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					   School Governors Health and Safety Monitoring Guidance.
The allocation of health and safety responsibility under HASAWA’74 depends upon the
type of school. Prime responsibility rests with the employer, which in Community and
Voluntary Controlled schools is the Local Authority.
The governing body is the employer in Voluntary Aided, Foundation, Trust, Academy, and
Independent schools.

In all schools, governing bodies have an important role. They influence the overall
management and culture of the school and need to take health and safety into account.
Governing bodies have responsibilities for other matters and some of these, such as
decisions on funding, may directly influence health and safety.

Monitoring performance is an essential part of effective health and safety management. It
involves checking that arrangements and systems are working as they should, for example
    physical controls are in place and working
    staff have done what they are supposed to do; and
    review procedures are working.

Whether or not they are the employer, governing bodies must satisfy themselves that
monitoring arrangements are in place, and that the results are reported back to them.
Ways of doing this can include:
   setting up a health and safety committee
   include health and safety in the terms of reference of an existing sub-committee
   designate one of the governors to take the lead on health and safety

This document has been developed to help School Governors monitor Health and Safety
standards in their establishment and identify areas to address.
It should be completed in conjunction with school management and used to monitor
standards and compliance in school.
It is suggested that it is completed annually, but can be broken into parts to address in
smaller sections.

Further guidance on most questions is given in the Guidance and Standards box .
The response should be Yes to each question. If No, then action is needed.

If you have any Health and Safety issues with which you need advice or guidance
then please refer to the Occupational Safety Team website in the first instance.        username - SOS        password - lookout

For further guidance, telephone 01274 431007 or fax 01274 722495

School Name

Governors Name

Date of Self Audit

   School Governors Safety Monitoring Guidance
CBMDC Occupational Safety Unit 01274 431007
                      Username = SOS             Password = lookout     (case sensitive)

1) Health and Safety Policy             An Employers Health and Safety Policy is a requirement of
HASAWA ’74. The Council Policy (which the school one should endorse) is available from the
Occupational Safety Unit website. See link

                                                   Y/N    Guidance and Standards

Q1.1) Does the school have a written Health               School policy should include the Governors
and Safety Policy?                                        statement of commitment and intent, details of
                                                          local organisation (who does what) and
                                                          particularly the local arrangements for health and
                                                          safety. These are explained in links below.
                                                          School Policy requirements are outlined in
                                                          Dfes guidance at
                                                          A dfes/HSE Model Health and Safety Policy can
                                                          be found at

Q1.2) Has the school Health and Safety Policy             It should be revised (generally annually or after
been reviewed recently?                                   significant changes). It should be signed by the
                                                          Chair of Governors and the Headteacher and be

Q1.3) Have all employees been made aware of               A copy should be readily available for
the Policy?                                               consultation by staff on the school notice board
                                                          or school intranet and reference to it made in
                                                          staff handbook. It should be referred to at

Q1.5) Is health and safety a standing agenda              As important members in the school
item at a Governors meeting?                              management structure, it is essential that
                                                          Governors are aware of Health and Safety issues
                                                          in school.

Q1.6) Has the school got an Emergency Plan?               See Safety Unit website for guidance and

Q1.7) Has the school got an Educational Visits            Training for this role is available from Jim
Coordinator.                                              Hughes, Bradford Educational Visits Adviser.
                                                 Tel Bfd 385585

Health and Safety Policy Section Comments

2. Occupational Safety Unit Website                The site gives access to Council/LEA safety
policies, documents, guidance, templates and procedures on a wide range of safety issues. when prompted enter username SOS - password lookout (case sensitive)

                                                   Y/N   Guidance and Standards

2.1) Have relevant staff and Governors got               Staff should be made aware of the website. Links
access to the Occupational Safety Unit                   can be made from the school intranet site, which
Website?                                                 can also be used to host selected documents
                                                         from the website. Username = SOS password =

2.2) Is the site promoted for staff use?

Section Comments

3. Health and Safety Information
                                                         All workplaces should display the poster in a
3.1) Is there a Health and Safety Law Poster
                                                         prominent position in the workplace
displayed in a prominent position in the school?
                                                         (office/staffroom) or alternatively provide a copy
                                                         of the leaflet called Health and Safety Law to
                                                         every employee.
3.2) Is CLEAPSS Science and Technology                   CLEAPSS supply all Bradford schools termly (via
Information received in school and made                  internal mail) with essential information to
available to relevant staff ?         manage safety in the DT and Science curriculum.

3.3) Is the CLEAPSS guidance used in lesson
planning and curriculum risk assessments ?.

3.4) Do all (teaching and non teaching)                  This could be at meetings, by notice board or
employees receive relevant information from              school intranet etc
school management regarding Health and
Safety and is there a process to inform them of

3.5) Are Fire Action Notices displayed in the            Fire Action Notices should be displayed around
school?                                                  the premises indicating the action to take in the
                                                         event of fire. These can be purchased from
                                                         signs/labels companies or downloaded along
                                                         with many other signs from ‘Safety Signs Page’
                                                         on the Occupational Safety Unit website.

3.6) Are the names and work locations of First           The location of boxes and the names and
Aiders and First Aid boxes displayed                     location of First Aiders should be displayed. This
throughout school?                                       is a requirement of Health and Safety (First Aid)
                                                         Regulations 1981. New staff should be informed
                                                         at induction.
                                                         Notices can be purchased from YPO, signs+
                                                         labels companies or produced yourself.

Section Comments

4. Risk Assessments
Suitable and sufficient risk assessments enable managers and head teachers to identify the measures
required to control risk to an acceptable level.
Risk control measures identified from assessments must be included in working procedures/lesson plans.
To help identify hazards in some areas, checklists (HICS) have been developed. For further details, RA1
risk assessment forms and general guidance on all aspects of risk assessment see Risk Assessment Page
of Occupational Safety Unit website.
Also see HSEs, 5 Steps to Risk Assessment for basic guidance at
The list below to consider for assessment are issues likely to affect all schools. There may be many more.
Further Guidance on these areas can be found on the Occupational Safety Unit website.
If school staff undertake certain duties rather than contracting them out, then further issues for
assessment may also include topics such as cleaning, catering, premises and grounds
maintenance etc.
Arrangements for the undertaking and management of assessments should be stated in the HS

                                                  Y/N     Guidance and Standards

4.2) Is there a process in place that                     A school management system should seek
monitors/ensures that risk assessments are                confirmation from those delegated the
undertaken and reviewed annually or following             responsibility, that risk assessments have been
significant changes?                                      undertaken and are reviewed annually.

SUBJECT FOR ASSESSMENT                            Y/N     SUBJECT FOR ASSESSMENT                                 Y/N

Hazardous Substances (COSHH) – this may                   School Visits – Educational visits should have
include hazardous substances used by                      thorough risk assessment in line with guidance
cleaners and in the curriculum.                           on Occupational Safety Unit website.
                                                          The school ed visits coordinator

Manual Handling - this may include object                 Fire – further assistance contact Facilities
handling and people handling.                             Management 01274 431877.

Working at Heights. This should include                   Stress – see Education Bradford website for
site/maintenance operations and also staff                guidance and format.
display work etc.                               

Display Screen Equipment – are all employee               Playground - to include supervision levels,
computer workstations assessed ?.                         security, characteristics of the play area,
                                                          inspection regime, bad weather.

Curriculum - particularly science, PE/sport and           Slips and Trips - should identify slip and trip
technology. CLEAPSS guidance for schools                  hazards and consider monitoring arrangements.
should be available to help with many generic
assessments for Science/DT.

Section Comments

5. Training – Appropriate Health and Safety training should be given where identified as necessary. A range
of training packages can be found on the Occupational safety website.
This can be formal subject specific training and also training in local systems and procedures.
Examples where training is required includes

Health and Safety Induction                                Fire Procedures

Manual Handling                                            Working at heights

Design Technology Machinery ( circular saw                 Risk Assessment

Educational Visits Coordinator

Section Comments

6. Accidents Full guidance, flowchart and forms on accident reporting can be found on the
Occupational Safety Team website. See Accurate and
prompt reporting to Occupational Safety Team is essential in order for the reporting of appropriate
accidents to the Health and Safety Executive as required by the RIDDOR Regulations 1995.
                                                   Y/N     Guidance and Standards

6.1) Is the Accident Reporting Flowchart                   This can be found on the link above and is useful
displayed?                                                 as a quick reminder to confirm requirements.

6.2) Is there a nominated person who                       Nominated persons should undertake accident
undertakes accident reporting within the                   reporting to Occupational Safety Team to ensure
school?                                                    compliance with RIDDOR Regulations.

6.3) Are accidents investigated to identify                For Guidance on Accident investigation see
action to take to prevent a recurrence?

6.4) Is the school Accident Book readily         
available and completed to record accidents?

6.5) Are staff instructed on the actions to take           This should include accident book entry, first aid,
following an accident to themselves or a pupil             reporting to management and should be covered
in their care?                                             in the staff handbook.

6.6) Have the annual Accident Summary                      This gives number and types of accidents in
Sheets (staff and pupil) been completed and                school and is a useful tool for Governors in
returned to Safety Team?                                   monitoring accident data.

6.7) Has the data from the Summary Sheet                  This data provides the number and types of
been shared with the Governing Body?                      accidents in school.

Section Comments

7. First Aid      Schools guidance on First Aid provision can be found on the Occupational Safety
website at For booking and further information on all
CBMDC First Aid training courses, please contact Carol Mullins on 01274 434529

                                                    Y/N   Guidance and Standards

7.1) Are there adequate numbers of trained                Numbers should be determined by individual
First Aiders available at all times?                      school assessment considering issues such as
                                                          pupil numbers, premises layout (split sites etc),
                                                          sickness/holiday absence, higher risk activities.
                                                          See guidance above.

7.2) Is provision made to ensure First Aid at             2 day refresher training should be arranged in
Work certificates are renewed every 3 years?              sufficient time (up to 3 months) before expiry of
                                                          the current certificate. Contact details above.

7.3) Are there Paediatric First Aid trained staff         From September 2008 Specific Paediatric First
available in school and on visits?                        Aid training was required for pupils aged 0 – 5.
                                                          Contact CBMDC HR Training on 01274 434529.

Section Comments

8. Premises

8.1 Lettings                                        Y/N   Guidance and Standards

8.1.1 Are formal lettings agreements in place             The letting agreement should state safety
where the premises (or part of the premises)              arrangements such as maximum numbers,
are let to others? A template can be obtained             emergency arrangements, defect reporting
from Dave Schofield – Property Officer in                 arrangements, security and any other information
CBMDC Asset Management 01274 431749.                      to ensure that hirers comply with school existing
                                                          safety requirements.

8.2 Inspections
Regular inspections of the premises should be undertaken and recorded to identify/monitor deterioration in
condition, identify any unsafe conditions, and for vandalism. Inspections should also monitor for likely
causes of slips and trips eg items left on steps or traffic routes, growing moss etc.

                                                 This should be undertaken daily to ensure that
8.2.1 Is a planned daily, ‘Ready for Use’
                                                 the premises are in a safe condition before use.
premises inspection undertaken and recorded?
                                                 It should look for broken glass, windows, articles
                                                 in the playground, evidence of drugs use and
                                                 ensure that all emergency routes are available. A
                                                 planned inspection route should be developed.
                                                 This should look at the condition of the premises
8.2.2 Is a walk round ‘Thorough Premises
                                                 to monitor any deterioration/defects.
Inspection’ undertaken with/by a member of the
Governing Body and recorded?

8.2.3 Is there a system in place to encourage    Reports should be recorded as should
staff to report day to day defects to enable     acknowledgement that remedial work has been
remedial work to be arranged?                    arranged/completed.

8.2.4 Is a formal inspection of gymnasium
                                                 Annual inspection is required
equipment undertaken by a ‘competent
                                                 Annual inspection is required. This can often be
8.2.5 Is a formal inspection of outdoor play
                                                 undertaken by the same person/contractor as at
equipment undertaken by a ‘competent person’
8.2.7 Are ‘Warning - Fragile Roof’ Notices       These should be displayed on buildings with
displayed on premises’?                          easily accessible roof surfaces containing roof
                                                 lights, asbestos and other fragile materials.

Section Comments

8.3 Fire Alarm and Fire Register

                                                 To download the Fire Register
8.3.1) Is the Fire Alarm tested weekly and
recorded in the Fire Register?
                                                 See above
8.3.2) Is an evacuation of the premises
undertaken termly and recorded in the Fire
                                                 See above
8.3.3) Has the fire alarm and emergency
lighting been serviced within the last 12
Section Comments

8.4 Asbestos

8.4.1) Is the Premises Asbestos Register                 This should be readily available for consultation
readily available to confirm the known location          in order to establish the location of any asbestos
of Asbestos?                                             in the building. Contact the Council’s Asbestos
                                                         Unit on 01274 433562 for issues concerning the
                                                         Register and other asbestos management
                                                         related issues.

8.4.2) Are relevant staff aware of the                   School staff should be made aware of the
existence/location of any asbestos?                      location of any asbestos, the action to take in
                                                         event of disturbance and also of the requirement
                                                         not to disturb any fabric of the building in any
                                                         way until confirmed non asbestos

8.4.3) Are all contractors made aware of the             School procedures should ensure that
existence /location of any asbestos prior to any         contractors are made aware of the location of
works?                                                   any asbestos prior to work commencing.
                                                         Signatures should be obtained to verify that
                                                         contractors have been shown the Asbestos
                                                         Register and are therefore aware of its location.


8.5 Contractors
Further information & guidance on the Councils Approved List of Contractors (available to schools)
can be sought from CBMDC Procurement Unit on 01274 432745. All these contractors have been
vetted and are also CHAS (Contractor Health and Safety Scheme) approved.

If you choose not to select Contractors from the Council Approved List then Contractors should be
assessed to the same standards.
                                                   Y/N   Guidance and Standards

8.5.1) Do you confirm Contractors competency             See above
before appointing them?

8.5.2) Is the location of Asbestos made known            It Is essential that contractors made aware of the
to Contractors prior to work commencing?                 location of Asbestos prior to works commencing.
                                                         These should include issues for the school and
8.5.3) Are Health and Safety issues identified
                                                         for the contractor. See Risk Assessment page
and recorded at Pre Works Meeting?


8.6 Electrical / Mechanical
Contact Facilities Management Electrical/Mechanical Surveyors (01274 431770) for advice and
guidance on these issues.

8.6.1) Have all portable electrical appliances      Portable electrical appliances require an
been PAT tested?                                    inspection test regime in place by a competent

8.6.2) Has the school electrical system been        The premises electrical system requires formal
tested in the last 5 years?                         inspection - suggested 5 years.

8.6.3) Are records of the above tests kept by

8.6.4) Are low voltage tools used where

8.6.5) Is a pre use visual inspection made of       Staff should be encouraged to visually inspect
appliances?                                         electrical appliances for signs of damage pre

8.6.6) Has examination and test of local            LEV systems should have a test and examination
exhaust ventilation (LEV) extraction equipment      by competent person within each 14 month
(dust and fume) been undertaken within the          period as required by COSHH. This may include
last 14 months.                                     fume cupboards, dust and fume extraction in DT

8.6.7) Are Gas appliances regularly serviced?       CBMDC Facilities Management for further

Section Comments


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