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One thing that an iPad user misses is the keyboard. For those who love to write, using the iPad is a pain for their fingers.

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									Choosing a Keyboard Case for Your iPad

One thing that an iPad user misses is the keyboard. For those who love to write, using the iPad is a pain
for their fingers. It is painful to type on the flat screen for as long as an hour. Some are even prompted
to sell their iPad online just so they can go back to the more traditional personal computer. But then
again, what if, in the next five to ten years, tablet computers eventually replace the laptops and desktop
computers? Even with the touchscreen technology, people would still choose to use the conventional

The good thing is there are companies that produce cases that have keyboards in them for your iPad.
These cases do not just protect your iPad; they also turn your tablet PC into a small laptop. There are
cases that even let you position it in any way you want. What makes a keyboard case different from the
traditional one is that the former is wireless. They use Bluetooth to sync with the iPad.

Keyboard cases then bridge the gap between tablet computers and laptops. They make it easier to use
the iPad for word processing and other tasks that are hard to do with the touchscreen keyboard.
Moreover, you will be able to just bring your iPad and leave your laptop, since the keyboard case is
enough to turn your iPad into one. The iPad is now more of a do-it-all device with this accessory.

You would still sell your iPad because keyboard cases are expensive? You’re wrong because keyboard
cases are really affordable. When they were first introduced to the market, the prices were ranging from
$100 to $150. Nowadays, it is easy to find discounted prices online ranging from $50 to $74. If you want
more features, then you can choose the more expensive ones with high-quality aluminum construction.
If not, you can just buy a model that is made of leather, faux leather or plastic. The case you would buy
mainly relies on your preferences.

Consider the compatibility of your iPad with the keyboard case. Remember that each generation of iPad
has different features and dimensions, so many cases were built specifically for just one generation. So,
not all cases will fit your iPad. Always keep in mind your iPad’s characteristics. If not, just bring it with
you when you buy a keyboard case.

Moreover, not all keyboard cases are the same size. Some do not add much extra to the iPad, yet some
make your iPad look bulky. Some are lightweight but this might mean that the typing space is smaller. If
the case is heavier, then its main purpose is to provide more protection, but this might affect the
portability of your iPad. Also, the lighter cases are sometimes not sturdy enough to hold your iPad in
place, especially if you place them on an uneven surface like your lap, bed, or couch.

Always remember that the main purpose of a case—whether it has keyboard or not—is to protect your
gadget from any scratches, hard blows, and liquids. So, take note of the design of the cases because they
might forgo the main purpose.

Keyboard designs also vary. Think of what kind of keyboard you want to use, but take note of the size,
arrangement and feel of the keys. Some keyboards have keys very close together to match the width of
your iPad. Some have some alterations to the keyboard lay out like having no right Shift Key or having a
smaller spacebar.

Some keyboards are made of rubber sheet with no spaces for the keys. This will make the case lighter
and water-proof. However, you might find it hard to adapt to it because they do not have that familiar
clicking noise. The pressing of the keys will be more subtle, making it hard to distinguish whether it is
the right key or not without looking.

So what kind of keyboard case do you want? Place your comments below.

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