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									                                 Olympus Cameras in India

lympus cameras are known for their exceptional picture quality and value for money. The history of
Olympus Imaging Corporation dates back to 1919, when the company started with specialization of
microscope and thermometer businesses in Japan. Olympus cameras are known for their exceptional
picture quality and value for money. Infibeam is offering best Olympus cameras at lowest price. Buy
Olympus digital cameras and get free home delivery at your door step. Get all Olympus cameras models
at one stop.

The Olympus camera series available in India are:

Olympus X Series
The Creator X Series of Olympus is perfect for all photographers. This 10 MP camera helps you click all
moments and make those unforgettable for you and your loved ones. Moreover, internal 54 MB
shooting memory stores all those memories for long time.

Olympus S Series
The Traveller S Series cameras are perfect companion of travelers. If you are on the move constantly,
this S Series is must in your backpack. This series includes SZ-31MR, SH-25MR, SZ-14, SP-810UZ, SP-
720UZ and SP-620UZ; 3D photo is the common factor among all these cameras.

Olympus FE Series
The FE (Friendly and Easy) Series Olympus cameras are designed for effortless picture taking. With the
One Touch Design and Help Guide features, the camera is user friendly and perfect for those special
Olympus Mju Series
The sense of elegance and sophistication that stylish Mju series Olympus cameras radiate is best for
fashion conscious individuals to capture the special moments of their professional and personal lives.

Olympus SP Series
The SP (special performance) series Olympus cameras are an ideal blend of power and versatility. They
have special features like superior optics that is the key component to quality imaging is precision

Olympus SW Mju Series
The SW Mju series Olympus digital cameras stands for shock and water-proof and they come in durable
design with protective seals and gaskets. This provides the user the much needed protection to take the
cameras out with confidence, in rain or shine, or even under water.

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