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									The imaginative world of romantic suspense fiction

Imagine the dreamscapes of young adults and teenage girls, filled with
the exploits of dashing detectives and their demure lady loves, of troubled
times and sinister plots, all revolving around the blossoming love between
two strangers brought together by the twists and turns of fate. This vivid
imagination and the fertile dreams are all fuelled by Romantic suspense
fiction, hailing from the diverse world of Women’s fiction.

Romantic novels filled with joyous descriptions of fervent love affairs, of
damsels in distress and noble knights in shining armour have been a hit
since ancient times and have figured very prominently in Women’s fiction.
However, the shift from character centric stories to plot centric ones is a
much more recent phenomenon and has been very well taken by readers,
from around the world. The central theme of by Romantic suspense fiction
generally revolves around the love affair of two protagonists set in a plot
of significant depth and suspense elements. The male protagonist is
usually one who plays the role of protector of the female protagonist, and
by virtue of this symbiotic relationship a love affair, often of epic
proportions blossoms.

Following in the footsteps of the great, the typical Romantic suspense
author provides the reader with engaging and well-crafted fodder for the
mind. Though the essential plot of the story revolves around the love
affair between the protagonists, the Romantic suspense author must
develop a central plot keeping in line with the suspense and mystery
elements of a typical Romantic suspense novel. There are several sub
genres of romance that appeal to young and old alike, but few have the
same impact as the bitter-sweet symphony that is a perfectly written
Romantic suspense novel.

There are various categories of Romantic suspense books and they cater
to the sensibilities and imagination of a number of age groups, starting
from hormonal teenagers, young adults to desperate housewives! Even
senior citizens cannot refrain from the allure of a Romantic suspense book
with its engaging plot and the good old love story, it would seem. These
novels have gained immense purchase in the market, especially after
many of them were turned into major film productions, catapulting many
suspense authors to fame.

This has become quite a phenomenon in Mexico City where even the
family’s old matriarch turns out to be a fervent follower of Chick lit! It
must be mentioned here, that despite the fact that Chick lit is included
under the romance genre, it differs significantly from mainstream
romance novels. It describes in a light-hearted tone, the daily issues of a
modern woman and her take on the world. In Mexico City, such genres
are popular not only because they portray the ebbs and flows of the
relation between two lovers, but also that between a woman and her
friends, colleagues and relatives. Hence, the cult of female fiction is a
phenomenon that is here to stay as even men find attraction in its themes
and plots. Future directions in suspense romance indicate fertile grounds
for authors and readers alike.

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