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									                              Tyre Insurance
                               Please note that this Policy Summary does not contain the full terms and conditions of the
                               Insurance product. Full terms and conditions can be found in the Insurance document.

Car Protect Limited is an Appointed Representative of Motorway                       Non-Fault Accident Solutions
Direct Plc, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services              If You have had the misfortune to be involved in a non-fault accident,
Authority (FSA), authorisation number 311741. Our address is 1                       please call Our Accident Management Team on 08454 74 74 51 and
                                                                                     We will be able to help manage Your claim and provide alternative
Waterside Court, Bold Street, Sheffield, S9 2LR.
                                                                                     transport whilst Your own Vehicle is off the road. Our Accident
                                                                                     Management Team can also help with the recovery of any uninsured
This Insurance is underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company Plc                   losses or personal injury that You have incurred as a result of the
(the Insurer) Authorised Insurers, registered in Gibraltar No 89698,                 accident. This service is provided at no cost as the charges are passed
whose registered office is Suite 3, 2nd Floor, Icom House, 1-5 Irish Town,            on directly to the third party insurer for Our customers.
Gibraltar, and effected through Car Protect Limited (the administrator
for the Insurer). Claims made under this Insurance will be handled by
                                                                                     What is not covered
Car Protect Limited.
                                                                                     This Insurance will not cover
Enterprise Insurance Company Plc is authorised and regulated by the
Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and is licensed to operate                1.      Any claim occurring within 28 days from the insurance
in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority, under                             commencement date.
Registration No 402277. This may be checked by visiting the FSA
                                                                                     2.      Any claim occuring within the 28 day Waiting Period.
website www.fsa.gov.uk/register/ or by contacting the FSA on 0300
500 5000.                                                                            3.      Any excess detailed in Your Schedule.

Claims under this Insurance are handled on behalf of the insurer by                  4.      Damage caused by improper use of the Insured Vehicle, incorrect
Car Protect Limited.                                                                         tyre pressure, wheel alignment, balance, defective steering or

                                                                                     5.      Replacement or repair of Tyres required as a result of faulty
Significant features and benefits                                                              manufacture or design.

What is covered by this Insurance                                                    6.      Tyres over 19 inches or that do not carry an ‘E’ mark.
The purpose of this Insurance is to contribute to the cost of the repair or
replacement of the Tyres fitted to Your Vehicle at the Commencement                   7.      Tyres that are below the Legal Limit when the incident occurs.
of Insurance, which have sustained either accidental or malicious
                                                                                     8.      Any repairs if they are covered by any other Insurance policy,
damage. The maximum the Insurer will pay will be the amount shown                            warranty or guarantee.
on Your Schedule.
                                                                                     9.      Any repairs not authorised by Us prior to the repair work being
Accidental Damage                                                                            carried out.
Cover is for the replacement or repair including the cost of replacement
                                                                                     10.     Your Vehicle if it is used as a taxi or driving tuition vehicle,
valve or wheel balancing, provided that the Tyre tread depth complies
                                                                                             it has been modified (unless We have agreed this before
with current UK road traffic regulations at the time of the claim.
                                                                                             Commencement Date), if it is over 3500kg GVW, if it is used in
                                                                                             any sort of race or other competition.
Malicious Damage
Covers the cost of repair or replacement of Tyres that have sustained
malicious damage To claim under this section of this Insurance You                   Your right to cancel
must report the incident to the police, and quote Your crime reference
                                                                                     1.      You may cancel this Insurance within 14 days of the Issue Date*
number on Your claim form.
                                                                                             or the date on which You receive the contractual terms and
                                                                                             conditions whichever occurs the later and obtain a full refund by
Punctures                                                                                    contacting Our customer services department. If We have made
Covers the cost of repairing punctured Tyres up to a maximum £50.00.                         a claim payment to You or on Your behalf during this time You
                                                                                             will have to return the money to Us.
Roadside Assistance
                                                                                     2.      After 14 days You may cancel this Insurance but no refund of
If You need to call out help to assist You in dealing with an incident
                                                                                             premium is available. You may cancel Your Insurance by giving
described above, We will pay up to £30.00 towards the cost, within the                       Us at least 30 days’ notice in writing, but such cancellation will
limit stated on Your Schedule.                                                               take effect at the next premium payment date.

                                                                                                                                             6307.9054 - 01/2011 - 3943
3.    We may cancel Your Insurance by giving You at least 45 days’           We expect complaints to be quickly and satisfactorily resolved at
      notice in writing. Cancellation will take effect at the next premium   this level; however You can take the matter further by writing to The
      payment date following the end of this notice period. No premium       Managing Director, Enterprise Insurance Company Plc, registered
      or charge will fall due from You to the Insurer on the date of         office, Suite 3, 2nd Floor, Icom House, 1-5 Irish Town, Gibraltar, who
      cancellation but no refund will be due to You from the Insurer.        will arrange an investigation into the matter on behalf of the Executive
      We may cancel Your Insurance with immediate effect by written
      notice to You if You fail to pay a premium when it is due from         In all of the above instances, if We cannot give You a final decision by
      You to the Insurer or if You commit any other serious breach of        eight weeks from the day We receive Your complaint We will explain
      Your Insurance.                                                        why and tell You when We hope to reach a decision.

4.    If this Insurance is cancelled or lapses, it cannot be reinstated.     Our decision is final and based on the evidence presented. If You feel
                                                                             that there is any new evidence or information that may change Our
*     The Issue Date will be confirmed in the schedule, being the date        decision You have the right to make an appeal.
      on which You either concluded the contract of Insurance or the
      day on which You received the contractual terms and conditions.        If You remain dissatisfied with the final response to Your complaint,
                                                                             You can also contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for help and
How to make a claim
                                                                             •       Phone: 0845 080 1800
If You think that You have a fault which may be covered by this              •       Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk
Insurance, You must contact Us in the first instance. The claims              •       Post: Insurance Division Financial Ombudsman Service, South
                                                                                     Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR
telephone number is: 08454 74 74 04.

                                                                             Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
                                                                             The Insurer is covered by the FSCS. You may be entitled to compensation
How to complain
                                                                             from the scheme if the Insurer cannot complete Their obligations. This
                                                                             depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim.
If you need to complain
                                                                             For claims against insurers 90% of the claim is covered with no upper
We hope You will be completely happy with this Insurance but if
something does go wrong, We would like to know about it. We will do
Our best to resolve the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
                                                                             Further information about the compensation scheme is available from
                                                                             www.fscs.org.uk or by phoning 0207 892 7300.
We will acknowledge Your complaint within five working days. If We
can’t respond fully then We’ll let You know who is dealing with it
                                                                             Please make sure You always quote Your policy number
and when You can expect to hear from them. We will do Our best to
                                                                             from the Schedule.
respond fully within four weeks. If this is not possible We will let You
know why, and when You can expect a full response.                           This complaints procedure doesn’t affect Your statutory
Complaints about the sale of this Insurance
If You have any concerns regarding the sale of this Insurance, please in
the first instance contact the selling dealer or agent.                       How to contact Us
Complaints about the administration of this Insurance                        Car Protect Limited
In the first instance, please contact Our Customer Services
Manager either by telephone on 08454 74 74 01, or by e-mail to               1 Waterside Court, Bold Street, Sheffield, S9 2LR
customerservices@carprotect.co.uk. Alternatively write to Us at Car
Protect, 1 Waterside Court, Bold Street, Sheffield, S9 2LR.                   Claims Line ................................................................. 08454 74 74 04

Complaints about a claim under this Insurance                                Claims Fax ................................................................... 08454 74 74 05
In the first instance, please contact Our Claims Manager either by
telephone on 08454 74 74 04, or by e-mail to claims@carprotect.              Customer Services ....................................................... 08454 74 74 01
co.uk. Alternatively write to Us at Car Protect, 1 Waterside Court, Bold
Street, Sheffield, S9 2LR.                                                    e-mail ............................................customerservices@carprotect.co.uk

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