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					                                                                                                                                                 VOS SURVEYOR (3331)

GENERAL                                                                                               COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT
Place of Build                                                                    Hyogo, Japan        HF radio                                                                                       1 x SSB
Vessel Type                                                                           DSV/ROV         VHF Radio                                                                        2 x SEA 7156 SOLAR
Year Built                                                                                 1981       Portable VHF Radio's                                                               3 x Motorola GP328
Flag                                                                                  Singapore       Satellite Communications (Voice and Fax)                                                            Mini M
Call Sign                                                                               9V7899        E.P.I.R.B                                                                          1 x Jotron Tron 40S
Class                                                                                 ABS, DP1        GMDSS Compliance                                                                               Area A3

PRINCIPLE DIMENSIONS                                                                                  NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT
Length Overall                                                                      62.5 metres       Radar No. 1                                                                            Furuno FR 7041
Beam                                                                              12.19 metres        Radar No. 2                                                                            Furuno FR 7252
Maximum Draft                                                                      4.612 metres       GPS                                                                              Fugro SeaSTAR 9200
Net Registered Tonnage                                                                       391      Echo Sounder                                                                                    Furuno
Gross Registered Tonnage                                                                   1306       Navtex                                                                                      ICS NAV-5
                                                                                                      Auto Pilot                                                                           Kongsberg Simrad
                                                                                                      Gyro Compass                                                                                Tokyo Keiki
MACHINERY & PROPULSION                                                                                Dynamic Positioning                                                          Kongsberg Simrad SDP10
Main Propulsion Number                                                                         2
Main Propulsion Type                                                        CAT Diesel Electric       DECK MACHINERY
Total BHP                                                                                  7400       Tugger Winch                                                                                          NIL
Propellers                                                                   2 x fixed propellers     Capstan                                                                                               NIL
Bow Thruster                                                                1 x Tunnel Thruster       Deck Crane                                                                 1 x Knuckle Boom, 5 tonnes
Lateral Thrust                                                                            5 tons      A-Frame                                                                                25-Tonnes SWL
Main Generators                                                                         2 x CAT
Auxillary Generators                                                                  2 x Detroit
Rudders                                                                                  Becker
Dynamic Position                                                                               1      LIFE SAVING APPARATUS
Fuel Type                                                ISO 8217: 2005 DMA or later revisions        Liferafts                                                                                 8 = 138 men
PERFORMANCES                                                                                          Rescue Boat                                                         1 x rescue boat, 6-men, 20hp OBM
Fuel Consumption at Max Speed                                        10 m3 per day @ 12 knots
Fuel Consumption at Service Speed                                       8 m3 per day @ 9 knots
Towing                                                                                       NIL      EXTERNAL FIRE FIGHTING
Standby                                                                            1 m3 per day       Capacity                                                                                              NIL
                                                                                                      Monitor                                                                                               NIL
CARGO CAPABILITIES                                                                                    Throw x Height                                                                                        NIL
Fresh Water                                                                              290 m3
Drill Water                                                                                   Nil
Fuel Capacity (100%)                                                                     348 m3
Liquid Mud                                                                                    Nil
Dry Bulk                                                                                      Nil
Dead Weight                                                                           1478 tons
Clear Deck Area                                                              222 Square Metres
Deck Cargo                                                              50 tons mid 558 tons aft

Crew Accommodation                                                  (5 x 1-berth, 4 x 2-berth) 13
Passengers                                                                                    39
                                                                                        Total 52

This technical specification sheet is subject to change without notice. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that accuracy of the information represented within this document, no guarantees of
accuracy can be given. Updated 19/06/2012.


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