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Keri Larson


									                                                                                                           Keri Larson
                                                                                                         Ph.D. Candidate
                                                                          Management Information Systems  University of Georgia
                                                                                       315C Brooks Hall  Athens, Georgia 30602
                                                                                      Phone: (706) 354-0338  Fax: (706) 583-0037
                                                          E-Mail:  Website:

      Ph.D. Management Information Systems (expected: May 2012)
            University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia
                   Dissertation: “Tying Social Media to Firm Performance” (proposal successfully defended
                   May 2011). Three-paper model, including:

                        Paper 1: “Tying Social Media Strategy to Firm Performance: An Analytics
                         Framework” (conceptual paper)

                        Paper 2: “Measuring Social Media Interactions: A Textual Analysis Approach”
                         (conceptual paper)

                        Paper 3: “A Theoretically-Designed Social Media Analytics System” (experiment)
                   Committee: Richard T. Watson (chair), Dale L. Goodhue, Marie-Claude Boudreau, Nicholas
      A.B.      Law, Letters, and Society, March 2006
                University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

Research Interests

        •     Social Media and the Firm
        •     Organizational Responses to Innovation
        •     Impact of IS on Organizational Change and Structure
        •     Text Mining, Unstructured Data Analysis

      Conference Proceedings

            Larson, K. and Watson, R. T., “The Value of Social Media: Toward Measuring Social Media
            Strategies,” Proceedings of the Thirty-second International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS),
            Shanghai, China, December 4 – 7, 2011.

            M-C. Boudreau, C. Serrano, and K. Larson, “IT-driven Organizational Identity Change: A
            Longitudinal Inquiry,” Proceedings of the Thirty-second International Conference on Information Systems
            (ICIS), Shanghai, China, December 4 – 7, 2011.

            Larson, K. and Berente, N., “Generativity, Second-order Effects, and ICT Innovation: An
            Information Processing View,” Proceedings of the Nineteenth European Conference on Information
            Systems (ECIS), Helsinki, Finland, June 9 – 11, 2011.
                                                                                           Keri Larson
                                                                                                         Page 2

Non-Dissertation Research-in-Progress

   “Exploring the Intersection of Organizational Culture, Image and Identity through Technology-
   Induced Change,” (with Marie-Claude Boudreau and Christina Serrano; invited for submission
   to Information and Organization special issue, Fall 2011).

   “Second-order Responses to ICT Innovation in Healthcare,” (with Nicholas Berente and Marie-
   Claude Boudreau; in data collection phase, target journal TBD).

   “Building an Infrastructure to Support Textual Data Mining: The Case of the Letter to the
   Shareholder,” (with Richard Watson and Gabriele Piccoli, targeted for submission to ECIS,
   December 2011).

   “Do Special Issue Articles have Bigger Impact? An Exploratory Study Based on Regression and
   Propensity Score Matching” (with B. Liu and S. Li; manuscript completed, targeted for submission
   to JAIS, Spring 2011).

   “Propensity Score Matching: A Tutorial” (with B. Liu and S. Li; targeted for submission
   to CAIS, Spring 2011).

Dissertation Work

   In progress: “Tying Social Media Strategy to Firm Performance: An Analytics Framework”
   (Targeted for submission to ISR special issue on Social Media, January 2012).

   In progress: “Measuring Social Media Interactions: A Textual Analysis Approach” (Targeted for
   submission as a review piece to MIS Quarterly, Fall 2012).

   “A Theoretically-Designed Social Media Analytics System” (Target publication TBD, from basket
   of six).

Research Assistantship

   Textual Analysis of Letters to Shareholders with Dr. Rick Watson, 2011 – 2012. The project’s goals
   are to establish a repository of the letters to shareholder of the FT Global 500 for the past 15 years,
   create indices to report the data concisely, and provide guidance for other analyses of the repository.

Professional Presentations and Publications

   “Taking Ownership of Information: A Content Management System (CMS) Approach” (University
   of Chicago Law School, Spring 2006).
                                                                                        Keri Larson
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      • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Georgia                                 2011
      • Future Faculty Fellowship, University of Georgia                                   2011 - 2012
      • International Research Travel Award, University of Georgia                                  2011

Teaching Interests

      • Data Management                    • Project Management           • XML
      • Introduction IS                    • Social Media                 • Business Intelligence
      • Business Process Management        • Web Design and Development

Teaching Experience
      Instructor of Record

      • MIST 2090: Introduction to MIS                                                   Summer 2010
         Mean Evaluation Score: 4.91/5.0
      • MIST 4610: Data Management                                                           Fall 2010
         Mean Evaluation Score: 4.49/5.0
      • MIST 2090: Introduction to MIS                                                   Summer 2011
         Mean Evaluation Score: 4.42/5.0

      Guest Lecturer

      • MIST 5740: Project Management (presentation of MS Project)                        Spring 2008
      • MIST 4610: Data Management (presentation of Qrimp database                         2010 - 2012

      Teaching Awards

      • Recipient of Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, UGA                                      2011
      • Appointed to Future Faculty Fellowship, UGA                                        2011 - 2012
      • Pursuing Graduate School Teaching Portfolio Certificate, UGA              Fall 2011 (expected)
      • Pursuing Interdisciplinary Certificate of Teaching, UGA                Spring 2012 (expected)
                                                                                                 Keri Larson
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      Peer Review

      Ad hoc reviewer for the following conferences:
          • American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
          • European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)
          • International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)

      Workshop Coordinator
      MIS departmental research workshop coordinator                                   Spring, 2011 & 2012
          • Schedule speakers to present research-in-progress at weekly research workshops
          • Coordinate external guest speakers' visits and presentations
          • Maintain and publish schedule of speakers

      Future Faculty Teaching Assistant
      Peer teaching mentor/fellow with UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)             2011 - 2012
          • Collaborate bi-weekly with fellow appointees to develop teaching and faculty leadership skills
          • Mentor fellow graduate student TAs; develop teaching resources for internal department use

Work Experience

      The University of Chicago Law School, Internal Communications and IT Departments
                Web & Media Specialist (matrixed position)                                    1/2005 – 4/2007
      University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, Office of Information Technology
                Web Developer & Lotus Notes Server Admin (matrixed position)                 3/2002 – 10/2004
                Distance Learning Technologist                                               11/2000 – 3/2002
      The University of Chicago Hospitals
                Student administrative assistant to Dr. Mark Siegler, Director of             9/1996 – 9/2000
                the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics
                T.A. for “The Doctor-Patient Relationship” course for first-year                   1997 – 1999
                students, Pritzker School of Medicine
                Student lab assistant to Dr. Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer, Cancer                 10/1994 – 8/1996
                Genetics lab, Department of Surgery

Professional Training
          • Practical Application Techniques for Project Management, Terry College of Business at the
            University of Georgia (2004)
          • Project Management for IT Professionals course, Project Management Institute (PMI) (2003)
          • PHP Bootcamp (Hands on Technical Training Facility) (2004)
                                                                                 Keri Larson
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      Address for all references:
      Department of MIS
      Terry College of Business
      University of Georgia
      Athens, GA 30602
      Fax: (706) 583-0037

      Richard T. Watson                      Dale L. Goodhue
      J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for   Department Head and C. Herman and Mary Virginia
      Internet Strategy                      Terry Chair of Business Administration
      Phone: (706) 542-3706                  Phone: (706) 542-3586
      E-Mail:          E-Mail:

      Marie-Claude Boudreau                  Nicholas Berente
      Associate Professor                    Assistant Professor
      Phone: (706) 583-0887                  Phone: (706) 542-3587
      E-Mail:         E-Mail:

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