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					                             Social Studies 10

                      Chapter 1.4 Activity Package

            Colonial Government and the Need for Reform

I.     Read pages 33 through 39. (stop at The Rebellions of 1837 on page 39)

II.    Prepare a set of study notes for the above readings.

III.   How does each of the following terms relate to a persons willingness to
       adopt political change:

       a.     conservative
       b.     moderate
       c.     reform

IV.    Refer to the article Political Action and Protest found on page 35 and
       explain why the “secret ballot” has become a cornerstone of Canadian

V.     Refer to Figure 1-29 and determine why the British colonial authorities
       would have left the seigneurial system and the Catholic Church in
       positions of authority in the colony of Lower Canada?

VI.    Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

       a.     Why can it be said that the governments of Upper and Lower
              Canada were neither representative nor responsible?
       b.     What name is given to a small influential group of men exercising
              political power?
       c.     List three grievances that immigrants had surrounding the question
              of land.
       d.     How did the government respond to the complaints of Robert
       e.     How did Mackenzie differ from Baldwin and Ryerson in their
              attempts to bring about change?
       f.     What was the name of Mackenzie’s newspaper?
       g.     What style of government did Mackenzie support?
       h.     List two additional grievances that les habitants of Lower Canada
              had as compared to the immigrants of Upper Canada?
       i.     Who became the leader of the radical reformers of Lower Canada?
       j.     What name was given to the reformers proposals for change in
              Lower Canada?
       k.     How did the British government respond to the demands for

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