Internet Rules And Regulations by wuzhenguang


									                             Internet Rules And Regulations

Computers in the Electronic Resources Centre shall be used for the following :

                 Accessing full text documents from electronic journals subscribed by the library
                 Accessing full text scholarly documents from electronic databases subscribed by
                  the library
                 Accessing full text scholarly documents from subject gateways prescribed by the
                 Internet searches by those doing their dissertations
                 Group and individual instruction on the use of electronic resources available in the

        Computers in the library reading room will be used for general internet browsing
        Use will be based on prior booking using designated computers.

Please follow the above instructions to avoid withdrawal of privileges.

Check the library notice board for a list of all electronic resources prescribed by the library.

Internet and Computer Use Policy

Access Limit

To use the library Internet facility you must be a bona-fide registered student of the Midlands State
University .

        Internet access is by advance booking on a first-come-first-served basis and you must sign in
         at the circulation desk before using the Internet. Only one person may use an Internet
         workstation at a time. If you require any exception to this, please see library staff at the
         circulation desk.
        Access time is limited to thirty minutes per individual per day. A delay of 5 minutes will result
         in a user losing his/her access time.
        Use of library computers is restricted to Internet access and other library related research. For
         word processing, programming and other computing use, please try elsewhere.

User Conduct

Users shall not :

        Change software configurations or settings, e.g. add, delete or modify system files, screen
         savers default home page etc.
        Download onto the library computer hard disk. You may download onto your personal floppy
        Use or install personal software on library computers.
        At any point attempt to rectify hardware or software problems.
        Attach any equipment on the computers.
        Carry out programming on the computers.

        It is the responsibility of every library user to ensure that computers are operated within the
         stipulated regulations regarding their use. Users are urged to report any misuse of computers
         to library staff.
        Any equipment malfunction must be reported to library staff immediately.
        Users must at all times:
        Respect the copyright laws and licensing agreements
        Respect the privacy of others
        Use virus free diskettes


Access to the library computer facilities is a privilege and not a right. The library has the right to
revoke that privilege for misconduct and violation of the rules governing the use of Internet facilities.


The MSU Library has no control over information accessed through the Internet and it is important to
note that not all information accessed from the Internet is complete, accurate or Legal. As a result
MSU Library may not be held responsible for any damages caused by the use of such materials.

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