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For most people, teeth whitening is easy, safe and a huge boost to feeling better about the

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									Get A Brighter Smile The Right Way
Dull and dingy teeth are a turn-off, but it's a problem that's so easily solved. There are many paths to
a whiter smile, but there are some things to keep in mind before starting a teeth whitening regimen.

First off, talk to your doctor or dentist. He or she will help steer you to the safest and most effective
methods. Don't worry about being told that only the most expensive method is the right one. In fact,
most over-the-counter methods are so safe and effective for most people, you should be wary if your
health professional tells you that only expensive and time-consuming methods are the way to go. But
you'll still benefit from your health care professional's years of expertise, and if you have special
medical or dental issues, you'll want the best advice possible. If you are nursing or pregnant, or have
existing oral health issues, you shouldn't use whitening products.

One common side effect of any whitening method is gum irritation. Some methods may cause more
irritation than others, so be prepared to switch methods if need be. If your irritation comes from
whitening strips and is relatively mild, you can probably tolerate them if you simply use them less
often. You'll still get whitening benefits if you back off the recommended schedule, but it may take a
bit longer to get maximum results. The tradeoff of less irritation may be worth it for you. In addition to
gum irritation, your teeth may also feel more sensitive than usual. This is typically a temporary side-
effect. If this sensitivity is bothersome or lasts after you stop treatment, speak to your dentist or

While you are whitening your teeth, you should stay away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol.
They'll only increase any irritation you may experience. While using whitening methods, you should
also avoid mouthwashes that have a colored tint. A clear mouthwash will be preferable to keep your
teeth from absorbing the dye.

Keep in mind that after you complete your teeth whitening process, you'll have to do some
maintenance to keep your smile bright. Avoid food and beverages that stain your teeth, including
cola, coffee and tea. Tobacco will turn your teeth yellow again in no time, so if you are a smoker, your
new whiter smile may be an extra inspiration to give up the habit.

Another thing to take into consideration is the extent of your existing dental work. Teeth whitening
products only work on natural teeth. If you have visible caps, crowns, bridgework, veneers, or
dentures, they will not whiten along with your real teeth. If this is a problem, your dentist should be
able to offer alternatives to traditional teeth whitening methods.

For most people, teeth whitening is easy, safe and a huge boost to feeling better about the
appearance you present to the world. A little homework beforehand will help you choose the best
whitening regimen for you. Be flexible in your options and soon you'll be enjoying a bright new smile!

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