Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Dual Core Review by hiintel210


									The ThinkPad X100e with dual-core processor offers great value for
students and road warriors.The ThinkPad X100e is a 11-inch netbook with
AMD processors and ATI graphics cards, which promises to outperform Intel
Atom based netbooks cheaper and offer durability and demand for
commercial users. We were not overly impressed with single-core version
of this laptop, but we decided to take a closer look at this little road
warrior with a new AMD dual-core processor. Is the dual-core ThinkPad
X100e the value of your hard earned money on this fall?Careful readers
will note many similarities between this review and revision of the
original single-core ThinkPad X100e. These laptops are technically
identical, except for the processor configuration. Be sure to take a leap
on page two of this review, if you want to see how things have changed
over the last processor.Construction and DesignThe brand name "ThinkPad"
is practically synonymous with business in both the U.S. and abroad. Very
solid build quality, excellent keyboards precision points (the red dot in
the center of the keyboard) and warranty support has been fantastic
pillars of ThinkPad legacy to go all the way back to the days when IBM
still owned the the brand. The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e continues this
tradition with one of the best ultraportables we've seen in our office
building.With a starting weight of about three pounds and a simple black
design industry, designers have tried to put X100e ThinkPad ThinkPad
heritage at a very affordable price. Lenovo admits that its customers
have requested a "ThinkPad netbook" for several years, but the ThinkPad
engineers debated whether it was possible to provide a durable, reliable
and portable business class on "netbook" prices.The solution? Do not call
a netbook. This may sound funny, but it is not a joke. Lenovo engineers
started from scratch with the aim of creating an "affordable
ultraportable laptop" at a price of netbook. As with the ThinkPad, the
engineers had to deliver a product that was built for the company in
terms durability, ease of use, connectivity, serviceability, and warranty
coverage ... while keeping this laptop as cheap as possible. Companies
always require the best, but in this economy now also demand for fewer
money.At first glance, the exterior of the ThinkPad X100e shares many
design features as the rest of the current line of ThinkPad. In fact, the
11-inch X100e borrows much of its look of the laptop 12 inch ThinkPad
X200 business. The plastic screen cover simple rectangular our review
unit has a "midnight black" color scheme, and as the New Edge series
ThinkPad, the X100e is also available in "Red Heat Wave" in If your place
of Labour needs a touch of color.Customers familiar with the famous
ThinkPad keyboard, you will probably find the new keyboard layout is the
ThinkPad X100e. The new "Chiclet" keyboard is a radical break with the
traditional keyboard and ThinkPad is again similar to that found in the
Edge series ThinkPad notebooks. However, it remains a ThinkPad keyboard
in all that matters. Lenovo uses a newly designed key that prevents key
caps pop off, as if it were less expensive keyboards. The separation of
keys and the support structure under the keyboard to help provide a
fantastic feeling to touch to avoid typing errors despite its small
keyboard.Screen and speakersThe 11.6 "LED-backlit on the X100e is similar
to the screen of 1366x768 phones used by the majority of ultraportables
budget. The biggest advantage of this screen ultraportable only as
Alienware M11x Dell Inspiron 11z is or the fact that this screen has a
matte surface. Unlike the glossy screens on laptops consumer frosted on
the X100e not reflect sunlight or strong indoor light, making it easier
to read what's on the screen in n 'matter what environment. horizontal
viewing angles are good for at least 60 degrees on each side before you
start to notice color distortion. vertical viewing angles are below
average because the screen is the most exposed or colors start investing
after moving the screen 15 degrees forward or backward.Chairman is normal
for the maximum volume is loud enough to fill a large meeting room with
clear sound. There is some distortion at maximum volume setting and under
the production is minimal, but the speakers offer a high enough quality
for a video conference or Internet. However, the location of the speakers
at the bottom of the laptop, the sound is directed downward and away from
you instead of toward the ears. If you plan to use the X100e as a
"laptop" instead of using it on the desktop after the speakers can be
turned off in your lap. Keyboard and TouchpadAs mentioned above, the new
"Chiclet" keyboard on the X100e is a radical break with traditional
ThinkPad keyboards. Despite the change, this keyboard keeps the same
level of quality that users expect to hear company name ThinkPad. Lenovo
uses a newly designed key that prevents key caps pop off, as if it were
less expensive keyboards. A major advantage of choosing a Chiclet
keyboard style is that it allows more space between the keys of a
subnotebook. This means fewer errors compared to netbooks with the keys
of overpopulation. The individual keys on the X100e has a spring,
flexible and each key has a curved surface similar to traditional
ThinkPad keyboard. The noise is minimal, in writing, no loud "click
clack" sound while typing. The palmrests are a bit small for the hands an
average adult male, but the support of the wrists without causing
additional stress points as you type.It's hard to complain about this
keyboard because it is really fantastic, but if there is a flaw in the
X100e is the lack of keyboard backlight. We are seeing more and more
laptops with backlit keyboards and business travelers are likely to
appreciate the ability to see your keyboard in low light
aircraft.Synaptics touchpad and trackpoint is to provide a fantastic pair
of control points to move the cursor in various applications. If you
regularly use the large touchpad found in MacBook laptops and desktop
replacement, you might consider the tiny touchpad located on the X100e is
a bit cramped. However, compared with the touchpad on most netbooks, the
X100e provides a large surface of the touchpad with a good pair of button
touchpad. TrackPoint buttons include traditional middle button is in the
majority of ThinkPad notebooks. In general, the trackpoint and touchpad
are a joy to use, with a fast response time and immediately noticeable.
The sensitivity was excellent and needs no adjustment of the box. This
special touch multitouch has some capacity, even a little zoom and the
rotation axis. I had no problem with the soft texture of the touchpad,
even after weeks of use. The touchpad buttons have a depth seems a bit
useless compared to other ThinkPads click, but also provide a press
deeper than most netbooks buttons on the touch panel.Ports and
FeaturesPort selection is good enough to do the job, while on the road.
In fact, the design of port in the X100e is almost identical to what you
find in the consumption of most netbooks. Unfortunately, most ultra-
portables with low voltage Intel now have HDMI or DisplayPort. Since the
ATI Radeon 3200 graphics compatible with HDMI output is really a shame
that Lenovo does not include an HDMI port on this laptop. Moreover, since
the X100e is designed for professionals who would like to see either an
eSATA or USB 3.0 to transfer data extremely fast.Performance and
benchmarksIn our review of the single-core ThinkPad X100e told us that he
has fallen "a bit far to win the award for Editor's Choice" for the poor
processor performance. It would be the new dual-core version really make
a difference? No doubt, wanted to know.Single-core version of the same
old X100e uses the AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 which first tested inside the HP
Pavilion dv2 over a year ago. Back in early 2009, which was good, but it
can not be said today as better Dell xps m1730 battery available in
2010. The double version of the ThinkPad heart X100e offers the new AMD
Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Neo L625, despite a clock speed of
1.6 GHz, the processor does not have that many muscles for a ultra
portable laptop budget.The AMD Turion X2 Neo is easily twice as fast as
the Athlon Neo old rivals the speed of an overclocked Intel SU4100 ultra
low voltage. Not only does the new processor twice as fast as the older
brother of a nucleus, but it "feels" about three times faster in an
environment of Windows 7.In terms of day-day work with Microsoft Office
or surfing the web dual-core Turion X2 Neo suffer from any of the "lag"
typical of a single heart Neo AMD Athlon or Intel Atom. Windows 7 boot
and recovery speeds are fast, application switching is fast and easy
multitasking. HD video playback 720p and 1080p content was flawless,
unlike the Intel-based netbooks, the ATI Radeon 3200 is powerful enough
to handle video without stressing the CPU. This means you can run Office
and VCR at the same time, without delay, at best.In short, thanks to
dual-core processor to the ThinkPad X100e has been transformed from a
laptop to achieve "a little better than a netbook" in a real laptop that
rivals any laptop equipped with a low voltage processor.The heat and
noiseNoise levels were average for normal everyday use. The default fan
speed is still at a low level, pushing the hot air from the CPU and
devices. The fan does not get much stronger, even if the voltage of a
coding system or video game. Unfortunately, the heat remains a concern
for the X100e. The new Dual-heart seems to produce heat actually slightly
lower than the old single-core processor (at least in terms of outdoor
temperatures recorded in HP pavilion dv2000 battery), but the X100e is a
little too hot to be considered as "friendly back." You probably want to
keep this laptop on a desk or airline tray at the front desk when working
on the road. All temperatures below are given in degrees
Fahrenheit.BatteryThe double version of the ThinkPad X100e heart really
surprised us after testing various batteries in our laboratory. The X100e
Dual Core AMD Turion X2 Neo delivery of 4 hours and 34 minutes of battery
life with the screen set at 70% brightness, wireless Web site restoration
active and ongoing, and Windows 7 provided in the profile "balanced"
energy. It's almost a lifetime when the battery X100e with the old
single-core AMD Athlon MV-40 Neo. In short, it is clear that AMD has made
some improvements in their latest processors, both in terms of
performance and power consumption.We've seen netbooks with Intel Atom
processor offers over 10 hours, but we also saw the Atom-based netbooks
offer 4 hours of continuous operation. Similarly, some low-voltage Intel
Core 2 Duo and Core i-see series processors for more than six hours of
battery life while others offer more or less the same amount of execution
that ThinkPad X100e. In short, X100e Dual-core is "tied" when it comes to
battery life in this price range. ConclusionThe X100e Lenovo ThinkPad
Acer aspire 3610 battery with AMD Turion X2 Neo feels like a completely
different age X100e with a single core processor. The largest X100e not
only single-core performance was dull and the new dual-core processor
solves the problem completely. This configuration of ThinkPad X100e is
much better in terms of using real life, I wonder why Lenovo decided to
offer single-core version at all.If you want a well built, 11-inch
notebook with good performance for less than $ 600, so do not hesitate to
recommend the ThinkPad X100e with the AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Neo. Yes,
there are more phones available at the same price with better
performance, and there are some 11-inch laptop with better performance if
you are willing to pay more, but the ThinkPad X100e comes to the "sweet
spot" of portability, performance and price.Students and road warriors
looking for a laptop of 11 inches should really take a closer look at the
ThinkPad X100e ... just be sure not to ignore the single-core model.

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