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					                               WILMA SANTOS-CANTWELL
                                            89 Village Circle way # 14
                                            03102  Manchester  NH.
                                                (603) 851 5390


   Career developed in the area of Information Technology with extensive experience in consulting and software
    quality, implementation and maintenance of systems, team management and implementation of
    technological improvements in business.

   Project management, following the practices of PMI and Agile Scrum, involving control of demand, definition
    of schedule, feasibility analysis, negotiation of terms and scope, ensuring compliance with deadlines, costs and
    quality required by the projects presented FACEPE / FINEP and PRODEPE.

   Strong performance in building partnerships inside and at the interface between business and IT area,
    optimizing communication, meeting the needs and ensuring satisfaction in projects carried out.

   Mapping of processes and restructuring of the department to address the impact on other departments,
    conducting planning activities, specification, definition and implementation of norms, standards and
    procedures, optimizing routines, reducing costs and ensuring quality and agility in the processes area.


Accounting Technician - Completed
Technical School SPPG

Bachelor of Information Systems
Federal Rural University of Pernambuco

Languages Spoken

Portuguese (Native)
English (Intermediate)


        Certified Scrum Master - GoToAgile!
        BPM - Business Process Management - Next Generation Intel Center
        Project Management (ongoing) - Bradesco
        Testing and Problem Resolution Software - Bradesco
        CMM - System Modeling for Dev. Software - Bradesco
        Short Course in Object Oriented Logic - Bradesco
        Structured Analysis System - Bradesco
        Orcl9i Reports Developer Build Internet Application - Apply Solutions EP
        Orcl9i Forms Developer Build Internet Application-Apply Solutions EP
        Oracle Certified - Development Tools PL / SQL - Solutions Apply EP
        Implementing Microsoft Windows 2003 Professional and Server - ITEC
        Implementing and Administering MS Windows 2003 Directory - ITEC
        Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows Network - ITEC
        MS Windows 2003/8 Network and Operating System Essential - ITEC
        Implementing Microsoft Windows XP Professional – ITEC

2011 to 2012             TechServices Technology Solutions                         Technology Consulting Services
Technology and Innovation Consultant

Providing Services in Information Technology (

2011 to 2011               Apply Solutions Ltda. (WPD Solutions)                   Analyst Testing and Approval

Provide Engineering Services in Software Testing and Approval. Act process mapping software and MedView
WPDhosp hospital, defining the best practice of software testing in order to be made available to the quality of the
end customer. Creation of test scenarios based on RF (Functional Requirements), monitoring the schedule of
activities, analysis of best practices for agile testing, perform software testing.

2011 to 2011               Econtech Consulting Ltd.                                Consultant Process

Perform process mapping of areas of the company with a focus on identifying improvements or implementation of
new processes to the reality of the company, preparation of schedules work, leading the activities developed by
the project team, manage impediments in the project, preparing documents overviews of areas and
responsibilities of employees, developing flows relevant to the processes mapped, develop diagnostic areas and
developing standards for proper operation of the mapped areas.

2010 to 2011               MVM Consulting and Certification Ltd.                   Project Technical Coordinator

Act in the preparation of projects addressing the project management methodologies based on PMI methodology
and SCRUM, acting in the selection and integration of the project team with the coordination of activities and
monitoring stages of the project schedule, validation of the software settings in UML , understanding and
monitoring of the definitions of Business Rules .

2009 to 2010               Sequence Tecnologia Ltda. -                             Software Test Analyst

Creation of test scenarios based on RF (Functional Requirements), monitoring the schedule of activities, analysis of
best practices for agile testing, case study to enable test automation, design, software testing, software testing
run, play in the implementation Agile for software testing, requirements analysis and use case development,
project schedule monitoring.

2007 to 2008               TCI Group Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)            Test Analyst

Mapping and designing software testing tool in case SisRec (own), issue records found in the tests, validation of
standards based on Functional Requirements and Use Cases UML. Act in the validation tests, tests performed on
the basis of test design tool, Use Cases based on tests Flowchart Main exception, secondary, functional testing,
unit and usability case studies for validation of all scenarios projects for logistics and Printing Bureau (serving raw).

2006 to 2007               Apply Solutions Ltd.                           Technology Consulting Services Developer

Development of Systems in Oracle, the PL / SQL and use of tools front and Forms and Reports 9i. Data Migration
Payroll through DML statement in PL / SQL.
2006 to 2007              Diario de Pernambuco and Associates          Help Desk Analyst

Development of opensource Ocomon HelpDesk system customized for use in the DP Associates, through the
development language PHP. Implementation of Helpdesk system for coordinating activities of user support.
Coordination of 05 analysts, support, monitoring of activities of the team, called the target profile according to
analyst support. User support for Microsoft Office applications, tools, electronic mail and company-specific
applications via VNC software remote assistance.

2003 to 2005              MV Sistemas Ltda.                            Infrastructure Analyst and Database

Development and validation scripts in PL / SQL for migrating database of customers using the system developed in
MV2000 Forms and Reports (Oracle). Validation scripts in the standard PL / SQL Oracle, responsible for the
development of DML scripts to correct errors identified after the update, closing version, sending packets of Forms
and Reports for completion of the update, update Oracle database of customers.


Innovation in Education - A Strategy Based Software Factory - CESAR;
Agile Project Management - C.E.S.A.R;
Integrated Test during the development cycle: different approaches according to the lifecycle of the project -
Scrum Methodology - (Lecture) - Quality. (Seminar);
Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Science and Innovation - North and Northeast. (Seminar UFRPE-University)

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