Advanced Techniques for Labels and Annotation by KevenMealamu


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  Advanced Techniques for Labels and Annotation

Why is it important                                                                                          Course Content

                                                                                                           Enhancing your text
This course presents advanced strategies for efficiently manipulating labels and annotation so they
display properly without hours of detailed work.                                                           // Text symbol properties
                                                                                                           // Marker text symbols
You will learn to customize label appearance and text, create geodatabase annotation, and place labels     // Text effects with masking tools
using the Maplex for ArcGIS extension. You will also learn how sample code can be used to quickly          // Formatting tags
accomplish tasks that are normally repetitive and time consuming.
                                                                                                           Building expressions
                                                                                                           // Modify label text using Field Calculators
Designed for                                                                                                  expressions
                                                                                                           // VBA code syntax; Advanced label
This course is designed for experienced ArcGIS users who want to take advantage of advanced
functionality and sample code to create and manage labels and annotation.
Course Level: Intermediate                                                                                 Managing label placement with Maplex
                                                                                                           // Placement options for points, lines, and
Learning Outcomes                                                                                             polygons
                                                                                                           // Abbreviation dictionaries
// Create text effects using masking tools and formatting tags.                                            // Sharing Maplex labels
// Manipulate label text using sample code.
// Use Maplex for ArcGIS to place labels.                                                                  Editing annotation
// Create geodatabase feature-linked annotation.                                                           // Types of text you can edit
// Edit annotation features and attributes.                                                                // Editing with the Field Calculator
// Create annotation symbols.                                                                              // Windows character map
// Stack words within a piece of annotation.                                                               // Special annotation effects
// Find and use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and ArcObjects sample code to automate labeling and    // Stacking annotation
   annotation processes.                                                                                   // Placing annotation along lines
                                                                                                           // Creating new annotation feature classes
                                                                                                           Managing annotation symbols
You should have completed ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality and Building Geodatabases or          // Symbol collections
have equivalent knowledge. All code samples for the course are provided. No programming experience is      // Symbol property overrides
required.                                                                                                  // Annotation layers

Recommended Reading                                                                                        Automating processes with code
Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed. David Rumsey & Edith M Punt                  // Visual Basic Editor
                                                                                                           // Testing label expressions with VBA
Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users. Cynthia A. Brewer                                            // Modifying annotation with ArcObjects
Certain recommended books can be purchased online, by visiting the ESRI Australia online store at

Course Details
Software used in this
                           ArcGIS Desktop - ArcInfo 9.3
Duration                   3 days

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Advanced Techniques for Labels and Annotation

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