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Before signing this agreement below please read this entire RETAINER AND PAYMENTS IN
ADVANCE AGREEMENT including this Guarantor portion of this same contract. Should you
have any questions or concerns about this contract, please feel free to have your own
attorney review the contract and advise you on its ramifications before you sign it. The
undersigned Guarantor acknowledges that he has had the opportunity to seek such advice
from another attorney.
Whereas the Client named on page 1 above may not have the ability to pay his obligations per pages 2, 3 and 4 above,
Client has appointed this Guarantor and Guarantor accepts that appointment to assume responsibility and step into this
Client’s shoes under the full monitory terms and obligations to Attorney under this agreement. However if the account has
any past due unpaid balance, collections may be pursued against Client as well as Guarantor. Said Guarantor
understands and agrees that although the Guarantor becomes obligated for all the Attorney services, fees and costs, the
Attorney’s legal obligation is to the Client and details of the case can only be discussed with the Client. In addition to full
compliance with all payment requirements as specified hereinabove, Guarantor has other important obligations including
keeping Attorney apprised of his/her:
         (1) Current mailing address; physical address; home, cellular and fax telephone numbers; email address; and
         (2) Current employer's name; mailing address; physical address; supervisor's name; work, home and cellular
telephone numbers, email address.
Guarantor must promptly open any and all mail from Attorney's office and respond appropriately as requested therein.
Guarantor must promptly return all phone calls from Attorney's office. Guarantor's responsibility continues (1) until the
case is complete and Client's remaining account balance is paid in full; or (2) the Court allows Attorney to get out of the
case and Guarantor pays the Client's then remaining account balance in full.

Please complete the below information as Guarantor.

Full Legal Name     __________________         __________________         __________________
                        First Name                   Middle Name              Last Name

Physical Address      ______________________          ____________       _____     _________
                            Street                          City         State       Zip

Mailing Address      ______________________          ____________        _____    _________
                           Street                          City           State     Zip

___ Rent     ___ Own      ___ Other    How Long at above address ______________

Email Address __________________________________

Phone Numbers (please include area code if needed)
Work _____________ Ext. _______ Home ____________                 Cell ____________      Fax ____________

Can you receive calls at work? ___ Yes ___ No. Work Schedule __________________________

DL State ___ DL # ___________________ SS# __________________ DOB __________________

Guarantee, also           _______________       ____________       ________________         __________________
referred to as “Client”    First Name           Middle Name        Last Name (married)       Last Name (maiden)

Client Physical Address     _____________________          ____________       _____      _________
                                  Street                      City            State        Zip

Guarantor’s Employer __________________ Address ___________________________________________
Job Title ___________________ Duration of Current Employment _________________
Guarantor’s Income last 12 months (all sources) ____________

Where will you get the money for Client’s initial retainer to hire us? ___ Your cash or checking account
___ Your credit card ___ From a third party (relative etc.) named ______________________;
___ Other ___________________________________

In a fully contested divorce, the initial retainer can quickly be used up and need replenished because work is “pay in
advance”. If this happens, do you have the financial ability to pay more as your Guarantee’s case progresses? ___Yes
___No. If “No”, please explain how you plan to pay _______________________________________

Permission is hereby granted to Attorney Marilyn D. York, Inc. to obtain my credit report. I understand that a poor credit
report will affect the size of the original retainer as well as subsequent ones.
___ I have attached a copy of my current credit rating to expedite the process (available free at

The initial Retainer Amount paid by this Guarantor for this Client is ____________________


The construction, interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance
with the laws of the United States, and the State of Nevada, without resort to principles of conflicts of law. Both parties
and Guarantor if there is one expressly consent to:
         (1) Attorney has the choice of the Reno Justice Court or the Sparks Justice Court having exclusive jurisdiction to
adjudicate any small claims dispute arising out of this Agreement; and
         (2) The federal, state and Washoe County Courts within the State of Nevada will have exclusive jurisdiction to
adjudicate any dispute other than small claims per (1) above arising out of this Agreement; and
         (3) service of process being effected upon it by confirmed fax message or express/courier mail (with receipt) sent
to the address set forth in this Agreement; and
         (4) be bound by orders of such above courts.

(NOTE: No representation will be provided until this agreement is signed by Marilyn D. York and your initial retainer fee is
received in full.)


_____________________            ___________     ___________________________               ___________
Client (signature)               Date            Marilyn D. York Esq., Pres.               Date

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Attorney and Guarantor have executed this agreement at Reno, Nevada,
the day, month and year first above written.


Marilyn D. York Esq., Pres.


STATE OF NEVADA               )
                              )    ss:
COUNTY OF WASHOE              )

      On this day _________________, there personally appeared before me, a Notary Public,
________________________, personally known (or proved) to me to be the person whose name is
subscribed to the above instrument, who acknowledged to me that he executed the instrument.

                                           Notary Public