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									  1 Child Protection Snapshot

                                            • What number met the “threshold” for a
• How many calls were made to the Child       response from Families SA?
  Abuse Report Line for the year ending
  June 2008?                                 answer 20,884 (approx. 44% of the total
  answer 46,992                              number of notifications)

                                            • What kind of demand does this place on
                                              an individual Families SA district centre?
 Across the state that equates to
 approximately 400 notifications per week
 requiring a response from Families SA

                                            • What responses are Families SA staff
 Sue Parsons Manager Families SA              required to make to each of the three tiers
 Woodville Office                             or categories of notifications?

Sue Parsons Manager Families SA
 Woodville Office                                                                                                     Do the 07/08 notification figures represent
                                                                                                                      a rise in the number of notifications in SA?

                  Children in Notifications                                                                           • Over the five year period the number of
                                                                                                                        children with a first notification to Families
    Families SA
                                             Children in Notifications
                                                                                                                        SA has increased by 38%.

                                                                                                                      • The number of children who have had


                                                                                                                        one or more prior notifications has
     8000                                                                                      Renotification
                                                                                               First Notification
                                                                                                                        increased by 37.4%.



               2003/04         2004/05         2005/06              2006/07   2007/08

        What are the possible explanations for the                                                                    On which of these issues can education and
         steady increase in first notifications and                                                                   care staff have direct influence?
                                     re-notifications?                                                              • The provision and sustainability of adult & family
•      The social problems contributing to child abuse and neglect– adult drug and alcohol abuse,                     support services?
       domestic violence, mental health problems, poverty, social isolation - are increasing
                                                                                                                    • Thresholds or mandates of other agencies?
•      There aren’t enough services that can tackle the complexities of the problems facing adults and
       families                                                                                                     No
                                                                                                                    • Improved quality of information gathering and
       Good adult services exist but they aren’t funded for long enough to make a difference
                                                                                                                      exchange with Families SA and other agencies?
•      Adults with these problems are not being directed towards support services early enough - when
       their problems are first apparent and when they might be more easily managed                                 • Helping direct more families towards support
                                                                                                                      services as part of our response to concerns
•      Thresholds for various levels of involvement differ across agencies
                                                                                                                      about children and young people?

  The rest of this session highlights new                    • Better quality of information gathering and
  responses                                                    exchange with Families SA and other
• in education and care                                        agencies.
• in Families SA and
• across government & the community                          • Helping direct parents towards support as
                                                               part of our interventions to support
                                                               children and young people.
 that are aimed, in part, to help influence
 those two issues

 Distribute Handout 1
 Take a couple of minutes to look at the two checklists

                                                              Both checklists assume that staff will raise
 The pre-notification checklist - gives a quick reference
 to the actions that should be considered when staff have     concerns about neglect with parents-
 non urgent concerns about children and young people’s
                                                              Won’t this threaten the relationships staff
 The notification checklist - helps ensure that staff have    have with families?
 gathered and documented all the information that will
 help Families SA make the most appropriate
 assessment of risk to the child or young person.

 Deb Brassington, Principal Para Hills
 Primary School                                               Doesn’t this mean that education and care
                                                              staff are taking on too much of a “social
                                                              worker’s” role?

                                                                             Checklists can be accessed from your
                                                                             sector office or at
   Steve Portlock President South Australian                                 www.decs.sa.gov./speced2/pages/childpro
   Primary Principals Association                                            tection/

   The checklists identify “regional support
   services” – what do these look like under                               Terry Dickeson – Manager (central
   the new uniform government regions?                                      coordination) Support Services

Support Services within Catholic Education SA
A teacher or school leaders wishing to discuss concerns regarding the
   care, protection or wellbeing of a child or young person may use
   some or all of the following support systems and services.
                                                                                     Independent Schools
Internal school supports including:                                        • A staff member in an independent school with concerns
                                                                             about the care, protection or wellbeing of a student is
School leadership team                                                       encouraged to discuss their concerns with a member of
Wellbeing team
                                                                             the school leadership team.
Counsellors or pastoral care team

Catholic Education Office supports include:                                • The staff member may also be assisted by other staff at
Principal consultants’ liaison with principals                               the school with pastoral care responsibilities.
The Behaviour Education, Special Education and Indigenous Education
   teams provide advice and support to schools and families regarding:
• Attendance counsellors                                                   • The school can access external assistance, including
• Specialist services with educational psychologists, behavioural            from Association of Independent Schools South Australia
   consultants and disability services                                       (AISSA), Government agencies, non government
• Liaison with Government services including CAMHS, Families SA
   (including Yaitya Tirramangkotti), FaHCSIA, CYWHS                         agencies and external specialist consultants.
• Liaison with non government agencies including Centacare Catholic
   family services, counselling services, Autism SA, disability agencies
   and specific Indigenous support programs.

 Where can staff get help in knowing what          Another new system is a proforma for
 services are available locally?                   recording notifications made to the Child
                                                   Abuse Report Line.
 Begin with your regional or sector office
 and consider some of the ideas raised in          The proforma is designed to ensure that
 the discussion at the end of this section.        relevant information is gathered and
                                                   documented when notifications are made
                                                   and that site leaders are aware of the
                                                   welfare concerns within their communities.

                                                                             Mandatory Notification Record
                                                                                         Please click check boxes to answer ‘Yes’
                                              Name of Child / Young Person
                                                                                                           Type Text Here
                                              Including Also Known As :
                                              DOB & Year Level :                                           Type Date Here

• And filling out the proforma looks          Aboriginal :                                                         YES
                                              Torres Strait Island :                                               YES
  like…………..                                  Student with Disability :                                            YES
                                              Under the Guardianship of the Minister :                             YES
                                              Name of Notifier :                                           Type Text Here

                                              Names of others contributing to Notification :               Type Text Here

                                              Date of Notification :                                       Type Date Here

                                                        Family Related                         Non-Family Related                             Type of Notification

                                                                                 Adult                                      YES
                                                                                                                                    E-notification                   YES
                                              Abuse                        YES
                                                                                   (Employee/volunteer/                     YES
                                                                                   contractor at the site?)                         Phone Call to:
                                                                                 Minor                                      YES      Child abuse report line OR      YES
                                              Neglect                      YES
                                                                                   (Child/young person at the site?)        YES      Case worker                     YES

                                              Additional information if relevant (for example advice received in conversation with CARL)
                                              Type Text Here. Document will expand to accommodate the size of comment.

                                              Pi    i    l / Di    t   ’         d i     t      T      T      tH

• How does using the new proforma help             Deb Brassington Principal Para Hills
  staff , children and young people?               Primary School


                                                            Discussion ( 10 minutes)

                                                            •   Will the use of these checklists and records affect current practice on your site?
• The reporting template can be accessed                    •   What process should staff on your site follow if they wish to raise concerns with
  through your sector or at                                     parents about children’s or adolescents’ wellbeing?

                                                            •   What are the forums for discussion about vulnerable children, young people and
  www.decs.sa.gov.au/speced2/pages/child                        families on your site?

  protection/                                               •   What formal or informal connections does your site have with local community
                                                                groups, non government organisations, local council services, volunteer groups etc?
                                                                Are there opportunities to strengthen or establish these?

                                                            •   Do you know any of the GPs in your local area, your local Police, local CAMHS

 Important to remember
                                                                                                                         Keeping Safe Child
  •     A major protective factor for young                                                                              Protection
        people’s wellbeing is engagement with                                                                            Curriculum
        education and care
  •     All efforts to keep children and young                                                                           Essential child
        people attending and engaged will                                                                                protection teaching
                                                                                                                         programs for
        contribute to their safety and wellbeing                                                                         children and young
                                                                                                                         people from the
  In addition to this core business we can                                                                               early to senior
                                                                                                                         years –
  • influence parental take up of support
                                                                                                                         Each document
  • provide feedback to other agencies about                                                                             covers the themes..

  the effectiveness of interventions

                                                                                                                The Sunday Mail summarised
                               DECS Learner Wellbeing                                                           this document, when it was
                               Framework for Birth to                                                           first released, under a heading
                               Year 12                                                                          “No More Hugs In Schools”

                                                                                                                In fact the document
                                                                                                                encourages the use of
                                                                                                                protective and caring touch –
                                                                                                                as long as it is offered in
                               Designed to support sites                                                        respectful and open ways.
                               in developing and
                               improving the wellbeing of                                                       It also answers questions
                               all learners                                                                     about the professional
                                                                                                                practice expected of staff in
                                                                                                                government and non
                                                                                                                government schools in a
                                                                                                                whole range of situations.
                               Incorporates the School
                               Drug Strategy

                       For example
                       ~What are the expectations if you
                       need to make a home visit?
                       ~What are you supposed to do if
                       a student flirts with you?
                       ~How and when can you safely                                                              A practical
                       restrain a student?                                                                       guide to the
                       ~What kind of communication
                       /contact is appropriate with                                                              long term
                       students off the site?
                       ~What are you obliged to do if
                                                                                                                 tasks of
                       you are aware that a colleague is                                                         responding to
                       behaving inappropriately with a
                                                                                                                 suicide in a
                       ~What’s the best practice if you                                                          school
                       work one to one with students -
                       for example as a counsellor?                                                              community -
                       ~what kind of text                                                                        with the aim
                       messages/emails with students
                       are appropriate?                                                                          of preventing
                                                                                                                 further harm

                                                                                                   Responding to problem
                                                                                                   sexual behaviour in
                                                                                                   Children and Young
                                                                                                   People (Distribution
                                                                                                   Term 3 2009)

                                                                                                   In education and care
                                                                                                   sites problem sexual
                                                                                                   behaviours can range
Where are these resources located on                                                               •inappropriate sexual
                                                                                                   activity involving very
your site and who’s currently teaching the                                                         young children….. to
                                                                                                   sexual violence between
Keeping Safe curriculum?                                                                           adolescents

                                                                                                   •They can relate to
                                                                                                   physical acts, serious
                                                                                                   verbal threats and
                                                                                                   misuse of a wide range
                                                                                                   of electronic media

                      The guidelines give staff a
                      step by step checklist to
                      follow in response to
                      incidents and give advice

                      •when police and Families            “Child /adolescent offenders are thought to
                      SA should be involved
                                                             be responsible for between 30% and 60%
                      •which agencies can                    of all sexual offences against children.”
                      provide therapeutic help

                      •how to communicate with

                      •what support and                         Understanding Organisational Risk Factors for Child
                                                                Maltreatment: A Review of the Literature p. 26
                      monitoring is appropriate                 Australian Institute of Family Studies
                      for children and young                    Report to the Community Services Ministers’ Advisory Council
                      people on the site                        Commissioned by the Australian Government 2005

Responding to problem sexual behaviours is important
because                                                                 Discussion (10 mins) Handouts 2 and 3
The behaviours can be indicators as well as examples of abuse
                                                                        Look at and discuss the guide to sexual
                                                                        behaviours - birth to 18
Appropriate and immediate counselling can assist the affected
young person’s recovery & wellbeing

                                                                        Discuss how you would view the scenarios in
                                                                        Handout 3
Appropriate intervention and counselling may help avoid the
development of adult sexual offending.


suggested responses to scenarios
1.      A     C       S

2.      A     C       S                                                 When critical incidents involving problem sexual behaviours occur
                                                                        on sites they are, not surprisingly, very often in situations where
                                                                        there is no direct adult supervision, for example

3.      A     C       S                                              toilet blocks
                                                                     gym change-rooms
                                                                     unlocked rooms at recess or lunch times
                                                                     when children are sent on “errands”, allowed to use toilets in class time
4.      A     C       S                                              remote / secluded parts of school grounds
                                                                     unlocked sheds
                                                                     overnight camps
5.     A     C       S                                               unsupervised buddy or peer support time

6.      A     C       S

                                                                         – How do you monitor toilet blocks, change-rooms low
                                                                           visibility or low traffic areas on your site?
                                                                         – How do you monitor and encourage positive
     It is impossible for sites to completely                              interactions between different age groups on your
                                                                           site. Consider adult and school age students, very
     remove these risks but how does your site                             young and adolescent students, able and disabled
     limit them?                                                           students etc.
                                                                         – How do you ensure peer or buddy programs do not
                                                                           place vulnerable children at risk?
     Consider some of the following questions                            – How are students encouraged to report inappropriate,
     in relevant committees or future staff                                threatening or violent sexual behaviour on your site?

                                                                      Are all mandated notifiers the same?
  Responding to most critical incidents –
  particularly child protection related
  incidents - is best done through an
  Emergency Response Team
  How is your site’s team advertised to the
  school community?
  Go to the School Care website (link) if
  you’d like help in establishing one …..

Quick Chat (5 minutes) PAUSE
 Discuss the differences between the kind of
 information the following notifiers might provide
 about this 8 year old’s safety and wellbeing?
                                                                        Each professional has important
 1. A police officer attends a domestic violence
 call out and observes an 8 year old child and a 6
                                                                        information about the child’s wellbeing.
 month old baby in the home.                                            However, what is different about the
                                                                        teacher is that
  2. A casualty nurse chats with the 8 year old for                   • the teacher has ongoing opportunity to
  15 minutes while attending to the assault injuries                    make day to day judgements about the
  of the mother. She observes the 8 year old                            child’s emotional, physical and
  caring for the baby as if it is her full time job.                    developmental health and status
                                                                      • the teacher has ongoing direct and indirect
  3. A teacher has been teaching the 8 year old                         insight into the functioning of the family.
  and liaising with the mother for two years.

• In recognition of the different nature of
  education and care notifiers, the Child                              Catherine Harman
  Abuse Report Line (referred to as “CARL”)                            Manager Crisis Response Unit
  has introduced a separate line for
  education and care staff.                                            Families SA

What other new responses have been put
in place for education and care staff?
                                               Catherine Harman
                                               Manager Crisis Response Unit
                                               Families SA

What about a similar level of
communication between district centre          Sue Parsons Manager Families SA
staff and education and care staff –           Woodville Office

for example,

Can social workers talk with the site before
they contact or visit the family?

                                                                       What are the
One way to help education and care staff                               guidelines?
to respond to risks they see facing children
and young people is to make it easier for
them to talk with other professionals and
agencies –

Donna Mayhew                              Donna Mayhew
Principal Advisor Information Sharing     Principal Advisor (Information Sharing)
Office of the Guardian for Children and   Office of the Guardian for Children and
  Young People                              Young People

Distribute Handout 4                        Who is most likely to be involved in this
                                            kind of information sharing?

                                          Discussion / Recording Activity (10 mins) PAUSE

                                            What are the areas where you believe improved
                                            information sharing would
Donna Mayhew
                                          • help your site better support children and young people’s
Principal Advisor (Information Sharing)     wellbeing ( think about the 8 year old in the domestic
                                            violence scenario)
Office of the Guardian for Children and
  Young People                            • assist in keeping your site safe

                                            Consider information sharing both within your own
                                            system as well as with other agencies.

                                            Record this information and provide to the site leader.

• The Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG)     What’s been achieved for Children and
  are being implemented across South            young people under Guardianship
  Australia during 2009.

• Key Education and Care staff will receive
  induction on their use during this period.

                                                What are the key ways that people in
Pam Simmons                                     education and care should work with
Guardian                                        others to support support children and
for Children and Young People                   young people under Guardianship?

 Pam Simmons
 for Children and Young People


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