; LENOVO ThinkPad T430T450-A True Laptop
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LENOVO ThinkPad T430T450-A True Laptop


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									ThinkPad T430/T450 - a true "notebook"With the continuous expansion of
market demand, many kinds of laptop computers have appeared, so that
consumers get confused by how to choose a suitable for your own laptop to
become a serious issue. For business individuals and the pursuit of the
ultimate mobile portable users, whether in office or out of office,
portable notebook computers are indispensable. In the end what kind of
laptop computers in order to fully meet the needs of these users? The
world premiere of the ThinkPad T430 is undoubtedly the first choice for
business individuals and pursuit of the ultimate users of mobile
portable. ThinkPad Edge E10 has a small body of ordinary Notepad or
paperback - the length and width were 284mm, 190mm, the thinnest at only
15.6 mm, light to 1.33 kg, can be packed in a briefcase or bag to carry.
Despite the thin and light ThinkPad T430 is a true "notebook" computer,
allows users anywhere lightweight battle.ThinkPad T430 - not just a
"notebook"Of course, ThinkPad Edge E10 is not just an ordinary
"notebook", with its strong performance perfect realization of the user's
work and life needs.11.6-inch LED backlit display to provide users with
1366 × 768 HD resolution, not only to meet an operational need, but also
watch high-definition video. ThinkPad Edge E10 to provide users with a
variety of network connectivity options, equipped with 6-cell battery of
the E10 up to seven hours long running time, and enables the user to
anytime, anywhere networking efforts. ThinkPad Edge E10, although the
figure is small, but a variety of popular interfaces everything. It can
be connected to the TV to play HD movies, HDMI port, to be able to read
the camera and mobile phone memory card in-one media card reader, 3 USB
2.0 interface and configured to provide users with great
convenience.ThinkPad Edge T530 provides the user with two CPU processor
options, based on the Intel and AMD Vision Pro Athlon processor give
users a different system response and document processing experience.
With Windows7 Lenovo enhanced version enables users compared to the other
with the configuration notebook work faster.In addition, T530 has a
ThinkPad Edge family of colors, heat red, elegant light black, light
black and three colors for the user to select. ThinkPad T530 for business
individuals and the pursuit of the ultimate mobile portable users, in
thin, ultra-performance and stylish appearance of the natural temptation
to infinity. There any reason for hesitation it? September 28, ThinkPad
Edge E10 will shake the stage, let us witness its small but powerful!More
details at: LENOVO ThinkPad T430 Battery, LENOVO ThinkPad T530 Battery

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