Basketball Rules and Hand Signals by dffhrtcv3

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									Basketball Rules and Hand Signals
by Johnathan Murphy, Kelly Lau,
Louis Ganse
           The Class Project
 Form groups of 3 students.
 Your groups will evaluate 11 basketball
  scenarios (acted out in class by your
  classmates) and determine what violation
  was committed.
 After creating your list of violations in
  specific order, you will be responsible for
  creating a power point presentation.
 The Power Point Presentation
 The slides in your power point must
  be in the same order as the violations
  committed on your list.
 For each violation, provide a
  definition, result of the foul, and a
  visual aid (referee hand signal,
  example of the violation in action,
              Your Slides
 Your slides should have a background
 You should have a minimum of 6 slides (no
  more than 2 violations per slide)
 Each slide should include a visual aid
 Each slide should have a transition
 Every slide should contain an appropriate
  heading and be free of spelling and
  grammar errors
                           Your Rubric
Item                  Present   Not fully present   Not present

Correct order

Definition & Result




Grammar and
Visual Aids

6 slide minimum
National Standards

 Standard 2: Demonstrates understanding
  of movement concepts, principles,
  strategies, and tactics as they apply to the
  learning and performance of physical
 Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal
  and social behavior that respects self and
  others in physical activity settings.
 Standard 6: Values physical activity for
  health, enjoyment, challenge, self-
  expression, and/or social interaction.
A Sample Student Power Point
 A player shall not run
  with the ball without
  dribbling it.
 1 foot is allowed to
  move when the ball is
 2 steps are allowed
  during a drive toward
  the goal.

 Violation results in a
  turnover of
 A defensive player
  shall not use his body
  to displace the
  offensive player’s
  progress towards the
 Violation of this rule
  results in a personal
  foul charged to the
  defensive player. The
  offensive player will be
  awarded free throws
  or the ball out of
 An offensive player
  shall not run into or
  through his defender.
 The defensive player is
  entitled to his own
  vertical space and
  cannot be displaced.
 Violation results in a
  turnover of possession
  and a personal foul
  charged to the
  offensive player.
3 Second Violation
 An offensive player
  is allowed a
  maximum of 3
  seconds in the key
 Violation results in
  a turnover of
Double Dribble
 A player shall not
  dribble the ball
  using two hands at
  once or dribble,
  stop, and then
  dribble again.
 Violation results in
  a turnover of
 No player shall use
  hands or arms to
  physically hold another
  player when on
  defensive or offense.
 Holding violation
  results in a personal
  foul and the team who
  committed the foul
  loses possession.
Jump Ball
 When two opposing
  players hold the ball at
  once or when the team
  who has possession is
  ruled indeterminate, a
  jump ball is called.
 Result of a jump ball is
  a change of possession
  based on an
  alternating possession
Loose Ball Foul
 A loose ball foul is
  committed by a player
  who holds or displaces
  his/her opponent when
  attempting to retrieve
  a free ball.
 Result is a personal
  foul charged to the
  player and possession
  to the other team.
 Pushing is called
  when a player on
  offense or defense
  uses his hands to
  push an opponent
  out of position.
 Result is a personal
  foul charged to the
  “pusher” and
  possession to the
  other team.
Technical Foul
 A technical foul is a
  foul for
 2 technical fouls
  committed by the
  same player/coach
  results in an ejection.
 The opposing team is
  awarded 1 or 2 free
  throws and
Personal Foul
 A personal foul is any
  normal foul that can
  be charged to an
  individual player.
 Players are allowed 5
  personal fouls in one
 A result of 5 personal
  fouls in one game is
  disqualification of the
  player for the
  remainder of the

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