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									Knowing what Disasters to Expect in the South

The southern part of the United States, traditionally mark by its proximity to the coast, is an area that is
vulnerable to a lot of disasters. As such, it is a good idea for people to be familiar with these events, as
well as knowing what to do if one of them should occur.

What Kind of Storms Should be Expected?
The South is a geographical area that is marked by storms and upheaval when there is an emergency of
any kind. By far the most pronounced disasters of all to affect the area will be hurricanes.

Hurricanes are ferocious tropical storms that do millions of dollars in storm damage each year. These
storms are especially problematic in the South due to the geographical location of these states, along
with their topography.

                       As a rule of thumb, Southern states tend to be close to the coast, so a storm can
                       blow inland quite quickly and last even over landlocked areas. Additionally, these
                       areas also tend to be affected by conditions relating to the storm, even if they are
                       not being directly impacted by it.

                       The topography of these areas tend to be quite flat and about at sea level,
                       meaning that there are no real land features to break up the flow of the storm as
                       it builds and spreads. As such, those who live in the South need to understand
                       the dangers of these storms as well as the damage they cause, and be ready for

Tornadoes are also a common occurrence in these areas, which are storms of a different kind. This is
again because of topography and climate conditions which allow for the creation of a cyclone, as well as
allowing it to perpetuate and spread across the landscape.

Learning about other Emergencies
Flooding and fires and drought are also disasters which need to be taken into account when leaning
about emergencies and the best ways to deal with them. When it all comes down to it, such a variety
stands to do real damage and threaten lives, so knowing how to respond is critical.

Putting in the effort to become informed about these
disasters definitely gives people a distinct advantage when it
comes to dealing with them. Such preparation can be
lifesaving in nature for both you and your loved ones.

Such an effort to be informed and prepared definitely is an
investment, but it is one that is so worth it. There really is no
way to really quantify the worth of the safety of your loved ones- because such a thing is priceless
compared to any other consideration when a disaster hits.
We often get preoccupied with the things of this world and the daily flow of life, so we sometimes forget
what is important. However, when a disaster strikes all of the things previously thought to be crucial
fade away.

During an emergency event, your thoughts will be with yourself and with family and friends. Being able
to do anything possible to assist them in getting through one of these experiences safely is essential to
being able to enjoy peace of mind.

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