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									   Internet Advertising

David Hinojosa   Kelly Hodges
    Internet Advertising
•   Online advertising is a form of
    promotion that uses the internet to
    deliver marketing messages to attract

•   Types of Internet Advertising
    •   Search Engine Results
    •   Website Banners
    •   Video Pre-Rollers
    •   Interstitial Ads
    •   Pop-Ups / Pop-Unders
    Advertisers and Publishers
•   An advertising network helps connect advertisers and publishers to
    by buy and sell advertisements online.
        •   Google AdWords + Adsense / Valueclick Media / Microsoft Advertising

•    Three common ways to buy advertising
    •    CPM (Cost Per Mille) – Advertisers pay per 1000 Impressions
    •    CPC (Cost Per Click) - Advertisers pay each time a user clicks
    •    CPA (Cost Per Action) - Advertising is performance based. (Email, Zip)
     Malicious Advertising
•   PPI – Pay Per Install
•   Adware and Spyware
•   Change homepage, spawn pop-ups,
    and insert advertisements into pages.
    Ethics of Advertisements
   Utilitarianism – If all error messages were fake
       Loss of sales on computers
       Rise in sales of anti-virus software
       Rise in amount of viruses
       Loss of trust in helpful technical support error
       Computer break sooner – loss of consumer money
       Unethical
    Ethics of Advertisements
   What can be done?
       Web page host
           Weed out malevolent and false advertisements
       Web page providers
           Prevent certain pop-ups
       Consumers
           Aware of common error messages
           Keep anti-virus software up to date

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