Facts about Thinkpad Batteries by hiintel210


									Thinkpad is a brand of portable laptops originally designed and
manufactured by IBM. Thinkpad batteries are based on the latest
technology, which utilizes the CMOS system. CMOS or Complementary Metal
Oxide Semiconductor is a data storage utility. It is used to preserve
system settings, such as time, date, boot order and the hard drive type,
even when the laptop is switched off.Thinkpad Batteries: Replacing the
Backup BatteryThinkpad batteries and its backup utility are easily
replaceable. You can replace the battery backup on your own using the
following information:1.Determine the kind of CMOS battery required as a
replacement for the used one. You can purchase a compatible battery from
online retail stores at reduced prices.2.Switch off the Thinkpad and turn
it upside down. Touch some metallic object to remove the static charge
from your body. 3.Slide the release button of the main battery to the
'unlock' position. Withdraw the primary battery. The CMOS battery is
generally positioned in the memory compartment. Remove the memory cover
to locate the CMOS assembly. (The CMOS battery will be enclosed in a
yellow rubber-like material, within a black plastic guide). 4.Unscrew the
plastic guide and lift the rear end of the CMOS assembly. 5.Pull the CMOS
assembly out of the Thinkpad and keep it parallel to the laptop case.
Plug the battery connector to an electrical outlet. Push down on the
backside of the plastic guide and then replace the screw.6.Replace the
main battery and plug in the laptop. Restart your system and enter BIOS
by pressing F1 or F3. Reset the time and date in your laptop and save the
settings.Thinkpad Batteries: Ensuring a Long LifeThere are several ways
to ensure longer life for Thinkpad batteries:1.Put the screen contrast
and other features on their lowest settings. Some laptops even have the
option of changing the CPU and cooling system properties. Utilize these
properties.2.Add RAM. A larger RAM allows you to process more information
in the system without using the virtual memory. Virtual memory uses the
hard drive, leading to lesser power-efficiency.3.Defrag the system
often.4.Shut down unused or inessential programs running on the
system.5.Do not plug your laptop to power whenever you are working on
it.When your Thinkpad battery completely dies after extended usage, you
can buy 100% compatible batteries and other laptop accessories at
http://www.batteryedge.com. The online store has been offering the best
laptop accessories at the most reasonable prices since 30 years.

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