Helpful Tips For Dealing With Depression

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					Helpful Tips For Dealing With Depression
Those who have struggled with depression know - depression is no joke. It can rob you of your
energy and any joy you may otherwise feel. Days often feel the same and blur into one another. It can
be a struggle to get out of bed sometimes, and you will likely find yourself losing interest in activities
that once used to interest you. Depression is challenging. If you struggle with depression, however,
you are far from alone - it is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders. And there are proven
steps you can take to combat your depression.

Exercise can often make a tremendous difference in the mental state of those with mild to moderate
depression. Ironically, however, the time when we would feel the most benefits from exercise is also
the time when we are least likely to engage in it. If you are having difficulty engaging in exercise - it
can be very tempting when depressed to forgo a workout session in favor of sleeping, for example -
engage in the help of your friends. Consider enlisting the help of an exercise buddy, someone who
will hold you accountable and help motivate you to exercise. Schedule regular exercise into your
routine, and try to stick with it. Remind yourself that this will help you feel better, and you deserve to
feel better.

Several over the counter supplements have been helpful to those struggling with depression. St.
John's wort, for example, has been beneficial for some people struggling with mild depression. Make
an appointment with your doctor to discuss options for treating it - you may find relief from over the
counter supplements, or it could be that your depression might see the most relief from prescription
medication. Your doctor can recommend which type of medicine might help you the most. Be patient,
as you will likely need to wait several weeks before seeing any results.

It can be easy to overlook your diet and the role that it might play in your depression. When you are
feeling depressed, eating a healthy and balanced diet is often the least of your concerns. But a diet
high in fat and sugar is not only bad for your physical health but your mental health as well. It can
make you feel even more sluggish than you normally would. Although it may be hard, make every
effort to eat a healthy diet - plenty of fruits and veggies, forgo the soda for water, and eat healthy
snacks, rather than chips and candy. And avoid self medicating with alcohol - alcohol is a depressant,
and will only make your depression deeper.

Depression can often feel insurmountable. It is easy to feel like things will never change, and you will
always feel this way. That's your depression talking, however, not reality. Regular exercise and eating
a healthy and balanced diet will help you, and your doctor can recommend medicine that may also
help lift your depression. You can do this. You deserve to feel better.

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