9 Super Features of ThinkPad X1 Carbon_ by hiintel210


									"It is easier to change than to make progress", said an elite and a
senior fan of ThinkPad in business circle. Indeed, what he said is his
comment on the ThinkPad."Luckily, ThinkPad has made it," he continued to
say. On August 6, 2012, X1 Carbon, a fruit integrated with 20 years of
technological innovation and consideration, came to stage. With "9 super
features", X1 Carbon shines itself in the laptop market and PC industry.
1. Ultra-thinness-- The lightest 14-inch laptop in the world!As a tribute
to the 20th anniversary of the flagship product, ThinkPad X1 Carbon
attracts much attention in the PC industry. This 14-inch laptop, the
lightest one in the world, is only in weight of 1.36kg, with minimum
thinness reaching 8mm and maximum depth, 18mm only, thinner than Intel's
14-inch laptop in depth of 21mm, hence achieving a breakthrough away from
conventions. Inside the 13-inch body is a 14-inch HD+HD antiglare display
that presents a broad view. 2. Ultra- firmness--Reflection of its super
toughnessThe head cover of ThinkPad X1 Carbon is made of carbon fiber
contributing to its ultra-thinness and firmness. The weight of this high-
tech material is one-third as heavy as that of aluminous, yet its shock
resistance is twice as much as aluminous material. Ultra-thin, ultra-
firm, ultra-tough and ultra-durable, carbon fiber is widely used in many
fields, including aerospace equipments, safety helmets, super cars,
running shoes etc. After 8 harsh military tests for shock resistance,
moisture proof, dust proof, seismic resistance, high temperature
resistance and low temperature resistance respectively, ThinkPad X1
Carbon has been proved to have a sound stability. It is able to assist
you to cope with unexpected accidents and to prevent your creation from
any interruption. 3. Ultra-endurance--With both sound software and
hardware offering durable powerTo extend running time has been the most
difficult task for PC industry to handle. Adopting RapidCharge
technology, ThinkPad X1 Carbon not only can keep running for 8.2 hours
and fall into the standby stage for 30 days, but also has a super
charging capacity, with merely 35 minutes to complete 80% of full charge,
increasing 6.6 hours for running. ThinkPad X1 Carbon can exert its best
running capacity with supports from ThinkEngine chips and exclusive
techniques from Power Manager. 4. Ultra-portable--3G technology
facilitates it to reach wireless connection around the clockCan such an
ultra-thin laptop hold 3G module? Yes, certainly. ThinkPad X1 Carbon is
installed with 3G devices, along with built-in Ericsson®WCDMA module to
realize wireless Always Connect around the clock. Meanwhile, it employs
the leading mobile hot technology, which can share wireless network with
tablets, smart phones and PSP, creating a comprehensive wireless digital
life. 5. Ultra-responsive--EE3.0+SSD make it a superior laptopIn pursuit
of ultra-thinness, many manufacturers would prefer scarify performance of
products. Yet, ThinkPad X1 Carbon never makes any compromise; instead, it
takes the lead in terms of response speed. The EE3.0, developed through
the cooperation of Lenovo and Microsoft, guarantees the immediate
response of X1 Carbon. The speed for switching is faster than other
laptops, over 40%. What's more, its rapid awaken mechanism can work soon
after starting up. Without spending time to search for signals, the
ThinkPad X1 Carbon can easily connect to Wi-Fi and 3G. Meanwhile, SSD,
the hard dish installed into ThinkPad X1 Carbon, is faster and safer in
reading and writing. Ultra-experience--A leader in commercial laptops
Apart from the above 5 features, ThinkPad X1 Carbon still possesses the
advantages of "ultra-performance", "ultra-ease to use". "ultra-audio and
visual capacities" and "ultra-service", al l of which bring "ultra-
experience and enjoyment" to users. ThinkPad X1 Carbon adopts the third
generation of intelligent Intel Core processor and is equipped with high
speed USB3.0 interface. The easily used keyboard of ThinkPad X1 Caron,
for one thing, carries forward the merits of ThinkPad's traditional ones,
like favorable feedback, high accuracy, big keycap and spill-resistant
DNA. For another, it has made great breakthrough: the interval of the
keycap is five times larger than its predecessors, while the size of
keycap increases by 30%! Both of convenient multi-media button and
fashionable backlit keyboard boost the usability of the keyboard itself.
Meanwhile, it supports the fourth generation of Dolby family cinema and
stereo surround sound, bringing more amazing audio experience. Besides,
its two policies, accidental protection and international warranty,
guarantee your enjoyment for top-end business experience and super
service at any time and place. As a king level product of Lenov ThinkPad
in 2012, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, with black and sexy design, strong
reliability and ultra-thinness, breaks the impossibility for the
possession of ultra-thinness, good performance and sound firmness.
Integrated with "9 super features", ThinkPad X1 Carbon will be an
indispensable device for high-end businesspersons.

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