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									                      Good News

                                     Walking the talk ...
CHRIS ADAMS, PASTOR    hpcnashville.org                         OCTOBER 2012

                                               Note from Pastor Chris
                                               Christian Education

                                               Fellowship MInistry

                                               October Birthdays

                                               Benevolence & Outreach
The Good News

     A note from Pastor Chris                                                                        HILLSBORO
   Ahhh, October! October is easily                     Bless the Lord, O my soul!
my favorite month of the year. Grow-           O Lord my God, you are very great!
ing up on the Chesapeake Bay in                You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
                                               covering yourself with light as with a gar-
Maryland, October meant that the air         ment,                                                        Chris Adams
was once again cool and the leaves             stretching out the heavens like a tent.                      Pastor
were changing. Football season was in
full swing in all conferences and lev-         He lays the beams of his chambers on the              Rev Hudson Neely
els; from pee wee little league all the      waters;                                                Minister of Discipleship
way up to the ranks of the NFL. The
                                               he makes the clouds his chariot;
                                               he rides on the wings of the wind;                         Amy Dillon
holiday season was just around the             he makes his messengers winds,                       Director of Children and
corner beginning with trick or treat           his ministers a flaming fire.                            Family Ministry
and fall festivals. It’s just a great sea-
son of changing weather and anticipa-          He set the earth on its foundations,                     Shawn Cothran
tion.                                          so that it should never be moved.                     Director of Youth and
   I still love October for all those
                                                                                                     Young Adult Ministry
                                                You covered it with the deep as with a gar-
same reasons. It occurs to me that it        ment;
was during this changing season of an-
                                                                                                         Stephen Nix
                                                the waters stood above the mountains.             Director of Music Ministry
ticipation when we first met. Paula             At your rebuke they fled;
and I visited HPC last October and              at the sound of your thunder they took to                Tim Gmeiner
first experienced the beauty and
                                             flight.                                                    Church Organist
                                                The mountains rose, the valleys sank down
warmth of this congregation. This is            to the place that you appointed for them.
yet another reason to add to the list of
                                                                                                        Linda Diguette
                                                You set a boundary that they may not pass,
the things I love about October.
                                                                                                       Pastoral Assistant
                                                so that they might not again cover the earth.
   October seems like an especially ap-                                                                 Alice O Dwyer
propriate time for all of us to worship         You make springs gush forth in the valleys;
                                                they flow between the hills;                        Child Care Coordinator
and to make time for praising God. I            they give drink to every beast of the field;
have a very intentional suggestion for          the wild donkeys quench their thirst.                      Janie Hay
us all this month.                              Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell;             Office Manager
   You pick the day. Maybe you want             they sing among the branches.
to wait until the leaves are in full color      From your lofty abode you water the moun-                Gloria Shiavi
and the air is cool. Perhaps it’s a time
                                             tains;                                                     Office Assistant
                                                the earth is satisfied with the fruit of your
when you and those you love can get          work.                                                       Carole Shean
away to someplace together. This is                                                                 Financial Administrator
something you can do with others, or           You cause the grass to grow for the livestock
even alone with the quiet of your              and plants for man to cultivate,                          Cynthia White
thoughts and the solitude of knowing           that he may bring forth food from the earth
                                               and wine to gladden the heart of man,
                                                                                                Director of Creative Care Center
God’s presence. You decide.                    oil to make his face shine
   Find a place where the glory of
                                                                                                     Stephanie Hasbrouck
                                               and bread to strengthen man's heart.
God’s creation can be seen all around,
                                                                                                    The Good News Editor
to the top of a hill, or beside a quiet        I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;           General Information:
stream. It can even be in your own             I will sing praise to my God while I have            Telephone:
backyard. Go to that place, and carry
                                             being.                                               Email: gloria@hpcnashville org
                                               May my meditation be pleasing to him,
with you these words from Psalm 104.
                                                                                                             Web site:
                                               for I rejoice in the Lord.                             hpcnashville.org
Read them aloud and offer your                 Bless the Lord, O my soul!                           The Good News deadline:
praises to God. Thanks be to God for           Praise the Lord!                                 Good News items will be accepted
                                                                                                 until the third Sunday of each
                                                                                                  month for publication in the
                                                                                                   following month s edition

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                                                                                                   The Good News
  Join us for
                                              REBECCA SWAN AND JEN JAMES, LEADERS

  Fall festival is Oct. 24
    Join us Wednesday, Oct. 24, from
 5:30-7:30 p.m. for this year's Fall
 Fest entitled Howdyween! For the
 first time ever our Fall Fest will be
 held at the Green Door Gourmet
 Farm (7011 River Rd Pike Nashville,
 TN 37209), which is just the perfect
 setting for a night of music, games,
 fellowship, great food, our Trunk or
 Treat and a lot more surprises. The
 wonderful folks at the Green Door

                                              Help us with Trunk or Treat!
 will have farm fresh pumpkins and
 other Fall treats available for pur-
 chase so be sure to take a look dur-
 ing the evening. This is a perfect
 opportunity to invite friends, family
 and neighbors to come out and say
 "Howdy" to one other in a truly                 Our annual Fall Fest entitled "Howdyween" will be Wednesday, Oct. 24, beginning
 beautiful farm setting. Please contact       at 5:30 p.m. at the Green Door Gourmet Farm so we are looking for folks who would
                                              like to take part in our Trunk or Treat. Those participating are assigned a parking spot
 Amy Dillon at                                where you can bring your decorated car trunk and hand out treats and candy from your
 amy@hpcnashville.org for more in-            car's trunk. Remember there will be a contest for best decorated trunk so make sure to

           Creative Care Center news
                                              be creative! Contact Amy Dillon at amy@hpcnashville.org to sign up for the fun!

  The new school year has started with lots happening at CCC.
We have a great bunch of children and an equally great staff to
care for them as well as to teach them age appropriate activities.
   In September, the Nashville Zoo came and presented a pro-
gram, to the delight of all the children.
   Music classes with Valerie Moth have begun. Also Godly Play
(Ms. Nancy's Pre-K Class) has begun with Amy Dillon teaching
and Ms. Joyce assisting.
   Enrichment classes in Spanish, Dance, Gymnastics, and
Karate are being offered.
   The children are enjoying this beautiful weather on the play-
ground after such a hot summer. They are looking forward to the
annual class Halloween Parties when they can wear their cos-
tumes and go trick-or-treating in the halls of CCC.
   HPC church members now enrolled at CCC are: Siam Tedros,
Thomas Limbird, Carolyn Moth, and Charlie Cannon.
                                — Joyce Smith, Chair, CCC Board

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The Good News

                                             Food for
                      MARLA ALBERT, LEADER

                                               Dr. Anderson Spickard, retired professor
                                             of internal medicine and psychiatry at Van-
                                             derbilt Medical School, will speak at the
                                             next Food for Thought 11:30 a.m.-12:30
                                             p.m. Monday, Oct. 1, in the HPC chapel.
                                             Dr. Spickard taught general medicine and
                                             cared for patients for 45 years at Vander-
                                               Dr. Spickard’s presentation will focus on
                                             end-of-life decision making.

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                                                                                                           The Good News

                         Happy Birthday!
         October 2                                        October 13                                       October 21
    Livvy Schleicher                                Martha Ainsworth                                         Pat Swan
       Siam T dros
             e                                            Amy Dillon
 Charlie Hasbrouck                                                                                         October 23
                                                          October 14                                      Glenn Ryans
         October 3                                       Neal Horner
       Steve Morris                                 Jonathan Phillippi                                     October 24
                                                          Alex Smith                                 Laura Maria Smith
         October 4
     Paula Yelverton                                      October 16                                       October 25
                                                          Bill Blewett                         Martha Snowden-Niblack
         October 8                                        Lisa Taylor
     Linda Diguette                                                                                        October 26
  Kim Rosdeutscher                                        October 17                                      Chris Adams
 Richard Obermeier                                      Steve Martin                                     Lucy Mitchell
Stephanie Obermeier                              Emanuel Ndagijimana
      James Wilson                                                                                         October 27
         Ateny Kur                                        October 18                                       John Greer
                                                      Marc McNamee
        October 10                                                                                         October 28
  Bob Schwartzman                                         October 19                                      Doug Ryans
      Olivia Howard                                     Charlie Miller
Mary Katherine Kidd                                      Addie Dillon                                      October 29
                                                                                                          Lance Holley
        October 12                                       October 20
   Don Beisswenger                                    Charlie Cannon
       Joan Adams

If your birthday is not included, please call Gloria in the church office so she can update our records. We don’t want to leave you out!

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The Good News
                                                              LISA TAYLOR, KAREN STEVENS, LINDA KILPATRICK,

 HPC members attend Habitat Unity Build
                                                              DAVID GREGORY AND LEE LIMBIRD, LEADERS LEADERS

   We were all worried about the weather reports of thunder             truly the best. Thanks to all who participated. A list of partici-
showers for the day of the build, Saturday, September 8. What           pants follows.
do they know?! Kerry said we had to show up no matter what.                                                             — Kerry McCalla
   Yes it had rained the night before and the ground was a bit                    Registration            Carolyn Musfeldt
muddy and it was cloudy. But it was finally cool. As it became           Gloria Shiavi                    Doug Turner
light we saw the foundation, the stacks of wall panels, the tubs
of tools and the trusses. We also saw that faithful workers from                Crew Leaders
Hillsboro and East End Methodist had once again come together            Kerry McCalla                         Lunch Coordinator
to make this happen. Ibrar and Shahnaz Khan, the future home-            David Warren                     Lynne McCalla
owners, were on hand and their excitement was obvious.                   Kurt Musfeldt                     Grill Team
   Under the dual leadership of veteran SOS’s Kurt Denny and                                              Jim Cozart
Steve Lainhart, we organized ourselves into teams (the muddy                  Construction Crew           Suzy Bennett
group, the workers on the slab) and started putting this house to-       Marla Albert
gether. By 10:30 all of the walls were up, plumbed and secured.          Dan Albert                              Lunch Helpers
By lunchtime the house was completely top plated. That is the            David Varney                     Julia Bennett
perfect first morning on a Habitat build – it doesn’t get any bet-       Deke Smith                       Susan Ritter
ter than that.                                                           David Dingler                    Linda Kilpatrick
   Part of our success might be attributable to the good smells          Avery Martin                     Dana Latour
that were wafting across the street by mid-morning. Grill master         Kayley Adams                     John & Marge Lewis
Jim Cozart and able assistant Suzy Bennett had the hamburgers            Chris Adams                      Pat Fiete
going so they would be ready by lunchtime. We could sense we             Woody Gant                       Linda Smith
were in for a treat come 11:30. Sure enough, the closer we got to        James Jackson                    Beth Hodge
lunch the more cars showed up filled with goodies to go with             Hudson Neely                     Raline Center
those burgers and lots of hands to help serve and cheer the              Tom Limbird                      Joicelyn Gregory
worker bees. They say you can always tell the best lunch on the          Lee Limbird                      Linda Diguette
job site by how many Habitat staff are eating with you. I’m              Larry Hunter                     Lucy Carroll
pretty sure we had them all with us on Saturday!                         Paula Yelverton                  Lindzey Neely
   After lunch we unstacked the trusses and lifted them up on            Dwight James                     Joan Adams
the walls. At the end of the day, all trusses were in place and the      Bob Turner                       Ann Martin
site had been picked up and prepped for the next work day.               Sam Davis
Channel 5 news came to visit us at the end of the day and fea-           Lynn Davis
tured the Unity Build on their newscast at 6:00 p.m. Each year           Steve Martin

we say “that was the best we have ever done”, but this year was

     Room in the Inn needs volunteers
    With November just around the corner, and with it the rain, snow, cold and chill that
 typifies winter in Nashville, HPC is gearing up to assist in hosting our neighbors who        Committee update
 find themselves without permanent shelter this winter. Hillsboro has been hosting Room
 in the Inn since 1987 - 26 years - and it has been one of the most important ministries in      Your Benevolence Committee will be
 our church. It is also one of the most personnel-intensive ministries that we have and        meeting in early October to begin discus-
 there is literally a job for everyone.                                                        sions for the 2013 budget. If there are
    We need overnight hosts, bus drivers, dinner and breakfast and lunch sack preparers,       ministries in the community you feel are
 clothes closet organizers, people to help with laundry, people to make phone calls or         in need of additional funding AND with
 send emails to remind everyone of what they’ve signed up for. We need warm hats and           which you have a working relationship,
 gloves, shirts and jeans (all sizes!), socks and underwear (all sizes!)                       you are invited to contact a member of the
     Room in the Inn starts in November, so watch for the sign-up board in early October.      committee—Lucy Carroll, Cindi and
 Please give prayerful thought to how you might contribute to this vital ministry. If          David Dingler, Juliana Ericson, Jeanie
 you’ve never participated with RITI in the past, we’ve got the answers to your questions      Kaserman, Erin Keene, Brock Kidd, Linda
 and plenty of experienced people to show you the ropes. Kurt and I are honored to be co-      Kilpatrick, Lee Limbird, Kerry McCalla,
 ordinating our RITI efforts this year, so if you have questions or need information, please   Lydia Spragens, Karen Stevens, Joy
 call us or email us.                                                 — Carolyn Musfeldt       Strange, Mike Swann and Lisa Taylor.

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                                                                                                   The Good News
   Congratulations HPC!                        rent high school students, Hillsboro is also
   This November we will have another          helping three other past graduates with
high school graduate in Sayaxche               college, one of whom is in his second year
Guatemala, Hector Raymundo Coc Tut.            of a three-year program, which will allow
Hector lives with his parents Marcelino        him to teach at the high school level. The
and Rosario in Las Camillias, which is         success of Hillsboro's scholarship pro-
about a 45-minute drive from Sayaxche.         gram in little more than 10 years is monu-
Like the majority of our students Hector       mental considering the high rate of
attends school on weekends so he can           illiteracy in the remote Kekchi village
work during the week at what ever job his      where the students live.
rural existence provides such as cutting           The school year ends in November in
corn and firewood, day work with neigh-        Guatemala. Our Kekchi friends well be re-
bors, and helping on their families' farms.    questing help to educate their children. If
   Thanks to Hillsboro's scholarship pro-      you wish to consider sponsoring a child’s
gram, Hector has been able to attend high      education in 2013. Please contact Don
school in Sayaxche where he studied me-        Srygley at 376-9742 or e-mail him at
chanics which will hopefully provide           dsrygley@comcast.net.
more job options than he would otherwise          On behalf of Hector and all the students
have had.                                      and their parents, gracious for all your
   Hector is one of 30 high school stu-        faithful support!

Committee tours ministries
dents that you all have so generously been
supporting in 2012! Along with the cur-                                                           Hector with his Father Marcelino

                                                                                              Walking for Safe Haven
                                                                                                 Help us raise money for Safe Haven
  On Aug. 13, the Benevolence Commit-          Sports Passes, Phone Cards, Gift Cards,        Family Shelter. Our Life Group is par-
tee organized a tour of six of the many        Christmas Sponsor, Someone to sew new          ticipating in the Eighth Annual Hike
ministries we contribute time and money        cushion covers for sofas.                      for the Homeless on Nov. 3. Our goal
too. They are varied and each serve a dif-                                                    is to raise $1,000 as a group, and we
ferent need of community. It was a great          FRIENDS LIFE serves physically              would love your support. If you are
day on the HPC bus - a bit of an adventure     challenged adults. Friends Life got it's be-   interested in donating, please contact
to visit organizations first hand and see      ginnings right here at Hillsboro thru the      Jeannie Kaserman. Or, if you want to
what good things are happening.                efforts of Rhonda & Russ Phillippi among       participate in the actual walk, let us
                                               others. Now they are housed in a wonder-       know. We appreciate your support!!!
  MONROE HARDING sits on 30                    ful building on Granny White. Waverly                     The Families of Mike & Re-
acres in Green Hills. Director Mary Baker      Harris-Christopher was our hostess. This       becca Swan, Chris & Valerie Moth,
has been there a year or so. She gave us a     young woman has so much love for those         Ben & Keri Cannon, Mark & Ivy
wonderful overview of their history and        who they serve.                                Dodson, Jeannie Kaserman, Thomp-
their work. When she came she noticed             Currently there are 27 Friends enrolled     son & Kat Smith, Tom & Laura Griz-
that there were no decent mattresses for       with an average attendance of 15 - 17          zle, and Almaz Hagos.

                                                                                              Luke 14:12
the boys living there. So that was her first   daily. The Friends go to jobs off-site dur-
order of business and now they all have        ing the day. Jobs such as food service or
good mattresses.                               light construction. Afternoons are spent at
  Children from birth to 24 years who are      the house learning independent living
in State custody come to Monroe Harding.       skills such as hygiene, laundry, cooking
There are 24 boys living there at this time.   and other skills. Other afternoon activi-        On Sept. 14, Gayle Sanders, Gloria
Mentors and tutors are always needed.          ties include Special Olympics, Walking         Shiavi, Joicelyn Gregory, Susan Ritter,
After the boys reach 18 years of age, they     Club, Book Club & Bible Study, Explorer        Melinda Culver, Paula Yelverton, Jim
can live independently in apartments off of    Club, Art & Ceramics and Entrepreneur          and Julia Harrell, Deb Locke, Carol
Charlotte Avenue for $300 a month, but         Class (they make cleaning products).           Nations, Lucy Carroll and myself
they must be going to school and have a        They have eight staff members - five are       served lunch at Luke 14:12. We had a
job.                                           full-time. They always need volunteers.        good time, we always do...and we did
  We met two of the boys who told us           Transportation is often a problem.             something worthwhile!
their situation and gave us a tour of their                                                      Come join us next time....Oct. 12.
group home.                                                                                   Just let me know if you’ll attend!
   Wish List: Bikes, Outdoor Furniture,                                                                           — Linda Kilpatrick
                                                                 Continued on Page 8
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The Good News
   NATIONS MINISTRY "Joyfully Serv-            they were able to accept only two.             lege to career.
ing Nashville's Immigrants and Refugees"         They recently received a large donation         Poverty income is defined at $23,000 or
Chris Lovingood, Chad Harrington and           and are having a Capital Improvement           less a year. The average income in the
Leigh Bonner spoke with us. Ed Smith           Drive soon. A fund-raiser Walk-A-Thon          Cayce Housing Project is $6,000. MOB
was instrumental in starting this ministry     on November 3. One of our Life Groups          provides support (not charity) to families.
that touched our hearts. Karen Stevens is      will be in the walk...and we hope many         90 percent are single females with chil-
on the Board of Directors. The staff works     others will join them. There will be more      dren. Cayce is in a "Food Desert" meaning
with refugees from 8 countries at the pres-    information coming soon on how you or          there are no grocery stores in walking dis-
ent time. A resettlement program began         your Life Group can join in.                   tance of the projects. Monthly rent is $90
after 1945 for refugees. A refugee is some-      Wish List: Breakfast Foods, Overnight        and a bus pass is $85.
one who is forced to leave their country       Volunteers, Dinner Volunteers                     There are so many good things going on
due to persecution (plus other things) with                                                   at or through MOB that it is hard to do it
no hope of returning to their homeland.           SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK                    justice here. Andrena explained that
This was determined by the United Na-          Feeding American - What an amazing             poverty defined means a lack of opportu-
tions. Refugees are loaned the money for       place - providing food for the needy in 46     nity and choices. She said there was a lot
the plane ticket to the USA. Catholic          counties. Second Harvest opened it's door      of poverty in that context but no poverty
Charities helps with basic needs for 90        in 1978 with a commitment from several         in the love in these families. It's all about
days. After 5-7 months, refugees must be       community leaders. It's purpose is to pro-     education. They take the youngest classes
able to be on their own and begin to pay       vide a central center for companies,           of children and tell them that they are
back the travel loan.                          groups and individuals who wish to help        going to college - class of 20 (whatever).
   Nations helps find or improve employ-       provide food for hungry people in Middle       Their early learning school (not day-care)
ment, knows were to find free legal immi-      Tennessee. Most of you know about Sec-         is rated three stars!
gration services, job placement, after         ond Harvest, but here are a few things we         K - 8 grade attend Thrive - tutoring in
school programs, etc. Nations has Citizen-     learned. Volunteer sorters help with local     reading, writing, science and social stud-
ship classes, kindergarten readiness and so    community donations. There are 17 sites        ies.
many other opportunities for refugees.         for emergency services which give food            Seventh grade and up can enroll in ACT
   Chad works with youth and volunteers.       boxes. they have 17 trucks for pick up         - learning, college tours, incentive to at-
Lee is a job coach helping with applica-       and/or delivery. 400,000 folks are fed         tend college. Top Floor at Stratford for
tions, interviews, resumes, helping to find    from this facility.                            high-schoolers, prepares them for gradua-
jobs and follows up to make certain it's          Programs include Kids Cafe which pro-       tion and possibly college. There are
working well.                                  vides snacks for children and Backpack         coaches to help them succeed.
   Wish List: School Supplies and Volun-       Program which gives food to a child for a         Adult Education - must be committed to
teer Tutors from 4 to 5:30 p.m.                weekend. (Packs are slipped into a child's     education and attend classes such as
                                               backpack by their teacher) 6-7 thousand        GED, Life-long help with job readiness,
   SAFE HAVEN FAMILY SHELTER                   children are fed this way per week thru the    community building. CWA is a program
is the only shelter for families in            46 county network.                             helping with immigration, ESL, citizen-
Nashville. Rachel Wilkins, Director of De-        The warehouse seemed full from floor        ship an computer classes. All this and so
velopment gave us the scoop of the huge        to ceiling including a huge freezer section    much more!! Wish List: Dorm supplies
challenge before them as they minister to      that we didn't see. If no donations are        for their college students.
families. Joyce Beisswenger and Brock          given, all that food lasts only 11 days. We
Kidd have been heavily involved in this        should also be aware that during flood, ex-       Want to hear more about our wonder-
ministry which is social, financial and        treme cold weather and other emergencies       ful day? Talk with David Dingler, Kerry
faith-based. The families admitted must be     the needs triple!                              McCalla, Hazel Nichols, Lucy Carroll,
employed with no drug or alcohol use.             Volunteer chefs prepare gourmet             Gloria Shiavi (Thanks for your notes),
They have a few small rooms and only           lunches on Wednesday and Fridays. Gloria       Gloria Marriott, Joicelyn & David Gre-
two bathrooms to house their guests. This      includes that menus in Emma every week.        gory, Gene & Helen Clark, Ann Johnson,
ministry started at St. Patrick Catholic       If you haven't had lunch at Second Har-        Lydia Spragens, Jim Harrell or Karen
Church and in 1990 the Safe Haven Facil-       vest, you've missed a treat and an opportu-    Stevens (Thanks for getting our lunch).
ity was built. Volunteers bring the dinner     nity to support a fantastic ministry.             I hope we can do this every year. There
meal and stay overnight. There are nightly        Wish List: Continued donations of           are so many ministries to visit. As Helen
activities with children and all types of      food                                           Clark put it, “If you are feeling sorry for
support for families: parenting, counsel-                                                     yourself, just visit these ministries and see
ing, budget workshops, education and             MARTHA O'BRYAN is possibly the               all that is happening around us.”
training.                                      oldest charity in Nashville. It started over
   The average stay is 45-90 days. Rachel      100 years ago in the James Cayce Project.
said they could help about 50 families a       We were given an excellent tour by An-
year. Kerry McCalla asked how long their       drena. There are two buildings-- Hope
waiting list is - Rachel said they have over   Building and Faith Building. They help
100 new applications every month and           children and families from cradle to col-

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                                                                                                                      The Good News
    Session Report for July and August
                                                                    RICH SHIAVI, LISANNE HITT, DON           FIETE, JULIANA ERICSON, JODY GRANTHAM
                                                                    AND SCOTT BRUNETTE, LEADERS

   1. Carol Nations reported for the Worship           and diagram for the implementation of a Board of      matters outside and in addition to his role as Pas-
Team and submitted the following motion on be-         Deacons at HPC where Deacons would assume             tor. Three concepts underlie this request: (a) theol-
half of the Team: that HPC resume two Sunday           the responsibility for the family group system as     ogy matters as a local force within the
morning worship services on September 9 with           part of a larger congregational care model at HPC.    community; (b) geography matters because of in-
both services to be held in the sanctuary as a uni-    A lengthy discussion followed where the follow-       herent limitations on the physical location of a
fied worship space. The first service shall be         ing points accepted by Carol Nations on behalf of     church; (c) the church does not have a mission,
scheduled from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. with Sunday           were clarified: (a) the Membership Team is open       rather the mission of God has a church. The goal
school following at 10: 15 a.m. until 11 a.m. The      to future review concerning modification of the       of this program is to engage neighbors as Chris-
second service will begin at 11: 15 a.m. There was     total number of active Ruling Elders; (b) the pro-    tians but outside the role of pastoral duties. There
an additional recommendation that a series of dis-     posal envisions four Ruling Elders continuing to      was a lengthy discussion of the request with ques-
cussions be managed by the Transition Team over        maintain Elder groups during the transition to full   tions from Members of the Session regarding the
issues concerning worship at HPC. There was            staffing of the Board of Deacons; (c) the Board of    nature of the projects to be approached, the im-
lengthy discussion after which a "friendly amend-      Deacons shall serve under the hierarchy and au-       pact on the staff of HPC and the importance that
ment" was offered and                                  thority of the Session; (d) the Board of Deacons      this request be budget neutral. Elder Jody
   the Worship Team that the motion be amended         should conduct monthly meetings separate from         Grantham recommended, without a motion, that
to require the Worship Team to continue to evalu-      the Session. The motion was approved.                 the Session support the executive decision of Pas-
ate the Sunday services and report any recommen-           5. Pastor Chris Adams reported for the HR         tor Adams to pursue the request from his study
dations for further change in time to be acted on      Team the following motion: That Ho Dong "Har-         program to devote 20% of his time to neighbor-
by the Session at the December stated meeting.         vey" Hwang be invited to complete a seminar in-       hood matters.
The                                                    ternship from September through November
   question was called on the amended motion.          2012. Pastor Chris Adams will serve as Harvey's         Work day is Oct. 20
The motion passed.                                     supervisor during his time with HPC. At least one          Join us for an HPC Work Day, 9 a.m.-
    2. Pastor Chris Adams reported for the Wor-        opportunity to preach will be extended to Harvey.      noon Saturday, Oct. 20. Weather should be
ship Team a motion to hold the annual HPC pulpit       No compensation has been requested for his in-         optimal for outside work. The Agape Gar-
exchange with Spruce Street Baptist Church on          ternship. There was no discussion. The motion          den and urns will need to be planted with
Sunday, August 12, 2012 with no additional serv-       passed.                                                Autumn colors such as mums and pansies.
ices to be held that day at HPC. There was no dis-         6. Grantham reported a motion from the Fi-         Undoubtedly some shrubs will nee pruning
cussion. The motion passed.                            nance Team as follows: That HPC conduct a              also. There are some indoor tasks as well.
    3. The Clerk of Session requested confirmation     church financial review in accordance with the         There are a dozen or so gray folding chairs
of the following motion distributed by e- mail to      Book of Order for                                      in the “dugout” basement. They are moldy
members of the Session by Pastor Chris Adams on           the 2012 calendar year. The review work will        and need to be brought inside, cleaned and
behalf of the Finance Team on July 9, 2012: Mo-        begin in February 2013 with the review to be con-      stored properly...an easy task but time con-
tion to authorize the expenditure of $11,000 previ-    ducted by a church member team to be recom-            suming. There are 50 cans of paint in stor-
ously donated by David Ford to the Hand Bell           mended by Finance and approved by the Session,         age and only about 12 are used now. We
account for the purpose of paying the first install-   consistent with the requirements of the Book of        need to remove the unused paint and put the
ment of the sanctuary screen project. The motion       Order. There was no discussion and the motion          cans in the church truck so they can be taken
was passed.                                            passed.                                                either to the Habitat Store or the city dump.
    4. Ben Cannon and Hudson Neely reported for            7. Pastor Adams has just returned from Los            Also, the kitchenette may need to be
the Membership Team and proposed the following         Angeles where he completed his third annual            cleaned so it can be ready for the Room In
motion: After reviewing the gifts and responsibili-    meeting in pursuit of a doctoral degree in mis-        The Inn program, which will begin in No-
ties of Deacons and Elders as defined in the Book      sional church. As a part of this program he has        vember. Your help is need and greatly appre-
of Order, the Membership Team proposes a three         been asked to devote 20% of his time to neighbor-      ciated!                       — Rich Shiavi
year strategy as outlined in the attached minutes      hood concerns. This time would be devoted to

      Financial Report                                 sand, all in all a good state of affairs. God is
                                                                                                             to conduct our 2013 Stewardship campaign
                                                                                                             with that goal in mind.
                                                          Finances Going Forward – While we will
   Finances Looking Back – August was a                continue to be prudent with our spending for             What Do We Do Now? Let’s keep meeting
light month for both giving and spending. We           the remainder of 2012 our primary focus is            our giving commitments for the rest of year so
received $48 Thousand income, $18 Thousand             now turning to budget planning for 2013. For          that HPC can remain stable and fully prepared
less than budgeted; and we spent $65 Thou-             this planning cycle we are aiming to have our         for the great things God has planned for us to
sand, $7 Thousand less than budgeted. The re-          2013 budget complete before the 2013 Stew-            do. As always we extend sincere thanks for the
sult is that for the year so far we are slightly       ardship campaign to be undertaken in Novem-           faithfulness everyone has shown in giving their
under budget on expenses, $7 Thousand, and             ber and December. This will allow us to               time, talents, and money to HPC.
our giving is ahead of spending by $99 Thou-           specifically set out our 2013 giving target and
                                                                           PAGE 9
The Good News
Treasurer’s Report                           AUGUST 2012
                                    2012               2012            2011                   BANK BALANCES:
Revenues:                         ACTUAL             BUDGET            ACTUAL           Total Cash available    $190,001
General Fund Contributions        $459,613           $482,426          $450,440         Total market securities $225,453
Invest in the Mission               241,918          239,835                  0
Building Fund Contributions           3,425             520               3,900         Less: Designated Accounts $(221,762)
                                                                                        Net Cash for Operations $193,692
Other Income                         47,259            44,173            49,338
Total Revenues                      $752,215         $766,954          $503,678
                                                                                        Benevolence Checking $ 57,820
Operating Expenses                 $619,696            $615,791        $469,862
Benevolence                          33,215             36,975           52,835         BE Money Market             $ 16,025
Capital Improvements                     0               6,667                0         Total Benevolence           $ 73,845
Total Expenses                     $652,911            $659,433        $522,698
Net Cash Gain (Deficit)            $99,304              107,521         (19,019)

                            Departmental Expenses vs. Budget
                                          2012 YTD              2012            REMAIN          PERCENT        2011 YTD
 DIVISION                                ACTUAL          BUDGET                                SPENT           ACTUAL

Pastoral Compensation               $132,079           $177,577            $45,497              74%            $74,766
Christian Education                 $15,952            $27,665             $11,713              58%            $10,347
Worship                             $6,822             $14,760             $7,938               46%            $5,899
Fellowship/Community                $3,641             $5,000              $1,359               73%            $1,375
Office Administration               $48,050            $77,740             $29,690              62%            $54,757
Wednesday Night Dinner/Program*     $6,279             $12,240             $5,961               51%            $6,063
Evangelism                          $254               $6,000              $5,746               4%             $415
Membership                          $2,362             $3,200              $838                 74%            $702
Stewardship/Finance                 $0                 $350                $350                 0%             $0
Media                               $6,934             $11,500             $4,566               60%            $3,344
Building & Grounds                  $61,775            $64,700             $2,925               95%            $40,523
Day-to-Day Operating                $72,931            $104,640            $31,709              70%            $60,209
Benevolence                         $33,215            $72,100             $38,885              46%            $52,835
Non-Pastoral Compensation           $262,618           $407,114            $144,496             65%            $211,461

Subtotals                           $652,911           $984,586            $331,674             66%            $522,698

Capital Improvements                $0                  $10,000               $10,000            0%            $0

Total                               $652,911            $994,586              $341,674           66%           $522,698
 Target Percent YTD                                                                              66%
 Monthly Average Expense            $81,614
 Projected Expense 2011             $979,367                       * Wednesday Night Programs now under Christian Education
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