Small size and great wisdom - the new Lenovo ThinkPad E125 review by hiintel210


									11.6 inches is a mainstream notebook computer can call the size limit,
then one point will be attributed to a small Tablet PC category. This
size makes the notebook heads are relatively small, they are often 11.6
inches notebook computer with the other dimensions are difficult to
beyond the ultimate portability, can be installed easily in a briefcase
taken away, the need for frequent business travelers for this size of
notebook is the most practical choice.Songce Lenovo ThinkPad E125 Edge
series is under a 11.6-inch portable business notebook, which is a
product line used to enrich the Edge series of products, but also the
Edge series 11.6 inches of line for the upgrade, the E125 series upgraded
ultra mobile platforms are the most popular AMD APU E350 dual-core
processor, and gradually replace AMD E240 single-core processor models
from the E350 before the test, this low voltage APU's impressive graphics
performance to our very impressed, I believe that can be upgraded from
the E125 series has a very good performance. we start talking about
appearance, step by step analysis of this 'small body' of the
notebook.Lenovo ThinkPad E125 (hereinafter referred to as the machine
ThinkPad E125 is very small, although the traditional matte cover piano
paint did not look pretty, but this does not transform fingerprint
collector material is victory in the practical, black matte appearance
makes feel simple and plain, faded after a gorgeous coat is more of a
mature temperament.'Silver waist'Machine design neat, rigorous work, the
black body corner transition arc moderate, with silver edge decoration,
both to meet the young fashion-conscious business users reflect the
steady purpose and personality.The classic 'ThinkPad' logoWith a red dot
of the 'ThinkPad' is a classic LOGO, a time when it is a sign of unique
high-end business machines, and now this mark in many entry-level price
of the product can also be seen, so that more people to have,
ThinkPadE125 of the right wrist rest cover and printed the LOGO.Notebook
manufacturing process is a very important level of performance is the
thickness of the fuselage, but the thickness of the body but also
conflicting with the thermal control, in today's manufacturing process
also can not be satisfactory to both sides of the case, some of the
branded products will choose thicker, for better heat dissipation, so
that users feel more comfortable using, which is also often difficult to
see the ThinkPad product thin limit, while the E125 thickest in the body
to 28mm, the thickness of the products in the same location is also
regarded as relatively thick , but this can be some benefits on the
heat.Weight (left and travel weight (rightAs a 11.6-inch models, ThinkPad
E125 is not a good weight control, weight and travel weight was 1.533kg
and 1.876kg, its weight compared to the X120 series also own a little
weight around 0.1Kg But the benefits by the petite body size, the weight
to carry when going out is quite easy.ThinkPad E125 11.6-inch screen with
a common 16:9 ratio LED backlit screen, the best resolution of 1366x768,
because the screen is relatively small, so in this resolution, the screen
displays pictures in a very delicate feel, while the text in the display
there are some small, can be adjusted according to personal
preferences.And the backlit keyboard is not ThinkLightAlthough the
spacebar on the keyboard light logo, but the ThinkPad E125 does not
ThinkLight and backlit keyboard, is expected to reduce production costs,
E125 ThinkLight keyboard and have the X220s and non ThinkLight size 12-
inch models around common, the details of the parts shows the Edge of the
product positioning.Lenovo E125 predecessors with the same size it is
very different traditions of a shaft into a sunken shaft, which first
appeared in the following ThinkPad Edge Series 12-inch models on top of
sunken shaft to open the screen when the hidden part of the lower border
of the screen can make the screen up and down the border thickness can be
symmetrical, does not seem so unexpected.Although Lenovo E125 fuselage is
not large, but in order to improve the feel or the embedded full-size
keyboard, the keyboard occupies the C because of large surface area, and
there is no independent shortcuts.ThinkPad keyboard with the traditional
difference is, E125 edge of the button to cancel the trapezoid slope,
similar to the form of chocolate floating keys, and retain key central
concavity. Benefits of this design is to make the buttons more fitting
finger curvature, and Key spacing smaller raise dust of the entire
keyboard area.ThinkPad E125 shortcuts mainly to the F1-F12 keys, some
special new generation of ThinkPad product seems to have begun to change
the default shortcuts, and former F1-F12, you need to use the Fn key with
this change more in line with the needs of multimedia entertainment, just
to get used to the traditional keyboard users time to adapt.Generation
ThinkPad family all of the touch pad integrated design, lower side of the
left and right touchpad buttons with integrated touchpad area look
larger, overall more beautiful, but in practice when the button is
pressed so the mouse pointer will drift more or less, often inadvertently
hand this area, the mouse drift, double-click the inevitable misuse, but
Lenovo official palmcheck drive, or use the keyboard when the red dot
will automatically screen touchpad But if you want to turn off the
touchpad you need to enter the BIOS disabled.ThinkPad E125 left side of
the fuselage with two USB2.0 ports, one can shutdown, hibernate mode to
charge external devices need to be noted that in the state to be
connected to an external charging adapter power, by observing power light
is lit it can be determined whether the charge, which is a very useful
feature that allows for charging external devices become more
convenient.Although the ThinkPad E125 little body, but the common video
signal output is very complete, VGA, HDMI interface also has features
that, in addition to the left there 1xUSB2.0, RJ45 and one external
headset hole.ThinkPad E125 bottom is integrated design, if you want to
add memory or replace the hard drive is too much trouble from the graph
you can see a filter mounted on the bottom, hidden within its two
speakers.Business notebook is most characteristic aspects of the life to
be more advantages, such as the ThinkPad E125 models are equipped with a
small 6-cell 5.6Ah high capacity battery, although the daily work in a
simulated flight test follow-up time did not reach the official claim
that nine hours However, 380 minutes (about 6 hours and 20 minutes of
performance is very good, if the energy saving mode can increase the
number of expected life.In continuous operation for three hours, we
ThinkPad E125 for heat detection, in addition to vents on the back of the
eye-catching 39 °, the rest feel it is quite warm, especially the right
of the keyboard touch feel more cool.Remove the battery will be able to
see the ThinkPad E125 SIM card slot, but this laptop's SIM card slot and
no internal solder joints, it is estimated there are only the same mold
with high-end models have real SIM card slot and 3G wireless module, so
if you need wireless Internet access can also purchase a wireless
card.ThinkPad E125 30352DC hardware configurationProcessor AMD APU E-350
clocked at 1.60GHzMemory 2GB DDR3 1333MHzGraphics AMD Radeon HD 6310G
(supporting DirectX 11)Monitor 11.6-inch LED-backlit display resolution
of 1366 * 768Hard disk 320GB 5400rpmBattery 63Wh lithium ion battery (6
cell)Weight Weight 1.533kg Travel Weight 1.876kgPre-installed system
Windows7home basic32 bitReference Price 3999 yuanHardware configuration,
Thinkpad E125 30352DC using the AMD APU E-350 dual-core processor,
processor clocked at 1.6GHz, integrated AMD Radeon HD6310G graphics core,
the TDP thermal design power of just 18W, the product than in the past a
significant decrease , so that greatly reduced the notebook heat addition
standard 2G DDR3 1333 memory, 320G hard drive, although overall
performance is not very strong, but enough to meet the needs of mobile
office.AMD E350 dual-core processor utilizes a Bobcat architecture, based
on the 40nm process, speeds up to 1.6GHz, and the integration of HD6310G
graphics. This is the AMD processor platform in the main ultra-thin
mobile products due to its low power consumption, graphics performance
was strong and widely used.CineBench use of film and television industry,
software development, Cinema 4D effects engine, you can test the CPU and
graphics performance tests simply use the CPU a high-precision 3D
rendering scenes images on a single processor, single thread to run only
once, if the system more than one processor core or multi-threading, the
first time use only one thread, the second run all the processor cores
and threads. E350's performance score is not very high, indicating that
its operations in terms of pure data or inadequate .3Dmark06 test (right-
left 1024 * 768 1280 * 768)3Dmark 06 score comparison referenceNVIDIA
GeForce 205M 1579NVIDIA GeForce 9300M G 1775ATI Mobility Radeon HD6250
1669Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X3150 140Intel Graphics Media
Accelerator (GMA) 950 121ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 1573AMD Radeon
HD6310G 2304Super computing is not a pure data characteristics of the
APU, APU main emphasis is on graphic display capabilities in the 3DMark
06 test AMD E350 core fusion HD6310G show good performance in software,
the default 1280X768 resolution was 2304 points, of course, The results
were not compared with the entry alone, but the HD 6250 compared with the
classic, there are nearly 40% increase. spare time play games or not a
problem. lenovo thinkpad x200 batteryPCMark Vantage can measure all types
of PC's overall performance from multimedia home entertainment system to
the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform,
whether in the hands of professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user,
can be understood in the PCMark Vantage in a thorough, to maximize
performance. testing the contents of the processor test, graphical test,
hard disk test.SYSMark family of software is in the real, appropriate
application software, and simulate real user on the computer to come to
the computer's operating performance data it can use the scientific
method will be widely attributed to the findings can be applied as a
model, and the concept of a combination of test software to evaluate a
system's performance, in a real application environment, the value of the
system performance evaluation.summaryGood light to carry, long life is
the goal of business notebook constantly, but also business people love
the main reason for these notebooks. Compared to the older ThinkPad E125
is designed to make some changes in details is more practical, reflect
the the 'great wisdom' of nature. It has good portability at the same
time, it is equipped with APU for longer life, lower energy machine, and
the graphics performance have made great progress, very suitable as the
first two mobile office notebook.hp pavilion dm4 battery dell xps m1530

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