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					                                   Good News Report
                               Bourbon Central Elementary
                                    December 2010

     Christmas Program – Thanks to all that came out and supported BCES at the annual
      program. Thanks also to Mr. Akers for directing the event. We know the students had a
      great time performing for you all!
    AR Party - The AR party for the top reader for November was a great deal of fun! Mrs.
      Hutson made snowflakes with the top readers. Kudos to Mrs. Hutson! We are so proud
      of these students that are working so hard to be the best readers they can be. This
      important skill will aid them in all areas of their education and adult life.
    Top Readers – The following are the top readers from each classroom that attended the
      November AR celebration.
   Ana Flores-Ortiz, Corey Lynem*, Chandler Barnett, Thomas Greenlee*, Logan Bell*, Jaden
   Ratliff, Kaylee Childers*, Danny Deloya Chavez, Kaylyn Barnett, Alexis Hopkins*, Maggie
   Dong*, Morgan Baker, Maddie Greenlee, Jared Gagel, Destiny Willinger*, Zackary
   Workman, Carlos Vazquez*, Katelynn Edwards*, Tyler Whetstine*, Courtney Miller,
   Hannah Cook, Kobie Irish                                          *Denotes the top readers for
   each grade level and their names appear in our stars by the library.
      Farm Day - We celebrated the American Farmer on November 23, 2010. Students wore
       their favorite farm clothing and joined in on the fun!
     Major Learning Check - Our first Major Learning Check recently took place. It included
      all of the students in grades 3, 4 and 5. This exercise helps prepare our students for the
      state assessment they will take in May. This process gives us a good picture of whether
      students are retaining important content that we have covered up to this point. The
      students did a great job.
    Raising The Flag - Bourbon Central’s Counseling Department sponsored a special
      campaign, “Raising the Flag,” to support our troops. Military Missions is a nonprofit
      organization that sends cards and care packages to deployed troops offering support and
      encouragement during their time away from home. The students and their families did a
      great job of sending in items for the troops.
    Bourbon Central’s Veterans’ Day Program – Thanks to all that attended and to all that
      helped to make this event possible. The students enjoyed having the guests with us. A
      great big thanks goes out to our counseling staff, Katie Havelda and Diane White for
      heading up this wonderful event for Bourbon Central.
    AR Readers – The top readers for October held a party in the gym with special guest Mrs.
      Willoughby. She provided relays for the entertainment. Thanks to Mrs. Willoughby for
      her help with the celebration. We also want to congratulate the winning readers. The top
      readers that attended are listed below:
   Arielle Teegarden, Amarah Dale, Lynna Farrow, Thomas Greenlee, Rylee Brown, Nathan
 Puckett, Logan Bell, Markel Moberly, Parker Estes, Lilly Mitchell, Shi Silva, Rachel Graves-
  Dobson, Addison Lindsey, Maddie Greenlee, Robert Cox, Nicholas Slone, Billy Conn, Seth
Greenlee, Carlos Vazquez, Katelynn Edwards, Maddie Beheler, Nate Prince, Hannah Cook, and
                                           Kobie Irish.
   Bourbon Central Wins Academic Tournament - When the annual fourth grade
    tournament for the county was completed November 16, 2010, Bourbon Central was
    declared the champion for the season. The team that won the competition was the gray
    team under the direction of Coach Lori Rawlins. The red and gray team met in the semi-
    finals of the tournament for the closest game of the afternoon competition. During the
    regular season both the red and gray teams went undefeated! A picture of the team can
    be found on the back of the November 23, 2010 edition of Mr. Rankin’s Record and they
    are also featured on the electronic sign that is located at the main entrance to the Bourbon
    County High School.
                               Members of the Champion Team are:
                    Billy Conn, Chase Donovan, Seth Greenlee, Caroline Payne,
                        Suraya Smith, Grace Spears, and Zackary Workman
   DARE Graduation - Our fifth grade DARE graduation took place at on Monday,
    November 22, 2010. Thanks to all the parents who attended this exciting event.
    Dare Reception - A great big thank you goes out to Ashley Elks for preparing the DARE
    graduation reception for us Monday. The food was great and the children really enjoyed
    themselves. We appreciate her taking the time out of her schedule to do this for our
   DARE Essays - What a great job the students did that read their DARE essays for our
    graduation. We feel they inspired our students to really practice the lessons they have
    learned from this program. The students who had essays chosen by their classmates were:
    Emily Elks, Alexia Roberts, Cameron Sipes and Bonnie Wright. Thanks for your hard
   Student Technology Program - Several of our students participated in the technology
    conference at UK . Ms. Harris’ and Mrs. Hill’s group of intermediate students prepared a
    presentation about our school mission statement. Mrs. Beheler’s and Mrs. Baker’s group
    did a project teaching senior citizens technology skills. Mrs. Bicknell’s students
    presented a project on recycling. Mrs. Rawlins’ and Mrs. Conley’s project was to
    introduce pre-school students to our school. All of the entries were excellent and made
    me very proud. Each group has been invited to attend the state conference in May.
    Thanks to the students and adults for all their hard work on this outstanding event.
   Web Pages - All certified staff members maintain web pages to help keep our parents
    informed and up to date on all the great activities here at Bourbon Central. Each
    classroom has its very own site to provide the latest news to our parents. We encourage
    you to take advantage of this great feature and log on to our home page often!!!
   Thanksgiving Lunch - The cafeteria staff prepared a Thanksgiving lunch for our school
    Thursday November 18, 2010 that was outstanding. Retired personnel from Bourbon
    Central were invited to come and visit with our kids and eat lunch. The student body
    enjoyed seeing our former employees very much. Thanks to the cafeteria staff for
    making the luncheon possible.
   Conservation Poster Contest -The top three posters from Bourbon Central were Hannah
    Cook, Cordell Jones and Emily Welch. The posters have been sent on to the county
    competition. We are very proud of their work and know each of the posters will
    represent Bourbon Central well. Congratulations to all three!!!
   Future Problem Solving - The 2011 Future Problem Solving Team has been chosen and is
    working hard preparing for competition in the spring. We want to congratulate the
    students that have made the team. The team members are: Jacob Bailey, Hayley Hill,
    Mick Seither, Aaron Poe, Karly Black, Kennedy Hensley, Samantha Gorder, and Max
    We want to thank the coaches, Mrs. Bicknell and Ms. Harris for their dedication and hard
                                       work with this fine team.
   Zero Behavior Write Ups - We had eleven rooms that did not have any behavior write-
    ups for the first nine weeks of school. The classrooms that displayed this outstanding
    behavior were Conley, White, Wigginton, Hopkins, Vance, Norton, Jones, Wrenn, Hill,
    Beheler and Baker. In addition, 95% of our student body has not had any discipline
    infractions. This speaks well of the outstanding behavior that we have at Bourbon Central
    and how much of our students time is engaged in academic work. We want to thank the
    staff that helps to provide this great learning environment as well as the support of all our
   Choral Festival - Several of our students participated in November in the annual choral
    festival. This festival is held in Richmond and has some of the best talent in the state.
    We are proud of these students and want them to know they did a great job! Thanks to
    Mr. Akers for his hard work in preparing our students to be a part of this great event!

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