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					News thinkpad edge combines high performance Bored with the fact that
Lenovo ThinkPads come only in basic black? Not any more. The thinkpad
t400 battery Edge is not only available in fire-engine red (as well as
matte or glossy black), but it combines high performance with a
simplified keyboard in an elegant design. Aimed at small and medium
businesses, the Edge lacks the highest-level security that big companies
demand, but it's a reliable system at an excellent price. The Lenovo
thinkpad t61 battery has a sophisticated design with rounded corners;
around its edge is a strip of plastic that looks like brushed aluminum.
For an extra bit of style, the dot over the "i" in the ThinkPad
logo on the cover lights up with a red LED when it's on. Open the lid and
the first thing you notice is the Edge's 84-key keyboard, which has five
fewer keys than the traditional IBM thinkpad X60S battery keyboard.
Gone are the less-than-useful Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Pause/Break, SysReq
and Windows context menu keys. Other than the on/off switch, the system
has no dedicated buttons or LED indicators. It also does without Lenovo
thinkpad t60 battery 's keyboard light, which I missed. Overall, the
keyboard is simpler and less fussy. I like the flatter keys, which offer
a bigger target than the traditional raised and scalloped keys; it is
also quieter than the traditional ThinkPad keyboard. The spacing between
the keys is the same 19.5mm as previous ThinkPads, making for comfortable
and accurate typing. One thing that hasn't changed (thankfully) is the
inclusion of both a pointing stick and a large touchpad. The pad accepts
multi-finger gestures, like spreading your thumb and forefinger apart to
enlarge an image. The Lenovo thinkpad x60 battery Edge has a good
assortment of ports, with four USB 2.0 connectors; one doubles as an
eSATA connector for an external hard drive. There's also an HDMI and a
VGA port for an external monitor, as well as a single audio jack for
headphone and microphone, an ExpressCard slot and a flash card reader.
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