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					         THE WARRIOR WORD
                                                                  JUNE 2010

                     Trends at SHS
                  The Five W’s (And One H) of Animal Bracelets
                                               by: Devin Irving

       With every year comes a new fad.                 Birmingham, Alabama. Shortly after, they
Lately it has been tanning and sunglasses the            quickly exploded throughout the nation.
size of your face, but Animal bracelets are the                  These silly bracelets were originally
                             latest craze. They          used by teachers in elementary schools to
                             are simply tiny             rewards their students for a job well done.
                             bracelets that              Now, they function as a fashionable accessory.
                             come in a variety           The way they retain their shape is a mystery,
                             of colors. They             as the company has not released their process
                             appear to be                of creating the bands to anyone in order to
                             regular bands, but          avoid knock offs
                             when you take               like the rubber
them off, they magically become animals or               bands that are sold
anything from a guitar to a dollar sign. They            at office supply
were created in the summer of 2008 by                    stores.
Brainchild LLC, located in Toledo, Ohio. Even
though they were created by an Ohio based
company, they originally made their debut in

                                    Pandora Bracelets
                                             by:Caitlin OʼHalloran
      Every year, it seems like thereʼs one fashion trend that takes over Seekonk High School. This
      year, the accessory of the moment seems to be Pandora bracelets. The bracelets have
                                    become popular for their individuality and customizability. Every
                                    element that makes up the Pandora bracelet is up to the wearer,
                                    from the bracelet itself to the charms that go on it. Wearers can
                                    choose from sterling silver or different types of leather bracelets,
                                    as well as charms made of gold, silver, and colored glass.
     The Pandora brand originates in Denmark and the popular
                                    charm bracelets were introduced there in 1999, and quickly
      gained popularity across all of Europe. However, the trend hasnʼt found itself in American
      culture until recently. Now that the bracelets have caught on, women of every age can be
      seen wearing them. The popularity of the bracelets has even lent itself to the opening of a
      Pandora store in the Providence Place Mall, among other locations. Pandora has charms for
      every holiday and occasion and everything in between. From dice to suitcases to every
      animal imaginable, wearers can find charms to match just about any memory. The bracelets
      make a great birthday or graduation gift. The charms tend to be a little expensive, so most
      wearers start with just a few charms and fill the bracelet over time, which adds to the
      uniqueness of the jewelry. Pandora bracelets are sure to continue in their popularity as new
 charms are released for spring.

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