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					                                     STATE OF GEORGIA
                               GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
                                    POST OFFICE BOX 1970
                                  MARIETTA, GEORGIA 30061

GA-HRO                                                                              8 April 2011

MEMORANDUM FOR Georgia National Guard Technician Employees

SUBJECT: Furlough 2011

1. References:

  a. 5 CFR, Section 2635, Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive
     Branch, 1 Jun 09.
  b. TPR 715, Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Actions, 13 Jul 07.
  c. OSD Memorandum, Subj: Guidance for Continuation of Operations in the Absence of
     Available Appropriations, dtd 7 Apr 11
  d. NGB-J1-TN Memo, Subj: Furlough dtd 7 Apr 11

2. This memorandum rescinds GA-HRO memorandum, Subject: Furlough 2011, dated 7 Apr 11.

3. The Department of Defense awaits Congressional action on the FY 2011 federal budget. If
not enacted soon, the Army and Air will not have authority to pay federal technicians for the
operation and maintenance of the Army and Air National Guard missions and activities. The
FY11 Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA) under which the federal government is currently
operating is scheduled to expire at 12:01 pm EST on 9 April 2011.

4. Active Guard Reserve personnel will continue in normal duty status regardless of their
affiliation with exempt or non-exempt activities. Military personnel will serve without pay until
such time as appropriated funds are available to compensate them for this period of service.
Technician personnel (dual status and non-dual status) who are engaged in exempt activities will
also continue work. Pay to exempt employees will not occur until after the funding lapse is
passed. Technicians not engaged in exempt activities will be furloughed. Furlough is defined
as the placement of an employee in a temporary non-pay and non-duty status. This action is
necessary because the federal funding for the FY11 National Guard technician payroll has not
been approved. This furlough is not expected to exceed 30 days.

 5. Upon learning that funding legislation is approved, employees will be expected to return to
work on the next regular duty day. Furloughed employees should listen to public broadcasts to
obtain information that either a continuing resolution or an FY11 appropriation authorization for
the Department of the Defense has been approved. Employees can also monitor
to determine recall status. In addition, the Human Resources Office will notify each directorate
to initiate the process for managers and supervisors to recall their employees. Upon recall,
Technicians unable to report to work will be charged with annual leave, compensatory time or
leave without pay.
SUBJECT: Furlough 2011

6. Furloughed technicians will not be permitted to work for compensatory time, serve as unpaid
volunteers, and must remain away from the work place until recalled. In accordance with DOD
guidance, the conditions for recall are limited to developments (e.g. natural disasters, accidents,
etc) that pose an imminent danger to life or property or until a budget is approved. In addition,
technicians may not be in a paid leave status during the furlough period. This includes annual,
sick, court and military leave.

7. In accordance with 5 CFR Section 2635.802, Technicians may accept outside employment
which does not create a conflict of interest or violate standards of conduct.

8. Technician temporary duty (TDY) and training scheduled during the period of the furlough
will be cancelled. Technicians currently on TDY will return to home station as soon as possible.

9. Life and health insurance benefits will continue without interruption. Technicians will be
required to pay the employee’s share of the health insurance cost when they return to duty.
Pending NGB guidance, the HRO will provide additional information and the necessary
documents required to file for unemployment benefits if the furlough becomes extended. To
review state unemployment benefits and procedures for filing a claim, employees can visit

10. Contributions to Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts cannot be made during periods in a
non-pay status; by law, these must be made through payroll deductions. Thus, employees in a
non-pay status for one or more pay periods cannot make TSP contributions. The one percent
agency automatic contribution under FERS will also not be paid. Employees cannot withdraw
their TSP funds during a non-pay status or apply for a TSP loan.

11. Commanders/Selecting Officials are required to notify ALL technician employees orally or
telephonically NLT COB 8 April 11 as to their status of exempt or non-exempt. A by name
roster identifying all exempt employees must be submitted to HRO NLT 1700 8APR11. HRO
will confirm list with selecting officials prior to executing mass furlough actions on Monday, 11
Apr 11. Employees/selecting officials will not submit any request for personnel actions, rather
all exempt/non-exempt personnel actions will occur in mass as a result of the lists provided by
the selecting officials.

12. ALL technician employees will report to duty the first day of their regularly scheduled
workweek AFTER the furlough has occurred. Those technicians notified as exempt will
continue to work normal duty schedules. Those technicians identified as non-exempt will report
to work for a period NOT TO EXCEED 4 hours and will be required to sign furlough notices at
that time (see attached draft). During this 4 hour period, non-exempt technicians will conduct
individual closeout operations (i.e., pass necessary work/tasks to military and exempt employees,
enable "out of office" on electronic devices, turn in equipment as required). Those technicians
notified as non-exempt will leave work and not return until furlough has ended and they are
properly notified by their Supervisor/Selecting Official of a recall. All furlough notices for non-
exempt employees are to be submitted to HRO NLT 1200 14 Apr 11 (SSG Kelly Bourbon - 678-
569-5705 or MAJ Jacqueline Jackson at 678-569-5701).

13. This information is current as of today’s date and is subject to change based on additional
guidance from OPM and DoD.

14. The attached general information for technicians, in a question and answer format, is
provided regarding a furlough. Widest dissemination of this information is requested. Questions
may be directed to MAJ Jackie Jackson at 678-569-5701 or bb 404-429-3772 or the undersigned
at 404-630-1940.


                                                     ANGELA D. BROOKSHIRE
                                                     LTC, AV, GaARNG
                                                     Human Resource Officer

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