Margie Wickert - LWML Indiana District by wuzhenguang


									             October 2010

                                                                                        12:12 August 20, 2011,
Sisters in Christ,                        asked where he might have taken
    It seems like a long time since we    Jesus‘ body so that she could get
                                                                                       I anticipate that Lord is
met in Indianapolis for our Indiana       him. Then she heard a very precious
District Convention - ―Standing at                                                  going to continue doing
                                          and familiar word: ―Mary!‖ She rec-
the Crossroads.‖ Soon we will expe-                                                 amazing things as we are
                                          ognized it was Jesus; she went to tell
                                                                                    the ‗Face of LWML‖…
rience the beautiful colors of fall       the disciples that she had ―seen the
                                                                                    Lutheran Women In Mission.
season. Our lives are full of anticipa-   Lord‖ and the things that He shared
                                                                                    Let‘s remain steadfast and
tion. Last week I had the opportuni-      with her. We, like Mary, are filled
                                                                                    committed to Jesus and His
ty of traveling to Concordia Luther-      with anticipation and joy because
                                                                                    Word as we serve Him and
an Church in Fort Wayne for the           we know Jesus. He died on the cross
                                                                                    reach out to others with
Lutheran Laymen‘s League Con-             for us. Through His grace, we have
                                                                                    JOY and GLADNESS.
vention. Leaving home in the dark, I      a personal relationship with Him. In
headed east toward Fort Wayne.            response to His love for us, we, like
When I reached North Manchester,          Mary, go to share that love of Jesus          Margie Wickert
the sky was a blend of beautiful soft     with others.                                Indiana District President
colors—pink and purple—and                    This fall I will be attending zone
straight ahead was a perfect cloud        rallies all around our district. I look
formation in the shape of a cross!        forward to meeting each of you
The sunrise was outstanding! The          and hearing what God is doing
sunrise was a huge golden ball with       through you, your zones and your
beautiful rays. It was bright and         societies. You are committed to be-
blinding! The cross remained in front     ing in His WORD, growing in your
of me all the way to Fort Wayne!          faith, praying, working together and
Wow!                                      reaching out with His love to those
    I thought about Mary Magda-           around you.                                         Inside this issue:
lene who also got up very early to            The SRD and the Retreat Commit-
go to Jesus‘ tomb (John 20:1-18).         tees have met and are planning                Counselor‘s Corner          2
                                                                                        Save the Date
She approached the tomb with sor-         events that will help us grow in our
row and sadness and discovered            relationship with God through study-          Call for Banners            3
that the tomb was empty. Jesus‘           ing His Word, praying and reaching            New Financial Secretary
body was gone. Who took the               out to share the love of Jesus with           Mission Grants              4,5
body of her dear friend Jesus? She        others. Put these dates on your cal-          M G Presentations
left the tomb to go tell Peter and        endars, share this with your sisters in
                                                                                        Too Much to Do?             6
the disciples. Anticipation, sadness,     Christ and plan to attend:
                                                                                        Public Relations
grief, loss—Mary experienced all of        Your Fall Zone Rally
those feelings. The disciples left the     Indiana District LWML Retreat -             Reach Out with Love         7
tomb but Mary lingered, crying. As             ―A Tapestry of Love‖ Colossians          What is Human Care?
she looked deep into the tomb, she             2:2 Farmstead Inn, Shipshe-              When You Walk Thro Dark     8
discovered two angels where Je-                wana,                                    Nominating Committee
sus‘ body had been. They asked                 Indiana, April 29-30, 2011
her why she was crying. She re-            LWML Convention – Peoria,                   Zone News                   9
                                                                                        Try Something Different
sponded with disappointment and                Illinois, June 23-26,2011 ―Being
despair knowing someone had tak-               With Jesus-Living on the Edge‖           Indiana Officers            10
en Jesus‘ body; she didn‘t know                Acts 4:13b                               Retreat Registration Form   11
where it was. Again Mary was               Indiana District LWML TREATSHOP
asked why she was crying. She                  – ―Extreme Make-over‖ Romans             District Directory          12

thought he was the gardener and
                Counselor’s Corner                                            Save the Date!
   Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord as
we approach the fall season, and the leaves begin
to wither to the ground. Our loving Lord Jesus pro-                        LWML Indiana District
vides us with prophecy that He shall rise up and be-                               Treatshop
come king over all the world through shouts, songs
and trumpet calls – through the joyful preaching of
the Gospel. Let us rejoice in the beautiful words of                           August 20, 2011
Psalm 47:                                                                        Indianapolis
1 Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God
with loud songs of joy!                                               Theme: Extreme Makeover
2 For the Lord, the
                                                                                 – Life Edition
Most High, is to be
feared, a great king
                                                                          ….Be transformed by the
over all the earth.
3 He subdued peoples                                                    renewing of your mind…
under us, and nations under our feet.
                                                                                 Romans 12:2
4 He chose our heritage for us, the pride of
Jacob whom He loves.                                               Watch for more information and
5 God has gone up with a shout, the Lord                            make plans now to attend.
with the sound of a trumpet.
                                                                             Penny Letterman
6 Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing prais-
                                                                               Vice President,
es to our King, sing praises!
                                                                       Spiritual Resource Department
7 For God is the King of all the earth; sing
praises with a psalm!
8 God reigns over the nations; God sits on His
holy throne.
9 The princes of the peoples gather as the
people of the God of Abraham.                                     Attention: Zone Presidents, Zone
For the shields of the earth belong to God; He                    Secretaries, Zone Historians
is highly exalted!
                                                                  Please send programs and minutes of zone
                           (Reading the Psalms Wi th Luther)
                                                                  events to the District Historian. Any way you
   Thanks and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ!                   wish to present theses items is fine.
Draw our affection to You that, dying to the world,               Shirley Gut
we may look to those things which are above.                      21 Fleet Parkway, Culver, IN 46511-1214
Grant the light of Your Gospel to those sitting in                574-842-3927,
darkness, and spread Your kingdom to all the
In His Almighty Service,                                                                     Shirley Gut
      Rev Jeff Geisler
                                                 When making any notation
         Pastoral Counselor                      on a document to be kept,
                                                 always use a sharp pencil.
                                                 This will make corrections
                                                 and additions neatly.

                Call for Banners                            ter of the banner. Knot the cord on the outside of
                                                            each screw eye. Be sure to attach the cord tight-
 The Indiana District is looking for designs for the        ly because it will stretch when the banner is
banner that will be carried in the processional at          hung. We encourage you to hang your banner
the national LWML convention in Peoria, Illinois in         before sending it to convention to allow time for
June,2011. Each district is asked to create a ban-          stretch.
ner that not only gives glory to God in art form,           7. Heavy fabrics or bulky items are discouraged.
but also beautifully expresses the convention               The banner should be relatively easy to manage
theme – “Being with Jesus – Living on the Edge.”            when carried. The host committee will provide
All banner designs should be submitted to Vice              poles and stands for the banner.
President of Conventions Ellen Augustine no later           If you have further questions feel free to contact
than November 1st. We would like to see at least            me. God‘s blessings as you consider this district
one design from each zone in the district. Don‘t            project.
worry; that doesn‘t mean you will need to make                       Ellen Augustine
it. Designs can be sent via e-mail as an attach-                     807 Nebraska Drive
ment or through USPS. Make sure there is a de-                       Goshen IN 46526
scription included i.e. colors, fabrics, etc. Ad-          
dresses are listed below.                                            574-537-8440 home
    Please check out the specifications carefully
                                    before        you
                                    begin.                                 Ellen Augustine
                                    1. Finished ban-          Vice President, Conventions and Communications
                                    ner size is to be
                                    3‘ X 5‘. Added
                                    fringe       may
                                    make it longer.
                                    2.     You may            ATTENTION:
                                    NOT use the               Society Presidents and Treasurers
                                    logo on your
                                                                       New Financial Secretary
                                    banner,       but
                                    base your de-                Send mite, quarterly and scholarship
sign on the convention theme, ―Being with Jesus
                                                              fund contributions to Deb Sorokin, 16471
– Living on the Edge.‖
3. Your district‘s name MUST be on the front of
                                                              County Rd 20, Goshen, IN 46528. Please
the banner. It may be abbreviated. Use any size               use the Indiana District LWML Remittance
letter. Also, to help identify your district‘s banner         Form for all remittances. Society name and
when rolled up, please place a small identifying              zone are very important. Please make sure
tag naming your district on the lower left corner             to fill out the form completely so that your
of the backside of the banner.                                society will get credit for their mites and
4. Attach two ties to the back of the banner. One             quarterlies. If you need any remittance
tie is to be at the center of the banner width                forms      or    Mite  Boxes, e-mail         at
about 10-12 inches from the top. The second tie is   (It is debg letter l then
to be at center of banner width about 10-12
                                                              number 1 or call me at 574-533
inches from the bottom. These ties should be long
enough to tie a bow around a 2‖ pole, and are
                                                              -0019. Mites Boxes are $0.10 each plus
necessary to help hold the banner to the pole.                postage. Let me know how many you
Note: Do NOT use Velcro to hold the banner to                 need; I will get them to you as quickly as
the pole, as it has proved to be ineffective.                 possible and bill you later. E-mail or call me
Please use ties as described.                                 with any questions.
5. Dowels used at the bottom of banners must                  Serving the Lord with gladness!
be tacked in place to prevent slipping out.
6. Attach the banner to a 1‖ dowel with a screw
eye on each end of the dowel. Please use a
strong quarter-inch or 8mm cord. Make a small
                                                                                 Deb Sorokin
loop at the center for hanging. Secure the cord-                                Financial Secretary
ing through each screw eye, laying the cord flat
along the dowel, with the small loop at the cen-
                                                             Cheerfully Give! Who me?
                                                      Is anyone happy when April 15 rolls around and they
                                                  have to make out those checks to the IRS? Of course,
                                                  those who had more than necessary withheld from their
                                                  paycheck may rejoice because they have a refund
                                                  coming and have been making plans how they were
                                                  going to spend it. Although we are reluctant to pay
                                                  those taxes, whether they be income, property or sales
                                                  tax, we realize that if no one paid them we would not
                                                  have all the benefits they provide--such as police and
     Mission Grant Presentation of RUTH project   fire protection, libraries, schools, parks, highways etc.
               Trinity Lutheran School
           Daniel Sievert, Margie Wickert,        We don't stop to think what all this tax money provides
           Miriam Neumann, Mike Bridges           for us.

                                                      How do we approach our giving to God? Do we
  Concordia Theological                           sometimes think, "If I didn't have to put this money in the
     Seminary Food Co-op                          offering plate or Mite Box I could afford to buy new
     Preparing for the ministry is a very         clothes or car or whatever I have been thinking it would
   costly endeavor. Tuition, housing,             be nice to have." Or is our contribution so small that we
  food, clothing for not just the semi-           don't even miss it? In 2 Corinthians 9:7 we read "Each
   narian but also for his family soon            man should give what he has decided in his heart to
 add up. Seventy percent of the stu-              give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves
dents are married and have families.              a cheerful giver." Notice that it says, "what he has de-
It is sometimes hard for the spouse to            cided in his heart to give" If our hearts are filled with
find work since employers know that               love for Christ and for our fellow man, then we would
  they will be living in Ft. Wayne for a          be motivated to give gladly and cheerfully. The money
  short time and are reluctant to hire            we put in the Mite Box should not just be whatever
  them. Much of the non-perishable                change happens to be in our purse. Since so many of
  food is donated by congregations                us use credit cards we don't always have a lot of cash
    who collect canned and boxed                  on hand. If we rely just on the change we have in our
  foods and bring it to the seminary.             purse, our offerings will probably be rather slim. But
   Donations, such as this grant, are             there is so much work to do for Christ. So many people
  used to purchase perishable foods               do not know that Jesus died for them and made it pos-
   such as meat, milk and eggs. Stu-              sible for us to have eternal life by simply believing and
dents or their spouses must volunteer             trusting that Jesus paid the price and there is nothing
 to work in the food co-op a certain              we can do to gain heaven. Our mites help others to
    number of hours to qualify to re-             reach out to people who do not as yet know Jesus as
             ceive this food.                     their personal Savior. Out of joy and gladness for what
                                                  Christ has done, we in turn should be witnesses our-
                                                  selves and give our mites to help those who are witness-
                                                  ing in places we cannot be. Remember to say a prayer
            Miriam Neumann                        for missions as we drop those coins in the box or as we
       Vice President, Mission Grants             write that check because we had no coins to put in the
                                                  box. Then cheerfully and gladly give to the Lord.

                                                                                                  Bibles and
          Mission Grants                      Grant Total       Disbursed        Balance           Books for
American Bible Society                          $ 1,000         $1,000           Paid
                                                                                                       Many people
Lutheran Military Veterans                                                                        in Guatemala are
and Family Ministries                           $12,000         $12,000          Paid             poor      in    many
                                                                                                  ways. They live in
Orphan Grain Train                              $12,000         $12,000          Paid             humble dwellings
                                                                                                  with         barely
Bibles and Books for Guatemala                  $ 5,000         $ 5,000          Paid             enough food to
                                                                                                  survive. To com-
Concordia Theological Seminary Food Co-op       $12,000         $ 6,000          $ 6,000          plicate        things
                                                                                                  even more, they
Braille Bibles -- Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc. $ 3,500                         $ 3,500          have had very
                                                                                                  little opportunity
LCMS Joint Seminary Fund                        $10,000         $10,000          Paid             to be educated
                                                                                                  and to learn to
Hymnals for Kenya                               $12,000                          $12,000          read and write.
                                                                                                  Groundwork Gua-
Ball State Lutheran Student Fellowship          $12,000                          $12,000          temala has the
                                                                                                  purpose             of
Calvary India Mission                           $ 9,000         $ 4,500          $ 4,500          spreading          the
                                                                                                  Gospel to these
Restoration of Historic Emmaus                                                                    people who have
Lutheran Church Sanctuary                       $ 6,200                          $ 6,200          so little. Our mites
                                                                                                  will help buy chil-
Midwest Chinese Ministries                      $ 4,440                          $ 4,440          dren's Bibles and
                                                                                                  books       so    that
Risen Lord Lutheran Church                      $ 3,830                          $ 3,830          both children and
                                                                                                  adults can learn
RUTH- Reaching Un-churched                                                                        to read by read-
through Tuition Help                            $ 3,830          $ 3,830         Paid             ing God's Word.

Total                                         $106,800          $54,330          $52,470

    At the recent biennial Indiana District LWML Convention the delegates voted on new
grants to fund during the 2010-2012 biennium. They are listed above. There was a tie for the
 last two to receive any remaining funds. The delegates voted to split the amount of money
 available between Risen Lord and RUTH.

                                                                    Calvary India Mission Grant Presentation

            Too much to do?
    Are you feeling like there is just too much for
you to do and not enough time for you to do it
all? Is someone else asking too much of you or
are you asking too much of yourself? If most of              Many individuals and congrega-
us are honest with ourselves, we will realize that       tions remember their pastors during
the pressure to do everything is coming from             Clergy Appreciation Month, which is
within. We think we should be able to do eve-            October. It is a special time when
rything!                                                 congregations can honor or say
    Which areas of your life are the most im-            ―Thanks‖ to their pastors and pasto-
portant? Being a good wife and mother? Vol-              ral families. Of course, it is also im-
unteering to help others? Working to support             portant to remember that apprecia-
your family? Getting a better education? All of          tion, affirmation, and prayer support
these are important. What activities are you             of our spiritual leaders is appropriate
leaving out to make time for the ―important‖             throughout the entire year.
ones?                                                        LWML has the perfect way to
                         The activity that I used to     thank our pastors with the Tender
                      skip was daily devotions. I        Touches Cards Set E, designed for
                      thought that it was more im-       pastors and professional church
                      portant for me to use the          workers. A set of cards is just $3.50
                      time that I spent on devo-         and includes 6 thank you cards (2
                      tions on other ―important          different designs), 1 appreciation
                      things‖ (packing a lunch,          card, and 2 encouragement cards
                      ironing a blouse, or calling       (1 design).
                      someone about an activity              Here‘s another item you won‘t
for which she asked me to help). Occasionally            want to miss! It is an inexpensive gift
the story of Mary and Martha would come to               that will make children of all ages
mind. When Jesus visited them, Mary sat at his           happy! Order a set of fun silicone
feet listening to what Jesus had to say. Martha          bracelets in inspirational shapes
was upset that she had to make all the prepa-            (product 47/55). A set of 12 faith
rations for his visit by herself and asked Jesus to      symbols in a variety of colors is only
tell Mary to help her. ―Martha, Martha” the              $3.00. There are also two other sets
Lord answered, “you are worried and upset                available, one with crosses and the
about many things, but Mary has chosen what              other with Noah‘s animals, for the
is better, and it will not be taken away from            same price. They would make great
her,” Luke 10:41. I finally realized that it was         stocking           stuffers      too!
time for me to choose the better activity.                   These items can be ordered from
    If we choose to be in the Word, it will help         the LWML website at http://
us deal with the difficult decisions. It will still be While you are
difficult to make the right choices, but the             there, be sure to check out the new
more background we have in the Word the                  item s        and       special s.
better we will be at making the decisions                    If you have any questions or com-
about what is really important in our lives. Give        ments, please contact Dolly Jenkins
yourself permission to give up some to the               at 812-923-8719 or by e-mail at jen-
more stressful things that you have felt you   
―must do‖ and concentrate on the really im-
portant ones. I believe you will be happier!                         Dolly Jenkins
Who knows, maybe your family will be happier
                                                                      Public Relations
                Caroline Kindsvatter
                Christian Life Committee

            Reach Out With Love                           of God‘s love is His Son, Jesus Christ. John exhorts
                                                          us to demonstrate God‘s love for us by loving
In this the love of God was made manifest                 God and loving one another. As John mentions,
among us,                                                 this message of love is originally Jesus‘ new com-
that God sent his only Son                                mand to his followers (John 13:34; 15:12,17) and
into the world, so that we                                identifies us as being one of His disciples: ―By this
might live through him.               Touching            all men will know that you are my disciples, if you
In this is love, not that we         people with          love one another‖ (John 13:35).
have loved God but that                 Jesus                 As a member of the Christian Outreach Com-
he loved us                                               mittee, I am often challenged to present new
and sent his Son to be the           for healing          outreach strategies or materials for different
propitiation for our sins.           and service          LWML societies. John‘s message of love once
Beloved, if God so loved us,                              again reminds me of going back to the basic first
we also ought to love one                                 step of Christian Outreach, that is, love for one
another.                          (1 John 4:9-11 ESV)     another.
    The apostle John is also known as ―the disciple          Since I am getting older and forgetful, I use
whom Jesus loved‖ (John 13:23). After the death           one of my husband‘s favorite coffee mugs to re-
and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, John‘s         mind me that love is: ―Touching people with Jesus
life was transformed from a son of thunder (Mark          for healing and service.‖ I know that you all have
3:17) to a messenger of love. As Martin Luther            your own unique and creative ways to reach oth-
rightly pointed out, the epistles of John ―are not        ers with love. I encourage you to share with one
doctrinal epistles, but examples of love and of           another in your societies about your creative
faith‖ (LW 35:393). 1 John, especially, is the explic-    ways to reach out in love. May God make this a
it example of his message of love.                        bl essing
     The most famous example of John‘s message            for you.
of love is found in 1 John, chapters 3 and 4. Here                              Stella Beabout
John points out that God is love and the fountain                           Christian Outreach Committee

                                        What is Human Care?
   Human care is faith in action! It is a response to God‘s love as He works through us to serve others
in our congregations, our community and our world.
    Action was exemplified in Matthew 25:35-37, 40:
         “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to
drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked
after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me,…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least
of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
   God teaches us that the real evidence of our belief is the way we act–our witness. To treat all
persons we encounter as if they are Jesus is no easy task. What we do for others demonstrates
what we really believe about Jesus‘ words for us. How well do our actions separate us from the pre-
tenders and unbelievers?
Here are just a few of the ―Action Ideas‖ we can try:
                                   Donate items to local food banks, seminaries and city agencies, like
                                     soaps, lotions, canned goods, baby supplies, school supplies, etc….
                                   ―Adopt a Bag‖ for a local food pantry. Each person brings a bag with
                                     food items in it. You may also include hats and mittens for the upcoming
                                     cooler weather.
                                   Initiate a ―Giving Tree‖ before the Christmas holidays.
                                   Decorate and fill gift baskets for the shut-ins.
                                   Make fall door decorations for nursing home residents.
                                   Pray for your pastor(s).
                                                                                 Vicky Geisler
The “Action Ideas” are endless. Let your imaginations run wild!
                                                                              Human Care Chairman

  WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DARK                            us? ―For I know the plans I have for you, says
                                                            the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to
    Tonight I put off walking with my dogs, which is        give you a future and a hope‖. Jer. 29:11 (RSV) A
most often a daily ritual I have. They usually keep         future and a hope – what comfort is contained in
me honest by barking to remind me, but tonight I            these words! God will be with me along the path
thought I would just skip the walk. After sitting too       I travel, no matter how dark, frightening, or alone
long on the comfy chair, I got up to do a chore             I feel. He will not forsake me ever! I often go back
outside, realizing that it was well past dusk. As I         to my confirmation verse, Joshua 1:9: ―Have I not
stepped on the front porch, the dogs greeted                commanded you? Be strong and of good cour-
me and I began to feel guilty about skipping our            age; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for
walk. After completing my chore, I took off on              the Lord your God is with you wherever you
our wooded trail (in the dark) with my two dogs             go.‖ (RSV)
(or so I thought). The first part of the walk was be-           As I start this leadership responsibility, I ask for
hind the neighbor‘s house, still close to civiliza-         all your prayers and I will continue to seek refuge
tion, but soon I got further into the trail and             in God‘s word and fellowship with other Christian
turned the bend where the wooded trail splits.              women and men. I have quite a legacy to per-
One side goes into the darker, deeper woods,                petuate from all the wonderful examples of pre-
and the other skirts the edge of the                                 vious leaders within our organization. This
woods. Suddenly, I felt very alone                                   will inspire and push me to do my best
and frightened. Even the dogs had                                    and work hard to bring Christ‘s love and
abandoned me! My first impulse                                       forgiveness to others through our efforts
was to dart quickly away, but being                                  within the LWML. I look forward with ea-
quite practical and not having on                                    gerness to follow this path.
sensible shoes, rather flip-flops, I re-                                 ―Where can I go from thy Spirit? Where
strained my impulses to run. I then                                  can I flee from your presence? If I go up
began to call for my loyal compan-                                   to the heavens, you are there; if I make
ion. I didn‘t hear her for several paces, but then I        my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on
heard the jingle of her collar and her rustle               the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of
through the grass to meet me. I was so relieved!            the sea, even there your hand will guide me,
    How often I feel this way when asked to lead.           your right hand will hold me fast. If I say „Surely
Leadership can be lonely and frightening at                 the darkness will hide me and the light become
times. Just like my impulse to bolt quickly away,           night around me,‟ even the darkness will not be
we often reject challenges and opportunities                dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for
that are unknown. I think: ―Perhaps it will take up         darkness is as light to you.” Ps. 139: 7-12
too much time.‖ ―Maybe people won‘t like the
decisions I make.‖ ―What if I fail?‖ ―It might be                             Sarah Rippy
too hard to learn a new responsibility.‖ We have
all felt this way before. But what does God tell
                                                                       Leader Development Chairman

For I know the plans that I have for you, de-               Take this to the Lord in prayer and see
clares the Lord . . .         (Jeremiah 29:11 NASB)         whether He is calling YOU at this time to serve
Quite possibly the Lord‘s plans for you include             Him and the Indiana District LWML in this way.
the opportunity to serve as a district officer for          We‘ll be praying for you, too!
the 2012—2016 biennium.
The Nominating Committee needs qualified
candidates for:                                              Serve the Lord with Gladness
   Vice President, Convention and Communi-
   Vice President, Mission Grants                                            SuePflughoeft
   Recording Secretary                                                Nominating Committee Chairman

                                                                                 ZONE NEWS

The Evansville East Zone Board met September 2,
2010, for its annual "carry-in" lunch by the Ohio River.                                                         The LWML Gary Zone again held its
Fifteen ladies were present.                                                                                     yearly chicken dinner and craft sale on
The meeting opened with                       The Indy East Zone will have its Fall Rally Breakfast              Saturday, September 18, 2010, from
devotions by our Christian                    on Saturday, November 6, 2010, at St. John Lutheran,               4-6 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran School,
Life Chairperson, followed                    Indianapolis. Registration will start at 8:30 a.m. fol-            Hobart, Indiana.
by the LWML pledge. Most                      lowed by breakfast at 9 a.m. Our guest speakers will                   Each society wass responsible to
of the business meeting                       be Kory and Cara Fay of Lutheran Bible Translators                 provide four desserts for the dinner as
consisted of planning the fall who will be heading to Cameroon after the first of the                            well as shopping, preparing, and work-
rally to be held October 16                   year. We also will have elections and finalize our up-             ing during the dinner itself. In addition
at Emmanuel Lutheran                          dated bylaws.                                                      to the dinner and crafts there were
Church in Tell City. Election We will have Deaconess Leslie Haines as a speaker                                  homemade or homegrown items such
of officers followed, Iris Witt- at one of our future rallies. Leslie works in Military Out-                     as garden vegetables, plants, breads,
man was reelected presi-                      reach with the Lutheran Military Veterans and Families             jams and jellies, etc..
dent and Leoma Welch was Ministries, Inc. out of Fort Wayne. Leslie was a speak-                                     The societies work together and
reelected treasurer. Installa- er at the Mission Grant Breakfast at the 2010 District                            have been very successful in the past.
tion of officers will be held at Convention where her ministry received a grant from                             This fundraiser has helped make it
the zone rally.                               Indiana District LWML. Leslie would really like to                 possible to send a Gary Zone repre-
    Submitted by Iris Wittman, Zone President speak at rallies around Indiana. Her e-mail address is:
                                                                                                                 sentative to the District & National con-
                                     Leslie wants to share what her min-                ventions.
                                              istry is about as well as telling everyone how her min-             Submitted by Noreen McClendon, Gary Zone

                                              istry will use their grant money.
                                                                       Submitted by Kathy Ford, Indy East Zone

                   Try Something Different                                     7. Present ideas to your LWML board.
                                                           8. Offer to assist your LWML board in
        At the district LWML convention this summer, I met
      a woman who was asking people about their society       implementing new ideas.
      activities. She was “looking for ideas”. She was     9. Work with a committee to publicize the
      going to share the ideas with a planning committee      information gathered in your church
      from her congregation so that they could revitalize     newsletter or bulletin, keeping others informed
      their own ministry to women. What a great idea!         of your progress and findings.
      How could you use this idea in your congregation?                        10. Try something different!
      1. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.                 Thank God for His faithfulness and guidance in
      2. Talk to your LWML president about your interest your journey.
         in adding new ideas.                              “For where two or three are gathered together
                                                         in my name, there am I in the midst of
      3. Form a committee
                                                         them” (Matthew 18:20).
         of women interested
         in the outreach to                                  For more information on how to survey the
         women in your                                   women in your congregation or implement new
         congregation.                                   ideas into your program, contact me, Emily Rogers,
                                                         the LWML MMV Consultant, at 765-778-7654 or
      4. Brainstorm ways to                    
         discover new ideas such as surveying you
      5. Compile information from various sources.
                                                                                                                 Emily Rogers
                                                                                                    Mission-Ministry Vision Consultant
      6. Pray for God’s continued guidance.

                          Indiana District LWML Officers
President                                  Christian Outreach Chairman            Parliamentarian
Margie Wickert                             Michele Yamanaka                       Edith Mossner
725 East Emilie Street                     4336 Charter Lane                      776 Wilson Terrace Court
Renssalaer, IN 47978                       Fort Wayne, IN 46815                   Carmel, IN 46032-1776
219-866-8894 (home); 219-863-6213 (cell)   260-424-5070,         317-571-1802                                              
                                           Human Care Chairman
VP - Spiritual Resource Department         Vicky Geisler                          Public Relations Director
Penny Letterman                            908 E. State Blvd.                     Dolly Jenkins
PO Box 607                                 Fort Wayne, IN 46806                   9007 Arthur-Coffman Road
Boonville IN 47601                         260-483-6476,        Greenville, IN 47124
812-897-2462                                                                      812-923-8719                    Leader Development Chairman
                                           Sarah Rippy                  
Vice President - Mission Grants            4810 N. Underwood Rd.                  Roster Coordinator
Miriam Neumann                             Walkerton, IN, 46574                   Ruth Everson
8710 Winding Ridge Road                    574-586-7299                           9337 N. Oak Creek Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46217-4685                             Mooresville, IN 46158
                                           Ruth Armel Scholarship Chrman          317-996-3231,
VP-Conventions and Communications          Jill Pruss
                                           7153 State Road 62                     Webservant
Ellen Augustine
                                           Dillsboro, IN 47018                    Anne Hartman
807 Nebraska Drive
                                           812-667-5295                           2605 Stonybrook Lane
Goshen, IN 46526
                                                      Franklin, IN 46131
                                           Structure Chairman           
Recording Secretary                        LeAnn Davis
Anne Hartman                               1736 West Drake Rd                     Nominating Chairman
2605 Stonybrook Lane                       Kendallville, IN 46755                 Sue Pflughoeft
Franklin, IN 46131                         260-347-3183                           PO Box 578
317-738-2290                                    Demotte, IN 46310                                                                 219-987-3399,
                                           YWR Chairman                 
Financial Secretary                        Becky Linnemeier
Deb Sorokin                                18716 Amstutz Road                     Retreat Chairman
16471 CR 20                                Auburn, IN 46706                       Becky Thibodeau
Goshen, IN 46528                           260-704-4554                           6818 W 100 North
574-533-0019,                        Greenfield, IN 46240
Treasurer                                  Archivist-Historian          
Barbara Hamm                               Shirley Gut
1016 Orlando Drive                         21 Fleet Parkway                       Mission Trip Coordinator
Fort Wayne, IN 46825-4040                  Culver, IN 46511-1214                  Alice Farley
260-489-9724                               574-842-3927,             7002 Bluffridge Place                                                             Indianapolis, IN 46278
                                           Circulation Manager                    317-291-7342
Counselors                                 Beverly Racine               
Rev. Jeff Geisler                          3141 Volkman Road
908 E. State Blvd.                         Evansville, IN 47725                   MMV Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN 46806                       812-867-2306,        Emily Rogers
260-437-0563,                                                  10473 S. State Road 9
                                           Crisis Management
                                                                                  Pendleton, IN 46064
Rev. Daniel Schumm                         Coordinator—pending
5743 Cantigny Way                          Editor of Indiana District Good News
Carmel, IN 46033                           Betty Bardonner
317-814-4252                               5111 Marble Ct                         Scholarship Chairman                 Indianapolis, IN 46237                 Barb Smith
                                           317-783-3716                           8305 Rumford Rd
Appointed Officers                                Indianapolis, IN 46219
Christian Life Chairman                    Meeting Manager                        317-897-2281
Caroline Kindsvatter                                                    
                                           Tiffany O‘Day
5206 Willowhurst Drive                     8227 Pierce Court
Fort Wayne, IN 46835                       Merrillville, IN 46410
260-485-5995                               219-688-4187,            
           Tapestry of Love
                  Colossians 2:2
      2011 Indiana District LWML Retreat
                  Farmstead Inn
           370 S. Van Buren Street (SR 5)
              Shipshewana, IN 46565

           April 29 – 30, 2011
Come and join us for a time of encouragement and love as we study God’s words to us.
           Bible Study Leader Karen Lippert, Director of Women’s Ministry at Divine Redeemer Lutheran
            Church, Hartland, Wisconsin, will unite us together in our study.
           Music Leader Susan Emmelman will encourage us with song.
Registration is Friday, April 29 from 4 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. The retreat will begin at 6:45 p.m. and will end on
Saturday, April 30 at 3 pm.
Registration Fee ($50) includes meals and retreat. Make lodging reservations by calling The Farmstead Inn at
260-768-4595. Ask for the LWML rate by giving our account number 33077. Room reservations must be
made by March 29, 2011.
Cut here and return this registration form:

I can’t wait for the 2011 Indiana District LWML Retreat! Here’s my registration information!

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

E-mail _________________________________________________________________

Zone __________________________Congregation _____________________________

Contact Number______________________Dietary Needs _______________________
Makes checks for $50 to Indiana District LWML. Send registration form, check, and a self-addressed stamped
envelope (if you do not have e-mail) to:
Janet Resner                 Registration Due by March 31, 2011.
2006 Hilcrest Ave.           Janet’s phone: 574-936-8803
Plymouth, IN 46563

                                         District Directory
If you wish to …
Remit Mite Box offerings, Quarterly payments, or ANY monies for the district LWML … order Mite Boxes and
remittance forms:     Contact Financial Secretary, Deb Sorokin,

Submit society or zone bylaws or bylaws amendments for approval … or obtain a copy of the district bylaws
… or get help writing bylaws: Send to Structure Chairman, LeAnn Davis,

Submit news items and/or photos of society and/or zone events for publication in the District Good News,
publicize rallies, etc.: Send to Good News Editor, Betty Bardonner,

Order or change subscriptions to The Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly (individual, group, regular and large
print): Contact Circulation Manager, Beverly Racine,

Submit district and zone materials (i.e., programs, minutes) for the district LWML’s archives … submit history
of LWML zones (or an update) … receive help on maintaining society or zone archives …Contact Archivist/
Historian, Shirley Gut,

Report officer changes in zone (name, address, phone, e-mail) … submit e-mail addresses for district publi-
cations for individuals, society and zone officers: Contact Roster Coordinator, Ruth Everson,

Receive information on starting a new society … information on becoming an individual LWML member:
Contact District President, Margie Wickert,

Receive district Grant Guidelines, Proposal Summary, and instructions to apply for a district mission grant …
Contact Vice President – Mission Grants, Miriam Neumann,

Purchase LWML materials, resources, programs, skits, Mustard Seeds packets, etc., receive a current cata-
log and order form, contact: The LWML Office, 3558 South Jefferson Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118, 800-252
-5965 Or order online at

                                          Indiana District
                                        The mission of the LWML
                                    Indiana District is to assist
                                    each woman of the Indiana
                                    District LWML in strengthen-
                                    ing her relationship with the
                                    triune God so she is ena-
                                    bled to use her gifts in mis-
                                    sion and service to the peo-
                                    ple of the world.


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