YMCA - Catering Services Business Plan by ajizai


									               Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

The Business Idea                            The whole Idea comes from the fact that the areas
                                             around a suburb is rapidly growing, most of the
                                             BPO’s are setting up offices and Centers and over
                                             and above huge housing complexes are being
                                             developed. By year end hopefully these developed
                                             areas will have occupancy. Food and Catering is
                                             one service that has huge demand in the
                                             conditions our Mumbaikars live…paucity of time is
                                             one another factor that prompted the group to go
                                             for this kind of business.
Name of the Business and Tag line and Logo   Annapurna – Your Own Food Court.
Competition and USP                          This category has huge competition but at the
                                             same time offers huge scope for new entrants too.
                                             Every One is our customer from a two year old to
                                             the oldest – we cater for all categories and from
                                             Poorest to the Rich. Hygiene is one thing everyone
                                             talks about and if projected hygienically – the USP
Marketing Plan                               Tie up with these offices for regular supply and
                                             also through distribution of pamphlets, Displays
                                             boards at the entrances of each of the complexes.
                                             Distribution of Menu Cards to each office canteens
                                             and also with HR person of each office. Organizing
                                             a visit to our catering service to project the point
                                             of Hygiene. And obviously through word of
                                             mouth. Naming each of the items on menu very
                                             creatively – creating interest in Menu card and
                                             curiosity to know the item.
Market Research                              The research showed that the complexes that are
                                             being built for Commercial purposes – will house
                                             BPO’s and large size business house having a staff
                                             strength ranging from 200 to about 2000. Most of
                                             them being will be having a Canteen – which will
                                             only be catering to Tea/Coffee, Soft Drinks and
                                             light snacks. The lunch and food gets ordered
                                             through tie ups with various supply houses. The
                                             staffs have spending capacity and almost 30% are
                                             migrants and dependent on outside food on daily
                                             basis. We will be different and will offer various
                                             services including Home Delivery, Delivery for
                                             Parties and Picnics with customized cuisine.

Unit of Sale                                 Per Customer and we average about Rs. 150/- per
Cost of Sale ( Per Student)                  Approximately Rs. 80 per Customer. It is consists
           Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

                                    of cost of serving of 4 pieces of bread, two curries,
                                    one bowl of rice, one bowl of lentil curry, curd.
                                    Worked on cost of making all these, inward
                                    transport cost, cost of cooking etc.
Startup Cost                        Rs. 600,000/-
                                                 Start Up - One Time
                                                  Items                 Amount

                                     Deposit for Place               1,00,000

                                     Creation of Kitchen             75,000

                                     Licencing                       20,000

                                     Cooking Range                   75,000

                                     Cooking Utensils                50,000

                                     Exhust Fan                      7,000

                                     Water Connection                3,000

                                     Fire Fighting Equipment         10,000

                                     Gas Connection                  3,000

                                     Storage Racks                   16,000

                                     Storage Tins                    25,000

                                     Water Filter                    12,000
                                     Pest Control - Special
                                     Category                        10,000

                                     Lighting                        10,000

                                     Furniture                       12,000

                                     Supply Utencis                  50,000

                                     Promotion                       22,000

                                     Roti Making Machine             1,00,000
               Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

                                         Total Startup                   6,00,000

                                         Depreciation/ Recovery (5         10,000
                                         yrs)                              p.m
Sourcing of Startup                     Self, Family, Friends and Bank Loan
                                        Self – Rs. 200,000/-, Friends & Family Rs. 200,000,
                                        Bank Loan Rs. 400,000/- ( Total Rs. 800,000)
Fixed Costs                             Rent, Electricity, Salaries, Telephone, others and
                                        depreciation Rs. – 1,02,,000
Risk Factors                                  From Competitors
                                              Labour in Demand
                                              Deterioration in Quality – non consistency
                                                 of food
                                              Shortage of Supply
                                              Delay in Project Developments
                                        Mitigating Factors…
                                             1. Already orders worth 130 per day in
                                             2. My break even is about 53 meals per day
                                             3. Back up already created for Chef.
                                             4. Trainees will be appointed and provision
                                                 in fixed cost made under salaries
                                             5. Total self-involvement in quality check
                                             6. Regular feed back and changes in
                                                 combinations to keep with taste of the
                                             7. Surprise items on Fridays - Free

Future Plans                            Creating Delivery system – thus should be able to
                                        reach till a distance of 20 km radius.
                                        Transportation Provision.
            Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

              Profit & Loss for the 13th Month
              Particulars                Units                Amounts
Revenue from Sales                                 2,860      4,29,000   We have orders in hand and
                                                                         more and more enquiries
Cost of Good Sold                                  2,860      2,28,800   are pouring in considering
                                                                         all things we break even in
      Gross Profit                                            2,00,200   the very first month thus
                                                                         giving us an opportunity to
Fixed Cost for the                                                       look for expansion by year
                           Salaries            Self/Trainee 60,000

                           Rent                               25,000

                           Electricity                        3,000

                           Water Chgs                         1,000

                           Pest Control                       750

                           Stationery                         250

                           Advertising                        4,000

                           Telephone                          4,000

                           Interest                           4,000

                           Fixed Cost……                       1,02,000

                           Depreciation                       10,000
                           Total Fixed
                           Cost…                              1,12,000
                           Net Profit                         88,200
                                                              73 Units
Break Even Point                                              Per day

Team explaining the set up to the judges and about its viability.
           Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

The Business Name, Logo and the Tag line.
            Business Plan by Team Annapurna Catering Services

Judges querying about the financials – and the risk – Participants all ears to the query.

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