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					                                                       VAN GLAZE
                                           Birmingham, AL 35242
                                  Email: – 205.641.5098

Employment Summary:

NORGENIX – Birmingham, Al             2010 – 6-2012
THERAPEUTIC SPECIALIST – Sales of women’s specialty products to hospital Labor and Delivery units in Alabama,
Florida Panhandle, and Memphis, Tn. Calling on OB/GYN’s, Hospital Directors and Materials Management.
▪ Finished 2011 ranked #5 in hospital product sales
▪ Introduced New Capital Equipment fetal monitor –ranked #2 at year end 2011
MASTER SALES GROUP – Birmingham, Al          2008 – 2010
SALES AND SERVICE – Temporary position after position with Applied Medical was eliminated due to territory realign-
ment and economy. Sales and service at wholesale and retail level for consumer products.

APPLIED MEDICAL – Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 2005 to 2008
Senior sales leader and project manager during hospital evaluations. Work with and gain the support of, Materials Man-
agement, Directors of Surgery, Surgeons and Operating Room staff. Make sales to and coach surgeons and staff on the
proper use of our products during surgery. Acting as a senior sales representative by providing mentoring and field sales
training to Territory Managers.
     Work with General, Colo-Rectal, Gynecology, and Urology Specialist. Evaluations last two to six weeks.
 Closed $474,000.00 in annual laparoscopic product sales in my district (South Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Missis-
     sippi, West Tennessee, Louisiana) during the last 12 months.
 Overnight Travel 80-100% of the time
 Jointly closed an additional $465,000.00 in annual laparoscopic product sales in other districts

MASTER SALES GROUP – Birmingham, AL              2002 to 2005
Sold consumer products to wholesaler for resale to independent drugstores, working closely with buyer for monthly adver-
tising programs supplied to drugstores. Managed numerous vendor accounts for variety of products including seasonal
gifts, hardware goods, imported toys, flavored coffee and tea.
▪ Delivered over $2M in sales in just two years, through consultative sales and account penetration activities.
▪ Became Buyer’s largest single source for items run in monthly advertising program.
▪ Negotiated $100K order with Westminster, Inc. for holiday order; chosen out of numerous dealer representatives.
BELLSOUTH CORP – Birmingham, AL                      2000 to 2001
Ac c ou nt a b le f or m a na g in g s p ec if i ed g r o u p o f c us t o mers , i nc lu d i ng ex is t i ng , p as t a n d ne w c us to m-
er s . Serv e d as t ea m l e ad er o n n u mer o us s a l es pr oj ec ts to e ns ur e t ha t a l l wo rk was pr o gr es s in g a c -
c or d i n g to s c he d ul e . O v er s a w p er f or m anc e o f s ix as s i g ne d s u p por t pers o n ne l , pr ov i d i ng s o lu t io ns
ma n ag e m en t to pr o b l e ms a nd c o nc er ns .
▪ Delivered 19% increase in account territory (totaling $1.2M in billings) despite severely declining telecom market.
▪ Personally placed over $70K of new equipment and services, the preliminary base order for statewide video con-
     ferencing system between five offices.
▪ Championed development of and gained approval for program designed to retain more customers; created “leave
     behind” sheet with direct numbers/names for customer service and repair, etc:.

Ex pa n de d a n d dev e l op ed bo th ne w a nd ex is t i ng ac c o u nts t hr ou g h s a le o f m ed ic a l c a p it a l eq u i p-
me n t, m e d ic a l d i ag n os tic s er v ic es a n d d en ta l e q ui p m en t. Ma ny of w h ic h w er e o ne - t im e , m a jor p u r -
c has es . W ork e d w i th s ix m ed ic a l e qu i p me n t an d p h arm ac eu t ic al c o mp a n ies , as s a l es r e pr es e n t a-
tiv e , pr im ar i ly w it h in A l ab a ma . G e n er a te d l e a ds , o b ta i ne d or d ers , in s ta l l ed e q u i p m en t a nd tra i ne d
a ll pers o nn e l.
Successfully built up territory and generated new leads by working numerous medical conventions. Called on hospi-
tals, surgery centers, large physician group practices and individual physician/dental offices. Selected company products
represented included:
                Urban/Storz- Surgical Microscopes, Surgical Video Systems, ENT Procedure Chairs, Treatment Tables
                     and Cabinets
                 Luxar – CO2 Surgical Lasers
                 Schick – Bone Density Digital X-Ray
                 Quality Care Pharmaceuticals – Physician’s Dispensing Service
                 Premier Dental Lasers – Argon Curing Lasers
▪   Routinely sold products within the $20-40K range by presenting formal performas and showing a timely ROI to
    justify the purchase.
▪   Sold 18 units of Digital X-Ray Scanner for measuring bone density and provided training on safe scanner usage
    and correct reimbursement code billing practice.
▪   Created “Microscope Cleaning and Calibration Service” that provided greater OR access, means of inspecting
    equipment for additional/replacement parts and generating more income.

FILTER SERVICES, INC., Birmingham, AL                    1986 to 1989
A pr ov id er o f H V AC f i l tr a t io n s y s t ems an d s e rv ic es to s ma l l b us in e s s es
MICRO SHIELD, INC., Birmingham, AL
A pr ov id er o f c us t o d ia l m a in t en a nc e an d s t er i l i za t io n c h e mic a ls t o s ma l l b us i nes s es
 Owned and managed two separate start-up franchise operations; one producing $175K in annual sales (gross profit
    margin of 60%) and the second producing $50K in annual sales (gross profit margin of 80%), administering the suc-
    cessful and profitable sale of both companies.
 Secured 600+ new accounts for one company and another 100+ with the second and managed up to 6 personnel
    (outside sales, service and administrative support).

IVAC CORPORATION, San Diego, CA                           1984 to 1986
A m u lt i- na t i on a l c a pi t a l m ed ic a l e qu i p me n t m an u fac tur er a n d m ark e ter , s e l li n g to hos p it a l s a n d m a -
j or m ed ic a l fac i l it i es
 Consistently ranking No. 3 to No. 5 out of 40 divisional sales reps. Directly accountable for the expansion and de-
     velopment of new/existing hospital accounts throughout Alabama and Florida’s panhandle;
 Produced over $500K in annual gross sales; selling capital equipment upgrades and/or add-on equipment (with
     largest single upgrade producing $40K alone), and providing medical staff training programs.
 Recognized by numerous sales awards, for outstanding sales performance.

DEKNATEL, New York, NY                       1981 to 1983
A national surgical equipment manufacturer and marketer, selling to hospitals and major medical facilities; a division of
    Maximized a sales territory (Alabama and Florida panhandle), selling chest drainage systems and diverse surgical
    disposables to major medical facilities.
    Responsible for new product introductions, staff training and equipment performance.
    No. 1 in sales in one product line for 2 consecutive years, and within the Top 10 (out of 50 sales reps nation-
    wide), 1983.
    Single account sales up to $100K; consistent sales performance generated several monthly and annual sales

KEY PHARMACEUTICALS, Miami, FL                 1977 to 1981
   Highest volume sales producer throughout the U.S. (1980), producing $473K in annual sales.
   Overall sales ranking No. 1 in Southeastern Sales Division for 3 consecutive years, and Top 3 throughout the
   U.S. for two years.
   Provided classroom and field training for new sales representatives, with rapid company growth producing 87 new
   sales representatives in less than 4 years.
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (1977 to 1979)
 Company’s first recipient of “Outstanding Annual Sales Award” for top sales performance within 2 consecu-
   tive years.

   B. S. Degree: Business / Marketing

Description: Van Glaze is an experienced Medical Device Sales professional.