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					MeQQolile                                                                                                          Volume VII, Number 3
                                                                                                                         September, 1981

                                                                                                  from Mr. Nash. 5 This land was then sub-
                                                                                                  divided and advertised for orchard land.
                                                                                                   Mr. Nash kept his homeplace and some land
                                                                                                  for his brother Ben Nash and family.
                                                                                                     In 1908 on the recommendations of Mr.
                                                                                                   Nash, Mr. Hitchin and others, the name of
                                                                                                   Dog Creek was discarded and a contest was
                                                                                                  sponsored by the Western Land Company
                                                                                                  for an appropriate name. The winning entry
                                                                                                  came from a Mr. Hanson 6 of Altona, Man.
                                                                                                   who suggested Renata. His prize was afree
                                                                                                  trip to British Columbia. The meaning of
                                                                                                  Renata is "Rebirth".
                                                                                                     In 1909,ftrst child in the re-named village
                                                                                                   was born to Mr. and Mrs. Siemens. The
                                                                                                  parents had named her Judith, but before
                                                                                                  they had registered the baby's birth Mr.
                                                                                                  Nash and others asked that she be named
                                                                                                  after the village . ...
                                                                                                     When theftrst settlers came to Dog Creek,
                                                                                                  most of the flat was a dense forest with two
                                                                                                  creeks, Long Creek, changed to Renata
                                                                                                  Creek and Dog Creek running through the
A group of Mennonite pioneers at Renata in 1908-1911. Theftrst ads ofDer Mitar'beiter an-         valley.
nounced the sale of 10 to 60 acre lots of Kootenay Fruitland, with a promise to clear land           These settlers came mostly from Herbert
and follow with planting.                                                                         and Rosthern, Sask. and a few from
                                                                                                  Manitoba. They were a hard working lot of
                                                                                                  Dutch origin and most of them ofMennonite
Early Mennonites in B.C.: Renata, 1907-1965                                                      faith.
                                                                                                     A lot ofclearing and building went on dur-
By Lawrence Klippenstein                                                                          ing theftrstftve years, with some ofthe early
                                                                                                  dwellings being built of logs, others from
   During the years 1874-1880 the first Men-        When the first Mennonites reached British     lumber brought over from the ghost town of
nonites of Western Canada established           Columbia is not certain. In 190 I the Cana-       Brooklyn, on the lake to the south ofRenata.
homes and vil\ages in the east and west         dian census registered eleven persons under          There was a continual exchange of
"reserve" of Manitoba. Emigration frpm          the "Mennonite" category, a figure which         properties over the years and some of the
these areas to other parts of Canada, as well   rose to 191 in the federal count of 1911. 2      ftrst settlers resold to others. In ftve years
as the U.S.A. began almost immediately.             By that date at least two Mennonite          time, however, most of the area had been
Already in 1875 some families from the East     settlements had taken firm root in the           cleared and planted in fruit trees. By 1913
Reserve moved to Minnesota, and others,         province, the first of these at a place called   the settlement had taken on the look of a
from the Scratching River settlement            Renata, in the Dog Creek area along the          neat village.
northwest of Morris, left for Nebraska that     Arrow Lakes, with the other appearing near           Some ofthefamily names oftheftrst large
same year. Some had stayed in the Fargo         Needles in the Wachun Valley some miles to       group to come were - Frank F. Siemens,
area upon arrival in the summer of 1874 and     the north.                                       General Manager of the Company that sub-
never got to Canada at all.                         The Story of Renata, written by Mary'        divided the village, Peter H. Siemens, Peter
   Departures for the Northwest Territories     Warkentin and Rose Ann Rahn, who were            Abrams Sr., Peter Abrams, Jr., Aron
and regions beyond did not begin till           both of that community, otTers interesting       Abrams, J. Le.'1tzman, Jacob Wiebe, Jacob
somewhat later. By 1890 a small migration       glimpses of pioneer Mennonite community          Loewen, William Born, George Rempel Sr.,
to what became Saskatchewan and Alberta         life in British Columbia during this period. 3   George Rempel Jr., George Buhler, Abram
was getting underway. The arrival of ad-            Some excerpts follow:                        Friesen, Martin Zacharias, Peter W.
ditional families directly from Russia soon         In 1907 the Western Land Company of          Harms, Henry Schapansky, William Nickel,
afterwards also helped to stimulate this        Winnipeg, Man. sent Frank F. Siemens,4           Mrs. Jacob Schwartz and son John and
movement.' Western states such as Oregon        then of Altona, Man., as their agent to buy      Isaac and George Wiebe, bachelors, and
were being considered as well.                  all the available land in the Dog Creek area     Bernard Friesen . ..
                                                                                                                             (Cont. on page 2)
Page 2
     Peter Abrams and sons are best                                                  The family of Peter W. Harms, of               John Oyck papers. This collection receiv-
  remembered for their lumber mill and the                                        Rosthern, Saskatchewan arrived in Renata       ed as duplicate on microfilm, includes a
 following is a copy in part of a letter written                                 May 1910. The land they hadpurchased was        number of letters of Russian Mennonites,
 June 13, 1965 by Peter P. Abrams Jr. to his                                     a densely wooded area and a lot of clearing     written to Canadian relatives in Manitoba
  brother-in-law, Jake Friesen of Renata. "In                                     had to be done. This family really pioneered   between 1900 and 1930.
  Nov. 1909 my brother Aron and myself                                           and Mr. Harms did much to help improve              Elim Bible Institute records, Altona,
  decided to go to British Columbia to live on                                   development of the village qfter he got his     Manitoba. Included are student records, cor-
  our own, so with a railway car loaded with                                    family settled. The three older boys, William,   respondence, early board minutes, etc., as
 feed, two horses, 50 chickens and all per-                                      Peter and Abram, worked along with the          well as a large number of German books
 sonal belongings we set out for Renata,                                        father. The two younger boys, Henry and          from the library.
  travelling the last of the way by the S.S.                                     Jake, both died in Renata.                          Back numbers of various Mennonite
 Rossland. When we landed and saw the                                               By all appearances Renata became a           newspapers, including Steinbach Post (1923
  heavy wooded land I decided to do                                              thriving, one might almost say typically        IT.), Gospel Herald (Vol. 1, 1908 IT.),
 something else beside clearing and farming.                                     enterprising Mennonite community before         Christlicher Bundesbote (1882 IT.) and The
 George Wiebe, a bachelor, and myselfjoined                                      long. Under the topic "Stores" in the Story     Mennonite (1887 IT.).
 partnership and logged during the winter.                                       we read the following:                              Cassette tape recordings of the Reinfeld,
  The only way we could get the logs to the                                         A small Co-op store was started by           Manitoba centennial celebration, the Winkler
 beach and on the lake was to clean out the                                     Diedrich Epp, Peter Harms and Jacob              75th homecoming program and the CO an-
 creek from fallen logs, so we hired some of                                    Reimer and was located in a root cellar for      niversary celebration of September 27,1980.
 the boys to do logging with the horses we had                                  one and a halfyears, next to Joseph Gray's           If you have any materials - books,
 brought from Saskatchewan. George and I                                        home which then belonged to Hugo                 newspapers, letters, documents, diaries, etc.,
 blasted along the creek with dynamite to                                        Young . ... In 1923 George D. Friesen, son      especially in the German language, which
 make wayfor the logs. When spring came we                                      of Diedrich Friesen, bought this co-op stock     you would like to deposit in the archives call
floated them down the creek to the lake, but                                    and his father's property and in 1924 built      Lawrence Klippenstein, collect, at the
 by this time we had spent all our cash. In                                     the present store.                               arehives of the Heritage Centre (1-204-888-
 1910 when the logging was done I wrote to                                                                   (to be continued)   6781), and a transfer will be arranged.
 my parents that we would not stay in Renata                                      Note: The ad re: Kootenay Land
 and wished to come back, but on the day my                                     appeared quite regularly in the 1908 and
 letter was mailed I received a letter from                                     1909 issues of Der Mitarbeiter which had         Der Bote on Microfilm
 them saying that they had sold and were                                        begun publication at Gretna, Manitoba, in
 coming to Renata. This shattered our plans                                     1906.                                                Der Bote will be completing sixty years of
 but when we found that we would be able to                                                                                      continuous publication in the not too distant
 buy Shannon's store and post-office, we ask-                                                                                     future. It has been a widely read source of in-
 ed our parents for $1,000.00, bought the                                                                                        formation and inspiration, and its historical
 store and the parents stayed in Renata for
 10 years."                                                                     New MHC Acquisitions                              materials have been a special feature of its
                                                                                                                                 columns as well. The collection of a complete
     "A ron did not like the store business so he                                   Collecting and cataloging records,            run, at the Mennonite Heritage Centre, and
 worked on boats on Kootenay Lake. In the                                        manuscripts, documents, etc. remains an im-      the publication of an index to the years
meantime the Wiebe brothers influenced my                                        portant priority of the archives program at      1924-1947, have helped to make these
father to start a saw mill. Father built the                                     the Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg.       materials accessible to researchers and
mill and we sold close to a million feet of it.                                  New acquisitions of recent months include       others.
 The company was incorporated with Abram                                         the following items:                                A further aid to the use of Oer Bote is the
Friesen, J. Friesen, P. Siemens and my Dad,                                        Congregational records of Conference of       microfilm of the entire collection, Vol. 1-57,
all shareholders. I kept the books and, asfar                                    Mennonites in Manitoba churches. Over            1924-1980. Making it was a task undertaken
as 1 know, after the logs boughtfrom us were                                    twenty congregations have collected and          by the Saskatchewan Archives at the Univer-
all sawed the mill stopped operating at that                                     brought in their records for microfilming       sity of Regina this past summer. Provincial
time."                                                                          during the past two summers. The project is      archivist Ian Wilson recently reported to the
                                                                                expected to continue next summer.                 Heritage Centre that this run is now
  ioottntlU                            tYrudJt::~tlnb
  :mir Il11beu loe ben unfere ellb~mitJifion in
                                                                                   Paul Esau papers and artifacts. These
                                                                                derive for the most part from the period
                                                                                                                                 available on twenty-one 35 mm rolls which
                                                                                                                                 can be purchased singly or in a set, at ap-
  :Rcnntll (stO(1 C£rcd), C£ohtlubill ffiiver I~r#                               1900-1925 in Russia, and include a number       proximately $20.00 a roll. It will be a real
  rOllJ ~l1fe) mtl3[]emeHcn unb finb je~t im                                    of documents related to the life and work of     boon for libraries and archives who have
  etl1nbc, ~ottCll Don 10 bi" tiO 1!lder 3u ver.                                Paul's father, J. J. Esau, who was at one time   found it impossible so far to get a set of the
     Wir l'dJcmcfJ1ltcn un" £Il1ll ~ 3u Hiircnunb                               mayor of Ekaterinoslav and director of           originals in any form.
  311 beprlllu;"en.                                                             supplies for the Red Cross ih southern Rus-          For further information about these
        \J(tlhcre" bci                                                          sia during W.W.I.                                microfilm materials write to: Saskatchewan
  ~~C        9.11. &          ~B.      tr.           ~allb [0. ~tb.                Twenty-three documents from the
                                                                                archives of the foreign office of the
                                                                                                                                 Archives, University of Regina, Regina,
                                                                                                                                 Saskatchewan. To order the index write to
                              l2Utona, rolan.
                                                                                Bundesrepublik Deutschland. These are            Mennonite Heritage Centre, 600 Shaftesbury
                                                                                related to the emigration of Mennonite           Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P OM4. The
      'Jmr 91rtell lJOlt ~'1:rtlft(lriefr ,uwir officient Urtunben ll.ltt"
                                                                                refugees from the Soviet Union to Germany        cost is $12.00 with postage extra. The Cen-
  ben ill Of'( 'itltOlhl £'fficr tl11nttHrfl uno aU0ijeru!lrt   during the years 1929-1932. They were ac-        tre also has a large collection of duplicate
  tuit frutH'c. EdHffl:,>.fntten tuttb-tn bHfllUft uno ~elb auf bet-
  6trrerte~ liij.1flttUlll   11U-3\Jfborgt.
                                                                                quired in duplicate, courtesy of the Men-        issues of Oer Bote from about 1950 on. They
      'ilftint uerfonHrfl 'lIOtdfe ift        lf~t                              nonite archives in Fernheim, Chaco,              can be had for the cost of shipping and
  F. F. Siemens, Phone 3;)2, 609 Cedar .St., Nelson, B. C.                      Paraguay.                                        handling, at the address given above.

MENNONITE HISTORIAN is published quarterly by the History-Archives Committee of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada. It is
edited by Lawrence Klippenstein. All correspondence and unpublished manuscripts should be sent to the editorial office at 600 Shaftesbury
 Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P OM4. Subscription fee, $2.00 :,cr year. ISSN 0700-8066.
                                                                                                                                       Page 3

  Russo-Ukrainian Mennonite Studies

                                                                                          Courtesy of G. G. Dueck, Springstein, Manitoba.
     These people galhered at the first Canadian reunion of one-time 'Jorsteiers" in Russia, held at Camp Assiniboia near Winnipeg in Jun£:,
1951. The men had served in the forestry camps at Anadol and Azov, possibly just before or during World War I, where the very jirst oj such
Mennonite CO units in south Russia had begun their term of alternative service in the spring oj 1881.
     Only a few of these individuals could still attend the centennial celebration for co's serving in Russia, held on September 27 at th£:
Springfield Heights Mennonite Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They were joined by dozens oj others who had served in non-combatanl
capacities under the Soviets after 1917, or in Canada beginning in 1941 and then the remaining years oj World War /1. Dr. Harry Lo£:»-£:n,
University of Winnipeg and Dr. Bill Janzen of the MCC office in Ottawa spoke at the gathering.

        The centre for M.B. Studies at Fresno, California, has just published Die Mennoniten Bruedergemeinde in Russland, 1925-1980
   written by Heinrich and Gerhard Woelk. The paperback volume has 229 pages, and is already out of print. If you would like to see a
   reprint contact Vic Schmidt, Christian Press, 159 Henderson Hwy., Winnipeg, Man.

       Professor Paul Tiessen ojthe Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, recently
  mel with a small group of inIerested persons in the Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba to
  talk aboul his upcoming book on the photography of Peter Rempel, Rosenthal. of the Old
                                                                                                              Attend a lecture
  Colony in the Ukraine. The book will be available in late October under the title: Forever
  Summer, Forever Sunday: Peter Gerhard Rempel's Photographs of Mennonites in Russia,
                                                                                                          by Dr. Paul Tiessen on
  1890-1917. It lI,ill be cloth bound, with 144 pages of 70 large photographs by Rempel. 24 by
  others, and an introduction by John Rempel. The cost is $17.95. Look for your copy in a
  local bookstore. or the Mennonite Heritage Centre.                                               THE PHOTOGRAPHER AS POET:
                                                                                                   PETER GERHARD REMPEL AND
                                                                                                      MENNONITE FICTIONS IN
                                                                                                         RUSSIA (1890-/917)

                                                                                                   Place: University of Winnipeg
                                                                                                          Room 431 Manitoba Hall
                                                                                                          Theatre A

                                                                                                   Time: Friday, November 27, 198/
                                                                                                                 8:00 p.m.

                                                                                                             Sponsored by
                                                                                                      The Chair of Mennonite Studies
                                                                                                         University of Winnipeg
                                                                                                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

                                                                                                             Admission Free
 Page 4
                                                      nonite Brethren Bible College she has been         ripe cornfields was in the air. The smell of
 About The Koslowskys                                 heard repeatedly with the C.B.C.'s Toronto          crops brought back long-forgotten
  By Agatha Ratzlaf{                                  and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestras, and              memories. I would have loved to ride a
                 Part III                             also in solo performances.                         swather-combine on the fields again. Then I
                                                         My uncle, Johann P. Koslowsky (1887-            could have seen again how the ears of grain
     Peter P. Koslowsky (1885-1971), my un-           1952), was born January 1, 1887 in                 would be gripped by the wings, laying them
  cle, was born as the first child to Peter J. and    Neuhorst as the second child of Peter J. and       flat on the platform, in minutes to appear as
  Katharina      (Krause)      Koslowsky,       on    Katharina (Krause) Koslowsky. He was               grain in the bin.
  September 24, 1885 in Alt Kronsweide. He            married March 25, 1912 in Sergejewka to               Such golden grains are the bread of life for
  was married May 5, 1911 in Sergejewka to            Mary Neufeld, the daughter of Kornelius            the whole world. But it cannot be. In front of
  Agatha Kasper, born November 17,1889 in             and Anna (Janzen) Neufeld, who was born            me looms the structure of the Heritage Cen-
  Sergejewka, the daughter of Heinrich and            December 29, 1893 in Sergejewka. Johann            tre. Its style is unique, its architecture
  Helena Kasper. In Russia Peter was                  was employed by his father-in-law in the           definitely modern, I would say, distinctive.
  employed as a cabinet maker by Neufeld's            Neufeld Factory as master over all the other       Only the tall and slanting pointed shingle
,factory in Sergejewka. Peter and Agatha              employees. He worked in the locksmith              roof reminds me of the sheds in the villages.
; with their three oldest children emigrated to       trade, and learned the trade of watchmaking        What these large old buildings could not hide
 Canada in 1926; arriving here November 4,            also. His father-in-law died in 1917. The          away inside!
  1926. They settled in Niverville, Manitoba,         following year the family fled to Germany,            The same is true of the archives building.
  where they lived as long as they were in           where they lived for three years in                 Under its roof one finds many historical
 Canada. From 1926 to 1947 they farmed               Kornwestheim. Johann got a job in the only          treasures. Incredibly much has found its way
 near Niverville, and in 1947 they retired to         watchmaking business in the small city,            to the archives since it opened a few years
 the town. Peter was a Credit Union manager           which provided a substantial income for the        ago. Sorting, organizing and cataloging the
 for about seven or eight years. After that he       family, having learned the trade of                 materials requires a good deal of time,
 served as Town Treasurer for about three             watchmaking in Russia. In 1922 they               energy and thought.
 years. Peter died at home on September 23,          emigrated to Canada, living in Herbert,                When I have any questions for Mr.
  1971; and his wife Agatha died November 5,         Saskatchewan for three years and then settl-        Klippenstein, he knows at once what to say.
  1971 in the hospital, six weeks after her          ing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where Johann            The long aisles with their many boxes in the
 husband's death.                                    found a good place of employment as                stack room create in me a feeling of awe.
    Their five children are: Mary, (Mrs. Isaak       watchmaker at Eaton's. They prospered in            Every name represents a life and destiny of
 Braun) of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Peter (m. to          Winnipeg. On December 4, 1952 the Lord             an individual. Many of them have lived out
 Betty Falk) also of Winnipeg; Helen, also of        suddenly called Johann home, without pain
                                                                                                        the faith of their fathers, and passed it on to
 Winnipeg; Johnny (m. to Helen Kasdorf);             or sutTering, in his home. His wife Mary died
                                                                                                        the next generation. Many have sutTered and
 Annie (Mrs. Henry Isaac). They all are very         in the Menno Hospital in Abbotsford, B.C.,
                                                                                                        died for their faith. Will our generation be
 musically talented and actively involved in          August 20, 1974.
                                                                                                        able to do the same.
 church work, particularly in choirwork.                 Their three children were: John (m. to
                                                                                                            My task at the moment is to index the
 Peter P. Koslowsky is a nationally known             Lydia Thiessen) of Abbotsford, B.C.; Anna
 tenor, having sung at numerous music                (Mrs. Bill Neufeld) of Winnipeg, Manitoba;           1974 volume of Der Bote. As one places
 festivals and similar occasions across               and Mary (Mrs. Peter Klassen) of Ab-              each article under the various topical
 Canada. He has also been frequently heard            botsford, B.C. They too have all been very        categories, one is moved to think about the
 as a guest artist on the CBC Radio Network.          actively involved in music. John, who died in     many points of view they take. How varied
 Besides being interested in music, the family       October 29, 1975, was a well known soloist         are the opinions of these writings, sometimes
 also enjoys sports. The children of Isaak and       in Abbotsford. He was foreman of the com-          in fact a controversy or debate. I am always
 Mary Braun are also all very much involved          posing room of the Abbotsford, Sumas and           amazed how Peter B. Wiens, long-time
 in music. Irene (Mrs. Jake Enns) teaches            Matsqui News, a weekly local newspaper,            editor, understood how to deal with the
 music in a large school in Edmonton; Bill           since 1963 until his passing. His children,        various opinions so wisely and well.
 and Irmgard (Braun) Baerg are teaching at           Annita (Mrs. Melvin Epp), Herb (m. to Ruth             Here at the Centre I have also come to ap-
the Mennonite Brethren Bible College in              Friesen), Harold (m. to Martha Klassen),           preciate conversations I have had with
 Winnipeg; Peter Braun and Ken Epp (m. to            and Lois are also all involved in musical          CMBC students, many of whom have an
 Connie Braun) are teaching music, Choir             functions. Bob Neufeld, the son of Bill and        awakened interest in the Mennonite story.
 and Orchestra in the Mennonite Brethren             Anna (Koslowsky) Neufeld is occupied in            They can appreciate the fact that one must
Collegiate Institute in Winnipeg; Connie             sales with Kitchen Craft in Edmonton,              know one's past to have self-understanding
(Braun) Epp is Superintendent at Yamaha              Alberta; and Lynda Neufeld, his sister,            now. Looking backwards, yes, but not to
Music School; and Roy Steiner (m. to                 teaches Voice (Music) in the Wilfred Laurier      become stagnant, rather to be planning for
 Eleanor Braun) is a manager at Yamaha.              University in Waterloo, Ontario.                  the future and work toward that end.
John Braun manages a Firestone store in                                            (to be continued)       The archives has a section for
Dauphin, Manitoba.                                                                                     genealogical study too. The late A. A. Vogt
    Irmgard Braun Baerg was the pianist at           VS Vacation in the Archives                       of Steinbach, Manitoba began this work. It is
the Mennonite Saengerfest commemorating                                                                being carried on now with the help of his
                                                     By Olga Rempel                                    daughter, Mrs. Margaret Kroeker, and her
the 450th Anniversary of the Mennonite
Faith at the Centennial Concert Hall in Win-             Whoever would take a vacation in Win-         sister, Mrs. Hanna Rempel, both of Win-
nipeg, Manitoba on October 27th, 1975, and            nipeg, I often asked myself. Summer is such      nipeg at present. Many who are doing a
her husband Bill Baerg was the conductor.            a beautiful season in Ontario. This year,         family study, will be able to find information
Irmgard is a concert pianist who received            however, 1 was pleasantly surprised. The          here.
both her A.M.M. and A.R.C.T. in perfor-              weather here has been most pleasant, not              My vacation time is almost over, and I
mance as a teenager in Winnipeg. She com-            only in August, but in September also -           take another took at the slanting roof of
pleted three years of advanced study on              almost always the clear blue sky and              shingles, to notice the clock which I had not
government grants in Detmold, Germany.               sunshine with it as well. Just right for          mentioned before. It is embedded in the peak
Further studies were continued with Leon             threshing, it seemed.                             of the A -frame front, without numerals, and
Gleisher in Baltimore and were supported by             How 1 did enjoy these days especially dur-     at the moment showing exactly two p.m.
two Canada Council grants. Besides having            ing the noon hours on the lawn of the Men-            My holidays w~re a good experience, in-
taught advanced piano students at the Men-           nonite Heritage Centre! A distinct scent of       deed.
                                                                                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                                Mennonite German Writings:
Mennonites in the U.S.A.                                                                        Bibliography
                                                                                                   The Heritage Commission of the General
                                                                                                Conference Mennonite Church has just
The Mennonite Experience                                                                        published Mennonitengeschiehte und
in America                                                                                      Literatur. Eine Buecherliste, with
                                                                                                recommended books for church libraries,
   For six years, the Mennonite Experience                                                      and others interested in German Mennonite
in America history project has been brewing.                                                    materials. The booklet is a supplement to an
Now the project has been moved to the front                                                     earlier list of recommended English-language
burner. The people who have committed                                                           Mennonite writings, compiled by C. J. Dyck
themselves to the work of research and                                                          with Maynard Shelly, and published a few
writing are at it. The impetus for this pro-                                                    years ago.
jected four-volume work comes from the                                                             The sixteen-page Buecherliste attempts to
 North American Mennonite Church's                                                              include all Canadian Mennonite books in the
tricentennial observances to be celebrated in    Richard K. MacMaster, Samuel L. Horst,         German language still known to be in print,
 1983.                                           and Robert F. Ulle, eds. Conscience in         and for sale. A few from West Germany
   The research writers were all working dur-    Crisis: Mennonites and other Peace             have been added also. For each title a brief
ing the past summer. James Juhnke did            Churches in America, 1739-1789: Inter-         annotation describes the theme, and the en-
research in Goshen, Ind., and Eastern Men-       pretation and documents. Scottdale, PA, and    try has an address for ordering as well.
nonite College's library and archives.           Kilchener, Ontario: Herald Press, 1979.575     Besides noting literary and historical
   Theron Schlabach spent six weeks in Kan-      pp., $17.95 (U.S.), $20.80 (Can.).             writings, the book includes titles on
sas, interrupting his work when his family                                                      genealogy.
made a weekend visit. Most of his work time                                                        For copies write to Heritage Commission,
he spent at the Mennonite Library and                                                           722 Main Street, Newton, Kansas, 67114,
Archives at Bethel College, plus some days                                                      U.S.A., or Mennonite Heritage Centre, 600
at Tabor College's Center for Mennonite                                                         Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba,
 Brethren Studies. His purpose was to delve                                                     R3P OM4, Canada.
into primary sources telling the story of
Mennonite immigrations from Russia,
Prussia, and Poland in the 1870s and 80s.
   While Schlabach was in Kansas, Paul                                                           Mennonite Library and
Toews of Fresno, Calif., went to Goshen for                                                      Archives Notes
a stint of monkish work in both the Men-
nonite Historical Library and the Mennonite
                                                                                                   The Mennonite Library and Archives in
Church Archives. He studied especially the
                                                                                                North Newton Kansas has just published A
work of the Mennonite Church's general
                                                                                                Guide to the Mennonite Library and
conference in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
                                                                                                Archives. (It is a record of contents for about
   Meanwhile, Richard MacMaster was
                                                    Leonard Gross. The Golden Years of the       125 manuscript collections which have been
writing. By August, he put several chapters
                                                 Hutterites. The Witness and Thought of the     indexed and catalogued). It lists all the
of his work on the project editor's desk. He
                                                 Communal Moravian Anabaptists During           manuscript collections of the MLA, provides
had several more in process and expressed
                                                 the Walpot Era, 1565-1578. Scottdale, PA.,     adregister for the first 100 collections, and
confidence that he could finish volume one
                                                 and Kitchener, Ontario: Herald Press, 1980.    has an index to subjects and individuals men-
on schedule. This is to appear in print before
                                                 263 pp., $12.95 (U.S.), $15.00 (Can.).         tioned in these collections. It also has an out-
the tricentennial in 1983.
                                                                                                line for each of the six record groups used to
   Theron Schlabach, Goshen, Ind., is pro-
                                                                                                organize the remaining archival holdings of
ject editor.-Adapted from the August 1981
                                                                                                the total collection.
Occasional News Notes and the Gospel                                                               Dr. David Haury, author of the Guide is
Herald, Sept. 29, 1981.                                                                         now a full-time archivist, and acting director,
                                                                                                of MLA while Dr. Robert Kreider is on sab-
                                                                                                batical for the coming year. The guide is
                                                                                                dedicated to John F. Schmidt, archivist for
                                                                                                the period of 1947-1981, and recently
Shun                                                                                            retired.
                                                                                                   Among other things, MLA is the official
   Shun is a "tongue-in-cheek" periodical                                                       archival depository for the General
printed four times a year by The Society to                                                     Conference Mennonite Church, the records
Preserve Mennonite Traditions, "printing                                                        of which are in 1278 boxes and five four
things you just wouldn't see in The Men-                                                        drawer filing cabinets at this location.
nonite, Gospel Herald or Christian Leader".         Cornelius J. Dyck. An Introduction to          MLA's most recent issue of a newsletter,
The associate editors, LeRoy Goertz, Robert      Mennonite History. A Popular History of        Gleanings from the Threshing Floor, notes
Hoffman and Allan Claassen say, "We              the Anabaptists and the Mennonites. Scott-     that cataloging photographs will be a special
welcome submissions from our readers for         dale, PA. and Kitchener, Ontario: Herald       emphasis for 1981-82, and that John F.
publication, preferably with a humorous          Press, 1981. A revised and enlarged edition.   Schmidt has compiled a new index to the
slant".                                          First published 1967. Now has 460 pp. with     passenger lists of ships bringing Mennonites
   If interested, write to SHUN, 1009 N.         paper back edition priced $9.95 (U.S.) and     to the United States in the 19th century.
Buffalo, Portland, Oregon, 97217.                $Jl.95 (Can.).
Page 6

Mennonite Historical                               volume possible. Further plans will be            studying at the Associated Mennonite
                                                   finalized at the next annual meeting of the       Biblical Seminaries.
Society of B.C.                                    Society in early December, to be held at            About 100 former residents of Reesor,
                                                   Conrad Grcbel College in Waterloo, On-           Ontario held a reunion on August 9, 1981 at
    The Mennonite Historical Society of B.C.
                                                   tario. Dr. Frank H. Epp is author of the first   the St. Williams forestry farm. According to
 has its head office at 2825 Clearbrook Rd.,
                                                   two volumes.                                     the report of Cornelius Penner, another reu-
 Clearbrook, B.C. V2T 2Z3. In cooperation
                                                      The archives committee has been discuss-      nion is planned for next year.
 with the Golden Age Society it publishes a
                                                   ing the production of an audiovisual which
 newsletter called Menno's Memo Insert. The
                                                   would tell the story of archives centres' and    Indexing the Rundschau
 latest issue on our desk invites readers to
                                                   their function in Mennonite communities.
 deposit material for the newly-founded                                                                The Centre of MB Studies in Winnipeg
                                                      With the joining of the Manitoba Men-
 archives of the Society. Wanted are family                                                         received another Federal grant this summer
                                                   nonite Historical Society, MHSC now in-
 histories, church and community histories,                                                         enabling it to continue indexing the Men-
                                                   cludes the membership of five provinces, On-
 books about Mennonites, back numbers of                                                            nonitische Rundschau. This grant was
                                                   tario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and
 Mennonite publications, and yearbooks of                                                           received from the Summer student Employ-
                                                   B.C. Hopefully the Mennonite communities
conferences, the M.E.I., C.B.1. and the                                                             ment Program of the department of
                                                   of Quebec and the Maritime provinces can
former Bethel Bible School at Abbotsford.                                                           Multiculturalism.
                                                   ultimately be included as well.
    The museum is looking for handicrafts,                                                             Employed under the grant were Anna Lee
 kitchen utensils used in the past, and old fur-    Manitoba Mennonite                              Lepp, formerly from Steinbach, Manitoba
niture. as well as many other items.                                                                (an Honours student in German and
    G. I. Peters, chairman of the society           Historical Society
                                                                                                    History) together with Harry Loewen Jr., a
writes: "I have to share with you our con-             With the virtual completion of incorpora- _ doctoral student from Winnipeg who will be
cern that with renovation of the premises,          tion, MMHS has now basically finished its       completing his studies in Germany this fall.
displaying the articles, building tables and        reorganization, and is working actively to         With the efforts of these students an index
show cases, enlarging the photos, our               develop program. The Research Committee         has now been prepared for the years 1920-
finances are taxed to the limit. ... We would       is considering the publication of more          1931. At the present it is only available for
appreciate donations to help us make the            documents, while the Historic Sites com-        use in the Centre. However, plans are that
Museum and archives an attractive and               mittee has completed the listing of about 85    when the indexing has been completed for
more inviting place for our visitors."              cemeteries in southern Manitoba com-            the years 1920-1939 this material will be
    Membership (life-long) in the Society costs     munities. At a recent board meeting (Oc-        published in book form for use in other
$5.00, and income tax receipts will be given        tober 19) the Arts and Inter-Deixciplinary     libraries and archives.
for donations.                                      Committee reported on its involvement at           During the months of January to April the
                                                    the summer Folklorama activities where it      initial beginnings of the project were
Mennonite Historical Society                       set up a display. Membership has levelled off   furthered by the work of Christine Penner
                                                   at just under 130, including IO who are out
of Saskatchewan - Alberta                          of the province of Manitoba.
                                                                                                   who carried the index through the years
                                                                                                    1926, 1927, and half of 1928. She concluded
                                                       An all-day seminar, with membership         her final report (cf Mennonite Reporter, July
   Members and friends of the MHSA are in-
                                                   business meeting is being planned for Satur-     13, 1981, p. 8) with the following comment;
vited to attend a Mennonite studies seminar
                                                   day, November 28th. Members will receive        "In my opinion, the Rundschau is one of the
to be held at the Nutana Park Mennonite
                                                   special notices, and further informatin will be best resources available to us for the study of
Church on Saturday, November 28th.
                                                   forthcoming shortly.                            Russian Mennonites in North America".
   The program will give opportunity to
                                                       The soon-to-be published books on Niver-       That makes all the more significant the
share information about research projects in
                                                   ville,·. Blumenfeld, and the Hanover            project of microfilming the entire run which
progress, and to become informed about
                                                   Municipality (Centennial issue) are eagerly     is being co-ordinated at the Mennonite
historical and literary activities throughout
                                                   awaited by many, and the anniversary com-       Historical Library in Goshen, Indiana, and
the country. A display of recent and new
                                                   munity celebrations of ReinfeJd, Win~ler, the   which hopefully can be completed next year.
Mennonite books may be available also.
                                                   RM of Hanover, and the Morden Bergthaler
   Addresses and reports will include a                                                                                              Ken Reddig
                                                   Mennonite Church were events of impor-
presentation of Dr. Adolf Ens of Canadian
                                                   tance as well.
Mennonite Bible College on early education
among Saskatchewan Mennonites. Updates
about archival ·holdings of Mennonite              Mennonite Historical Society
materials in Saskatchewan are expected as          of Ontario News
well.                                                 A new film "Trail of the Conestoga" will
   For further information call Dick Epp,          be shown at the Rockway Mennonite
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, at (306) 343-             Collegiate auditorium in Kitchener on Fri-
1238. Epp is chairman of MHSSA for the             day, November 13th.
current term. Details about the program will          Persons interested in Mennonite family
be mailed to members and publicized                history and genealogy met in the Board
elsewhere shortly.                                 room at Conrad Grebel College on October
                                                   15th. Persons wishing more details may con-
Mennonite Historical                               tact Allan Dettweiler at ph. 1-519-664-2351,
Society of Canada                                  or by writing to him c/o Conrad Grebel
                                                   College, Waterloo, Ontario.
   MHSC is currently trying to complete the          Sam Steiner, archivist and chairman of
publication of the second volume of Men-           MHSO, as well as his wife, Sue are presently
nonites in Canada. 1982 is now set as the
target year for the work to appear in print.          The materials on this page are
                                                    provided by the Mennonite Historical
Projections are to cover the period from
                                                    Society of Canada.                                           Christine Penner
1920- ca. 1940, with consideration of a third
                                                                                                        Page 7

                                                                          price list
                                                Just When We Were ••• (1978)
Heritage Remembered. 2nd ed. (1977)             Edited by Irene Friesen Petkau
By Gerhard Lohrenz
                                                A 60-page seventy-.fifth anniversary pic-
Enlarged and revised. 300 pp. Includes a        torial album on the Conference of Men-
number ofnew photos and maps, an index,         nonites in Canada                    6.00
as well as short essays on Mennonite life
in Russia and Prussia              15.00        Walk Humbly with Your God (1979)
                                                By William Janzen
 Wer Nimmt Uns Auf! (1977)                      Twelve sermons preached by the author in
 By Olga Rempel                                 the Ottawa Mennonite Church .... 5.00
A 29-page trilingual drama about Men-
 nonite immigration to Canada. Suitable         Immer Weiter nach Osten (1981)
for amateur drama groups           2.00         By Abram J. Loewen, and edited by
                                                Gerhard Ens
Der Bote Index Vol. 1 1924-1947 (1976)          The story of Lili Goossen's seventeen-year
Eds. Peter Rempel and Adolf Ens.                trek from Russia through China to
A 262-page bilingual index to the 1924-47       Canada with severalfamilies which left the
volumes of Der Bote                 12.00       Soviet Union in 1929                  6.50

Das Maerchen vom Weihnachtsmann                 Waffen der Wehrlosen (1980)
By Johannes H. Janzen (1975)                    Edited by Hans Rempel and George K.
Edited by Waldemar Janzen.                      Epp
Reprint of a 36-page Mennonite Fairy            Accounts of alternative service by CO's in
Tale complete with original illustrations to    the Soviet Union, during the period 1920-
color                                  2.50     1935                                 9.00

Canticles and Psalms (1979)                     Einer von Vielen (1979)
By Esther Wiebe                                 By Olga Rempel
Seventeen settings of Scripture themes for      A biography of Aron P. Toews, exiled
church choirs                        3.25       minister in the Soviet Union, including a
                                                diary from Siberia where he died 10.00
Fill My House (1975)
By Esther Wiebe                                 Go Ye (1980)
                                                By Esther Wiebe
Twenty five selections for choirs or smaller
groups                                 3.25     A cantata for mixed choir, soloists and
                                                congregation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.25
CaD to Faithfulness (1972)                      All items except Heritage Remembered are
Eds. Henry Poettcker and Rudy Regehr            paperback editions.
Twenty essays on Mennonite history and
thought                            1.00

                                               CMBC Publications
            Available at:                      600 Shaftesbury Blvd.
            Your local bookstore               Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                               R3P OM4
                                               Ph. 1-204-888-6781
  Page 8

  Book Reviews                                      College attests to this commitment.                some of whom have visited Canada in recent
                                                        Toews' second concern is that the church       years. Nearly a dozen color and other
     Lehn, Cornelia, Peace Be With You, New-        maintain a strong brotherhood, succumbing          photos, as well as a scholarly bibliography
 ton, Kansas. Faith and Life Press, 1980. 126       neither to local church autonomy nor to non- '     help to provide what will probably be for
  pp, iIIus. Hardcover, $11.95 (Can.) Review-       evangelical ·ecumenism and non-                    most Canadians, and others, a first introduc-
 ed by LaVerna Klippenstein, Winnipeg,              denominationalism. For a model of this             tion to the Hutterites of Japan.
 Manitoba.                                          "believers' church", Toews points to the ear-
     "I don't get into fights anymore," said        ly Christian church and to the Anabaptists.           Loewen, Abram J. Wechselvolle Pfade.
 Jerry when he walked in from school. Jerry         Naturally, Toews centres his thought               Gedichte, Clearbrook, B.C., 1980, 67 pp, pb.
 is more at peace with himself too. The most        specifically on the history and identity of the    ... Ein jegliches hat Seine Zeit (Pred. 3:1).
 useful aid in helping Jerry handle his anger       Mennonite Brethren church, in which he             Betrachtungen und Aufzeichnungen, (1981),
 this year has been a book.                         himself was a preacher and teacher all his         140 pp, pb.
     In Peace Be With You Cornelia Lehn tells       life. He sees this church as part of the              The two collections of Loewen's writings
 fifty-nine fascinating stories of people who       Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition and as being       "im Selbstverlag", i.e. privately published,
 returned good for evil, who cared instead of       influenced by the Pietistic movement in the        represent a substantial portion of the
 killed, who showed loved instead of hate.          nineteenth century. Two of his essays,            author's work over a decade or more. They
    They lived in Alexandria and Alberta, in        however, that he is also aware of the wider       may be ordered from the author at 2781
 Russia and Japan, in New York and in New-          Mennonite family.                                 Centennial St., Clearbrook, B.C. V2T 2V4.
 ton. They spoke English and Armenian,                  Toews also writes provocatively about         His more substantial work, Immer Weiter
 French and Irish, German and Dutch and             peace and non-resistance. He is wary of           Nach Osten. Russland - China - Kaoada
 many other languages, but they all lived the       pacifism based on liberal principles, but fully   (1981) hopefully will be reviewed in the next
 language of love.                                  supports a Christian and biblical non-            issue of MH.
    The stories are arranged chronologically        resistance. Consistent with this peace stance,
 from the first century to the present and are     Toews maintains a strong separation                    Reimer, Peter. Wir Waren mit Dabei.
 with few exceptions well-researched ac-            between church and state for the Christian's       Errinnerungen eines alten Kommunisten.
counts of actual experiences, told with a          personal and intergroup relationships (p:           Alms Ata, Kazachstan, Verlag Kasachstan,
directness which leaves the reader with a           166). On the one hand, this stance enables         1977. 100 pp, pb. 15 kopeks.
clear understanding of their powerful              him to criticize the strong patriotic stance        An untold chapter of the Mennonite story in
message.                                           and anti-Communist propaganda espoused              Russia and the Soviet Russia has to do with
    Included in this anthology are the familiar    by many evangelicals. On the other hand this        those who became a part of the new system
stories of Michael Sattler and Elizabeth           duality allows Toews to be conservative in          and joined the Communist Party. Here is a
Dirks as well as stories of Mathilda Wrede         his ethics toward the state and the world in       brief glimpse into the life and thought of
and her experience in a Finland jail and the       general: he only addresses political and           someone who left the Mennonite community
story of Aron P. Toews in a Soviet prison.         socio-economic problems in the world at a          to become one of the Reds. Though
    "History has been generous in providing a      personal level for the Christian. Ultimately,      autobiographical in structure, the book
legacy of war stories," writes Harold Regier       for Toews, Christ transcends any political or      makes reference to exploitation of workers,
in the foreword. This book is evidence that        economic system (p. 159).                          and also the way in which numerous Ger-
there is also a strong legacy of peace stories.        The format of the book is as appealing as      mans (including Mennonites) sought to do
It is an excellent resource for parents and        the content. The three editors have ap-            their share of building up a Soviet nation.
teachers to help them share the way of peace       propriately chosen "the church" as the main        The book is not available in Canada, but can
with children and youth."                          theme of this book and have grouped the es-        be checked at the Mennonite Heritage Cen-
    Our family found Peace Be With You to          says under five subheadings. David Ewert           tre, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg,
be an absorbing book for family worship           ,has included a twenty-five page biography of       Manitoba.
(we're ages 10 to 50) and have already given       Toews in which he summarizes Toews' life
eight gift copies to friends for use in their      and traces his activities as a churchman.             Foth, Maria. Beyond the Border. Maria's
homes.                                             Herb Giesbrecht has included a bibliography        Miraculous Pilgrimage, published this year
                                                   of Toews' writings, which date mostly from         by G.R. Welch Co. Ltd. of Burlington, On-
   Toews, John A. People of the Way:               1947-1979.                                         tario offers another fascinating account of a
Selected Essays'and Addresses, ed. by Abe                                                             Mennonite trek from Soviet Russia and Ger-
                                                       These sermons make for enjoyable
J. Dueck, Herbert Giesbrecht, and Allen R.         reading for anyone concerned about the             many in the I940s. It includes several
Guenther; Winnipeg, Manitoba: Historical                                                              chapters about life in the Soviet Union
                                                   church. One would hope that in the future
Committee, Canadian Conference of Men-                                                                between the wars. The paperback volume
                                                   one will be able to read sermons of ministers
nonite Brethren Churches, 1981. 245 pp.            from other Mennonite traditions, particularly      has 140 pages, and costs $8.95 (Canadian).
Hardcover. $10.00 Reviewed by Dennis               those less known and understood. We might
Stoesz, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg,          yet come to appreciate the wider Mennonite         Articles of Interest
Manitoba.                                          brotherhood.
   Abe Dueck writes in the foreword that the                                                             Wiebe, Armin, "Kicking Against the
main purpose for publishing the sermons of                                                            Pricks" in Manitoba Stories, edited by Joan
the late John A. Toews (1912-1979) is "in its
                                                  Book Notes
                                                                                                      Parr. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Queenston
potential for further instruction and edifica-    ·Hofer, Joshua. Japanese Hutterites. A visit        House Publishing, 1981, pp. 129-138.
tion of the church" (p. ix).                      to Owa Community, Elie, Manitoba, James                Carlyle, William Jr. "Mennonite
   One of the concerns of Toews is that the        Valley Book Centre, 106 pp, pb. $5.00.             Agriculture in Manitoba", in Canadian
church continue to be nurtured by the Word        The author, a senior resident of the James          Ethnic Studies, Vol. XJII, No.2, 1981, pp.
of God. As radical Bible readers, Christians      Valley Hutterite colony west of Winnipeg,           73-97.
are able to discern correct doctrines, able to    has shared portions of his travel diary                Redekop, Margaret Falk, "Translated into
build a strong fellowship, and able to become     written on a visit to the Owa New Hutterian         the Past: Language in the Blue Mountains of
educated in the ways of Christ. Education         Brethren Church of Owa in Japan. With a             China," in A Voice in the Land. Essays By
for the laity of the church in general is also    German text, the volume also includes, in           and About Rudy Wiebe, edited by W. J.
important for Toews, and his many years as        English translation, a number of excerpts           Keith. Edmonton, Alberta: NeWest Press,
an educator at Mennonite Brethren Bible           from comments by Japanese Hutterites,               1981, pp. 97·125.

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