Phiston MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Media Crusher with Chute Spec Sheet by monomachines


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      MediaVise® Compact with Chute
      A Desktop Powerhouse for Destroying
      Computer Hard Drives
       Smaller and more portable than other computer hard drive de-
       Totally automatic—machine begins processing with the push of
        a button
       Plugs into standard 15 Amp power outlet                                                                With the chute accessory installed,
                                                                                                               debris from the MediaVise Compact
                                                                                                               is automatically ejected into an ap-
                                                                                                               propriate waste container positioned
        Patented crushing plates deliver 40,000 lbs. of force to                                              in front of the machine. This allows
         the well protected platters and read heads                                                            for continuous operation of the Com-
       Destruction takes 30 seconds                                                                           pact without having to repeatedly
       Media is crushed, mangled, and completely unreadable                                                   clear the debris drawer.
       Also included a Debris collection bin allows for
         effortless disposal for single drive usage           MODEL                                                      MediaVise® Compact
                                                              PRODUCT                                                    22.5” x 9.75” x 20.6”
                                             EXHAUST FAN
                                                              DIMENSIONS                                                 (L x W x H)
   CLEAR FEED DOOR                                            WEIGHT                                                     132 lbs.
                                                                                       MAXIMUM                           13 A @120 V
      CONTROL                                                        SOURCE            VOLTAGE                           120 Volts +/-10%,

                                                                                       CORD                              6 Feet @ 13A

                                                                                                                         2.5 AND 3.5 HARD
                                                                                       MEDIA ACCEPTED                    DRIVES
      CHUTE                                        UNJAM                                                                 CELL PHONES AND
                                                                                       MAXIMUM MEDIA                     1.25” x 4” x 5.75”
          MSRP        $5,495.00                                                        SIZE                              (L x W x H)
                                                                                       CYCLE TIME                        30 SECONDS
          GSA Pricing $4,995.00
                            For additional information or to learn more about our products and services please contact:

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                         P H I S T N T TE C H N L L G I E E S , I N C        305 51 1 174                 W W . P H I S S TO N . O M
                       P H I S TO O N E C H N O OO O G I S , I N C . . ● ● 8 6 5 - 5-1 7 -7 -7 4 4 4 ● ● WW W W .P H I T O N . C C O M

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