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					News              INSPECTION
                                                     VOLUME 12              s     ISSUE 4                     OCTOBER              2005

September 2005

                    By CVSA President
                    Capt. Ron Cordova

The destruction brought about by the pow-                                               The North American Inspectors
erful hurricanes in September exposed the                                           Championship is scheduled to be held in
fragility of our lives and the economy.                                             New Orleans next August. Again, with
Despite the endless display of horrific                                             uncertain recovery completion schedules, our
images and stories of human suffering, there                                        ability to have the championship there may
are rays of hope for the Gulf Coast residents                                       be jeopardized.
and business owners.                                                                    I will say that once the Gulf Coast is ready
    Governments, businesses and citizens                                            to host a CVSA event, we will do our best to
from all over the world continue to open                                            have an event there. It’s only appropriate
their hearts, homes, and in many cases their wallets, to provide relief to the      that CVSA and its members help prime their
unfortunate thousands who are faced with rebuilding their lives. From the           economy. Our efforts as a group can truly be
discussions I have had with our members in the region, recovery is moving at        a ray of hope.
a furious pace, but the sheer size of the destruction makes it extremely diffi-
cult to predict its completion.
    As media lessens its hurricane coverage and moves on to more “current”
stories, it is even more imperative that we continue to contribute to the
effort in getting the Gulf Coast back on its feet.                                    s    A Year in Review of the North
    Our daily responsibilities as transportation safety professionals play an              American Standard Level VI
integral role in assisting the region. Stories of enforcement and industry                 Inspection Program Public
helping with the move of food, household goods, building products and even                 Outreach Initiatives
donated patrol cars abound.
                                                                                      s    Level VI Program Comprehensive
    Originally, CVSA’s Fall Workshop was scheduled to be held in Biloxi in
September. With the support of members and associates, we decided to move                  Peer Review
the workshop to Indianapolis. With a fury of planning in less than three
                                                                                      s    DOE’s Office of Civilian
weeks and the tremendous assistance from the Indiana State Police, CVSA
                                                                                           Radioactive Waste Management
was able to pull off yet another successful conference. Though the confer-
                                                                                           to Use Dedicated Train for Yucca
ence was focused on the safety and security business at hand, attendees                    Mountain Shipments
couldn’t help but notice the empty seats left due to those who couldn’t
attend because they were tending to hurricane relief efforts. In fact, a              s    New Chairman of the RAM
fundraiser held throughout the week raised over $5,000. Proceeds are to be                 Subcommittee Appointed
given to our members in the Gulf Coast region.

    News    INSPECTION

                                          A YEAR IN REVIEW
                                          Of the North American Standard Level VI
                                          Inspection Program Public Outreach Initiatives
    This newsletter is published
    quarterly by the Commercial           Building upon a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy
    Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).       (DOE) Office of National Transportation, CVSA developed a public out-
    The CVSA is an association of         reach program to promote the safe transportation of spent nuclear fuel and
    state, provincial and federal offi-   high-level radioactive waste shipments. The North American Level VI
    cials responsible for the adminis-    Inspection Program public outreach initiatives over the past year have gone
                                          remarkably well. The Program has been well received and is an easy sell
    tration and enforcement of
                                          when 93.42% of the Level VI Inspections conducted had no violations from
    motor carrier safety laws in the
                                          October 2002 through to December 31, 2004.
    United States, Canada and
                                              The CVSA website,, greatly enhanced the North
    Mexico.                               American Standard Level VI Inspection Program information to aid in the
        This newsletter is made possi-    dissemination of information on the North American Standard Level VI
    ble under a Cooperative               Inspection Program. The website also includes things such as the CVSA
    Agreement with the U.S.               Level VI Public Outreach Program.
    Department of Energy.                     The following is a summary of the public outreach initiatives over this
        If you have editorial sugges-     past cooperative agreement reporting period. Meetings marked with double
    tions, comments, concerns, or         asterisks (**) are those where presentations on the CVSA North American
    you would like to be added to         Standard Level VI Inspection Program were conducted.
    our mailing list, deleted from the
                                          **Department of Energy (DOE)                 **Contractors Transportation Management
    mailing list, or have an address      Transportation External Coordination (TEC)   Association (CTMA) 2005 Conference Myrtle
    change, please contact:               and the DOE Technical Training Workshop      Beach, South Carolina
                                              Phoenix, Arizona                              June 9-10, 2005
                                              April 4-8, 2005
                                                                                       National Congress of American Indians
                                          Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)    (NCAI) Mid-Year Session 2005
                                          Annual Conference                                 Oneida, Wisconsin
                                              Albuquerque, New Mexico                       June 12-15, 2005
       Larry Stern                            April 15-21, 2005
       CVSA/DOE Program Director                                                       **Southern States Energy Board (SSEB)
                                          **Western Governors Association (WGA)        Radioactive Materials Transportation
       1117 University Ave.               WIPP Working Group Meeting                   Committee and Transuranic Waste
       Suite 502                              Salt Lake City, Utah                     Transportation Working Group and the
                                              May 4-6, 2005                            Council of State Governments Eastern
       Morgantown, WV 26505                                                            Regional Conference High Level Radioactive
       T (304) 292 1601                   **The Council of State Governments           Waste Transportation Task Force
                                          Midwestern Office Spring Meeting                  New Orleans, Louisiana
       F (304) 292 1602                       Traverse City, Michigan                       June 14-15, 2005
       E                      May 24-25, 2005
                                                                                       **National Conference of State Legislatures                      The National Academies Committee on          (NCSL) High Level Radioactive Waste
                                          Transportation of Radioactive Waste          Working Group Meeting
                                          Washington, DC                                    Washington, DC
                                              May 26, 2005                                  June 28-29, 2005

                                          International Association of Fire Chiefs     International Association of Fire Chiefs
                                          (IAFC) International Hazardous Materials     (IAFC) Annual Meeting
                                          Response Teams Conference                         Denver, Colorado
                                              Hunt Valley, Maryland                         August 11-15, 2005
                                              June 2-5, 2005

**National Conference of State Legislatures      Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2005    Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Training
(NCSL) Annual Meeting                            Fall Workshop                                     Workshop
    Seattle, Washington                               September 23-29, 2005                             Date TBD
    August 15-20, 2005                                Indianapolis, Indiana                             Location TBD

American Association of Motor Vehicle            National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)      Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2006
Administrators (AAMVA) Annual International      Annual Session 2005                               Annual Conference
Conference                                            October 30 – November 4, 2005                     April 22-27, 2006
    Forth Worth, Texas                                Tulsa, Oklahoma                                   Hartford, Connecticut
    August 28-September 1, 2005
                                                 Transportation Review Board (TRB) 2005            Conference of Radiation Control Program
Department of Energy (DOE) Transportation        International Truck and Bus Safety and Security   Directors The 38th Annual National Conference
External Coordination (TEC) Fall Meeting         Symposium                                         on Radiation Control
    Pueblo, Colorado                                  November 14-16, 2005                              May 7-10, 2006
    September 20-22, 2005                             Alexandria, Virginia                              Detroit, Michigan

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2005   Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2006    U.S. Conference of Mayors 74th Annual
Fall Workshop                                    Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement       Conference
    Indianapolis, Indiana                        Development (COHMED) Conference                        June 2-6, 2006
    September 23-29, 2005                             January 22-27, 2006                               Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                      San Diego, California
                                                                                                   Contractor Transportation Management
THE 2006 NORTH AMERICAN STANDARD                 National Emergency Management Association         Association 2006 Conference
LEVEL VI INSPECTION PROGRAM PUBLIC               (NEMA) Mid-Year Conference                             2nd or 3rd week of July 2006
OUTREACH SCHEDULE IS AS FOLLOWS:                      February 11-15, 2006                              Lake Tahoe, Nevada
                                                      Alexandria, Virginia
                                                                                                   National Association of Counties (NACO) 2006
Department of Energy (DOE) Transportation
                                                 Department of Energy (DOE) Transportation         Annual Conference and Exposition
External Coordination (TEC)
                                                 External Coordination (TEC)                            August 4-8, 2006
    September 20-22, 2005
                                                      Spring Date TBD                                   Chicago, Illinois
    Pueblo, Colorado
                                                      Location TBD
                                                                                                   National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
                                                                                                   Annual Meeting
                                                                                                        August 15-19, 2006
                                                                                                        Nashville, Tennessee

                                                                                                   International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
                                                                                                   Annual Meeting
                                                                                                        September 14-16, 2006
                                                                                                        Dallas, Texas

                                                                                                   National Emergency Management Association
                                                                                                   (NEMA) Annual Conference
                                                                                                        September 18-22, 2006
                                                                                                        Golf Shores, Alabama

                                                                                                   Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 2006
                                                                                                   Fall Workshop
                                                                                                        September 23-28, 2006
                                                                                                        Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                                                                                                   Department of Energy (DOE) Transportation
                                                                                                   External Coordination (TEC)
                                                                                                        Fall Date TBD
                                                                                                        Location TBD

                                                                                                                        News   INSPECTION
                                            2006 Basic Level VI
                                            CLASSES SCHEDULED

                                            Under the cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of
                                            Energy, CVSA has scheduled the 2006 CVSA Basic Level VI Classes
    LEVEL VI PROGRAM                        to certify inspectors to conduct Level VI inspections on all
                                            transuranic waste and Highway Route Control Quantities (HRCQ)
    Comprehensive                           of radioactive materials. CVSA provides the Level VI Training to
    Peer Review                             inspectors who meet the prerequisite of being Level I and HAZ-
                                            MAT Certified.
        CVSA has conducted a compre-
    hensive peer review on the Level VI
    Program in South Carolina,              This is the 2006 schedule:
    Colorado, and Tennessee. The host-
    ing agencies for these peer reviews
                                               s   San Diego, California—CVSA Level VI “Train the Trainer”
    were the South Carolina State                  Course-January 26-27
    Transport Police, Colorado State           s   Las Vegas, Nevada—February 20-23
    Patrol and Port of Entry, and the
    Tennessee Highway Patrol.                  s   Lansing, Michigan—March 6-9
        The members of the CVSA Peer           s   Spokane, Washington—April 10-13
    Review Committee are members of
    the CVSA RAM Subcommittee,                 s   Marysville, Washington—May 8-12
    Level VI Instructors, and representa-      s   Springfield, Illinois—June 12-15
    tives of the Western Governors
    Association, Southern States Energy        s   Sacramento, California—July 10-14
    Board, the Council of State
    Governments Midwestern and
                                               s   Baton Rouge, Louisiana—September 11-14
    Northeast Offices, WIPP Carriers and       s   Albuquerque, New Mexico—October 23-26
    the U.S. Department of Energy.
        The goal of these peer reviews is      s   Austin, Texas—November 6-9
    to establish the “best practices” for
    the Level VI Program and to make        The remaining 2005 schedule is:
    recommendations to enhance the             s   Carlsbad, New Mexico—October 17-20
    program. CVSA will publish a report
    on the committee’s finding in 2006.        s   Linthicum Heights, Maryland—November 14-17
        We have scheduled Peer
    Reviews in Washington, December
                                                Any state or federal agency that is interested in sending
    5-9, 2005 and New Mexico, March
                                            inspectors to the scheduled classes is asked to contact
    27-31, 2006.
                                            Larry D. Stern, CVSA/DOE Program Director at
                                            or 304-292-1601.

Training Classes Held

The Minnesota DOT and Patrol hosted a class in Mendota Heights,
Minnesota, July 18-21; the Nebraska State Patrol hosted a class in          CVSA THANKS
Grand Island, Nebraska, August 15-18; the South Carolina State              Past Chairman and
Transport Police hosted a class in Blythewood, South Carolina,
September 12-15; and there was a class held for the WIPP new drivers in     Level VI Instructors
Carlsbad, New Mexico, June 27-30. The trainees were from the                CVSA wants to thank Gary
Wisconsin State Patrol, Iowa DOT/MVE, Minnesota DOT and Patrol,
                                                                            Trujillo, past chairman of the
Wyoming Highway Patrol, Nebraska State Patrol, WV PSC, Colorado
                                                                            RAM Subcommittee and Level
POE, South Carolina State Transport Police, Idaho State Police, Ohio
                                                                            VI Instructor, and Carl “Mac”
Highway Patrol, New Mexico DPS/MTD, U.S. DOT/FMCSA, Yellow
Freight Company, and drivers from CAST Transportation and Tri-State         Briggs, Level VI Instructor for
Motor Transit.                                                              the dedication and work they
    As reflected by the evaluations and comments received, the instruc-     have done for the CVSA Level
tors—Carlisle Smith and Rob Rohr, Ohio PUC; Carl Briggs, Virginia           VI Program.
State Police, Todd Armstrong, Illinois State Police; Reggie Bunner and          Gary is now with Groendyke
Jon Cline, WV PSC—did a great job instructing the classes. CVSA             Transport, Inc in Albuquerque,
appreciates having instructors such as Carlisle, Carl, Rob, Todd, Reggie,   New Mexico. Mac is retiring
and Jon, our new instructor and the support of their individual depart-     from the Virginia State Police
ments that allowed them time to instruct these important classes.           and going to work as Regional
    CVSA also appreciates DOE, Tri State Motor Transit, and CAST            Safety Manager for Hudd
Transportation for taking the TRUPACT to the training sites so it was
                                                                            Distributing Services in
possible to have the practical exercise, And, thanks to Glen Jorgensen,
                                                                            Chesapeake, Virginia.
Minnesota DOT; Brad Wagner, Nebraska State Patrol; and Bruce Bailey,
                                                                                Thanks again for a job well
South Carolina State Transport Police, who arranged for the classes and
provided assistance throughout them.                                        done and the very best in your
                                                                            new careers.

    DOE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management to use
                                                                                              Analyses indicated that the primary
                                                                                         benefit of using DTS is the significant
                                                                                         cost savings over the lifetime of the
                                                                                         Yucca Mountain project. The cost of
                                                                                         DTS is offset by a reduced fleet size and
                                                                                         its attendant operations and mainten-
                                                                                              The use of DTS will result in several
                                                                                         benefits for repository and transportation
                                                                                         s   Transit and turnaround times will be
                                                                                             shorter using DTS, enabling the
                                                                                             repository to operate with fewer casks
                                                                                             and fewer rail cars (i.e., equipment
                                                                                             will not sit idle in rail yards). In con-
    The Department of Energy (DOE) will use dedicated train service (DTS) for its            trast, using general freight service
    usual rail transport of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level radioactive waste        would increase the required size of
    (HLW) to the Yucca Mountain Repository site in Nevada when the repository                the cask and rail car fleet by about 40
    is operational.                                                                          percent due to the increased transit
         On April 8, 2004, the Department issued a record of decision on using rail          time associated with general freight
    as the preferred mode for transport of SNF and HLW to the repository. Using              service.
    rail would result in fewer shipments than using trucks and would reduce envi-
                                                                                         s   Use of DTS provides greater opera-
    ronmental impacts.
                                                                                             tional flexibility and efficiency for the
         The benefits for the use of dedicated trains can be grouped into categories
                                                                                             waste management system due to
    of safety, security, cost and operations.
                                                                                             reduced time in transit, and greater
         SNF and HLW is shipped safely regardless of mode or type of service, prima-         predictability in routing and schedul-
    rily due to the stringent regulations in place and the robust nature of the trans-       ing.
    port packages involved. However, the radiological risk resulting from transport
    without incident may be lower due to decreased time in transit.                      s   Repository operational resources
         DOE shipments have been, and will continue to be, made securely using               could be better managed by taking
    both DTS and general freight service. Escort and other physical protection fea-          advantage of more predictable ship-
    tures can be employed using either type of service. DTS does offer some poten-           ment and receipt schedules.
    tial advantages, such as:                                                            s   Transportation planning and opera-
    s   Increased command and control capabilities. Shorter DTS trains allow bet-            tions would be simplified by narrow-
        ter visual monitoring from the locomotive and escort car.                            ing mode and type of mostly rail cou-
                                                                                             pled with the use of DTS.
    s   Avoidance of lengthy “dwell times” in rail yards

of the RAM Subcommittee Appointed
Bruce Bugg, Chairman of the CVSA Hazardous Material Committee has
                                                                                       News    INSPECTION

appointed Carlisle Smith as the Chairman of the RAM Subcommittee, which
is within CVSA with oversight responsibility for the Level VI Program.
     Carlisle is a CVSA Senior VI Instructor and is employed by the Ohio
Public Utilities Commission. He is the supervisor of Ohio’s hazardous material         UPCOMING CVSA EVENTS
enforcement program and he also supervises 19 Hazardous Materials Specialists
who are certified in Level VI inspection.                                              2006 COHMED Conference
     He also began his career with the Ohio PUC in 1988. Previously, he was            January 22-26, 2006
employed by the Battelle Memorial Institute’s Office of Nuclear Waste                  Hyatt Regency Islandia Hotel & Marina
Isolation and he began instructing the Level VI course in 1996. He was a               1441 Quivira Road
member of the first Level VI “Train the Trainer” course that was held in 1998.         San Diego, CA 92109
Carlisle also is an Associate Staff member of the National Training Center for
General Hazardous Material Instruction and holds a B.A. degree from Bowling
Green State University.                                                                2006 WINTER EXECUTIVE
     In 2000, Carlisle joined the CVSA Level VI RAM Subcommittee and, in               COMMITTEE MEETING
2003, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the RAM Subcommittee. In 2003,                 February 2006
he was recognized by CVSA President Peter Hurst for Outstanding                        Location TBD
Contributions and Dedication to the CVSA Level VI Program.
     Carlisle was originally from Toledo, Ohio and he now resides near
Columbus. While on the job, Carlisle likes to spend his time with his wife,            2006 ANNUAL CONFERENCE
Kathleen, and their three children. He also enjoys golfing, fishing, snow ski-         April 22-27, 2006
ing and he is a classic car enthusiast.                                                Marriott Hartford Downtown &
                                                                                       Connecticut Convention Center
                                                                                       200 Columbus Blvd
Level VI Programs will be Featured at                                                  Hartford, CT 06106

                                                                                       ROADCHECK 2006
The Level VI Instructors will be con-       s   Promote communications, mutual
ducting Level VI Inspections at the                                                    June 2006
                                                confidence and enforcement
2006 Cooperative Hazardous                      between government and industry
Materials Enforcement Development               personnel who are responsible for
Conference (COHMED) at the                      hazardous materials compliance and     NAIC 2006
Hyatt Regency Islandia Hotel &                  enforcement.                           August 14–20, 2006
Marina in San Diego, California on                                                     New Orleans, LA
January 23, 2006. Also, we will be              COHMED also provides attendees
holding the CVSA Level VI “Train            with forums to discuss hazmat enforce-
the Trainer” Course at the                  ment and compliance programs, initia-      BRAKE SAFETY AWARENESS
Conference on January 26-27.                tives and concerns with the govern-        WEEK 2006
   COHMED has no members—just               ment officials and industry representa-    TBD
participants. The agenda is to provide      tives. Just as important, the networking
top-quality hazardous materials training.   provides attendees with opportunities
The goals are simple as follows:            to network during breaks, banquets, and    2006 FALL WORKSHOP
                                            other activities.                          September 23–28, 2006
                                                The COHMED Conference will be          The Fairmont Royal York Hotel
s   Enable hazardous materials              held in San Diego, California, January     100 Front Street West
    professionals to develop the neces-     22-27, 2006. The conference informa-       Toronto, ON, Canada M5J 1E3
    sary skills to safely move uniformly    tion is listed on (click on
    inspect hazardous materials             Programs and click on COHMED).

    As of September 6, 2005

    Site                             Shipments                    Miles
    Agonne National Laboratory           14                        23,453
    Hanford Site                        210                       379,680
    Idaho National Engineering and
    Environmental Laboratory            903                    1,255,584
    Lawrence Livermore National
    Laboratory                           18                        24,804
    Los Alamos National Laboratory      100                        34,200
    Nevada Test Site                     38                        45,372
    Rocky Flats Environmental
    Technology Site                    2,045                   1,446,444
    Savannah River Site                 565                       870,100
    TOTAL                              3.893                   4,079,637

                                                      WA S H I N G T O N , D C 2 0 0 3 6
                                                      1 1 0 1 1 7 T H S T R E E T, N W. S U I T E 8 0 3
                                                 COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SAFETY ALLIANCE

 Baltimore, MD
Permit No. 3361
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