningful closure
[1]               reviews the essential      does not align well with       done in class, or simply was indicated in lesson
(3.1)             content/objectives;        major/”take home”              says what will happen    plan, the lesson just
{1.6}             challenges Ss or involves  points, somewhat rote          next class               ends, no wrap-up
                  higher order thinking.     or not challenging
Reflection        Thorough reflection on     More generic              Unclear on proposed           Reflection will not
on Planning       content of lesson plan;    responses, some           improvements, little          result in future
[1]               suggested revisions are    specific modifications    detail, several oversights improvements, no
(5.3)             insightful and detailed    proposed, misses a        on potential changes          specifics, major
{2.1}                                        minor improvement                                       oversights, not done
Reflection    Response demonstrates an       Responses are general,    Responses generally do        Responses are missing,
on Teaching in-depth reflection,             moderately detail,        not adequate address the do not address the
[1]           interpretations are            interpretations           reflection questions, lack questions, do not
(5.3)         insightful, accurate, and      supported but some        depth, limited ability to     incorporate information
{2.2}         well supported with clear,     implications from         improve next lesson,          from teaching, or will
              detailed examples. Strong      teaching are missing,     arguments flawed or not       not result in
              synthesis and implications     appropriate examples      supported                     improvement when
              for teaching, alternatives     are provided,                                           teaching next time
              posed                          alternative ideas
Deductions Only: May included but not limited to non-tactical games lessons, writing errors, lacking in detail, or uses
extending tasks when a new part is necessary
Score: ____/20. To convert score to the 10 points allotted for this assignment, divide by 2.
     Department of Kinesiology - Physical Education Lesson Plan Template
Name:                                                    Class Length:
Lesson Topic:                                            School Site:
Grade Level:                                             Coop. Teacher:
Class Size:
 Note: * = optional per instructor, pull-downs available at
PDE or NASPE Standard(s) (1.2 WCU Unit Standards) (Help): (Use NASPE standards)

Essential Content (Help):

Objective(s) (1.1 WCU Unit Integration of Learning Outcomes) (Help):

Safety (Help):

Equipment Needed (1.8 WCU Unit Materials/Equipment) (Help):

Technology (if applicable) (1.9 WCU Unit Materials/Equipment) (Help):

Critical Elements (Help):

Assessment (1.7 WCU Unit Formative/Summative Assessment of Students P-12) (Help) Do not complete

Setup (Help):

Warm-Up/Instant Activity (Help) (Optional depending on whether you use Part 1 as a warm-up):

Anticipatory Set (1.3 WCU Unit Anticipatory Set) (Help): (You may move the anticipatory set to the point in the
lesson plan where it will be used. In tactical lessons, it often comes after part 1)

Content Development (1.4 WCU Unit Procedures), Part 1                                Time Allotted:
Transition Task (Help):

Informing Task (Help):

Introductory Task (Help): Do not complete

Extending Task (Help):

Accommodation Task (1.5 WCU Unit Differentiation) (Help):

Differentiation Task (1.5 WCU Unit Differentiation) (Help):

Content Development, Part 2 (Optional) (Help)                                        Time Allotted:

Content Development, Part 3 (Optional)(Create additional parts as necessary)         Time Allotted:

Lesson Closure (1.6 WCU Unit Closure) (Help):

Reflection (2.1, 2.2 WCU Unit Reflection on Planning and Instruction) (Help):
     Reflection on Planning Do not complete
     Reflection on Teaching Do not complete

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