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									Revising & Editing
How is revision different from editing?
                  Focus on Revision
• By making decisions about which opening you would like to
• By making certain you have added any missing information
• By making decisions about the characterization strategies you
• By making decisions about “showing”
                     Focus on Editing
•   By making sure that quotations are punctuated properly
•   By making sure that paragraphs are divided accurately
•   By making sure that spelling is accurate
•   By making sure that your sentences vary in structure and
                        Revision Examples
• The Fall (First Draft)
    – It was when I was six years old. I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my
       arm. My mother was really upset because she said I was always in too much
       of a hurry. She had to take me to the emergency room where they had to
       put a cast on me.
• The Fall (Second Draft)
    – My shoelace tangled around a nail in the carpet, and my elbow hit the
      landing with a crack. I traveled head over heels down the stairwell until my
      body came to a halt, barreling into my mother’s favorite vase positioned at
      the foot of the stairs.
• Revision                                • Editing
___ I chose the most engaging             ___ All of my quotations are
  opening.                                  punctuated properly.
___ I added missing information.          ___ All paragraphs are accurately
___ I used characterization strategies.     divided.
___ I used the “showing” strategy.        ___ My spelling is accurate.
                                          ___ My sentence vary in structure and
             Be Careful of Writing Felonies
•   !!!!!!!!!!               • Well, And, So,
•   2345                       Because,
•   Yeah                     • alot
•   b/c, B4                  • Abbreviations
•   &                        • Once upon a time
•   U                        • My name is, and my
•   4                          story is about…
•   o.k.                     • Arrows
•   there, they’re, their    • Dotting your i’s
•   to, two, too             • Computer & Text Slang

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