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					               PatsyRae’s Boutique & Collectibles Consignment Agreement for Ebay Sales


I, the undersigned_____________________________________, hereby cosign the items(s) listed, to Patsy
Rae’s Boutique & Collectibles, for a period of 15 days. Management within a fair and marketable range for
each item will set prices.

Once items are sold within the 7-day period, you the consignor will receive 50% of the purchase price.. A
$10.00 non refundable deposit is required. This covers packing materials & bookkeeping. PatsyRae’s will
pay for the Ebay and Paypal fees. PatsyRaes’s will ship all items.

All antiques and collectibles must be in very good to excellent condition. No chips or repairs.

We reserve the right to choose which items that will be suitable for consignment. Please call for an
Checks will be issued within 30 days after the item sells or after item was received by buyer once buyers
leave feedback or do not request a refund. If the item does not sell you the consignor will be responsible for
all Ebay fees.
Auctions can not be cancelled if you change your mind.
Payments will be made by check or credited to your paypal account --your choice.
I hereby warrant that I have complete title and ownership of the merchandise listed and I will not hold
PatsyRae’s Boutique & Collectibles responsible for any claim of title to it. I also understand that Patsy
Rae’s Boutique & Collectibles assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to listed merchandise by fire,
theft, accident, breakage or any other cause. All items not sold will need to be picked up within 7 days after
PatsyRae’s contacts you the consignor, if items are not pickup item will be donated on the 10 th day, unless
other arrangements have been made.

______________________________________                      _____________________
Name (please print)                                                   Best telephone number

E Mail Address ______________________________________

Address                                                        City/State             Zip

Signature____________________________________ Date______________________

             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________
             ITEM _________________________________________

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